Shivamogga: Upcoming singer Ovin Rebello's suicide - FB posts throw some light

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Shivamogga, Sep 22: In connection with the suicide committed by young, emerging singing talent, Ovin Rebello (22) at his house at Kittinagadde, Thirthahalli on Saturday September 21, some Facebook posts attributed to the deceased have emerged. They seem to be throwing a little more light on his thinking process before deciding to bid adieu to what he terms as cruel world. 

In one such post, Ovin has mentioned about the frequent advices he got from people to keep smiling. "They seem to think that smiling takes away all the hurt and pain. I have tried to hide my sorrows by covering the sorrow under the blanket of smiles. But I have learnt that when it hurts so much inside the heart, it always shows in spite of the number of masks one wears,” 

In the other post, he mentioned that this society had failed him. Through the other post, he bids good bye to the 'cruel' word, duly thanking it for teaching him a lesson.


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  • Oshin D'souza, Kundapur

    Wed, Sep 25 2019

    Even though I don't know him, it's utter shocking to hear when a person dies. People might comment regarding the extreme step taken. But no one knows what actually he was feeling. Even though people have popularity and talents, still the world doesn't consider them as a human being. Bcoz we have been gone through such a pain. It would have been much better if a single person would have talked to him and find out the solution for that, instead of giving advices. It's really easy to give advice to others. But a particular human being knows what he is going through in life. Popularity and talents are nil if people doesn't see you as an ordinary human being. I just request everyone to see a particular person in his/her point of view rather than the society's.

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  • Agnes Mayolla Aiman, shimoga

    Tue, Sep 24 2019

    Ovin was one of my good friend.... My heart felt condolences to the family.... His voice, his songs are adorable... A pain in me is loosing a good friend and a good brother.... Rip ovin...

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  • Vinod, Mangalore

    Mon, Sep 23 2019

    Just 22. Wonder what this poor soul was suffering. Very sad.
    Its unfortunate that he couldnt communicate to his close friends his state of mind.

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  • Candle Light, Mangalore / Dubai

    Sun, Sep 22 2019

    My heartfelt condolences to Ovin's family. Boy Ovin Rebello RIP. I have kids elder to you. We are all moaning today with your dear parents. What a nice picture of you. So talented, your parents will keep your memories close to their heart and will suffer and miss you life long. They raised you so well only to see this day !!!
    All of us must know that there is a better tomorrow. Be optimistic, be positive and be patient, believe in God and learn to ignore negativity and move forward. Live for your loved ones. God bless us all.

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  • NN, NN

    Sun, Sep 22 2019

    When I feel low and depressed, I think about one of the CM of Karnataka. No matter how many charges leveled or how many nasty things were said against him, he bounces back like a rubber ball. The same people who talk ill about him stand up and bow to him. He is my role model on this crazy world !

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  • Jossey Saldanha, Atlanta

    Sun, Sep 22 2019

    Infatuation is the biggest culprit at this age.
    We have all gone thru such situations & looking back we only have fond Memories.
    Rest in Peace Ovin ...

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  • Rita, Germany

    Sun, Sep 22 2019

    Un believeable.He had depression and people were telling him to smile?Most of singers think that in the beginning they want to become famous within short period.Just think of wilfy rebimbus.How long it took him to come to a stage to earn his living?He too in the beginning was frustrated .same with others too.only a few who are extreem talented get recognization.One has to wait and never give up.Sametime try to have way to earn your living by other jobs.otherwise same fate .Sad he didnt get any help.Heartfelt sympathy to his family.

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  • Kudla stories, Kudla

    Sun, Sep 22 2019

    22 is quite an early age to decide if ones life is done for or not. No one exceot the born rich have it easy. The world isn't easy. This world is filled with malice, wrong doing etc etc, but we got to move on and fight. This is exactly Darwin came up with the theory, survival of the fittest.

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  • Shalini, Mangalore

    Sun, Sep 22 2019

    Wrong is beautiful when you are with you Father, Mother .. your brother and well wishers.
    We should always give time.... time will heal everything. Finally its all about our own mind. We should know how to handle...control our mind. Rest In Peace.

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  • Rudolf Rodrigues, Mumbai

    Sun, Sep 22 2019

    Incidentally chronic depression has taken the lives of so many American comedians only is shocking!


    BTW, myself am a victim of severe depression, which I myself had to indicate to the doctors after running behind so many different specialists for varied symptoms and no help (this was 35 years ago)!! One has to suffer from depression to understand how helpless you feel!!

    Sometimes a quick joke hides a heavy heart. Sadly, there have been several notable comedian suicides that have shocked the world. Many of these comedians who killed themselves did so after suffering from depression for many years. The unexpected deaths of these notable stand ups have led to increased awareness of the seriousness of mental illness, at a terrible price.

    Who are some of the famous comedians who committed suicide? In 2014, Robin Williams committed suicide by hanging at the age of 63. The comedian had suffered from depression throughout much of his adult life. In 1977, at the age of 22, Freddie Prinze committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. He had had a history of depression, and was going through a divorce at the time of his death. Other famous comics who committed suicide include Tony Hancock, Richard Jeni, and Max Linder.

    Are you surprised that so many comic actors have committed suicide?

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  • Rudolf Rodrigues, Mumbai

    Sun, Sep 22 2019

    RIP Ovin! You should have hanged on bro as all was not over for you! Something would have worked out, but who knows how much you were hurt deep inside!!

    Yes, this world is full of hypocrites; they will give you all sorts of pep talk, but when it comes to real HELPING they why away!
    There are indeed cruel people, within the family, who by their position of power n money play all sorts of mind games, manipulate others to dominate, insult, n belittle the downtrodden ones at every opportunity which is sometimes too much to bear!
    I was talking to a suicide councillor sometime back and what she told me was stunning: She said you have come into this world alone n will leave alone so please give top priority to your own well being and then only you can help others! Let all the humiliation, harassment go like the flowing water, just don't care & move on!
    Lastly, I personally think, these sort of competitions are not meant for the soft hearted; and now so much of talent is showing up across the country that it's very very difficult to succeed unless you have that much perseverance & a godfather!!

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  • Townie, Puttur

    Mon, Sep 23 2019

    Well said bro..when pple undergoing depression n anxiety nobody stands for u..u should battle all alone..but once u give up ur life people say" ayyo ..pap... Poor guy..he should ve faced..he should have talked to therapist.. I wud have helped bla bla bla bla.. but the reality is different..

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  • Rems, Mangaluru

    Sun, Sep 22 2019


    Unfortunately this is what we mangalorean catholics are doing and forcing our kids to do. We are a photogenic society. We like to look good. We make them speak one broken foreign language believing it will give them jobs ! We dont encourage our kids to talk local languages and mix with local people. We teach them to hate our own culture and neighborhood. We give them the strange names. By this, we are forcing a mask on them and they have to live with this mask their entire life. When we dont gel with the community around us, the community also hates us. This is what is happening in DK now a days, people hate us because we pretend like westerners. The boy's messages are very much reflective of the true nature of our community. An eye opener !!

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  • Dr Urban D'Souza, Professor & Head, Faculty of Medicine Malaysia, Udyavar/Malaysia

    Sun, Sep 22 2019

    In every competition only 1 or 2 may outnumber and make their talent as profession. Only one Gavaskar, Tendulkar, Kohli may rise to the peak. Similarly in signing and stage art too only few will outnumber. Every parent while nurturing the talents of our kids, main focus should be on their education or any life skill that make them to earn their livelihood. In Konkani too only one Wilfy, one Ozario, one Henry must have outnumbered though a lot of bathroom singers were too born amidst us. Indian society is good in judgment as expressed by many here. Education and education only is the path for success. Kids are realistic in your life journey. First you focus on your studies and every good success will follow later. While keeping the culture of our society don’t forget to keep pace with the world.
    Elders and organizers of all these events also learn lessons and educate our kids. Short glory in the neighborhood shall not take you and where, many a time one may ruin his future.
    Suicide is not the solution, person may go away leaving behind a mother, a father, a family, a society and all loved ones in despair.
    Any problems of any intensity will dilute with time.
    The moon taught me : Its Okay to go through Phases
    The SUN taught me - No matter how many times you go down, keep rising!

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  • Rajesh D., Mangalore, Dubai

    Sun, Sep 22 2019

    '' Elders and organizers of all these events also learn lessons and educate our kids'' - This is very true and this should be the priority. Do not show our kids only one side of the Glamour life.

    I know a few talented singer and educated as well ended up in singing in the bar here in Dubai. There is no issue singing in the bar if you like it, but make up your mind first and do not regret later. Some of them are trying to get decent Job at their early 30s to avoid late night singing till 3 am, but as they do not have any other working experience they do not have much choice.

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  • Damodar Samani, Thonse

    Sun, Sep 22 2019

    Super Dr Urban D'Souza,

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  • Joulan, Mangalore

    Sun, Sep 22 2019

    The most stupid advice I ever heard,- Smile..
    I still hear it today..
    Society makes life hell, then they ask us to smile..He was right..
    First encourage and build budding talent.

    If u have a fake smile, you smile like the Joker from Batman, who smiles behind his scars and kills everyone , and still smiles..

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  • Rajesh D., Mangalore, Dubai

    Sun, Sep 22 2019

    Note: Please take music as a side business or hobby till you are fully settled in Music. In the beginning all will support and motivate but at the end it is you and your children and how you keep them happy.

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  • Sachidananda Shetty, Dubai/Mundkur

    Sun, Sep 22 2019

    Just 22 years old….. What life he has seen? No reason at all for his suicide… Anyhow no point in saying anything after his death….. May we pray for his family to give strength to bear the loss

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  • prem, moodbidri

    Sun, Sep 22 2019

    World is cruel, no doubt about it. But, accepting this truth and moving on is life! If you are firm on your dreams, ambitions or motto, no power can hinder you!

    You hurried a lot bro... leaving only pain to your loved ones.


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  • Rahul, Mangalore

    Sun, Sep 22 2019

    Dear ovin,
    First you has to think about parents who gave you birth & made you handsome boy.
    Society is giving nothing .
    Society is only for gossip.
    If you achieved it will gossip out of gelous.
    If you looser & bring a bad name to your family it will gossip with happiness in heart & mercy in face.

    Dear now ultimate looser is your Mom & Dad dear.
    How Mom can take the dead body of her son in her hands which is build up from last 22years.

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  • flavia, karkala

    Sun, Sep 22 2019

    agree with u.....please think about your parents whenever you got fever or your not well how your parents are feeling you take this big step how they can except it how painful it may be for them ....
    my heart goes with his parents

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  • Antonio DSilva, Kuwait

    Sun, Sep 22 2019

    Agree you don't even have to hang yourself you are a living dead the minute you fashion your life to suit the expectations of society.

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  • AVITH, Belthanagady

    Sun, Sep 22 2019

    if any good person not connected with spirit of God, They can not see the light from darkness, specially catholic brothers, learn from Pentecost people how they deal with god. God bless you all.

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  • Satish, udupi

    Sun, Sep 22 2019

    The youth today lives in a world of editing and comparison. If my picture or check-in isn’t better than my friends then my life has no meaning. Their identity depends upon likes and reactions. I remember a joke that cropped up on FB a years ago, it said - “Nobody looks as good as their FB page and as bad as their Passport”. Sadly in the need for portraying how much fun I am and how well connected I am, the youth loses the confidence to be themselves.

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  • Dsouza, Mudarangadi /Udupi

    Sun, Sep 22 2019

    World is beautiful and unique thing, we may not get this chance again to live here. Real problem is we raised and fed from childhood to compare everything with others. No moral only comparitive theories. Our thoughts always compare everything with others, we forgot how to live life ourself and how we want it.

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  • NN, NN

    Sun, Sep 22 2019

    Yes, it is a cruel world. One has to be strong and thick skinned to keep the chin up and walk. It really hurts when our own people smile in front of you and talk ill by spreading unfounded rumors behind your back. Sometimes you wonder who to trust.

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  • Cynthia, Kirem

    Sun, Sep 22 2019

    Very very true... This world makes us to forget the meaning of "trust".....good comment... Thanks for the same... Living all by yourself by keeping yourself busy in peace giving activities is best....

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  • Shashi Shetty, Santhoor

    Sun, Sep 22 2019

    Bringing up the children in a fake paradise is a real issue. The mask of protection what the parents are enclosing the children these days is making them mentally and physically fragile .

    The children learn from the environment with friends and society good and bad. Parents must expose the Children to good and bad so that, the wards learn to deal with it at very young age. They will become mentally strong to take any kind of abuse or injustice.

    We will never leave in perfect world nor the world was ever perfect. Here the fittest survive all the odds. we don't know what might have hurt this kid but, ending life was not a solution for what ever he might have faced ? if so , all the kids thrown into the warring factions ( for example) of every kind wouldn't have a right to live. even in such condition certain gems raise bruised and hurt but , still become a very great human. RIP Kid - may god bless your family strength to face the reality.

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  • Dr.S.Kamath, Mumbai

    Sun, Sep 22 2019

    Sad to hear about great talented singers loss of life RIP Ovin Rebello
    What the society lacks is Empathy
    People are apathetic towards others
    Also the stigma of reporting psychiatric symptoms is a very big problem
    People should be encouraged to see Psychiatric advice freely

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    Sun, Sep 22 2019

    Suicide doesn't take the pain passes it to someone else..

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  • I wish I was There, Bahrain

    Sun, Sep 22 2019

    No No No, let me not start.

    It take's a lot of courage to back out, and I did it.

    Thank you everyone who supported me.

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