'Captured Sex' : A Stunning Warning to Parents, Teachers, and the Public

Mangalore, Sep 1, 2009 

The younger generation walks along with modern technology, and their sharp minds help them quickly learn innovative ways to use them. However, the fast speed of technology also throws a serious threat to humanity, especially young lives. If not nipped at the bud, the situation may soon go out of control.

Not many years ago, Mangalore was known to be a peaceful town . Even today, the city can maintain that identity if every soul makes an attempt to keep 'religion' in her / his heart and act like a fellow human being outside and come together as one single united family to crush forces of evil that engulf our younger generation. It is difficult, but never impossible.

The undivided Dakshina Kannada is facing another serious threat these days, and silently destroying individuals and families. Unfortunately, no major media forums have raised an alarm about this serious issue. For the benefit of the younger, vulnerable generation, their parents and teachers, we have investigated this grave issue, and thought it right to share this with our sizable daijiworld audience worldwide. Our hope and desire is that this shocking truth makes an impact and could bring about decisive preventive actions from the district administration which will surely save many youngsters from ruining their lives.

'Captured Sex' is not an oft-repeated term and may sound strange at first. But this is a deliberately doctored word just to give you an understanding of a larger prevalent problem. Alarmingly, a huge number of live sex clips have been passed on from one mobile handset to another, especially among the college students. Easily available handsets with advanced features have made it easy for the student community to abuse them. Micro cameras with large memories can capture scenes without the knowledge of the subject, easily equated to popularly known “candid cameras’ or 'sting operations'.

Daijiworld team interviewed about 20 randomly selected students, without giving out our identity or explaining the purpose of the interview. The outcome of these interviews throws open a mighty challenge to parents, teachers, guardians and citizens at large to try and stop this right away.

We have learnt that an average 4-6 minute video clip that has a couple engaged in sex is circulated every day. The majority of these clips are shot in Mangalore, and shockingly a few of them are within the college campuses or in the office premises or in hotel apartments. Most of the pictures captured are with the consent of both partners, although some have been made using hidden cameras.

Blackmail through the Lens:

We have painfully discovered that we have lost 6 to 8 precious young lives in the twin districts in the last few weeks, due to blackmails! This serious matter has somehow escaped the attention of the media and the administration. Perhaps, lack of evidence or insufficient information may be reason for this lapse. Once a sexual act is caught on camera and relayed through mobile phones, the blackmail process begins. The girls are the most affected and most exploited. Very few have the courage to face it boldly, many shy away, some succumb and yet some end their lives putting an end to their torment, disgrace and shame. The young minds do not realize that those few moments of carnal pleasure puts their unguided lives in total disarray! 

Girls between the age of 15 and 20 are the main victims of these sex scams. Those victims who have been exploited through hidden cameras are the worst affected. Their lives are never the same. They lose concentration in their studies; they have no peace of mind and live in fear that they would be exposed. Most unfortunate victims have no other choice but to give in and agree to give money or offer their bodies in exchange for silence from the blackmailers.

Surprisingly, many youngsters with whom we talked to, do not see these blackmails a threat but instead, take it lightly. The boys are less threatened than the girls. 

"This is just for fun, and we do not see any danger in this. Some of my friends capture videos, we watch it and then destroy!' says one student who was bold enough to speak about 'captured sex scams'. But these young minds are not aware that, once the clip is passed on to another set, it does not need long time to spread like a wild fire. The recent episode of 'Mysore Mallige' clips, which were captured for the personal pleasure had been leaked and became a talk of town not only in Mangalore but throughout the state.

We interviewed another girl who was facing a threat. She was invited to the hotel room in Mangalore to be interviewed for featuring in a telefilm. During the interview she was asked to undress in front of two men supposedly conducting the interview. She was fooled into believing that it was mandatory to do that, in order to find out whether she had the right figure to perform the roles. What she did not notice was the hidden camera that was filming her every move!

Even married people have fallen prey to this sex scam. In an incident that was exposed in Mumbai few weeks ago, a 35-yeal-old  housewife developed friendship with a  21-year-old boy who took full advantage of her  'invitation to sex' .Without her knowledge he managed to film their compromising acts and later started blackmailing her for over a year for money and repeated sex. The woman finally took a bold step and informed the nearest police station in a desperate bid to come out of this scandal. Luckily for her, the police helped her by arresting the boy and not revealing the woman’s identity.

Another female college student, who studies in a reputed college in Mangalore had more shocking things share. According to her, these days capturing sex through mobile cameras is hobby and for some it is a prestige of sorts.  But she has strongly pointed out that, drug consumption among the students has led to the advent of such video capturing incidents.

It is sad that, such incidents are happening at our door step and we are either unaware of it or show little concern. Drugs are very well circulated in some of the Mangalore colleges. This has serious impact students who could slip and slide down the slippery slope of disgrace, shame and misery and even death!
Daijiworld team also spoke to some of the parents in the city.  For many of them, it came as a rude shock but for others, it was not new as they had heard about it earlier. For some it was that of disbelief.  “We do not have to worry about it as our children are well behaved and god-fearing" said an innocent mother of a student. But we later learnt that her daughter was one of the victims of 'captured sex' and the parents were totally unaware of it.

Although it has stayed with a small percentage of the student community, we cannot sit back and relax. It will not be long before more innocent lives fall victim to this crime.

Another parent, an owner of a medical store and a parent of young daughter, says "The recent TV advertisements on oral and conventional contraceptives has had a greater impact among the young generation.” He did not hesitate to disclose that, in his medical store there was at least a 50% increase in the sale of such contraceptive pills after the extensive advertisement on TV during prime time serials and IPL cricket matches. "The buyers average from the age group of 16 to 35” he said.

Need of the hour:

The need of the hour is a strong and unstinted support from parents, teachers and related district administration to fight against such heinous crimes. Sadly, there is hardly any awareness among the student community or the elders.

Parents must make their teenage children aware of such incidents and the dangers that follow. Sex education and instructions being considered a taboo in most Indian communities, it becomes difficult for parents to talk to their children about sex and the dangers of such sex abuse. Just by making them aware of these beastly crimes, parents can play a vital role in guiding the child on a right path.

The innumerable number of free to air TV channels sensationalize crime stories to make it mind capturing but with no potential of awareness among the audience. Perhaps, guidance regarding this from parents could be first step towards minimizing the acts.

Teachers, who are the second parents for students, also need to play an important role here. Rising beyond the call of duty and stretching further than the stipulated syllabus, teachers must take every opportunity to warn the students of the dangers of sex abuse, exploitation with hidden cameras and it’s after impact. Perhaps, a workshop, seminar or symposium regarding this issue among higher secondary students can be a great help for the young students. 
Now that many such ‘captured Sex' cases are already on air, the district administration can come to the rescue of these  young victims who have fallen prey to such scams  due to ignorance .  Police officers must assure and convince the victims that they will not be exposed to the press or public. The unscrupulous elements must be warned of stiff punishment. 

We invite esteemed readers of daijiworld.com to come forward with constructive comments, suggestions and join us in our bid to destroy the barbaric “wolves” and stop them from further destroying the lives of youngsters and their families!

by Walter Nandalike -<br>Editor-in-chief <br>Daijiworld.com
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Comment on this article

  • Lissy, Mangalore

    Tue, Sep 24 2019

    Very good article, But how can we prevent or full stop these kind of activities

  • Shaakir Ullal, Ullal

    Mon, Jan 16 2012

    I totally agree of your suggentions.


    Thu, Sep 29 2011

    Good article. And my suggestions:
    as you told in your article that girls are the major victims in such scams than boys, my opinion is parents/teachers should educate their children/students
    1) how to respect women ( may be his mother/sister/classmate)
    2) Avoid providing them mobiles having advanced technologies (multimedia services)
    3) If they are accessible to internet make sure that the PC has got parental control softwares to block porn websites OR place the computer in such way that its screen clearly visible to you when u walk around so that they could not even dare to visit such kind of porn websites .
    4) Schools shouldn’t allow to celebrate unwanted programs like Valentine day, friendship day (which leads to such kind of incidents )
    5) Educate youngsters about sex and what is the cause of it..and how it could affect one’s life.

  • Mohammed ashfaq, Mangalore / Dubai, mangalore

    Tue, Aug 16 2011

    Thanks Mr.Walter, its a very good article, and a eye opener to all the parents and our society

  • Maxim Alfred DSouza, mangalore

    Fri, Aug 12 2011

    Very good & timely report. I am not shocked because this has been the case for several years and will continue to proliferate over the years. I don't think it is possible to curtail these activities by imposing sanctions, penalties or punishments. This will lead to undue reactions. Best way for parents is never to lose communication with their children & maintain a conducive atmosphere in homes. Parents should be the role models. Children learn by observing their parents and elders. Be friendly with them else they will yearn for outside friendship without being able to judge. Undue restriction will only lead to curiosity & exploration. Discuss freely with your children about such issues, pitfalls & it's unlikely that they will cross the line whatever the outside influence. Respect children's aspirations and love them and they will respect and defend your honour.

  • Alvita , Bangalore

    Fri, Aug 12 2011

    Thanks Daijiworld For this wonderful article .though all of us are aware of this situation we never take care of looking into this issue.

  • JRAO,

    Thu, Aug 11 2011


  • S.shetty, Mangalore/Doha

    Thu, Aug 11 2011

    Useful article..Thanks,keep it up.

  • Ashok, Mysore

    Mon, Aug 08 2011

    Very good article Daijiworld it really helps people please give more articles like this


    Mon, Aug 08 2011

    Very good article.weldone.thank u.


    Mon, Aug 08 2011

    very useful article which every citizen should be aware of this...thanks

    but mobile phones in schools and colleges are protected by the nearby goodangadis by keeping with them from taking it during the classes

  • Nemesish One, India

    Tue, Jan 18 2011

    1. Deploy outposts of INTEGRITY online and offline: Posters, Televisions, Daily Human Interactions are largely attracting by the nano second,the entire humanity into disastrous living.It is time for this website to be a content to lead the masses by idealistic thoughts.They have absolutely made their mark in the media arena by information.So when are the sections on life, morals, ethics, direction and such topics/news/informations/tips going to be here? Let us start off by disconnecting,entering our offline reality and be connected in thoughts.And expressions.And sense of unity. Lets be more smiling. Lets be more of service to any stranger or familiar one.2.Extend a hand, even if you are juggling with daily life. If not today, be prepared for the next instance.Take that first step, steady your heart with a deep breath and assist the world around you now.A simple smile to begin with, question yourself of the blessed inheritance: LIFE.And all thats around me, you,us.Equal in magnitude as the rain,fog,snow,wind what falls on the community/society/neighbourhood /household/college/office/office complex affects me and you too.If not now, then definitely soon.Whether natural or man made.And its ok if you are poor, can do your part,since no one is poorer in prayer,blessing,thoughts and words.3.Take time for yourself. Daily.Few minutes.And talk to your heart.no heart is created bad or demonic, Its the mind that gets poisoned and contaminated.Listen, find yourself,guided with heart.

  • Shravan, Mangalore

    Mon, Jan 17 2011

    i rightly agree what you say, i have been a student of the best and the largest pre university college in mangalore till last year, it has been such an eye opener experience for me who used to be in a world of simplicity, even though i had a pocket money which was sufficient for me to see this side of the world but it was not interesting to me, as i joined college it was very different as different ideas came from different places. i did not have friends, boys who are as out going as i, was the type i was looking for, i then realized i was one of a very few left who have no knowledge of drugs and Sex exploitation, but since i had enough sex education i understood this very soon, i had all kinds of people around me, from drug addicts to sex addicts! i had to make friends with few of them as it is unavoidable, what i lernt is that it is not the money or the freedom a child gets during this age which gives way to a bad character, the right way of seeing things is not present in the youngsters, families are either too busy or under-educated to see their children's mental understanding level, and to make them realize the future they have in front of them. parents please take it as a challenge AND EDUCATE YOUR HOUSE! because 90% of the students get educated only by teachers and not at home. which has kept the knowledge of youngsters within bounds and they do not think before doing anything. and parents of young GIRLS please be a very special friend to your daughter.

  • pressy mendonca, kiream/ mumbai

    Tue, Dec 22 2009

    i am tooooo late to comment because i never opened my pc from long due to lots of reason. first we have to blame whom? our family? our relatives? our neighbours? or our systems. i stay in mumbai when i go to the church i am ashame to myself first to look around of my surrounding when i am praying.i cannot think about god but my mind goes to the girls and boys now a days the way of their grooming. whom to blame once again? do you all think the parents are not aware what their young kids are doing? who gave them the mobiles and expensive all the facilities one, so now again whom to blame? we got the power of money. so now first we have to blame for the money. god blessed us so now we can show our power in the society using those powerful weapons like mobiles, cars , bikes. when you look around you can feel their presence because he or she is having power to destroy someone. the power of money. Money is the weapon we have to destroy now. the main problems lie over there i can give anything to my son or daughter who can stop me? Can you change the attitude of the parent? so we as parents are responsible today whatever it is going around us, today our young generation is disappearing because of money and power. The power of money destroys us so all we atleast get up from our sleep and think twice before giving a gift to young hearts. the show off the power in our societies will destroy us completely . when v go to the church atleast let us feel we all are one .

  • Aseem Sheikh, India/Jeddah

    Tue, Oct 06 2009

    Its a very nice artical and it will help many of parents ! Rregards, Aseem Sheikh The more V do , the more V can do!

  • susheela Rodrigues/Albuquerque, Mangalore/Rome, Italy

    Tue, Oct 06 2009

    Excellent article, and very informative, specially for parents who are too very busy in their own lives and do not have time for their children. We as parents, many a time should think, how much do we talk to our children on personal issues, how much do we spend talking to them on one to one basis, we hardly to.

    All these things, we need to tell them and make them aware of what is happening.Youth should be given talks on this too, specially in churches where there is a lot of youth involvement. Even the educational institutions too should take a lot of interest in all this. All working together will show a great response and I am sure, slowly but steadily, the message will seep in the minds of the young.

  • Surya, Surya / Manglore

    Sun, Oct 04 2009

    well said Mr. Prakash Manglore,hatsoff to U.

  • Ashraf Habibi, GANGULI/DAMMAM

    Sat, Oct 03 2009

    Sex inside the 4 walls,with spouses as legalised by marriages is the only solution. Glorifying the sex outside the 4 walls ..to be curtailed.

  • GANESH BANGERA, kundapura/bahrain

    Sat, Oct 03 2009

    I am totally agree Mr Rahuls point of view.This is very delicate and sensitive issue.every action has reaction.Self-control & self-discipline can save our new generation.

  • puranderbhat, puttur

    Mon, Sep 28 2009

    Very very timely article. In most of the cases it is the girls who are innocent and are forced to do the evil work by creating a situation wherein the girl falls prey. Now there is a need for a NGO type organisation to come to the rescue of these innocent boys and girls. Further all being above 15 and fully aware of the consequences of such acts, should be brought to justice stringently. Minimum punishment should be atleast 5 years behind the bar for offenders.

    The offenders usually mint money out of sale of such indecent video clips. Law should be made powerful and the NGO should bring to justice such offenders so that no one should dare to do such immoral acts. Ofcourse parents play a great role in the growth of children but sometimes the situation becomes so worse they are forced to take the defensive stand. Now time has come to curse female child brith if you are the parent of girl child then it is very difficult to protect her from a cruel and dastardly world where scoundrels are preying upon such innocent victims like sculptures.

    The only method to prevent such crime is to form an NGO wherein social workers and generous activists come to the rescue of the innocent girls and provide full co-operation to the parents of the victims to punish the offenders. Law is still powerful in our country provided u fight the case properly without any fear. Daijiworld should take the lead in establishing such a NGO.

  • Suraj Rebello, Bejai, Muscat

    Sun, Sep 27 2009

    Dear Walter, very important article, not only for the youth but for all the parents, I think we need to forward this mail to all our freinds and dear ones.

  • Nisha Menezes,

    Thu, Sep 24 2009

    Mr. Walter, Informative article. Being a mother it was matter of concern to me regarding all this and u have done the right thing through this article. Thanks a lot and this is eye opener to all the parents.

  • raghu, dubai/manglore

    Thu, Sep 24 2009

    thank you very much walter

  • Anil Mendonca, Mumbai

    Mon, Sep 21 2009

    Walter, This is realy great article. Awarness to the people is given through this article. One should be able decide what is right and wrong.

  • Rakesh Dsouza, Mangalore, Dubai

    Sat, Sep 19 2009

    A good job done by mr.Nandalike...You have presented very good article to our society. Further if we educate our youg generation / children / youth about the sex and sexual relationship and its abuses in the very young age it will give a good result. In our Indian culture / society we can see that we can not get any information about sex from parents / teachers. Even no one will openly speak about sex and we are always unaware about sexual education...what a young guy / gal will know about sex is hardly 5% to 10% from friends circle who are also in the same position...no one knows which is tyhe right information and which one is the wrong information.

    The truth / reality is when you hide something form some one he / she will be more intersted to know about that. If you reveal the truth in the very begining then there will be no more interest to knowe the same thing. And our administration / Police can do a good job by maitainting the privacy of victims when they lodge a complaint so that other victims can come forward to get a solution. Once again I thank you Mr.Nandalike and Daijiworld team for doing a good job.

  • A.D''''''''Cunha Shenoy, Mangaluru

    Sat, Sep 19 2009

    Raising children is a phenomenal task in todays world. A world full of tech and lifestyle capabilities but very little morals to go along with it. We parents often obsesssed with materialities, often working two parents, to support our material needs and many do not have time to spend with their children. Beyond with rise in nuclear families without living with parents, our main advisor in morals, children have no understanding of life and its complexities at all. Some of you have quoted sex education will solve the issue. To be frank, no sex education will ever get rid of societal menace introduced by society. The westermn open sex domain and sex education bastions all have failed miserably. Often highest divorce rates despite living in common law relationships and tainty relationship, the society has broken in these countries, the very foundation of society, the FAMILY has been the victim.

    It is broken for good and family values are out of the window. There are no prayers in the family, churches are empty, religious celebrations have been made as commercial ventures and party times inviting commerce to take part. While cinema halls are full the chuches are empty. The children grown up have no idea of religious events except This should tell us where we are heading and where our children are landing..... THe socirty must cahnge, we neen to change and we need to pay attention to our children. We need to lobby the governments, the public and the companies who thrive on money making by immorality. Can we do that for the sake of our children?

  • shahnawaz kukkikatte, dubai/udupi

    Thu, Sep 17 2009

    Very good article and nice presentation. I would only say that every parent must read this article and get acquinted with reality and make his/her ward to read this and discuss this further with friends/relations/welwishers and other siblings and guide them to the correct path and teach them sexuality with responsibility and values both family and non family, internal and external attached to it. Then we can really change the society and its outlook and sin would slowly die down.

  • Joan, Mangalore

    Thu, Sep 17 2009

    Instead of going to the pubs and beating up women, stop this non sense. Beating women wont make it stop it will just show what kinda cowards those men are, gals have to be more responsible about this because this is huge mistake if it ever happens but boys you need to show some respect and dignity to the women coz it could be your sister someday.


    Thu, Sep 17 2009

    Dear Shilpa, Mangalore, Your comment is the BEST MESSAGE-(I feel)BEST SOLUTIONS,to eliminate this "Captured Sex" and its after effects. At the same time, I feel the CO-EDUCATION from LKG to Bachelors Degree should be the foundation, which will diminish the difference in feeling male-female/boy-girl, sex & sex-abuse, thus educating the children & youth as(You have rightly adviced) SEXUALITY is RESPONSIBLITY, thus this responsibility of sexuality to be carried on and after the Ritual of marriage, which could lead to a very LOVING FAMILY LIFE. Dear Walter-Daijiworld, please throw some light based on the six points that Shilpa, Mangalore''s, & other practical points, in the form of an article. Regards to all the readers

  • wernal, Mangalore/Dubai

    Wed, Sep 16 2009

    Nice article....Thanks

  • Dr Derek Lobo, Mangalore

    Sun, Sep 13 2009

    A timely warning and an ''Eye Opener'' to all . Many useful suggestions amidst the 220 comments but I note that there is not a single comment from a teacher, a lecturer, professor, headmaster, a headmistress, principal or correspondent!!  Dear Walter - please post your article to all of them! Well done Daiji

  • Shilpa, Mangalore

    Sat, Sep 12 2009

    First of all, we (Indians) have to stop being sexually backward & make the Youth (everyone for that matter) to be Sexually Responsible. By this I mean the following:

    1. Present correct info about sex & other stuff like nudity, contraceptives, relationships etc. in the right way.

    2. Provide Sex Education from a young tender age so that when kids grow up they are aware & learn more. We teach kids about Human body parts like eyes, nose etc. then why not go a step further & tell them from where babies come!!

    3. Sex Education - Nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed - for either parties.

    4. Regarding Mobiles & other gadgets, if one is responsible enough, its use or misuse is a matter of knowing what is right or wrong.

    5. Students & youth must be taught about earning money,investing & savings rather than spending their parents money or wasting their time in cheap pleasures.

    6. Lastly, Self-control & self-discipline are the key words that needs to be implemented by today''s generation. For one & all this is my message: Give respect & Receive respect. Informative article, Keep up the good work!

  • J. Fernandes, Mangalore

    Sat, Sep 12 2009

    A suggestion to Daijiworld: Please start a confidential Helpline/ Helpmail with the help of the police so that affected youngsters can call in and lodge a complaint without their identity being exposed. This will serve as a moral support to the youngsters and also help to nab the culprits.

  • Sumi,

    Fri, Sep 11 2009

    Very interetsing and informed article. We wish you the best in writing and you I am sure will become a very very good writer in coming years

  • deepak, mangalore

    Fri, Sep 11 2009

    My sister was given soft drink with some drug which made her semi conscious..and her naked picture were taken.I advice all friends to beware of private parties, and hangouts.parents please check the memeory card of mobile of both girls and boys...you will be shocked..80 percent of the people have sex clips in mobile..please use some laws to stop this activity..

  • Ibrahim Sayeed Pakkaladka, Mangalore

    Fri, Sep 11 2009

    Every one must read this article.Specialy girls... good, mind blowing article. It must be published in some other daily and weekly news papers. Brothers and Sister please mail to your asking them to read article publshed in the daijiworld. Lets start awarnes through mail. dont delay...

  • sagar, surathakal

    Thu, Sep 10 2009

    really you are a good writer , keep it up...

  • imtiaz Mohammed Hyder, Mangalore/Dubai

    Wed, Sep 09 2009

    Yes, it''s really horrific to hear and know the facts, thank you Mr.Walters... May God Bless You for the eye openers now to the public and the readers of Daijiworld.... the culprits should be severely punished when caught...Whatsoever... whosoever

  • Walter DSouza, Mangalore/Saudi Arabia

    Mon, Sep 07 2009

    Thanks Walter for your very important revelation of Mangalore youngsters. Every school/collage girls should read this article learn lesson from it,to avoid tragedy like shame,black mailing or sucide after their few minutes of pleasure with untrustable partner.They need to control themselves insted of suffer after that. Parents should give some sex education I know it is not easy but they should convince them the disadvantages or the problems of the illigal and unsafe sex.

  • Rahul, mangalore

    Sun, Sep 06 2009

    Mr, walter ... i really appriciate the bold steps that u suggested , now lets make a couple of things clear here

    1.talking about high res cameras , no 1. uses vga powered mobile phones any more , 2. mega pix cams are standard, we are in the generation where we use 5 m.p cams, which we all prefer coz its a all in one device , cam mobile phone a music player , so think abt it and dont think outdated

    2. about pocket money if parents dont give the pocket money, why are boyfriends for???, they will eventualy start dating more , shop more and getting stuff without thier parents knowledge,

    3.if my parents would have come and check on my room like that i wud personaly not like that instead, build up such a relationship with your children that they dont hide anything from you...

    4.teachers if given the rights will check thats a bold step, but sir, there are so many softwares for the cell phones where you can hide things and never be found, and you cannot get the password out just by asking and there is something called "privacy" if u remember...

    5. should be " embarassed" sir i think this is not the right term to be used , i bet u on this, 10 years down the lane and still the kids will be allowed cell phones in the class maybe even each student will have to carry his/her own laptop to the class, stop thinking so outdated , n plus teachers have better things to do more then as u said " embarassing" the students

     6. raid cheap hotels , now thats interesting. the last thing needed in managalore to make maters worse .. thts it sir, i wish u all a very best...

    thank u daiji for a great report, hope such things will never happen again..

  • Doreen Machado, Mangalore/ Sharjah

    Sun, Sep 06 2009

    Firstly, thanks to daiji for letting us parents know of the dangers that technology has brought with it. The need of the hour is to educate teenagers on morality. This should be taught in class by bringing in an expert to talk on the subject. I remember when I was in college we had counsellors and special guests to talk on various subjects which is a necessity for teenagers. Every generation will always be a step ahead and be smarter that the previous. Only if parents, teachers get together to discuss they can help change this trend and protect lives. Values are very important in a society in order to live well and be happy.

  • Shrinivas, India

    Sun, Sep 06 2009

    Destroy the barbaric “wolves” and stop them from further destroying the lives of youngsters and their families!!!! Oh Why it is also equal to Pub Culture why you want to destroy..? Give them full support

  • prakash, mangalore/dubai

    Sun, Sep 06 2009

    Now everybody is regretting by reading this and commenting in favour of stopping the youths from this and in favour of protection of culture.Then why there was hue and cry when there was pub attack and other moral policing which was conducted to protect the society from the misleaders and destroyers of culture and thereby spoiling the whole society.

    Then why nobody accepted the report given by NCW Cheif who visited manglore reported what exactly going on.she lost her position."moral policing " is the solution to stop all this evils.because when there is fear then everything will be under control. i am not talking about a particular religion.i am talking from the point of whole society at large.i applied the term "moral policing" for the whole protection whole society.

  • Noor Ashfaq, Karkala/Sharjah

    Sun, Sep 06 2009

    Published article is an eye opener for the parents, teachers and student community in particular and society in general. Technology with all it''s innovative gadgets need to be used for constructive purposes. The only tool which can refrain us from indulging in such heinous activities is fear - that fear of "Creator" to whom every soul is responsible to answer.

    All the major faith''s have categorically informed to it''s follower''s to desist from such kind of activities. Unfortunately, except for few, most of us practice our faith on part time basis limiting it to symbolic observing of some rituals. Commercial adverts cannot be published without a scantly clad lady or as mentioned in your article, contraceptive pills promotional ad''s in the midst of IPL matches have become a part of our daily TV viewing.

    Unless our adminstration, parents and college inspires our youth with their responsibility that should be infused in them with a strong sense of commitment to the right faith, expecting a society with the moral values could be a distant reality.

  • Walter D''souza, Gurpura/Kuwait

    Sun, Sep 06 2009

    Now we need to take action from grassroot level. I think all involved (parents/teachers/administration)need to work collectively. A suggestion :

    1 - Parents : (a)Dont allow your childrens to have mobiles or devices with cameras, High resolution cameras etc. (b)Avoid giving them too much pocket money wherein they can collect couple of months pocket money and buy their own. (c) Do a regular check on the child''s belonging, his/her room, books, bag etc. when they are not around and if some material is found destroy it calmly and make them sit and understand the consequences.

    2 - Teachers/Principals : (a)Teachers should be given the permission to search any child for such devices and if found to immediately call their parents and warn them if it happens the 2nd time, they are out of college. (b)Students found with mobiles/gadgets in class should be made embarassed so that others dont do that and should not be allowed to attend college for a minimum of 15 days. (c) Colleges should take an undertaking from parents and the students that colleges will not be responsible for their academic loss due to such practice.

    3 - Administraton : (a) Raid the cheap hotels regualarly for such malpractices. (b) Book not only the people involved in such incidences but also cancel the license of the hotel for a minimum of 1 year. (c) As regards to Police they should act as a real friend for the girls who are trapped by not exposing them and by doing all things in privacy. (d) Political WILL is very important to eradicate this menace. Unless there is a political Will, things will move at a snail''s pace. Walter, in your campaign, I suggest you to involve a top polician''s wife, daughter,son, daughter-in-law, or someone else and see the pace the adminsitration works.

    One thing we could try is : If we feel we (parents) cannot talk about sex to our childrens, let their friends parents talk to our chilrens and we to theirs

  • Jennifer, Brahmavar

    Sun, Sep 06 2009

    It can so happen that there are guilt free people doing this very crime and reading this article, this menace is not going to stop unless we the youth realise that what we are doing for a minutes pleasure is a whole lot of pain for somebody else.

  • michael, udupi

    Sat, Sep 05 2009

    mr. walter good article.

  • Cynthia Miranda, Mangalore

    Sat, Sep 05 2009

    Thank you Walter and thank you Daiji. I have a teenage daughter and I made her to read this article, and asked her to spread this news among her friends in the college and college campus. I request every parent.. be a friend to your daughter and you will never have such problems..

  • VITTAL SHETTY, mangalore/abudhabi

    Sat, Sep 05 2009

    a well educative and informative and an alerting subject you have discovered which will help to awaken the future victims.greetings to you Dear Walter

  • anand-dubai, muloor

    Sat, Sep 05 2009


  • Ranjit, Mangalore

    Sat, Sep 05 2009

    Dear Editor, Thank you very much for a well researched article which shows a deep and malignant menace which seems to be lurking in the campuses and even in households especially at Mangalore. Hope the citizens will note and take due care to protect their progeny against such unscrupulous anti-social elements.

  • Suleman, Udupi

    Sat, Sep 05 2009

    The article and warning is a worth reading as well understanding. How to tackle this social evil is to be debated among the parents and relatives without religious barrior. Hope such plans will be laid in the future by all the responponsible citizens of the town without politics.

  • Vilma Saldanha, Shirva

    Sat, Sep 05 2009

    Do we still think this article is an eye opener one??Im sure many of us readers,writers,parents,teachers,students all know about this???Eye opener would be what actions are we taking against it?

  • Nattibail Abbasaka, Nattibail Uppinangady

    Sat, Sep 05 2009

    our society become very very cruelty day by day.the police,law all helpless.the real crininal always escaping.everywear crimes hidden.

  • Standly, Bangalore

    Sat, Sep 05 2009

    Dear Walter, YOu have done excellenet bringing to the notice of parents and young boys and girls too. Now it’s a call to parents and youths to be careful and avoid …..and I personally feel that sex plays very important role in our life and that should be only inside the 4 walls ..Thanks daijiworld for the article.

  • alwyn, kulshekar

    Sat, Sep 05 2009

    I remember a saying that my father always used to say,give a child and a pig whatever they want the result is a good pig and a worst child, parents wake up give ur child what is necessasry and avoid luxuries else you will hav to bear the consequences for your own mistakes, keep it up mr. walter

  • Najmuddin Assadi, Mangalore

    Sat, Sep 05 2009

    During the month of Holy Ramadan, I from my depth of my heart thank DAIJIWORLD for exploring this devil act. All parents specially of boys to take precaution about their children''s mobile. I suggest them to keep checking their children''s school bag and mobile phone time to time and see that their child is going on fine. I normally used to check my children''s school bags and other belongings while they asleep. Thanks DAIJIWORLD. I hope other medea will learn lesson from you.

  • Leslie, Derebail/ dubai

    Fri, Sep 04 2009

    Walter, a great eye opener for people of all ages. Well done

  • Vishal, Belthangady

    Fri, Sep 04 2009

    thanks a lot to the editor who made the eye opener to the growing young generation. hope the young generation will read this article n undersatand the article and may utilize for their future. and thus this will prevent the illegal sex and also may save the dignity of the individual..........

  • Shridhara Achar, Puttur/ Bangalore

    Sat, Sep 05 2009

    Really, it is a eye opener article. I have opposed the government move to to give access to internet to students because they may misuse it by going through porn websites. Now this captive sex is another thing that is spoiling our young people. Govt should come forward with some strict measures to curb the menace of drugs and this mobile menace. more than that awareness of the parents towards this menace should be given top priority. Kudos to Daijiworld for bringing out such an useful article.

  • niranjan, mangalore

    Fri, Sep 04 2009

    mail this segment to spdk.info@gmail.com for the necessary action from the District Police side

  • Nikitha, Mangalore

    Fri, Sep 04 2009

    Dear sir,being a youth myself,I knew that all this was going on from very long.I have tried my best and warned my little cousin sister against bad company,although she did fall prey to drugs and alcohol for a little while.I advised her,as I knew the family members might themselves feel embarrassed.now I am proud she has come out of it unscathed,but she still wants to leave town as she feels it is too dangerous.

    This is a problem in all major cities of India,where youngsters act too smart.she mentioned a time when a local kannada paper published her photo and name calling her a slut!from teenage,I have avoided boys and told my lil cousin sis to do the same.this is so disgusting and dangerous.

  • sunil, Mangalore/Newzealand

    Fri, Sep 04 2009

    Great article by Walter, thanks daiji, this all happens because lack of awareness among youths. there should be seminar, workshops held for sexual awarness and abuse. every parent thinks their child is safe and innocent but never know it can happen to anybody with no proper knowledge and guidance. Also the educational institution should take this very seriously. Take care young generations protect each other from evil. all the best

  • Jinil John, Sakaleshpur/Iraq

    Fri, Sep 04 2009

    We can understand by this article how the Indian culture cloning with western culture. Now a day’s young generation hanging with making GF and BF they are thinking it is a fashion. Now a days Every one has a BF or GF this is going to end with illegal sexual life. This is reflecting on their whole life and mentally they are suffering long time.

    They can’t concentrate their married life some times it will end with divorce. Parents should watch their children’s activities. Where they are going ? why she/he late from college? Watch each and every activity? So better stop making GF or BF culture. Live as an Indian follow our culture.

  • cyril mathias, udupi

    Fri, Sep 04 2009

    The article warns the unsuspecting youngsters.They are gullible victims of indiscriminate spying, specially in malls and tailor shops where people change their dresses.Every child must read this article.

  • Ganesh, Mangalore

    Fri, Sep 04 2009

    Its a very nice article you have brought into light. Now to save the young ones who are in problem, Daiji World should meet Dist Adminstration, Police and release frequesnt Ads in paper calling students who are blackmailed to contact police and give complaint against the victim. They should publish that confidentiality will be kept about the person complaining.

    Some students may hesitate to visit police station, so they should even accept such complaints on phone with proper identity . This will definetely give some releif to young students hwo might have fallen in this trap knowingly or un knowingly. Yes, either Daiji World or some NGO should see this is enforced in the interest of the society.

  • anthony, pereira

    Fri, Sep 04 2009

    The best antidote for this virus is a proper upbringing of children, its one aspect we all forget while we as parents are busy making money in the Gulf and compensate the emotional touch with materialistic offerings [latest gadgets/bikes/cash flow] and fool ourselves into believing that we are indeed giving our kids a proper upbringing.Wake up parents!!

  • Manohar Veigas, UDUPI

    Thu, Sep 03 2009

    Today, we have to agree that our way of living is being commercialised by the Marketing and the Publicity Media. The moral values in the society is fast disappearing. The commercialisation has affected the Adult Generation and the ill-effects of it is being noticed in the younger generation. We are now creating a generation where there is no scope for emotions,family-bonds, excuses and failures but go-get-it,be the best, go-get-fame, go-get-rich - if you succeed, everything is excused -a short-n-sweet life. The Marketing Buz today is ''Make your customer,a permanent customer''. Not only by Trust but hook-or-crook. He or she should be addicted to the product.

    Today we have Three Big Evils in our Society - one is Supply of fake medicines in the market that is taking the toll of innocent lives in our society and the other is unchecked supply of drugs, flesh-trade and pornography distribution among the teen generation that is killing the moral-values and discipline of our coming generation and the Corruption - Father of all Evil, which has made everything posible combined with our Silence.

    Well Done Daijiworld for being bold enought to bring out this issue in public.

  • kevin, udupi/abudhabi

    Thu, Sep 03 2009

    reallly nice article.......sex is viewed as a very common thing among the youths... and young generation has succumbed for that pleasure of few minutes....well mangalorean youths are not far behind......parents should have an eye on their kids instead of blindly beleiving them.......coz this may reduce such things .....

  • Carvalho, Bondel/Canada

    Fri, Sep 04 2009

    Desire towards sex is generated in our body specially with younger generation. As they grow this increases day by day. More they do and desire our body will become addicted to the habit. Other bad habits like drugs, Wine and Wealth (money)will follow. In some respect Western countries are more advanced then India. But from the young age they have been given proper education, knowledge and trained to overcome these desires and bad habits.

    Technology has advanced, communication through mobile phones is one of worst among all the evils. It is high time for parents approach Educational Institutions (schools and colleges) to initiate instructions to these youngsters to learn how to overcome and lead a decent life. Communities have to unite to help this project.

  • Deena Moras, bangalore/mangalore

    Fri, Sep 04 2009

    Very well done daiji.Its is certainly an eye opener to everyone,i hope the younger generation will understand the pros n cons of tecnology and make use of it for the right purpose and inculcate in them good values,not falling prey to these scandals.

  • Denis D Silva, Udupi

    Thu, Sep 03 2009

    Dear Walter, YOu have done excellenet bringing to the notice of parents and young boys and girls too. Few days back I read in one of English papers they caught few student doing this activities too. I feel Govt authoritities should keep an eny in such activities.

  • Uday Kumar Kateel, Kateel

    Thu, Sep 03 2009

    An Eye Opener Article.. Thanks Walter.. Exploitation is ever rising and the Cozy careless people as well.. But this bites the Innocent badly .. At least the knowledge of such a crime that is happening around may save the Innocent ..

  • Leslie, Derebail/ dubai

    Thu, Sep 03 2009

    Walter, a great eye opener for people of all ages. Well done

  • Ronald, Mangalore

    Thu, Sep 03 2009

    Good article on how the young generation is misusing the technologies. I was never aware of these happening in Mangalore until I read this article. Empty mind is devil''s workshop. If the Students keep themselves busy in various useful activities such as studying, playing, helping the parents in their work etc then I think it will be good for them. If they concentrated now on studies and performed will then they will have a wonderful future ahead. If they choose to enjoy now on short term then they have to suffer later on very long term.


    Thu, Sep 03 2009

    As well commented by Dr.Anand & Geeta Pereira- "Instead of turning a blind blind eye to the problem, we need to tackle it head on". HEAD ON- "CAPTURED SEX" -Very well depicted by Mr.Walter-Daijiworld, is the ''AFTER EFFECT'' of the teenagers/youth/men&women of the age between 14 & 23. During this age, period, every necessity & requirement along with luxuries are met with by the parents, society, school and so on. But, the necessity of the hour(as well), is not cared for, i.e. the natural changes in the body(growth), biological changes in the body systems(Reproductive system), psychological changes in the mind(curiosity about the sex), sociological changes in the behavior(attaraction towards the opposite sex),these & all other associated activities of the teenagers are not at all cared for catered with.

    This ultimately results in the form of curiosity(between the age 14 & 16), to gather the knowledge(which is incomplete between the age 16 to 18) and results in NECESSITY(between the age 18 to 22) in the life of the teenagers, by and with which they themselves suffer & the parents also share the suffering. But, if we go back to our previous generation, , it was at the age of 18 for girls & 22 for boys, the marriages were arranged, where by with/without much general/intellectual knowledge, the physical necessity of the teenagers were met with, which we should say, MARRIAGE IS A BLESSING IN DISGUISE. It is the CONJUGAL LOVE/SEXUAL INTERACTION which is the requirement of the hour at that age , being provided by the parents in the Ritual of marriage, as , as a GIFT & BLESSING OF GOD, where by the married teens need not go out looking for the naturally required necessity of the body & life.

    As per the prevailing system of the marriage in the society by/at the age of 22/23 for girls 29/31 for boys, some/most of the teenagers get ready for the sacred bond of marriage after acquiring all the neccesities, requirements, luxuries and so on inclusive of the conjugal love/sexual interaction, for and to which every teenager(human being)is born with naturally. I hope, it reflects the cause for the "Captured sex", provides some solution to solve the problem.

  • prashanth shetty, kuwait

    Thu, Sep 03 2009

    Great work Mr Walty Congrats for Daijiworld nice ariticle and it will work good, We need  to tell about sex to our children, Sex is not a life, Sex is part of life, congatulation once again for daijiworld, This is our beautiful Kudla

  • Simi, Bantwal/Dubai

    Thu, Sep 03 2009

    Great article. Younger generation should themselves understand the consequences of this. The teenage, is such a age that if we parents or elders try to make them understand they think that we are their enemies. Its how we parents/teachers makes them understand and tackle the situation. But again it is a serious issue difficult to control. really a serious issue!!!

  • Juliana Menezes Mumbai, Kuwait

    Thu, Sep 03 2009

    It was a wonderful articlel specially for parents so that they should be friends to their children and not Hitlers. So they can come home with any problems they have and openly speak to the parents.Parents have to be their childern first freinds when they go out in this wicked world.

    Parents should not make their own judgment about their own children but try to think and understand the child at what ever age they are. Not to think that they have become big and should understand themselves.Parents should remember hw ever big yr child become but for you he/she is your child always till your last breath.

  • Dr.Anand & geeta pereira, KADRI,MANGALORE

    Thu, Sep 03 2009

    A thought provoking article. Instead of turning a blind eye to the problem, we need to tackle it head on. Thank you Walter for opening our eyes and helping us keep our ears close to the ground.

  • Mohan, Mangalre

    Thu, Sep 03 2009

    Daiji is not only the best news channel Daiji is a patron of Mangalore! And I am proud to be Mangalorian. Long live Daiji, God bless Walter sir.


    Thu, Sep 03 2009


  • SHRINIVAS PRABHU, Sharjah/Bantakal

    Wed, Sep 02 2009

    Through his excellent article, Walter has presented a serious problem prevailing in the society.This is a good lesson for all. Avoid drugs, avoid smoking and avoid drinking in the puplic place those AAA tablets we have to keep always in our pockets. Really Walter is great. All the readers awarded him by their good comments. Diaji should have to him for a social award.

  • Alexis Castelino, Makale / Doha Qatar

    Thu, Sep 03 2009

    Excellent article Waltayam meaningful & well written. This is a real eye opener to everyone.This is should publish in Daijiworld weekly also

  • Maxim Pinto, Hospet/Rome

    Wed, Sep 02 2009

    Through his excellent article, Walter has raised so very serious but complex problem. For some, it might come as dead shock, but those who live in metro cities of India or elsewhere, probably are aware of this problem. When one opts for development/big money, I think one has to keep his/her eyes wide open so as not to allow barbaric elements to sink in. Only a comprehensive network (not facebook or twitter) involving adults, parents and administarion can really root out such degrading elements. From the part of the students, they must cultivate self-respect, self-esteem from the initial stages so that they do not experiment "heroic acts" to boost their wounded ego. Parents must not exercise too much "protectionalism" with their children rather give them space so that they grow in freedom with responsibility. The administration must be always vigilant, so that they do not gloss over these incidents, saying that they are isolated cases. Those, who are made victims for no fault of theirs, must report to the appropriate authority with courage and honesty. A city, by nature, does not preserve cultural values but destroys them. Concerned citizens must come out in the open to tackle the menace.It is not because there are bad people such things happen. But there are numerous "good" people make it happen by their silence. I think it is the time to break our silence and work for the preservation of the cultural values.

  • Vera Alvares, Mumbai

    Wed, Sep 02 2009

    Though i happen to be a late visitor to your site, i feel a strong urge to comment. Permit me. Congratulations for the timely warning written well. Hope it rings the alarm bell for the society in Mangalore. As it happens in Mumbai, drugs and free sex go together. Instances where young girls who otherwise would never indulge in such wanton behaviour are lured with promise of either, films, marriage or interviews. After consuming drinks spiked with drugs the poor girl is neither aware of what happens to her nor in a position to resist it.She either lives a miserable life or ends it abruptly.

     Is it worth it? Parents must take their daughters into confidence to tell them about the iminent danger from even boys known to them, possibly they do this for fun. But what is fun for the boy may be death knell for the girl. The cases of girls who willingly pose for hefty sums of money to spend on having a good time cannot be persuaded to forgo this. That is a lost case. It happens because of poor upbringing or bad example at home. Parents are to blame. Yes, as many have pointed out the television shows should be strictly censored by a group of parents, doctors/educationists. Not moral policing but to defeat the greasing of palms to let a titilating show pass through. Producers stoop to low levels to attract TRPs and advertisements.

    As for the free availability and advertisements of contraceptives etc. we need to teach our children to deal with this. It will only get worse.One cannot hide from changing time that encourages gay marriages, call girl racket, pre-marital sex, abortion etc by sanctioning its approval in the name of human rights! Where do we draw the line?

  • neil shaun lewis, falnir mangalore

    Wed, Sep 02 2009

    Excellent awareness is provided by Sir nandalike... keep it up sir good work

  • Christopher D''Cunha, mangalore/Abu Dhabi

    Wed, Sep 02 2009


  • sujith, kidiyoor/udupi/muscat

    Wed, Sep 02 2009

    Dear walter sir, Good article from you, younger generation should be aware of this to prevent such evil.

  • maisie, mangalore

    Wed, Sep 02 2009

    An excellent article. Those who read it should pass on to u r friends. What is the Mangalore police doing ? Better u pass this article to the heads of the educational institutes so that they give guidance to the students

  • Mathew Singh, Beliz/India

    Wed, Sep 02 2009

    People of India should ask their Elected officials like MP''s & MLA''s to impose strict laws for captured sex, Internet sex blackmailing.

  • JMoras, Taccode - Australia

    Wed, Sep 02 2009

    Mr. Walter good article, but same time being an editor it’s your job. First of all from where these students get these mobile phones (any technology costs the money) or the money to pay bills? Mr. Roland how will these students get their pockets filled with money without their parents help? How can they buy expensive drugs?

  • jp kudroli, mangalore

    Wed, Sep 02 2009

    Well done daiji, a beautifull article you brought in front of the public,it is an wake up call for each and every individuals to notice it. This type of article should be published in the daily news paper as well as notice boards of the school and collegues too give awareness of the things happening in the college as well as outside. Let our childrens wake up by reading these type of articles....& let them learn to take care of themself.

  • lawrence moras, mangalore/dubai

    Wed, Sep 02 2009

    A wondeful, article Mr Walter . you have opened the eyes of so many people all over the world . Its true watever u have written, daiji is the one and only one media which gives the interest to read always & to follow in our life where we can learn lot more . please do something to stop all these things which are going in our own mangalore .keep up your good work ,may god bless you sir.

  • Maria, Mangalore

    Wed, Sep 02 2009

    Hope the youth will have time and patience to read such an informative article which they are badly in need.


    Wed, Sep 02 2009

    It is said in ''Shrimad Bhagavadgeetha'' that Dharma, if destroyed, will destroy the society. Conversely, if protected, Dharma will protect the protector. In ancient India there were strong family systems and Sadgurus who were guiding the people on the right path. Even now there are such noble persons like Baba Ramdev and Shree Shree Ravishankar, but their combined efforts are not enough to match the strength of evil minded people and the places where such minds are being created.

    Like ''Raktha Beejasura'' it is multiplying day by day. Not only the sex related scandals as mentioned in this article, the society is inflicted with so many other evils like drugs, terrorism etc. While the Kings in ancient India were patrons for the noble causes, the present Governments are vying with each other in extending financial support to such places where evil minds are manufactured.

    The present day education system teaches the children only those subjects through which they can make money. Even the parents expect their children to get huge salaries. Efforts of few Governments and Ministers to introduce value education is opposed by vested interests as it will defeat their agenda. The phenomena of good times and bad times is cyclical in nature. The bowl of the evil people is getting filled. We will definitely see the the good times in the days to come.

  • Kevin Monis, Mangalore / Dubai

    Wed, Sep 02 2009

    I appreciate daiji to come out with and article such as this cause it is very very essentials that parents and the youth of the district be educated about sexual abuse which is slowly catching its grip in the district. And i truly agree that the effect of this abuse is more harsh on girls then the man. What needs to be highlighted here is parents play a very vital role in education of sex to their children cause it will help the young to know which path to and also encourage them to discuss any problems they face.

  • amanda, mang/mumbai

    Wed, Sep 02 2009

    Really a good article walter... hats off to you .. what an article.... please do keep writing such articles its really like a medicine to us youth.... good job ...

  • Roland,

    Wed, Sep 02 2009

    LN Rego, why blame the parents for all thats happening. There have been some children who have grown to be arrogant as adults inspite of having been brought up in good parenthood. Children whose parents were not so well so doing in their childhood, have become arrogant in their adulthood, because they have got their pockets filled with cash. So blaming the parents wholly is incorrect.

  • abudavood, mangalore

    Wed, Sep 02 2009

    yes it realy happenining even if v warn the parents they do not belive.. every parent should see in either side, positive and negative side,  that is their children is good as well as bad then only it can corected

  • Alan, Mangalore/Bahrain

    Wed, Sep 02 2009

    Nice article by daijiworld

  • Merlyn D''Mello, Mangalore/Kuwait

    Wed, Sep 02 2009

    Excellent article Walter! Very well written. This is a real eye opener to many! Keep up the good work.

  • Jess, Mangalore

    Wed, Sep 02 2009

    Very good article, God bless you Mr. Walter. I read the article and then read most of the comments too, I feel if we parents keep close watch on our children, and on their daily activities, their whereabouts I am sure to a certain extent we can protect our children and one more thing if we parents encourage our children to dress modestly specially girls it will be much better for us as well as for the society we live.

    And TV is the biggest evil which is spoiling the minds of these youngsters, specially some adds, now where is this Mr. Mutalik? and where is his culture? Parents keep your eyes opened and guide your children. May God protect all our young children.

  • Kumar, Mangalore

    Wed, Sep 02 2009

    "Unfortunately no major media forums have raised alarm about this issue" Is surely not becoz the media does not realise this but this issue if raised would condradict all the controvorsies they created using our peaceful Mangalore''s name.Its clearly evident and terribly tragic that media and channels of communication are becoming the greatest threats to social life.  As said charity begins at home,I believe that one of the ways we could solve such problems is when we sit and spend enough time with our kids ,discussing every angle of an issue.Its extremely necessary to make kids understand different dimensions of a problem,causes, effects where it arises,how different people would react to a issue,and extremely important part of the discussion needs to be how people around them could take advantage if they did not forsee the problems behind breaking social barriers. Social norms is a Lakshman rekha our ancestors drew,becoz they predicted what would be the result of this world if humans had no fear GOD.

  • Fr. Lancy Lewis, Kuppepadav/ Prague

    Wed, Sep 02 2009

    Dear Walter N. thanks for the ''sermon of life''. it is a great job. God bless for your concer towards youngsters and the families. Let our culture be Family building.

  • Rolphy Almeida, Kalmady/Udupi/Bangalore

    Wed, Sep 02 2009

    This article is an eyeopener to all laidback parents, who knows to earn but do not know to spend. Thugs are there in every part of the world, that drag inocent lives in such activities and this twin district is no exception. These thugs have identified the (weakness)free flow of Gulf money in to the pockets of these college going children and the natural weakness (Sex and Drugs)of any human being. The day parents make their children accountable for every penny they pay with tax paid receipts the whole scenario will be changed.

    This strategy not only earns some tax to the government, but also saves unimaginable share of hard earned money at 49 degree gulf summer temparature. Above all you will find your child safe and sound with quality education. "Thank you walter for the power of your pen."

  • L N Rego, Bendur

    Wed, Sep 02 2009

    Wonderful, timely and an apt article to create awareness. First let me blame the parents for providing Expensive(unwanted)hand sets as a matter of prestige. Secondly let me blame the parents for giving unwanted freedom. Thirdly let me blame them again because of their wrong parenthood our younger generation is exploited.Parents are the Major reasons behind this kind of scandels.

    No doubt there are good students, Exemplary parents and responsible citizens but the need of the hour is adopting descipline in our own homes.Walter you did a good job, Keep it up.

  • Dolphy Pinto, Mangalore/Kulshekar

    Wed, Sep 02 2009

    This realy a special warning to the parents who prvide the cell phones to their children.

  • Mubeen Ummer Khan, Gurukambla

    Wed, Sep 02 2009

    Good work Mr . Walter, But to resolve this its very tough because we are miles away but nothing is impossible I personally agree 99% this is happening just because of TV, especially when I look back 10 years are so there was some moral respect, now just because we are adopting western culture we are spoiling our society, to solve this issue we need to start from our own home, if parents sit and think how TV influencing the kids and avoid some nasty programs in the TV and teach them some moral values I cannot say 100% but there will be change Insha Allah if we start repairing our own house instead of full world and help each other to do so.

  • Anish, Sullia

    Wed, Sep 02 2009

    nothing equals> Family life for people., Democracy for country. good family life can only bring change... not *** education.

  • jacintha, mangalore

    Wed, Sep 02 2009

    It is Moral bankruptcy at all levels. While on this sex-scandal, here are few other things we can reflect about. While talking to the youth today, they matter-of-fact mention about the adult behaviour which is not very ethical. The fierce competition at all levels, in all maters is very depressing they feel. They are not energized from within for deep rooted achievements. They do not find role models in the closer vicinity and among the ordinary. Few that are often sighted and quoted are ‘people extraordinaire’, who had talent, purpose and ‘zara hat-ke’ kind of mind-set.

    For a population so big as our country, such people are far few. Since they are so few, one tends to think that it must be really hard to come anywhere close to them. Even in the global map, who is the role model today – one who ethically has warmed the globe with their words, deeds and actions? Can these be the role models in the society today? Fathers making easy and quick money by corruption, coercion and cheating? Mothers flaunting any and all assets at all places irrespective of the need? Parents leaving no stone unturned to position their children at the top at all gatherings? Religious leaders leading dual life, their thoughts and actions nowhere close to whom they represent? Political leaders without any shame indulging in polluting human and natural resources? Industrialists, with no concern, harm the nature, treat employees like slaves and evade taxes?

    Academicians and institutional leaders have turned education into the most lucrative business? Teachers – who are least passionate about their own knowledge, how it is rendered and where. All that matters is COACHING at extra cost. Charity hospitals who fleece all and sundry at the most tiring time in their life in the name of clinical tests? These and many more. A good and acceptable among these will be an exception and not the norm.

    When the adults, with all their education, life experience and maturity can continue to be so ugly, youth and children, won’t they get into small time pleasure? Their conscience doesn’t warn them at all, for they have seen and learnt, to pull a rug on that little spark. And from whom? From all the elders at each encounter with them. How many of us can claim that we are about 70% clean in our dealings, moral, financial and social? Children and youth are intelligent today.

    They read the unwritten letters, hear the unspoken words. They yearn for recognition for their ethical behaviour. Morally bankrupt that we are, we do not distinguish good from bad at early level and have no courage to admonish the bad. Let us not blame youth for what happens today, but start a responsible way of life at home and in our public dealings. Today PLEASURE IS BY WICKED MEANS for adults, naturally this has rubbed on to our children.

  • Satish Rao M, Puttur/Mumbai

    Wed, Sep 02 2009

    The article is an educative one for all of us.The most unfortunate thing in us is that we are not ready to discuss this type matter with our children.and to tell them about the consequences of misuse of modern gadgets.by anybody.Thank you,Mr.Walter

  • Raymond Dcunha Editor Pingara KAnnada weekly Mangalore, Taccode,MAngalore Valencia

    Wed, Sep 02 2009

    AND That is the work of a Editor No need to praise you Walter. The article itself compliments the maturity of the social responsibility of a Editor. God Bles you

  • Cyril Pinto, Bajpe, Mangalore

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Dear Walter, It''s just fantastic and very informative, Perhaps no other channel or media exposed "Captured Sex" to such an extent. It''s an eye opener for the parents, teachers and the entire society as a whole and you have awakened the entire world. We believe your channel may break new grounds in bringing out such informative and educative articles in future sa well. Kudos to Nandalike. I suugest a new Channel may be created and named "Nanda Like Channel Worldwide" for similar informative articles.

  • Anita, Shirva/Pune

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    eye opening article specially for parents who want their children to be like many models, film stars. Dear Parents, specailly parents having daughters they should not compare their children to others, just because one girl has become a model it is not necessary that every girl has to make a profession out of modelling, film roles, singing & dancing. there are many more respectable professions, please don''t insist on or push your daughters in participating in fashion shows etc.. make them understand the dangers etc....this is my view.. also as Mr. Nandalike has highlighted it is the responsibility of the teachers as well to give them proper guidance etc... thanks for this great article, hope this will benefit some people.

  • sunil, Mangalore

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Thank you Mr walter for such an article to awaken all and make us think whethere are kids are a victm of such a thing or a creator.As a parent i think mobile phones should not be give to a school or colleage going student even if provided please give them a basic phone which can only make and recive calls .Todays generation has changed from filter cofee to instant cofee which is well portrayed in the movie love aaj kall.We as a parent should teach our children on such issue so they also be aware of the consequences .Thanks and keep up the good work

  • shameer, mangalore/dubai

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Good Job Mr.Walter..... pls aware of it....daijiworld is the best.....

  • Sarfaraz, Mglre/Dxb

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Excellent information about illegal sex in our society.First we being the citizen should learn wat is prohibited sex and wat is unprohibited sex.how u damage yourself,then we spread this message to our young ones and warn not to do wrong things ,everybody will be happy in soceity .This is a major one bcs of this today young girls refrain from marriage and other sex have to suffer.We all of us have to understand clearly wat ISLAM teaches us.Its for betterment of Soceity.Or else same thing will continoue even with our children.

  • clarence miranda, mangalore

    Wed, Sep 02 2009

    ''Captured Sex'' : A Stunning Warning to Parents, Teachers, and the Public. Thanks Walter, for such an informative article about a very serious social problem prevailing in Mangalore. You have done a great job by this stunning warning to all. This warning should also be for all victims and potential victims.

  • Gladson, Brahmavar

    Wed, Sep 02 2009

    Kudos Walter for this article. Perhaps the mainstream media of Mangalore has to take a cue from you as what to hightlight and what to concentrate on. You have always read the pulse of the readers better than anyone and have come up with topics which hardly anyone bothers about till it is highlighted. Keep it up because today''s society does not need heralds of good news but people who show the loopholes of the larger section and those who really do something to plug these loopholes.

    Coming to the topic, I guess most of the readers based abroad will be shocked while those living in Mangalore will not. There has been a suggestion by almost about imparting sex education, role of parents, teachers and even police etc. But my question is will this solve the real problem? Most of us who have read this article, will remember it for a day or two then forget and move on with our life.

    We speak so much about imparting sex education at home and as well as in schools. But have we ever what should be the curriculum of sex education? What should be taught and what not? What are the ways of imparting this info and to which age-group? Forget about Mangalore or India, even in majority of the countries, parents hardly speak about sex with their children. It is a taboo even in developed countries. Parents settled abroad either in Middle East or Europe or wherever with their family would agree with me, I guess. Do they ever speak with their children about sex? Our impression is that they will learn with the age or let them learn from anywhere, no matter even if it is from the street, but we will not speak about it with them.

    How many of us, so called parents know well about sex and have the ability to tell it to our children? For most of us sex means sharing a single bed for reproduction or it is an act which comes as a gift with a combi package called marriage. For how many of us sex is the summit of love and sacred? Is sex education means just telling our children about their physical growth and about reproduction? How many of us really have time for our children.

    I always strongly believe that a family which is strongly knit together where parents and children strive to give more time to each other than their work, studies or social activities, is spared from these evils. These abnormalities enter the families where either parents do not have time for children or vice versa. Looking after our children does not just mean giving them everything they want, be it food,cloth, entertainment of money.

    We have two categories of parents. One, who give all that is asked by their children without asking why, when or how and the second who never bother about their children''s needs. Do we have a another category of paretns who can balane this, who give their children not what they want but what is necessary? Forget about children, do we husband-wife discuss about sex and the aspect connected to it once we have a children? Marit

  • A.D''Cunah Shenoy, Mangaluru

    Wed, Sep 02 2009

    Modern world has become a dangerours and immoral to live. Someone may ask me to define morality. In my opinion, morality is living in a society with morals and principles and adhering the long established culture of living to estalish a family, a community and at larger the nation. What is happenning to day is nothing but exploitation through technology and various other media instrunments. The society is responsible for these unscrupulous actions for making money on the basis of demands from other larger population.

    Young at heart and body, even the so called hungry are the victims. "SEX SELLS" is a phenomenon has invaded India from the west. Teen sex, bedroom scenes, the movie attire abd action emanating from western films and taken hold on our land. Our film proucers care no more society but big bucks in selling sex. Why is the society potraying womes as sex objects? Do we need a half scantily dressed girl in front of a new car in the show room? Younger children have no idea as to what is happenning to their lives and so many families are in misery.

    Parents have no idea as to wht their children are doing, where they are going and what they are involved with. The email, the moble phones and the like have become the wepons of destruction in the name of privacy and money making. While it is hard to keep track of these children, modern technogy is aiding the destruction of our morals and dstroying lives. While there is no solution or back tracking of technology it is a grave problem facing the family, the community and the nation. Our politicians must create the right thinking, the right laws, our educators must educate the right education and morals, our society must build values around us and our children must protect themselves from the vultures. Parents must be alert, more educated in modern meance, increase awareness and vigilence and above all develop morals and values in upbringing the children.

    Technolgy is important but it is dangerours, money is inporatnt but it is dangerous, modernity is not important to develop values but modern thinking is here to stay even that is not making sense. In my opinion, we must back track in our thinking, be responsible in using the technology and above all maintain a family without breakups. An unbroken family is a strong family, an unbroken community is a strong community, an unbroken nation is a strong nation. The modern menace can be attacked by joint efforts oo individuals and society and the nation as a whole.

  • Hamza Ahmed, Mangalore/Dammam,KSA

    Wed, Sep 02 2009

    Excellent article,let us open our eyes. Thanks Wailter & Daiji,Keep it up...

  • SANDRA DSOUZA, mangalore/israel

    Wed, Sep 02 2009

    Well done walter.....i really appreciate that.....anyhow you did a great job.....hats off to daiji....

  • Iftikhar, Udupi, Dubai

    Wed, Sep 02 2009

    Dear Walter, you''ve done a great job. I am sure this will help us to keep an eye on our youngsters. Thank you for bringing this into our attention.

  • mabel vixtoria, bejai mangalore

    Wed, Sep 02 2009

    Daiji thanks for awakening mangaloreans,they need,but sad good things does not enter easily,so it is better to lesson everyone.  It is better to start emphasisign this issue in churches, temples, mosques and colleges,and other institutions,which is a must,

  • Arun Dsilva, Belman/Dxb

    Wed, Sep 02 2009

    Dear Walty... I congatulate you for bringing this issue in Web-Media... Our Soceity need to take this issue seriously and i request district administration to keep monitoring public place like beeches and parks and hotel lodges...

  • Ethan, Mangaluru/Florida

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    When Ramasene tried to stop the ongoing in a "PUB" in Mangalore, for which I supported there were many adverse comments from some of the same persons who are commenting now this as a good article, I shall never deny it as a good article it is a very bold step taken with real concern to the society, I had mentioned in my comments whosoever intiated to barge into the so called "PUB" with media at hand was a highly intellectual persons also the NCW representative was equally fair in her statements, publishing sexual images and clips are the normal, I have even seen killing of a girl ( not Indian) and even now I cannot digest fact that, have we come to such a lowly state where we do not value other persons life at all.

    Our lives have been centered into our own wants, pleasure of life and into complete selfishness, the moment we understand that we are here on earth for a fleeting moment and we disappear just with a hope of having a eternal life our lives will change, to instill love thy neighbour as thyself is ONLY told in the Bible ( and many have repeated this) should be the curriculum that to be taught in all the educational institutions, then only, Only then we shall start seeing changes in our beautiful city called Mangalore ( Mangaluru)


    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    very good article thanks daijiworld team

  • christopher, mangalore

    Wed, Sep 02 2009

    Thanks Walty & his team for doing great job. This was a great article. Also please be careful when you stay in hotels, many cases that there are small hidden cams.

  • Prakash kumar dsouza, Arkula/Israel

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Very good article.good work dajiworld.

  • L.J.Dsouza, Brahmavar

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    In growing city Evil things will grow.If their is no God fear in human heart this things will happen commenly.

  • fathima, mangalore

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Dear friends, without shame we ought to admit this is byproduct of pub culture among the (women) students. Initially they lure women to mild beer then into drugs, with that unknowingly, women end up being exposed.

  • Ajay, USA,Mangalore

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    This is a form of pornography. Since the medium of distribution is wireless networks, the wireless networks should be taken to task for allowing their networks to distribute pornography. The wireless networks can easily clamp down on this, and they should. Else they need to be held responsible for this garbage and made to pay for it.

  • Nellyson, Karkala\Riyadh

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Well Done Walter. No doubt technology has brought along few demons with it. The solution for this problem is "Active Parenting"(see what is your child upto). Secondly Create Active student, teachers groups who keep a eye on this type of activities, Social groups who keeps a eye on these activities and of cource the "Law enforcement Agencies". This is a eye opener for those Girls or Boys who are about to fall into this Trap" to be careful and not indulge in such activities!! and to those who are already suffering to be bold enough to "Come out of it" and to those who enjoys in "Capturing these images" as a "Warning that they will be punished for their Act. Let all of us,Parents, Clergy, social Forums and Lawenforcement Agencies come together to take some bold and deterent action to safeguard the Dignity of our young one''s as well their Parents and society.

  • siddiq perlampady, PUTTUR

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Walter great job,And thanx to bring this notice to all parents..


    Tue, Sep 01 2009



    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Dear Walter-Daijiworld, Commentators & Readers, What you all say about the MARRIAGE OF OUR DAUGHTER AT THE AGE OF 18 / SON AT THE AGE OF 21. Not Joking. Analyse the life of our previous generation & present generation, thus decide about the MARRIAGE-FUTURE OF OUR SON/DAUGHTER.

  • Aaron., Mangalore.

    Tue, Sep 01 2009


  • prashanth, Dubai

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Well written article by daiji editor.There are many ways to stop social evils and media plays important role in that...I am sure minimum 70to 80% of students knows how and whr to get Ganja or drugs in mangalore...which hotel they can go with girl friend...and what all are drugs to be used to excite the partner...and I shocked by pepole's comment here as if they are unaware of the issue... Recent pub attack some pepole are happy because of this...may be way is wrong but some positive will be there because of the fear...If u search with simple words in google we will get 1000s of sex clip in mangalore...Ya we have one option toshow our blind eye to this just by telling "Fredom of individual why moral police is worried"!!!!!!

  • Valerian Dalmaida, Mangalore/Abu Dhabi

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Dear Walter, Thank you for the informative article. I suggest, each parent must check the school bags, mobiles, computer at home, sites visited on a daily basis. There must be interaction between parents and children on daily basis before the evening prayer/meals/retiring to bed, so that they can share what happened at school/college and work place. So the above checks and balances shall bring forth any negativities noticed by the parent and it could be discussed in a friendly and convincing way in the light of your article and also depending upon the case. I remember what I learnt in my school days while writing this -" maneye modala paata shaale, janani taane modala guru.jananiyinda paata kalita janaru" meaning "home is the first school and mother is the first teacher. Blessed are those who have learnt the lessons from the mother". Therefore parents have first, foremost and greater role to play.God Bless you.

  • JK, bendore, UAE

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Good job by daiji keeping it in mind that we have social responsibility. This article open eyes of many people and parents. By publish the matter this will save lot peoples life and future. good job. keep ot up.

  • sharon pereira, dubai

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    this is a very nice topic!!!and as i m also in d teenage age i would like 2 say tht mobile phones r d main problem creaters...n it is also d freedom given 2 d children spoils thier own life...

  • Sandesh, Mangalore, Oman

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    I feel there is no other website like Daijiworld, where we can read about everything, good and bad which happens arround us, and all over the world in no time. Also we can share our views with much more easier way. Excellent work Mr. Walter Nandalike and whole Daijiworld team

  • Eulalia D''Souza, Bijai / Mangalore

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Dear Walty, what an excellant article. Yes it is a serious issue right now faced by parents, teachers & society at large. Measure need to be taken very carefully, coz it involves young lives. a

    a) Parents should be given seminars before we think about young children, coz providing expensive moblies, a personal computer at home in children''s rooms with internet connections is the style of the day. This is main reason children have direct access to unwanted things. Parents should be well informed about the consequences of this entire thinking n happenings. Parents must be asked to relate to children to educate them in these issues.

    bb) teachers and leturers should be further trained to handle these youngsters more tactfully than it is happening now. Attitude of these days children needs to be delicatley handled by proper counselling. Unless teachers n leturers are made aware of this other efforts might go futile.

    cc) with due respect to police dept n police personnel : police should be also given finer training on inter personal dealing. As of now parents or youngsters are apprehensive of approaching police dept to seek assistance in these issues, with fear of being exposed to public or being targetted later. Also basic way of communication of police with public has to be fine tuned with workshops. This will boast public confidence in Police department.

    dd) Students from 07th or 08th std, and youngsters of all colleges should have a councellor in campus. If need be Institutions can invite outside resource persons to have a creative, lively interactive workshop on this subject. It will be helpful for students to be aware. Suggestion is that NO TEACHERS OF THAT SCHOOL or COLLEGE SHOULD BE PRESENT AROUND IN THAT HALL. This is for students to ask questions n seek clarifications. Students might fear if they see their own teachers around.

    ee) Dist Administration should be more stricter n watchful in setting up restrictions in public places, pubs, hotels, discotheques etc. If in case of offences, proper actions should be taken so that others will be careful.

  • Luca D''silva, Mudarangady, now KSA

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Very nice article and shocking to read such things happen in Mangalore,it is the parents to wake up and look on this matter particularly on girls because still our society does not equality for girls. All people of the society consider this thing seriously and educate their children male or female. Mr.Walter Hats off to you.

  • Ranjana, Mangalore

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Thank you Mr.Walter,this article was truly an eye opener..good job!

  • margaret, malpe/dubai

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Excellent article on the present world. Hats off to Daiji specially million thanks to walter. You have opened eyes of many parents.God bless you for your good work.

  • Walter Monteiro, Venur/Kuwait

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Very good article.

  • Lancy Vaz, Mangalore

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Excellent article Walter. Well done.

  • Alfred C Crasta, Mangalore/Derebail

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Dear walter good job keep it up.

  • Rosy D''souza, Bajpe, Mangalore

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    It is a well written and very informative article. Its a warning to all parents, especially those who have young daughters. Its a duty of all concerned people like parents, teachers, religious leaders to educate the young generation about the impact of westernization and abuse of modern technology. Young and innocent children fall victim to this social evil, who gain profit by exploiting and then blackmailing them. May God protect our children from these monsters.

  • Dr. Haneef Shabab, Bhatkal

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    This is one of the burning issues that is faced by not only young generation but also the parents. In the name of civilization, equality, liberty,modern culture, and fashion of the day we are losing our morality. Sometime I feel that we are running towards the dead end. One who think and preaches morality and strives to keep high moral values alive, is a discarded stuff in the society. Good luck to daiji team. Continue the mission against these social evils, one day you may succeed. God bless you.

  • Rajesh Sequeira, kulshekar, Dubai

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    A very good article and need of the hour. It is really a eye opener. In the context it is girls who really suffer from these type of acts.


    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Dear Walter, You have done an excellent job. Each one in the media must bring in such investigative articles, so that Indian society at large will be benefited from destrucion of families and Indian culture. Kudos to you and your team for excellent investiative jounalism.

  • John DSouza, Mangalore/Mumbai

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Need of the hour is let us open our eyes.Thanks Walter & Daiji

  • Sunil, Mangalore

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Technology has its pro''s and con''s they say and this one is the biggest drawback I feel. Camera sizes in the past one decade have shurken so much (thanks to Very Large Scale Intergration / VLSI) that they could be easily accommodated inside a pen along with a memory long enough to hold 45 mins of good quality recording. Devices such as these are easily available off the shelf and can be misused by any tom , dik and harry with very little know how technology. This may sound rediculous but believe me such cameras are available for as little as Rs.800 to Rs. 1000 within Mangalore I would really advise everybody taking temperoary shelter in hotels and such places to thoroughly check the place for such menace.

  • Nithan Rodrigues, Mangalore/Bangalore

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Well written Walty. This article should be translated to other languages so that our brothers and sisters in DK can read and understand. Many parents do not have access to Internet hence efforts should be made to reach this message to them so that they can be watchful and create awareness in their fly.

  • Eugene D''Souza, Moodubelle/Mumbai

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    A serious social issue, delicately exposed by Mr. Walter Nandalike, which is an eye opener to parents, students, teachers and social activists.

  • dayananda shetty, mangalore

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    This is fantastic. Hats off to you. Need of the hour is media like you not the so called "rating media" who go on give importance to celebrities who do not do any good to the soceity instead work for money. ( i.e cricketers, film stars, politicians etc etc). Please make a movement by publishing the article in local and national papers and tell the parents about the seriousness of the matter. I feel prevention is better than cure. Please do some thing in this matter.

  • Kurt Waschnig, Oldenburg/Germany

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Thanks to Daijiworld for this informative and well written article. It is shocking to learn what has been happening for probably a long time in Mangalore. A concerted action must take place to protect young people. Their life cannot be destroyed. Indeed Western culture has a big and tremendous impact on India. But the question is what can be done to lead young people, to protect them? There is a shining example in India for all Indians - MAHATMA GANDHI. Parents, churches, educated people, priests, nuns, political parties should teach Gandhi´s ideas and his convictions and parents must be an example for their children. Children can´t be blamed, parents and the environment raise children. Every country on earth is influenced by Western culture caused by globalisation therefore the only way to protect children in India is bringing them close to Gandhi´s ideas. If that can be achieved children young people will grow up in a healthy environment in Mangalore. Best regards Kurt

  • Browny - Kuwait, Kuwait

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    This is the impact of College Love or School Love. Only for this LOVE students are loosing thier life. Love makes them blind. When they fall in love they do not listen to the parents or teachers. And they will become easy trap to a criminal.

  • Edwin Pinto, Karnataka

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Dear Walter, What an Article! Leave alone common man, lay man, tell me now, which saint, which god or devil has succeeded in abstaining from sex? We are westernizing… imbibing western culture. But, video clipping is not culture. Black-mailing is not culture. Sex by force is not culture. To retain the real Indian, real Indian culture, real Indian mentality - we got to take things seriously –

    Step one: Train the trainer first.

    Step Two: Take your article to our PM, to our President. Hand it over to every media possible, to every Judge, Doctor, CEO, Principal - you can think of. Step

    Three: Move the upper house to constitute and pass law that binds parents to the deeds that their children commit.

     Step four: Train the trainer first. To educate children about sex, go to each school – as proposed – conduct workshop, seminars, etc. Every parent should be trained first, then the teachers. Bring awareness among “Clubs” such as “Lions Club”, “Rotary Club” who have wide spread network and kind hearted, community serving, capable members. With their help, repeat workshops and seminars till everybody gets fed-up of. To tackle the children of the rich, rugged and rude – invite suggestions, comments and complaints from every observing student/person through message box(s).

    I seriously wonder whether I will be able to complete my suggestions… Each and every teacher repeatedly grilling students who have committed smallest mistakes will surely make a big difference to the students. Volume of work I have done at home when I was a child, early teenage, teenage, even post teenage was sometimes more than an adult’s performance. I don’t think it is a good idea sending the young to remand homes. Make them work strictly under the scorching sun and use remand homes to educate, give moral support and military-like disciplines……

  • B.M.Iqbal, Ammunje/ Kuwait

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Very good article. Thanks Daiji.

  • Reyan, Farwani

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Impact of Cable tv in the City!! Thats it!!

  • Florine Roche , Mangalore

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Hats off to daiji for taking up this issue with the seriousness it deserves. The young and innnocement minds of adolescents is exploited by unscrupulous elements for their own advantage. I think an issue of this nature calls for collective efforts from one and all so that young and impresssiobale minds are not lost due to the blackmailing tactics of those having an hidden agenda.

  • Olin Lasrado, Padil

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    An excellent article. Parents kindly take care of the present times.


    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Walty, Brilliantly written article with clearly a large amount of research going into it. This must serve as a wakeup call for our mangalorean folks. i would like to highlight one othe aspect here. there was a time when parents were stricter, and children would have had to think 10 times before asking their parents for anything - be it clothes, outings, parties et al. Today, the scenario is differet. With the alibi of modernisation elders in Mlore too have become far more liberal or even worse in their outlook and this definetely has its impact on growing children. Guess this also needs to be thought about...

  • Jeevan, Kirem

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Very informative article and it needs debating on the subject by the local community like teachers, educated parents, priests, nuns and other religion leaders. We have to find out through debate how we can minimize these things happening, probaly by giving yougsters more community responsibilities, by providing safer entertainments and by educating them. One thing which should not be done is - donot accuse, punish or allow media to expose them instead forgive them with an advice.

  • Melwin D'' souza/Q8, Manglore

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    It''s very good article Mr.Walter let''s no parents know this day''s what''s going in our Mangalore city,keep up the good work you are doing good service to our society.God bless you.

  • m... ali, bantwal/dubai

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Heartly thanks to Daijiworld. I request u to in any way you reach this massage to urban people, who suffers a lot in this case. And give some more articles about different topics which is been happenig around us. once again thanx....

  • Clarence Arun, Mangalore/Saudi

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    This is really a good article at correct time by daijji. Instead of blaming childrens I think parents should take responsibility to guide them in a right way. But unfortunately we are in modern world and many of our parents dont have time to spends with their child. A good direction can lead to safe way. Again thanx daijji for this wonderfull article.

  • James Dsouza, Mangalore / Kuwait

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    At last the main issue has been highlighted, thanks walty.Last week I was in Mangalore and I went to check my mail in cybercafe, I checked the website history in the computer , it contained all the adult sites except one or two usefull websites.

    Most of the deals are done in Orkut and facebook. most teanagers and housewives are on these sites and posting their personnel pictures.There are agents who link up with orkut or facebook members and offer young females and house wives for SEX for cash amounting to RS10000 and above.

    Mangalore is gulf driven economy so most people are abroad, not knowing what is happening back home.Mangalore has one of the highest divorce rates. God help manglorean youngsters from drugs and catastrophe.

  • Reshma Pereira, Karkala / Kuwait

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Mr. Walter you have done an EXCELLENT job, thank you for this. Please... please... keep this article on the TOP of daijiworld for many days, so many people can read it and understand the situation.

  • Nikkam Nachappa, Madikeri,Mangalore

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    I agree with Sharath.The main thing is our environment,our family,how we treat situation all will inspirate for this.So we should concentrate for our future and everybody should involve in education.

  • Shekar, Mulki

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Good article. Thank you Daijiworld. Definitely require awareness from children, parents and society as well to fight this crime.

  • Richard D''Souza, Nitte/Qatar

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Dear Walter, Excellent article. In my openion, this article needs to be posted at all educational institutions notice boards as well as places of worships (church, masjid, temple).

  • Sharath P, Malleshwaram, Bangalore

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    I dont agree this article will help to solve this problem.Only things we have to do is we should perfect by ourself in all ways.

  • krp kumar, Bangalore

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Sir, This is really very good article by the Editor of Daijiworld which is quite shocking among Parents who send their daughters to college with utmost trust & belief. The girs who become victims of this illegal act of crooked guys should not hesitate to complaint about such guys to Police authorities (Ciber Police) and also to Principals/Class Teachers who can play a pivotol role in curbing this menace and also to Parents who can assist and guide them properly.

    It is horrible to imagine the plight of girls who become victims of such boys who indulge in such indecent act and black mail the girls. Parents should be informed first and certainly they can be more cautious and take more concern about their daughters and take action about the cocnerend with college authorities.

  • Sahil, Udupi

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Great article.keep it up. naked truth comes out walter. u did exellent work...God Bless You.

  • Lancy D''Souza, Mangalore/Bahrain

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Very good eye opening article. I wish this to be published in leading newspapers. Since this type of things going on in whole of India. The relevant Govt. organisations should take immediate steps to curb this problem. Education Ministry should be one of them. Lancy

  • Bas, Mangalore

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Right Mr. Walter, this is a sign of entering the negetive side of the western culture to India, this is a right time teach our youngsters (both boy and girl) by their parents, teacher and community. thanks Mr. Walter to brought these to media.

  • Ronald D, Udupi

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Bold and true article from Walty. It is an inspiration for few to come out from blackmail, and few others to avoid such acts.

  • Sandeep Theophil, Chennai, Valencia

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Dear Walter, thank u very much for having boldly raised this crucial issue even as our commercialised educational institution turn a blind eye on such issues. i believe very few institutions would have the courage to acknowledge and say "yes we will help our students". In such a situation the media, parents and teachers has to make a coordinated joint effort in handling our youngsters.

    Parents will have to patiently talk and spend more time that their young boys and girls would feel comfortable to share their problems. I appreciate the commitment of daijiworld towards the society. Media education can play an important role.

    May be Daijiworld can take the initiative also with other print and electronic media and plan for a joint-program that could educate our youth. U can use various tools, such as education through F.M Radio. it need not be long programs but small ones with catchy slogans, or add campaigns. SMS, and small video campaigns through MMS. Religious leaders can also influence our youngsters in many ways.

  • cyril mathias, udupi

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Hope the article reaches the real,unsuspecting young girls and boys who innocently sometimes are caught unawares. Specially the dare-devil youngsters must be vigilant about the hidden cameras in malls and tailer shops where they try their dresses.Beware of some doctors too,specially in rural areas. Daiji world has done well in awakening the readers.

  • remy, kundapura/hong kong

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    great work mr.walter,thanks for such news.please publish this article in news papers.

  • Sunitha Dsouza, Dubai / udupi

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    very well written article with real facts and no masala. Hats off to you sir. In the past also you have proved that you are one of the most effective media for coastal people worldwide with issues like Mangalore airport, air india express open letter, road problems and specially charity articles. This article is too good. Thanks daijiworld

  • M Bilal, Riyadh

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Walter has rightly pointed out the evil things being circulated using the modern technologies. How can we put an end to this. This I believe is the big question of the time. Unless and until we make our teenagers response and accountable citizens, this cannot be achieved. Moreover changing the heart is not an easy task. At lease we should owe the responsibility and initiate the change by joining hands together. Every head of the family should make an review whats going on inside the family and try to find out if there is any change in the his/her family members behavior and attitude. By consulting the problem and reviewing the attitudes of course we can change the world. Good work Daijiworld

  • Shreya Crasto, Mangalore / Kuwait

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    I always admire daijiworld and walter nandalike for thought-provoking articles, bringing social awareness reading. My admiration has increased more than 100 folds now after reading this revolutionary article. This article was need of the hour. Good Luck Walter

  • Shafi, Halady

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Fantastic article Mr. Walter. Its matter of fact, young genaration should aware of it.

  • TaSvEeR, MaNgAlOrE/CaNaDa

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Keep it up Daijiworld... Really excellent work!

  • Walter Vincent Dsouza, Moodbidri, Doha, Qatar

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Kudos to Mr.Walter for publishing a very well written and a thought provoking article. The menance of sex clips via mobiles and other photgraphic means is spreading amongst our youth and as such eroding the family values we all have cherished in our society. We must install Help lines where the victims can safely contact Police or social groups so that the perpetrators can be caught and brought to book. Also this issue must be highlighted in educational institutes so that our youth do not blindly get trapped into something that they will regret and take extreme steps. All of us have to wake up to this reality and support whoever wants to take good & concrete action to contain this problem. Thanks Daiji & Mr Walter for this article.

  • George, Mangalore

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Wat is there in this artical is absolutely perfect and true. i studied in most prestigeos college of mangalore. in my 1st year itself i''ve seen three boys having sex in a Armada jeep at college election time(a day before election) i have seen more than dozen videos in 3 years (i.e degree time) there were my Juniors (i was in 2nd yr degree) they took three girls a famous pub in yekkur and she completely blown and used by 9 boys same class, but she''s well settled now married with a Doctor in Bangalore.

    A cyber in Valencia shoot more then dozen of girls watching Blu films provided by same cyber owner and black mail them and used all of them, now the cyber is closed and the owner is now taxi driver (God punishes) A puc girl used by some prestigeos businessmen sons, first she had a boy friend they broke up and he spreaded her naked video just to punish her. there are two girls parents are in Abroad they stay in Apartment and parents provided them Ford icon car, i dont wanna say wat happend with them but still they enjoy with lot of guys and you can see them in a recent opened pub in balmatta.

    Also before pub attack i''ve taken a video that girls arround 14 t0 16 years used to have hukka with GANJA in same pub, but after pub attack i never seen. Also pub people owner support these activities a pub now its closed they had a corner place arranged for such activities. there are few more, but i feel this is not a right place to express because people just read and sit instead of taking ateps against this.

    Even dance classes in mangalore also take lead role in such activities i know a person who''s having 100''s of videos his own with dancing girls who come for dance classes few of them are on the terrace of the dance class. he''s just 26 now, you just imagine..!!

    Hope now people will undestand why this article is come in Daiji. if there is single person who says this article is wrong i''ll prove them along with videos.

    Daiji Keep it up. Please do show some of the pub photos so parents will understand about their children also carefull about young dance teachers. parents pls accompany your daughters while they go to Mangalore Malls lot of things happen there also many videos realesed from malls. once up on a time Mangalore was Safe everything But now its worst for everything Ezceprt CONCRETE ROADS...!!

    And about the blackmail there are not one or two girls there are more than thousand girls who are naked front of camara.. i feel this happens because of goonda giri in mangalore.. before anything goes to Police station it goes to Goondas... Also there are lots of drug addicts few girls(15, 18 years ) also.. ..

  • Norman, Kuwait

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Very well researched article, every parents should keep an eye on thier children. Regarding the oral conraceptives advertisement, they repeat it every now and than. Many a times we have to change our channels when this particular advertisement appears, when our children are around us. Keep up the good work Dajiworld Team

  • prakash, mangalore/dubai

    Tue, Sep 01 2009




  • A.R.Ibrahim, Jeddah

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Major responsibility of guiding and advising about the ill effects of advanced technology rests on parents. If all parents do their very very important job of upbringing their children adequately kids tend to follow the advise of their parents and teachers. This article is eye opener to all those parents who are sleeping and meeting all the demands of their kids. SMS, emails internet facilities are abused not only by kids but elders as well. Hope Mr Walters'' efforts will not go in vain and those responsible will assume their responsibilities and try their best to save their kids and protect them till they reach decision making stage.

  • leena pinto, ireland nejar udupi

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    first of all my greatest gratitude to walty n daiji for timely and most usefull article. i did my little contribution by publishing in facebook to read this article by all facebook users. hope all will gain by reading it and gaining insight of the grave situation. hope this article will publish in all major n local news bulletin. thank you daiji and walty.

  • Naveen, Riyadh

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Very good Article.... Thanks daiji for publishing such a good article.

  • Melroy, Dubai

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Well Written and timely alarming article well done Sir Walter. For quick awareness Socially:

    1 Parents should speak to their Children informing them what is going on in the society and what are the consequnces may arise.

    2.Every Schools in appropriate classes with the grown up Students teachers should give a brief, saying that it could be you.

    3.All religious places should deliver this messages it will be very effective for Sure.

    Action from Administration:

    1.Ploice can help the society immensely by providing a toll free number and hiding the identity as some one said.

    2.Public and Media should support Police and work as one.

    3.This article should be published in possible medias This is an evil and should be cleansed.

  • Sunil Pinto, Managalore/Abu Dhabi

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Very good article walter. Earlier when I had read these types of news, I was not much bothered about it, ignoring it, by thinking that it was ill-effect of science and technology and limited to cosmo/metro cities only.

    Now walty, it is shocking to know that the robbers are in our place and robbing everything. I think Mangalore is engaging itself with Cosmopo/metro city culture.

  • John Crasta, hemmady/manipal

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Very good Article, Parents and teachers need to step up to aviod mis use of cell phones and internet.

  • peter pinto, nejar udupi

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    very good article walter. it is not too late for people to understand . hope this article will publish in all leading news papers in mangalore as well as india. all colleges must make it mandatory subject to make students to understand the grave problems of the situation and prevention of such act. hope this article opens the eyes of students as well as parents.prevention is better than cure. to guide the future generation it is very important. it should start at home first by parents. schools n colleges can conduct meetings with parents how to teach thier children not to become victims of such act. hats of to daiji and walter for eye opener article.hope all will benifit with this timely article.

  • Sanjana Pai, Mangalore

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Great article indeed.Youngsters should beware this kind of things.

  • danish, bnagalore

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    good article

  • Joseph Fernandes, Mangalore / Qatar

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Excellent article by editor-in-chief Walter Nandalike.This is what is happening now a days around us.It is really an eye opener to all youngsters.

  • Mohammed Althaf, Mangalore,Al Khobar

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Wonderful Article


    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Well done Mr.Walter..The issue has been sketched in a realistic manner...Hope it will serve the purpose..What i feel is mainly people of rural, semi urban areas are the victims of this evil.. This awareness should reach all the people ...

  • Ramesh N T, Dubai

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Yes, its a need of the hour. I request Daiji please take steps to publish this article in leading news papers,other local media and circlulate to all colleges in the district. It will be a great contribution towards civilized living.

  • R.T.Shetty, Kundapur/Doha

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Dear Walter, One of the best artcile in recent times with social concern. Most of the time it is ignorance of victims make them fall prey to this vicious circle of events. I is trap, Best we can do is spread awareness among our kids. Goodwork again by your team

  • Fahad, Mangalore

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Good article...society should aware of these kind of activity..


    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    I fully agree your points Walter saab, your points must be discussed by everybody. Good...keep it up.HENRY MISQUITH, BAHRAIN

  • Sarah Izzeldin, UAE

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    A sad thing destroying the young generation. Technology as it advances calls for destruction and disaster. So many to be blamed for all this things happening. Technology, media, communication, modernization, westernization and carelessness of parents. Children need basics until they start fending for themselves. People think providing their children with every modern gadges is a status symbol for them. But little do the know that they are the cause of their children''s downfall.

    As children we were never encouraged with such things and that''s why we find ourselves different in society. Even movies we were restricted as it would influence our minds and hinder our education. Let''s look back at those old couples who still live in harmony. In the earlier times young boys and girls were married off at a very early age. Modernization opposed this, but our people of the past may not have had all this kind of education and exposure.

    But sure enough they were wise people. They had a reason to what they did. I believe in the early days people had their brain in their head, but these days people have a head but with nothing in it, for if there was really something in there, people would reason out every situation, think wisely and live a life worthy of the cause God has sent us here on earth. So very true, the adds on contraceptive pills and condoms are really disgusting. As young people we did not need all this. Parents please please wake up, your children need proper guidance from you, not the luxury you can provide them with.

  • Nancy Martis, Belman

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    If GOD would have not told Eve that "You don''t eat fruit (!) of that tree" then Adam and Eve would''nt have committed "Mahapathak". We all are same Adam-Eve''s children. What is told us not to do, we try to do or taste very first. Earlier children not allowed to go out of the house after 6 p.m. Even my time (1990''s). Education was so simple that, school teachers were taking 120% interest to teach the students in school itself afetr 4.30 to 5.30 or saturdays afternoon, which now a days not at all can be seen which in turn forcing childern to join Coaching classes.

     Even Education also changed accoriding to the change in Technology. Our time there was nothing like project which is distributed in groups and to bring. Now my 7th Standard daughter has to do a lot of search for those project, may be it science or english or Hindi. While searching on the internet, numerous advertisments flashes on the screen. So definitely childern will show interest to see that. So it is better to be with child that time to avoid all that unnecessary problems. In my case I myself give her all that she ask from the internet. (I dont know till when) Also we blame western culture!! Which westerm country asks us to follow their ways?? We only no copying them??? See now in Bombay like Liberty Statue, Shivaji''s Statue will be built in Arabian Sea. Why we point out western culture only for some reasons when we blindly follow them in all cases.

    Ofcourse we won''t follow in rules and cleanliness. If one day a good person impose heavy fine for not keeping clean the city and following rules, he may be seen somehwre dead next day. When I and you dont change ourselves, we cant change our children, nor our surroundings, not city or state and ultimately Country. ALl parents should have will power in what to give children and what not to? We can''t blame society, media, internet only for all these happenings. It is parent to be blammed. When we give instructions to our childern, we also must not forget to pray to God to protect us from Evil. If we give all pleasure to our children and ask God to protect, then He also can''t do anything. So My dear Parents, give your children only that which is necessary. In our days we have been away in school tour for 5 to 8 days. That time mobiles were not there.

    But now, for one day picnic also parents are giving mobiles to their children. May be to show that they care most or to show that they are rich. Is it the parent who is not giving mobile, not caring their child? If I go on writing, it is endless. I have written some my personal experience too. Hope people have time to read and like this. After all everyones opinion differs.


    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Really excellent article,  God bless you dear walter.

  • Agnel, Thottam

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Excellent & timely article!! Not only in cellphones, in recent times the spy cam comes in Pen just for Rs.500/- and is advertised in newspapers. Do you think anybody can make out that a Pen is recording their moves? One of the best way to help these youngsters is by organizing Seminars at college level that too separately for boyz and girls so that there wouldn’t be any embarrassment for any. Some well known psychiatric counselors, who are effective speakers, should be asked to speak about this subject and explain how they could be the prey, how they can avoid, in case they suspect anybody, whom they have to approach secretly without giving their identity etc. Some audio visual power point presentations can be prepared and circulated among the students for awareness.

    Here again, I feel student wings of political parties like INTUC, ABVP, SFI and also religious youth wings like ICYM can create awareness among themselves and help their fellow incase they fall prey. Also whoever is found guilty should be punished ruthlessly & made public his identity vide media so that no other person dares to do this type of crime again. Jesus had said to forgive the ones who had punished him, as they didn’t know what they were doing. But these persons well know what they are doing, they should never be forgiven.

  • Jawar D''Souza, M''lore/Doha

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    This is a very good article by Daiji world Keep up the good work. I would like to say that all have to play a equal role in this situation.The teacher''s role is very important it should start from the young age itself to be taught the right things as per the child''s age. secondly the religous classes where in chatolic''s the catechism classes right knowledge as per the child''s age.Programes on T.V''s etc.The frist thing is why the child be given a mobile with camera, Phones are there only to communicate not to shoot movies.

  • Sunil Farias, Brisbane

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Many people have replied with many comments but what the writer has asked for, I think only few have addressed. There is a advise in the Bible, Spare the rod and spoil the child or Spoil the rod and save the child. Freedom is very important for a human being but when its exploited this is what happens. What we see in west is nothing but the exploitation of excessive freedom which is given in every aspects of Life. Its the parents responsibility to know what is good for their children at what age. Teach your children the importance of abstaining from sex before marriage.

    Teach them that the best gift that they can give their spouse on the day of their wedding is their Virginity. Today the media, which is run by Lucifer and its angels say, that Virginity is not a dignity but lack of opportunity. No religion allows sex before marriage but I see only some majority of muslim brothers and sisters have kept some values and majority of rest have just compromised without the fear of God, by allowing their children to dress in a seductive way and bla bla(I am not doing prejudice here, as I am a believer in Christ).To eradicate a weed we have to go to the roots,simply mowing the lawn brings back the weed after certain time. We go to places of worship & we have made the places of worship as a point of hook ups, there is no fear of God left. 99% of the nation believes in God and take pride in it, where are the ethical & moral values? It will be more tolerable on the day of judgment for the west who don''t fear God than we who boast as religious and haven''t taken any strict measures for the purity of the society. Parents should understand by giving these kind of stuff,they are just digging their children graves and than its the responsibility of the school to make strict rules for their students by keeping these gadgets away from its premises.

    Ask the government to take some disciplinary measures to stop these kind of issues. I don''t mind being a evangelical Christian voting for BJP, if it can promise strict rules with age bar along with freedom of religion. God Bless India God Enlighten our Elders

  • Roshan D Souza, Qatar / Mangalore

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Very good article....

  • Antony Crasta, Mangalore/Sydney Australia

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Sadly, the situation like `captured sex` as vividly described by Walter Nandalike, the Editor-in-Chief, Daijiworld, was sure to catch up with the Indian society and specially with the youth, sooner or later, thanks to the rapid globalisation, multiple channels of TV and media and their uncensorsed publicity, computer, internet, mobile phones and digital photo networking, etc.

    The relaxed and easy going attitude of the parents, teachers and mentors also have contributed to some extent to this problem. All the same, Mr.Walter Nandalike, you have broached in on a very important social topic for discussion and debate, which is very dear to the heart of all parents, specially in the context of Indian culture, and while it is a very difficult issue to discuss and find solution, it is very important that it has to be addressed to very quickly in the best manner possible.

  • Jerry Moras, Kuppepadavu, Mangalore

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Captured sex, drug blackmail is outcome or result. Rootcause is society and parenting. Before we blame kids, need to look ourselves and find cause for the outcome. Cause is parenting. As a parent, do I sit with children and spend little time ? Do we visit library or involve ourselves in social and community activity ? We need to set example. We are busy in drinks, communal violence, fights and busy in 101 unwanted issues of our fellow-men.

    Let me share my strategy : I don''t have cable (not that I can''t afford) for my kids instead, they have weekly 40 books from public library. Besides active role in school project work, guide them what is good and what is not desired from them. If right direction is not followed then, deny the benefits. As a parent we don''t have to struggle and create wealth for them to enjoy but do your parental duty. Kids when they reach 14-16 years need to earn thier own money, then they would realizse how each and every Rs. or $ is worth.

    Secondly delegate jobs.Give them responsibilities such as watering the plants (gardening), cleaning of the house so on...and helping parents in whaterever way. Now the question is watch out for your kids freinds and thier behaviour. Avoid such people and thier families to influence on your kids. Or do you want to join drinking with them ? How is that sounds like ? Kids behaviour is outcome of ourselves. Also, very hardly few families pray togather.

    A family prays togather stays together. All evil thoughts, acts and deeds will stays away from them. There is lot of potencial with youths but not chanelled to right direction by teachers and parents. Some of the issues may be teacher''s incompetentcy and educational content that affects kids upbrining. It is forced on by society. Hence, there is no point in discussing outcome but it''s better for us to find out what caused that outcome.

  • Antony D''Cunha, Permude/Muscat

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Thanks Daijiworld for your honest efforts in taking up the contemporary issue with a view to create awareness about this social evil called “Captured Sex” among the tech savvy young minds and related threats. Technology is good if it is used for the welfare of the society but technology abuse such as the one cited above is detrimental to our society and must be condemned/curbed with appropriate steps by all the concerned with exercising moral responsibilities towards the society by all the individuals so that the miscreants won’t dare to indulge in such an act.

  • John Pinto, chickmagalur/ Qatar

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Dear Mr Walter, We appreciate your article and this is exactly what can happen with the use of modern technology . we have to make aware our children, the techniques used by the culpricts.Face Book also can have the same consiquences. In simple I can say watch your children and do not neglect them with our busy work.


    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Right article at right time.... But this article may reach only urban parents....and they already know about it....parents from rural area need to know this serious issue ...

  • Mahesh, Mangalore/ Mumbai

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Now this is what good Journalism is all about. A well written article that does not sensationalize but sensitizes. Keep up the good work you are doing a good service to society

  • Sudhir, Bengaluru

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    No doubt parents,teachers should play a important role in Overcoming such a menace.But still i hope the younger generation should play a bigger role in this.Best solution for such a problem is only awareness among the youngsters. Should educate or make them aware about such incidence will definately bring down such a crimes.and to tackle such incidence youngsters should step forward to prevent them in colleges,hostels,Hotel etc because whatever happens in the city among the youngsters it will circulate first then to the next...

    Let us know if any help is required to spread the awareness among the youngsters... we should start it from colleges via posters,banners,or with some gatherings ..... we are there to help our fellow mangaloreans...

  • Sunil DSouza, Mangalore / Qatar

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Dear Walty very good message to the youngsters and warning to all the parents. Good one.

  • Anil Pinto, Puttur/sharjah

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    good article by Mr.Walty,,keep it up ...good luck & god bless u

  • Anees, Mangalore/Jubail, KSA

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    Thank you Daijiworld for bringing such social evils into light. No doubt Daijiworld is contributing the real essence of media to the society. In this modern era, every parents should keep eye on their children wherever they go and whatever they do.

    For me in this situation, education is less important than the life and life after the incident. If the parent happen to notice any kind of diversion of their children they must action to it by tough way in order to prevent their children from being Prey to such menace.


    Tue, Sep 01 2009


  • Ms.Dsouza, Mangalore

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    A simple way of preventing the above is by educating the children and students.Teachers along with parents need to be very open with this issue.There is no use keeping "SEX" as a taboo when the fact is everyone knows what it is all about.Instead of the younger generation gaining wrong knowledge from the wrong sources it is better they know the right stuff. Instead I say the schools should keep one hour every week without fail for "PREVENTION EDUCATION". Tell them what will happen, when they should be alert, which diseases are spread like the STD''s, tell them with the example of videos and all. A little bit of fear needs to be instilled, or else just wait for the worse.


    Mon, Aug 31 2009

    Very good article Mr.Walty uncle. Keep up your good works. May GOD bless you

  • Bharath shetty, Kateel-USA

    Mon, Aug 31 2009

    Excellent thought provoking article Walter. Appreciate it. Nowadays youngsters as well as parents started loosing out to the glamour world. Many of these are happening due to the low self esteem. I feel we should tackle these issues in 3-ways.

    1)Good Parenting: Nowadays many parents think having hi-fi electronic gadgets, blindly following western style is the sign of progress. It shows parents are low in confidence of their own identity. I feel many times parents need to be counseled properly so that they can impart rights thoughts on the minds of their kids

    2)Good education: Many times in school, we get only qualification. But no education. None of the school seriously teach about respecting, self dignity, culture and nationalism. Schools should adopt to the changing dynamics and focus on practical education, so that students can make right choices and move in right direction. Need of the hour is to teach Social morality.

    3)Through religious beliefs: In India most people believe in God, go to temples, churches and mosques. The religious leaders have the responsibilities to recognize the changes of the surroundings and accordingly educate the masses about the rights and wrongs...

    I feel everyone should wake up before it becomes too late...

  • Ida pinto, Mangalore/Bangalore

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    HI walty, Very good article. Parents keep eye on their children. thank you walty,God bless you.


    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    At last in right time... This issue has to be seriously discussed in the media since it becomes comfortable & easier to discuss with our children because parents play a primary role in protecting thier wards from this menace. So let us all stand together to fight against this crime & put pressure on the authority to curb the culprits. Thanks walter

  • irene d''souza, mangalore/usa

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    This is a very good article to be published by daijiworld. It is true that in India parents donot speak to their children about this subject for reasons we all know and trust their children like good old days but with times changing, globalisation,advent of cell phone convenience and internet facilities brought about good things and worst nightmares like the ones that this article highlights. This is a wake up call to parents & teachers....

    Discipline is good but tough thing to enforce but wel lworth it. It is a big change for parents to talk these things with little children but it is necessary and will save their lives and also from contacting deadly diseases that the kids are ignorant about like HIV.. In usa the diocese mandates are to involve some of this information in the CCD classes/sunday school in the middle school, to let kids be aware of their growing self and how to respect themselves and take care, and avoid bad company and bad harmful habits,they learn respect for life and value it , know what is GOD''S plan.

    Everything is good if used for its right pur[ose otherwise it can be a tool for disasterlike cell phones, internet etc.Even if parents do not tell children they come to know from their frinds at school and from others so it is better for the kids to hear it from their parents right information early on rather than wait or not speak about it and regret later when things go wrong. Be honest when you talk to kids, answer their questions honestly, donot make jokes about it.

    If they come to you asking to clarify what they heard from others give them the hobnest and truthful answer according their maturity level. give information ONLY WHAT THEY NEED TO KNOW ACCORDING TO THEIR AGE LEVEL. It is better to hear the same being reinforced during catechism classes too whom kids trust. Keep it simple,just the facts , answer to the point.

  • Jack, Mangalore

    Tue, Sep 01 2009

    I agree with Bulsam''s comment above. We need to all send a written letter to SP to setup a confidential hot line to file case against harrasment blackmails etc. That would put some end to wild fire.

  • S.M. Nawaz Kukkikatte, udupi

    Mon, Aug 31 2009

    Good article dear walter, cell camera means not freedom for everything.

  • ravindra, mangalore

    Mon, Aug 31 2009

    Banning mobiles in colleges/campus and monitoring of usage of mobile by parent will go a long way in curtailing this menace.

  • Antony T. D'' Souza, Karkala / Qatar

    Mon, Aug 31 2009

    Along with parents, teachers,guardians,general public, citizens..Yes, CHURCHES, TEMPLES, MOSQUES too can play a better role to fill the young minds with Divine and God fearing thoughts against any form of adolescent''s abnormal-sex capturing-mania moments. However, this article sure to win over all the party concerned to create social awarness among the masses specially in our own districts. Thank you Mr. Nandalike for your sociological guidance.

  • Eric Coelho, Mangalore/Ajman

    Mon, Aug 31 2009

    I have read about "MMS" issue earlier through Media and Newspapers. It is nothing new. It is true the Girls are most exploited. But there are many people who are still living in that Nut shell saying that my Child is God Fearing, REserved, Well Mannered and nothing will happen to them. In short they are innocent humans and they do not know what is happening in the outside world. They are the easy Target to exploit. I have two daughters and advise them that it is very essential to know what Good and Bad is happening outside the Four Walls of our House. Still there is no guarantee that they will remain within Track. But still it gives me a sense of satisfaction that I have apprised them. It is time that the parents change their style of living by communicating more with the kids and bring to their knowledge the good and bad things in life. Being Too Reserved and Too strict with kids can make things worse. Shaping up Children''s life is the duty of parents which is not happening as both of them work today to meet both ends. Parenting is a tougher job than office work and it requires patience, confidence, understanding, love, emotions etc.

  • Raj, Mangalore/ Dubai

    Mon, Aug 31 2009

    Excellent article Mr. Walter. Your article is inspiring and hope will motivate all the readers. I agree this is difficult, but not impossible & everybody should play a vital role from destroying the lives of youngsters. The problem is today in a world of high speed technology, nobody is bothered about the society, infact do not spare time to think about that. Media can definately play a important role for such awareness/to keep each one of us reminded & relaise the importance of humanity not only in terms of sex related crimes, but also with a vision of better tomorrow. Thanks to Daijiworld for taking an initiative in studying & providing awareness about ''Captured Sex''.

  • Bulsam, mangalore

    Mon, Aug 31 2009

    There should be a confidential Toll Free Landline & e-mail facilities in every District Police Head Quarters headed by SP & his senior officials to handle Teen-Sexual harassment cases. Such case should be treated confidentially without revealing the victims identity so that the culprits are punished and the life of a vulnerable youth is not destroyed by such pervert people.

  • nithyananda shetty, United Nations, Mangalore / Freetown

    Mon, Aug 31 2009

    Dear Mr Walter, Appreciate for writing a meaningful article. No doubt every word you mentioned is true. Its high time to bring a stop to these kind of acts. People should suggest the possible means for discouraging these kind of acts. As the proverb says "Charity starts at home " so do this. Parents should check their childrens phones surprisingly. Even Police should be allowed to do random checks. Its very easy to get in to the originator of these kind of clips if you are determined. Just follow the link and you will get there. But is the society ready for that. Whatever , we mangaloreans just pray and wait for the god to do the rest. Thats the sad part.

  • Akash Salian, Mangalore/Dubai

    Mon, Aug 31 2009

    Well researched article...said in realistic manner...I agree with you views expressed in this articleWe appreciate and support public out cry against these menace which is determental for the studies and very future of the newer generation.Thanks Daijiword Editor-in-chief Mr.Walter Nandalike.

  • Vijay, Bangalore

    Mon, Aug 31 2009

    Its an eye opener, Walty. Thanks.

  • Lydia Lobo, Kadri

    Mon, Aug 31 2009

    A very noble motive indeed. I wish success to Daijiworld and would do all in my capacity to cooperate but being my child yet a primary school student, I can only be warned and be prepared for the days to come. Thank you very much for coming up with an issue that would protect our own future generation.

  • vinod wilfred tauro, MADANTHYAR,DUBAI

    Mon, Aug 31 2009

    Dear Daiji Many thanks for your good message to Daiji readers, it ia great social concern and opening our eyes. Yes, being educational center like Mangalore is vulnerable. Authorities and NGO has to take quick action to stop this menace. It is a right time to awake and educate teenagers and all the people.

  • vinay dsouza, Mangalore

    Mon, Aug 31 2009

    Well researched article...said in realistic manner...I agree with you views expressed in this article...i feel a basic mobile phones should be given to teenager nad not with high end mobile phones...parents should keep eye on children without distrubing their freedom and guide them.. Thanks Walter


    Mon, Aug 31 2009

    A bold & Timely ''exposure'' by the Editor in Chief Walter. We appreciate and support public out cry against these menace which is determental for the studies and very future of the newer generation. In this era of ''I Pill''''Cell Camera'' & MMS this epidemic must be treated with vaccines load of corrective measures by Adminisrators, College authorities, Police, Press & Community Forums joining hands together. Cleanse the mind of our younger generation NOW.

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