Should Parents Pamper Kids or Drive Them To Suicide?

October 9, 2021

To run away from trouble is a form of cowardice and, while it is true that the suicide braves death, he does it not for some noble object but to escape some ill.” – Aristotle (384- 322 BC), Greek philosopher.

There are plenty of media reports about suicides by young students like the one below.

Boy drinks acid after father refuses to buy bike

Moradabad (Uttar Pradesh), Oct 6 (IANS): A 17-year-old boy allegedly consumed acid after his father refused to buy him a motorbike. The boy had an argument with his father and when the latter refused to buy him a bike, the boy consumed acid in a fit of rage.

Media monitors would come across plethora of such reports ending with suicides. Parents of such suicide cases, besides having to bear the grief of losing their loved ones had to live with guilt feelings. Also, they have to face the risk of criminal prosecution on charges of abetment suicide. On this last count, parents/guardians can now breathe easy as per the latest Supreme Court ruling on the subject.

 The Supreme Court on October 6, 2021 said if a student is simply reprimanded by a teacher for an act of indiscipline and when the same conveyed to the parents to discipline the child, which results in child committing suicide, then teacher cannot be charged and tried for the offence of abetment of suicide under section 306 of the IPC.

In a judgment, a bench comprising justices S. Abdul Nazeer and Krishna Murari said, it is not uncommon that teachers reprimand a student for not being attentive or not being up to the mark in studies or for bunking classes or not attending the school. "The disciplinary measures adopted by a teacher, reprimanding a student for his indiscipline, in our considered opinion, would not tantamount to provoking a student to commit suicide, unless there are repeated specific allegations of harassment and insult deliberately without any justifiable cause or reason", said the bench, adding that it is a solemn duty of a teacher to instill discipline in the students.  

The bench noted that a simple act of reprimand of a student for his behaviour by a teacher, who is under moral obligations to inculcate the good qualities in a student, would definitely not amount to instigation or intentionally aid to the commission of a suicide by a student.

The top court made these observations while quashing an FIR filed against a physical training teacher of a school on charges of abetment to suicide.

A grade 9 student had died by suicide and left a note blaming the teacher. The mother lodged an FIR alleging that her son committed suicide due to mental harassment meted out by the teacher.

"Insofar as, the suicide note is concerned, despite our minute examination of the same, all we can say is that suicide note is rhetoric document, penned down by an immature mind", noted the bench.

The bench said a criminal trial is not exactly a pleasant experience and the appellant who is a teacher would certainly suffer great prejudice, if he has to face prosecution on absurd allegations of irrelevant nature.

The teacher had found the boy regularly bunking classes, initially he reprimanded him but on account of repeated acts, brought this fact to the knowledge of the principal, who called the parents on telephone to come to the school. "No further overt act has been attributed to the appellant either in the First Information Report or in the statement of the complainant, nor anything in this regard has been stated in the alleged suicide note", the bench noted, setting aside the Rajasthan High Court judgment, which had refused to quash the FIR against the teacher.

The subject is open to many views. What are yours? Your response is welcome in the following format (please Scroll down.)


Judges are Unpredictabe

Judge not and you shall not be judged.” – Luke 6:37 -New Testament of Bible

Before Independence district judges were imperial whites. One case that came up concerned a man who, returning home unexpectedly, and caught his wife in the act of adultery with the butler. In a fit of uncontrolled rage, he killed the man and was, later, charged for murder.

On the day for judgment, the judge gave the accused capital punishment. As was customary in those days, the judge asked if the condemned had any last wish.

The condemned said that before he was hanged he would like to kiss the judge’s wife.

All hell broke loose. Before anyone could react, the judge jumped down from his platform seat and mounted a deadly attack on the condemned. Lawyers saved the man from the bear-hug of the judge. When order was restored, speaking for his condemned client, his lawyer said: “If you could mount a deadly attack on my client for asking for a mere kiss, what could be the provocation on seeing a man making love to his wife?”  

A sobered judge dismissed the case and set the cuckolded husband free.


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By John B Monteiro
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Comment on this article

  • mohan prabhu, mangalore/canada

    Sat, Oct 16 2021

    John, Suicides come in different forms and from many different mindsets. They show the weakness of the mind which is unable to cope with any setback, whether it is the denial of a toy, not getting good marks at exams, or not getting the girl/boy wants to marry. There are so many different reasons and it is simply not predictable why some people can take it all in = and grin and bear, or even laugh at their unrealistic expectations - but others cannot and with disappointments and frustrations, however little or temporary, they succumb. Your quote from Aristotle is apt. By committing suicide one escapes from disappointments. There are of course a few cases of hara kiri (self infliction) which was practised in old times by the Brahmins and there is also the suicide of Japanese politicians and prominent people who have failed in their mission and is a public remorse of shame. I had read the Supreme Court of India's judgement when it was published and I thought it was well balanced opinion - the teacher in fulfilling his duties was not the direct or even indirect cause of the boy's suicide; it is the boy's weakness of mind which was not mature and the parents had not fully imbued the sense of duty, respect to authority, and showed rebelliousness which brought about the end result. If I had been disappointed everytime my wish was not granted or was a failure in what I pursued, I would have come to the same fat eight decades ago! But chose to grin and bear. None of the frustrations and disappointments one encounters in life's journey is a reason to throw away your life!

  • John Monteiro, Bondel, Mangaluru

    Wed, Oct 13 2021

    With four out of seven responses hogged by one respondent this time, the spirit of this interactive column is vitiated and might also put off prospective bona fide prospective responders. I know the website cannot control such mindless, irrelevant intruders. When I happily and expectantly look for responders, I don’t count the irrelevant intruders taking undue advantage of the enlightened generosity of Daiji elders whom I thank for generously hosting this column. Also, I thank the host of responders for their relevant, highly readable entries. I would welcome the regular responders of this column respond on the subject.

  • John, Mangalore

    Tue, Oct 12 2021

    Angel on Suicide pandemic worldwide, electronic devices are dangerous and earth is healing, a God's design ? to Valentina Papagna, Sydney (Frequent praying for or Visiting Purgatory souls Seer or So Graced Divine Instrument ) dated 27 March 2021.... This morning, I visited a particular part of Purgatory which was overcrowded with very sad and depressed souls, a place of torment. The angel then took me away from that place, and as we started to walk away from them, the angel stopped, turned to me, and said, “I have to tell you some very sad news. Do you know how many people on earth die by suicide each day? It is like a pandemic! Many have died by suicide in New Zealand.” Quite surprised, “New Zealand?” I said. ....... He said, “Many there die from despair. Everywhere in Australia too, but most of them that commit suicide and die are in Japan and Malaysia! For every little thing that worries them, or for which they feel guilty, they cannot take the pain, and they commit suicide. But this is also happening throughout the world.” ...... “Would you like to know why? What is the reason for all of this?” ....... I listened to the angel as he explained. ...... He said, “They use too many electronic devices, and that makes them very depressed. There is no one to help these people. Majority of suicides are by young people. The only solution for all these people is to teach them how to cultivate and touch the soil. The earth is healing. There is something in the soil that when they touch it and mix it, that helps make the person better.” ...... He continued, “Touching and turning the soil is good. All these electronic objects affect the mind and body of people. You’d better tell people and let them know how dangerous electronic devices are.” ...... As the angel was talking, he was tilling the earth with his hands. ...... “God gave the earth to people as a healing for them; there is something very special in it, a lot of goodness for your mind and body,” he said. ...... I said, “Thank you, my guardian angel. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for teaching us about Your special creation for humanity.” Lord, have mercy on us and help us and protect especially the young people. ....... Ref:

  • Ambrose Pereira, Bajpe

    Sun, Oct 10 2021

    On a scale of 0 to 10 (10 being the highest), your question of suicide stands at zero and pamper stands at 10. Indian schools taught 265 million students in 2019-20 (livemint; school enrolments report 2019-2020) and how many committed suicide??? A single rare example cited in the article does not form a basis to handle our kids such because each kid is different and needs to be treated as such. Parents must evaluate their kids strengths, weaknesses, abilities and treat them and develop them likewise. We still remember a mother at the Calgary airport with her kid (2 to 3 year old), both traveling to the kids grandmothers place for Christmas. At the boarding area, the kid started pulling tantrums and became nearly unmanageable. Mom tried to cajole the kid initially while explaining the nuisance she was creating in the public area but kid continued pulling tantrums. It is then the mother told the kid "unless she stopped forthwith there will be no Christmas at grandma's place". Tantrums continued. Mother picked up the kid up and started walking towards exit. We thought the mom took the kid home as mom kind of looked matter of fact. Next we saw the mother and the kid in the aircraft; and in the aircraft, this 3 year old was a perfect example of being one of the most well behaved kids we have seen. She sang Christmas carols, danced and entertained all around her and created a perfect Christmas scene. It is how we bring up our kids that matters. We ourselves always being honest, firm and truthful (like what they can afford and what they cannot, etc.,) from day one is what matters and kids learn from it. Please ignore the extremes and newspaper click-baits because our kids are neither at zero nor at 10. Let us know our kids, develop a plan for them and always be there for them while teaching them to be hard working, honest and truthful. Be firm, don't misguide them, tell them the truth always.

  • John, Mangalore

    Sat, Oct 09 2021

    Mangalurian, Why wars, pandemic, famine...? It is not God but human greed. Why God allows ? For God, a spiritual being, everyone lives either on earth, heaven, purgatory or hell. Only man thinks once closed eyes, it is over. But that's the begining of permanent spiritual life as soul is eternal. ......... Now How greed ? if one looks at following figures any business man would know why this pandemic in the first place. ...... 100 crore @700 Rs about 1 Trillion dollor business in india alone for elite and communist chinese using these abortion tainted murderous vaccines. Now after decimating using virus and vaccines. With this money, elite and communist chinese use for their wars in Asia along with their war mafia to decimate more and subdue Asia. Soon they will start incursions here also. That's what elite and communist chinese evil agenda fooling nations and enslaving them. There could be many middle men involved for greed of money or commission to sell nations knowingly or unknowingly. (Also there are weather modifying HAARP machines these globalist elite use for decimation in the name of Global warming.) As per elite (free masons) commandments written on the georgia guide stones ideal world population is 500 million only. ...... Abortion tainted or fetal cells used in vaccines Ref: and Murderous or deadly vaccines or injection Ref:

  • Mangalurian, Mangaluru

    Sat, Oct 09 2021

    Thank you Mr Monteiro for yet another thought-proking article. How does one deduce if a particular suicide was entirely due to a reason, or due to the fact that the person was already depressed and the 'reason' was the final straw? Our grandparents did not even have electric lights, and after a hard day's work, they went to bed by 9.30 pm. But now, most young people stay awake late into the night, playing with their phones. With lesser sleep every day, and no hard work, there is chronic sleep deprivation. This causes depression. So, in my opinion, all young people with freedom to go to bed late (every day), are depressed! So, no matter how one looks at the situation, parents are in trouble, I guess. Those who have gods might pray to them for a solution. But if the gods allow other major calamities such as wars, famine and pandemics to happen, why would they turn off the Internet? So, let us wait and see what happens!

  • John, Mangalore

    Sat, Oct 09 2021

    But, Like your Cock tale story for unrepentant sinners all hell is breaking loose ? Following part of the ArchAngel message says so, "The sun will be darkened and you will not see the moon shining due to smoke from the volcanoes ........ Increased volcanic activity will let out fire, smoke and gases that will hamper the survival of much of humanity. At the shuddering of the earth I see so many falling prostrate in fear, who then continue sinning. ........ It must be you yourselves, who have offended Our King and Lord Jesus Christ, who make reparation, pray and love in return for all that the Divine Will has given you and that you have despised. ......... You will persist in human folly until the great Chastisement comes to this perverse generation..." Above part of dated SEPTEMBER 26, 2021 – MESSAGE OF SAINT MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL TO LUZ DE MARIA ... Ref:

  • John, Mangalore

    Sat, Oct 09 2021

    Once again Divine Mercy to the adulterous woman caught in a very act, like your Cock-tale story to know what was the Divine Judgement written.....

  • Rohan, Mangalore

    Sat, Oct 09 2021

    Your cock tale story is so hilarious I can't but just imagine the scene and laugh. Time is what parents needs to spend with children. Then they would have a better relationship and understand each others needs and limitations. Time is the most scarce commodity in modern times. It is better to trade time for anything they will give a better quality of life. Very nice and thoughtful article.

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