Mangaluru: Promised lucrative jobs by agency, youths end up shepherds in Gulf, plead for help

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Mangaluru, May 15: Puneeth from Ganjimutt here and Damodar from Mulky were happy when they bagged employment as car painters in the Gulf region with a salary of 1800 rials per month (Rs 28,000) some months back. They yearned to support their families and dreamt of a rosy future. Within five months their dreams have crumbled as they have been made to work as shepherds without salary. So far, only their food requirement has been taken care of, it is learnt. The employer has seized their passports and there is no way they can come back.

'V Care Solutions' agency at Hampankatta which secured the above employment for the duo has not been responding to frantic calls made by the cheated youngsters. Chetan Srikanth of the agency, it is said, has been ignoring the plea of the youngsters to help them out. He reportedly accused the two harassed men of telling lies and claimed that as per his information, both of them have been employed in the jobs for which they were sent.

As soon as they reached Saudi Arabia in December 2016, their employer reportedly took them to a desert and entrusted them with a sheep farm. Their passports and other papers were taken away. The employer asked his assistants to guide the two men how to work as shepherds. Then they realized that the employment agency knew well in advance for what work they were being sent there.

The two now yearn to go back home but are helpless as they do not have their passports with them, nor is their employer interested in letting them go back. They get only food, it is learnt, and access to medicines has been denied. They are paid only for their food, nothing else.

The agency in the city had given them guarantee that they would be working as car painters at Al Abdili. Both of them have contacted Indian consulate there for help. The officials, it is said, have not evinced enough interest in providing much needed relief to them.

These youths have not yet informed their families about their plight for the fear of breaking their hearts. They are trapped in the Gulf, but their families believe that both Damodar and Puneeth are earning handsomely. Puneeth told daijiworld, "We are in serious trouble. We were cheated by the agency. They charged us Rs 75,000 to secure visa. They said we were being hired as painters but we were given the work of looking after the sheep. The complaint of non-payment of salary made to Indian consulate has not got the level of response we expected. Now we want to go back to our homes. We are unable to travel as our passports are with the employer who is not prepared to issue final exit to us."

The Indian Embassy had last month said that it would take up the matter with the Saudi authorities concerned and redress their grievance, but the youths say there has been no progress so far.

Both the young men are in real trouble. They are hopeful that some samaritan will come to their rescue and release them from the bond.


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    Tue, May 16 2017

    These agencies are licensed by a corrupt Ministry of Labour, New Delhi.

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  • Rita, Germany

    Tue, May 16 2017

    sad to hear that these guys are duped.Previously any job in gulf was a good .Now many so called agents have arised and mint money from people.Mostly uneducated people fall prey to them are ready to give any amount of money ,thinking they can later earn it within short period.Many give tips now ,but it may help only in one come forward and take them by hand.Indian embassy can help if they give some thought how people are suffering.Philippean embassy gives rescue to their citizens till they clear the case.Why not indian?Did these guys kept any copy of their agreement or any copies of their pass at home?when ja,could help.Wish you best young man.Be God with you.

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  • Indian, Mangalore

    Mon, May 15 2017

    Cow lovers should apply for shepherds job and find peace.

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  • Aubb, Kuwait

    Mon, May 15 2017

    @ Indian,

    Very true.

    BD, BJP, Sene, bla bla bla will have first preference, given their track record in Coastal region and entire country (BJP ruled states)!!

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  • Allen Pereira, Mangaluru

    Mon, May 15 2017

    Well wishers of those who feel cheated by the recruitment Agency in Mangaluru please assist the members of family to file a written complaint on behalf of the overseas persons with the Police Commissioner Mangaluru along with required details; Send a petition to Ms Sushma Swara Minister for External Affairs Govt of India j with details for her intervention- she has been quite responsive in many such cases.
    There is a need for a Citizen's Forum with guidance from a competent and service minded Advocate to intervene and take up legal action against unethical agencies and also to give wide publicity to agencies that are not following the Govt of India Ministry of Labour & Employment guidelines
    Churches, Temples, Mosques & places of worship should join a campaign to educate the memvbers of their respective communities, periodically, about the proper and legally recognised process of securing employment overseas

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  • Evans Christopher Sumitra, Udupi/ New York, USA.

    Mon, May 15 2017

    Newer ever sigh a contract without properly going through it and if you illiterate get some help from some educated literate person. Now both of you guys are in big trouble. Only God can help you. Our external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj has solved and helped many Indian workers but the case should be clear. Just wait and watch and we pray you will come out of the country safe and sound.

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  • Sathish shetty, Mangalore

    Mon, May 15 2017

    The whole contract papers written in Arabic. Govt should make mandate to agency to give the Translated copy in Indian language and the copy to be submitted during immigration clearance. If any deviation found make agency is fully responsible.

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  • Joseph, Mangalore

    Mon, May 15 2017

    All Fake Agency Recruiters, Consultancy must be banned, Immediately !!

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  • Ronald D, Udupi

    Mon, May 15 2017

    Job in gulf and earning money is not an easy and careless like Gow Rakshak and Moral police jobs! Soon there will be only such activists left.... rest will learn to earn money hard way! Without people to target these rakshak and moral police will go high and dry unless they keep getting part of syphoned government money!! There are vigilantes everywhere, accountability and computerization may make the flow bit difficult! Best is to get educated and learn to read situation , get skilled in some profession and avoid temptations of getting into the profession of culture masters and direct reps of Gods party playing religion cards!! There is no short cut to hard work and dedication. At the moment India is far better place for hardworking professionals who has not ventured into Gulf in the past! There may be exceptions but not too many!

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    Mon, May 15 2017



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  • Victor Vaz, UDUPI

    Mon, May 15 2017

    ... and Cows

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  • stan, mangalore

    Mon, May 15 2017

    do u think life in Gulf is secure???

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  • Latif mapal, Jeddah KSA

    Mon, May 15 2017

    now days everyone knows what gulf works and not trust any agency why the youth believe agency? without show the agreement any friends ? and go back is not easy from KSA people can say smoothly but not easy....

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  • shamon, Calicut

    Mon, May 15 2017

    The Agency should be booked for this and all the losses of these 2 unfortunate persons should be collected from this cheater agency. Govt should ban such Agencies and heavy penalty should be levied in case of any cheating with the innocent people who go abroad under the assurance of good + income. |Shame on such Agencies for misguiding innocents and making illegal money.

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  • Nawaz, Udupi/ Kuwait

    Mon, May 15 2017

    If they were to be Philippines national, they would have been already in their home country. Philippines Embassy is so caring towards their citizens.

    According to our PM, every citizen of our country is a VIP. Now show similar response which you would have shown if these Indian Citizens were VIP. We are sad that our politicians don't speak when there is a dire need of it.

    Leaving our country for job is already a sacrifice. And finding nobody for help from our people or government in difficult times will break your heart and disappoint you like anything.

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  • JOHN, mangalore/kuwait

    Mon, May 15 2017

    dear guys so far there was winter and summer is on the way. god only knows how you will bear the heat there in open place. i heard in india only for labour they pay Rs 700 as daily wages. why we need gulf?

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  • hassan, jubail

    Mon, May 15 2017

    please give Contact number of Puneeth & Damodar we will try to contact or inform to contact
    Indian social form

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  • Dilip, Mangalore

    Mon, May 15 2017

    Dear Hassan sir,

    It's really nice to see someone who is in a situation to help actually come forward with the same intention.

    Hope you succeed and these two youth either find a better job or at least be able to return to their hometown.

    God bless you.

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  • ahmed hussian, uchil

    Tue, May 16 2017

    being a human your duty is helping this is called as jihad go friend help them what ever if need any help we will ready to do, may ALLAH helps you

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  • Izabel, Mangaluru

    Mon, May 15 2017

    Harassment of Asians and people from other poor and developing countries has been going on in the Gulf countries at least for the last fifty years. The Indian embassies are doing too little for Indians in those countries.

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  • Nawaz, Udupi/ Kuwait

    Mon, May 15 2017

    @ Izabel,
    You are absolutely right. Very little is done from these GCC countries and Indian government/ consulate to protect human rights of people working in these Gulf countries.
    But have you noticed that in GCC countries these kafeels harass their employees and there is a big cry for that in social media and there is no such cry when in the developed countries like USA and Australia Indians are Killed just foor being Indians.
    Am I wrong in my assessment?

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  • maria, mangalore

    Mon, May 15 2017

    Good rich business people please help these young boys, god will bless you forever, very sad to hear about them, really crying story

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    Mon, May 15 2017



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  • Peter, Bangalore

    Mon, May 15 2017

    For passport you can tag to Sushma Swaraj's official twitter account but for job dont tag to Modi account.

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  • kiran raj, mangalore

    Mon, May 15 2017

    Dear People,
    Gulf is a trap. Don't just conclude seeing your neighbors who come down for one month vacation. They spend vacation in a lavish way but the situation in gulf is different. Most of them spend entire yearly earing for one month vacation or take advance loan from friends and return it once they come back. It takes months to repay the amount. Same cycle keep repeating. Even the families staying here are most of them staying in sharing accommodation, spend most of the saving on children education. You just see their colorful cloths, smell of perfumes, but life is different is gulf where you work like a slave either manager or labor.

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  • Nawaz, kukkikatta

    Mon, May 15 2017

    Dear Sir,

    Great words......

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  • Vishu M, Moodbidri

    Mon, May 15 2017

    Mr. Kiran Raj,

    Well said, but many people will not understand this.

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  • Ram, Mangalore City

    Mon, May 15 2017

    How much loan you have taken bluff master!!
    Gulf has provided jobs and many families benefit from this since 1960.

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  • G M Hegde, Udupi

    Mon, May 15 2017

    he he he he he... the right picture..we wont agree to do the jobs that we do there back here just like one of my Australian friend who used to come down with new girlfriend everytime to India and eat kori rotti in our house until i found out he used to babysit there. Getting a good job in UAE is fortune but sadly our own people in good positions there are not willing to help people back here.

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  • H Kunder, Mangalore

    Tue, May 16 2017

    Mr Kiran Raj you are absolutely correct. I have come across people who got themselves arrested by the UAE police so that they are deported back to India as there is no other way to come out of the clutches of the arab employers.
    People who come from UAE or other foreign countries to spend vacation in India look very very happy as they cannot find the same happiness from a foreign country. Gulf jobs are actually a trap only a few are fortunate enough to get the right job.
    We hear many stories about people being cheated in foreign countries but still people in India desire for gulf jobs with a hope of prosperity to overcome all their economical problems. Very sad.

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  • Sachidanand Shetty, Mundkur/Dubai

    Mon, May 15 2017

    Very simple solution.... Go to 'V Care Solutions' and tell them now "We Care for you" until these two youths comes back with their full due

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  • Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai

    Mon, May 15 2017

    We were also promised ...

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  • Nawshar, Mangalore

    Tue, May 16 2017

    Ache Din .... LOL

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  • Mohammed, KSA/Mangalore

    Mon, May 15 2017

    Its very easy step to come back to India as KSA is running a campaign since last 2 months and few days are more until Ramadan ends. Please go to Saudi embassy they will send you back home with out pass without any charge .

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  • Ronald D, Udupi

    Mon, May 15 2017

    We are getting to read such news more than once in the recent past! Job aspirants though desperate and not so educated, should verify before payment about authenticity of job prospect!
    There is a general disappointment that Indian Embassy and consulates are not taking good interest and care of Indian helpless citizens in the Gulf! Is it because of government job attitude or it is beyond their capability or overloaded with routine job of visa and attestations that brings revenue? May be they need wake up call from Sushmaji on these hapless suppose to be car painters! Best is to contact Mangalore MP and hope he has some access to her being from same party!! MP's should be made to do some work for the needy from constituency!!
    I guess most car painters earn between 25 to 40 thousand Rupees a month with a weekly off in Mangalore itself!

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  • Alex Menezes, Karkala/Dubai

    Mon, May 15 2017

    Most of the foreign based unskilled jobs are procured through Indian Consulate drawn proper contracts and papers. These two guys did not go to Saudi through the proper means. These two were sent by the agency by a method called "Pushing" through agencies immigration contacts at the airport. If these two guys had gone through the proper process, then the situation would have been different today. The local sponsor in Saudi will not release them unless his expenses are paid off by someone. Legally these two are bound by the contract and they will have to finish their signed contract duration and then they can come back. Please make sure anyone wanting to go to gulf countries , get their papers verified by the Indian Consulate or Protector of immigration department, which will verify the contract and the employer back in the Gulf, and makes sure all in order.

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  • denzil, MANGALORE

    Mon, May 15 2017

    In mangalore there are many agencies who looting young manaloreans in the name of gulf job .

    Boda Gulf !!

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