Puttur: Students and management stalemate at Vivekananda College continues as classes remain on hold

Harsha Raj Gatty
StoryInfinity for Daijiworld.com

Puttur, Jul 20: Over 2,700 college students continue to face indefinite 'suspension', if not in compliance with new regulation of Vivekananda College at Puttur.

The newer regulation announced on Wednesday, includes students being barred from bringing mobiles to the campus, and no-exit outside the campus premise (9am-4pm) during the college hours. The students are also told to completely vacate the campus, post the class hours and not to hang-around within the premise. The students, including Paying Guest (PG) residents, were further advised to avail lunch services (yet to be arranged within the campus) or bring their own-cooked meal.

However, the students miffed with the newer announcements staged protest on Wednesday. Subsequently, when the students reached the college on Thursday, they found things amiss. "When some of us reached the campus on Thursday morning, few teachers and the campus security asked us to go back, and we are not told when the classes will resume" a student of the Vivekananda College said.

The students also add that the college authorities have sternly warned them against talking to the media or sharing any opinion about any matter or student belonging to the institution. “How can we be in the same campus and not talk to our female classmates? The college authorities say they will suspend us, if boys and girls are found talking to each other,” a student said.

Another student added that the college does not have the facility to cater to the lunch requirement of so many students.

Speaking to the media over the concern raised by the students, Srinivas Pai, president of Management of Vivekananda College, clarified that in case of emergencies, students can obtain permission and leave home. All these measures are in the interest of keeping in mind the students’ welfare. "None of the students are suspended, nor have the previous three days been a holiday. But, the parents and the students are required to meet their respective faculty, understand and agree to follow the new rules and regulations, only after which they can continue to their academic and education programme in the college," he said.

Regarding the mess facility, Pai said that the college tentatively would enhance the capacity of its canteen facility. Further, tentatively some of the students can go to existing canteen near the hostel.

The stringent action from the college authorities comes in the backdrop of the arrest of five of its students, for allegedly gang-raping a girl and filming the incident (in February-March).


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  • McDonalds No. 1, Mangalore/Dubai

    Sun, Jul 21 2019

    A fish living in an aquarium will definitely struggle to live in an ocean.

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  • NN, NN

    Sun, Jul 21 2019

    Fish is free to jump out of the aquarium and go directly to the ocean. If you like to stay in the aquarium, you should follow the rules.

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  • NN, NN

    Sun, Jul 21 2019

    All other colleges in Puttur should also adapt the same new rules and regulations published by the Vivekananda college in the interest of better education. Those 4 years in college are critical in students life and it is the responsibility of parents and educators to set some rules and regulations for students to follow.

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  • NN, NN

    Sun, Jul 21 2019

    Shri Vivekananda College management is doing the right thing. If you can't follow the rules, you are free to walk out and find something else to do. If you want to go to the military, you must follow certain rules. If not you are out. Everywhere it is the same thing. Even at the work place. No one is forcing you to follow their rules. You are free to walk out. Students all round development is needed but not at the cost of gang rape.

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  • Ram, an alumni, Mumbai

    Sun, Jul 21 2019

    Dear Parents,

    Please listen to the following points while admitting your ward by paying hefty amount for the donation of their seat.

    1. Just topping an exam won't take your ward anywhere. They must learn to hone their skills. Never let anyone put barrier to your wards freedom during their academics as they will have trouble later during their desired career. Please monitor or administer their well being from time to time, but never force them upon unwanted rules and regulations. They will actually have trouble with their life post academics with their new found freedom. Remember, the outer world is scary. U know that because u yourself have experienced it.

    2. The main idea of a 'Guru' is to guide a person. Not to force them to a path, which these so called faculties have failed to understand. So, please stay away from institutions that sell education. Let me give the example of Steve Jobs. He, excelled through his start up and not through his rank in academics. Let your ward choose his own path. You are always there to guide them. Remember, the purpose of these educational institutions is to make money and not to actually guide them in the right path. If so, there wouldn't be so many failures and average ranks for the students. Your ward might be capable of being the richest of person, however, maybe you are endangering him by bringing barriers.

    3. The incidents happened due to some cruel minds. You shouldn't blame the institution because they would care less. Remember, they would not even have an idea about your wards whereabouts post their academics. They only want your marks or rank so that they can show it off. And all these rules and regulations are part of their crisis management.

    Be a good parent. Bring in effort to guide them to a right path. Just because your neighbor's ward is a engineer or a doctor, doesn't mean your ward should follow the same. There are everywhere and are surplus to our country's economy. Let them choose for a better India.

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  • Alumni, Mangalore

    Sun, Jul 21 2019

    Dear Faculty,

    I am an alumni from the same institution and I have to say the following points in mark of your point of view.

    1. No, I absolutely don't believe that the utmost priority for a student is to study. It is to learn, that is the first priority. Just being a bookworm won't help you in life. A college is all about creating memories by learning basic life skills which they lacked during their school days. It is the only period of time which a student won't get again, let them have fun. Remember, even falling in love teaches us something. Just because of few cruel minds, it doesn't mean the entire system is to blame.

    2. The old school teachings don't work in the present society because the times have changed. Students only bolster their skills when they are exposed to the outer world. Remember, they might be a student of an institution, but the institution doesn't have any right to judge a student or force them to change in the way that a institution wants. What will they do if they are left alone after their academic days. I am sure most of the students don't even have an idea about the student's post academic life. Majorly, these students post their academics end up being lost due to their new found "freedom".

    3. If a student cannot decide what is right or wrong for them, there is no means topping or achieving good grades in their exams. Go and ask, how many of your students that you taught as a faculty are actually happy with their life? Just topping or getting good grades doesn't mean u will excel in your life, as the faculties in your so called institutions preach. In fact, none of the good grades from my PU days have actually helped me anywhere. It's how I honed my skills.

    4. It's such that all of our institutions in the district sell education more than what they actually preach. In fact, they only speak about being an engineer or a doctor. They don't even talk other fields cause they don't have any idea.

    Change today for a better tomorrow.

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  • Syed Mohiudin, Iruvail/Riyadh

    Sat, Jul 20 2019

    Late but Great....This should be implemented to all colleges affiliated by Mangaluru University. L

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  • Rakesh, Mangalore

    Sat, Jul 20 2019

    It Seems the college management going backwards than forward. Better rename the college as 9.00am-4.00pm Jail.

    We studied in college for our graduation with all the freedom and we are successful too.

    A good move from students to protest the hypocrite decisions of management.!!

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  • Faculty, Mangalore

    Sat, Jul 20 2019

    Dear students
    What is the purpose of joining an educational institution. Is it not to learn skills for earning a living.when we have this intention in the students minds all other things will not come in the way of studies.some thoughts to ponder are as follows
    1. Why mobiles are required in the classroom or in the academic block/ what is the necessity of smartphones while classes are going on
    2. Whether students attend classes to have good lunch outside the premises. If the classroom study is priority then a working lunch provided or carried from home will suffice. As it should be clear whether student comes to eat or to study
    3.The activities especially literary and co curricular are an important activity of learning soft skills/ life skills. But how many students participate in such activities like elocution, debate or NSS etc.
    4. The importance to extra curricular activities is deviated now towards organising fashion show, Paid rock concerts , orchestra, DJ nights instead of sports and other related student talent shows, ( students are attracted by the amount spent on star events and how much money is spent on such activities or how late into the night such events run. As a matter of fact there is a race among colleges to put a big and costly show which is nothing less than a publicity stunt)
    5. How many parents or guardians will respond to teacher parent communication or meetings if held. The student may be an adult but the education is still funded by parents in most of the cases or at least they are supported by parents ( not the case in foreign countries)
    If these points are understood with the perspective of classroom education then any rules are for training students. If these are not taken with the intended purpose then there is an OPTION OF DISTANCE EDUCATION/CORRESPONDENCE COURSES .( where there is lot of freedom )

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  • Sandy, Udupi

    Sat, Jul 20 2019

    Then, why call it a college? You can call it a primary school.

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  • vishnu bhat, bangalore

    Sat, Jul 20 2019

    Beginning of a Hindu Madarsa system?

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  • Rajesh, Udupi

    Sat, Jul 20 2019

    guru cool system implemented. 9 am to 4 pm jail with 2700 robots with programmed mindset.

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  • Shankar, Mangalore

    Sat, Jul 20 2019

    start the college at 7.00am, end by 1.00pmor 1.30 pm, give a break of 15 minutes snack break. Lunch problem is solved. Responsibility of the college too ends by noon!!

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  • Vantage point, Mangalore

    Sat, Jul 20 2019

    Yep....My Engineering college was functioning with similar time schedule 7:30 a.m to 1:30 p.m ... Half an hour break in between for morning breakfast....

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  • Kanaka Das, Bangalore

    Sat, Jul 20 2019

    Most of celebrites and rich people are college drop-outs. What's the use to attend seven in the morning..!!

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  • RkR, Mangalore/ Dubai

    Sat, Jul 20 2019

    Rich once are educated too,
    Usage of time depends on how happy ur at the end of the day

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  • G R PRABHUJI, Mangalore

    Sat, Jul 20 2019

    One more point I want to mention that once in two months, atleast one hour Parents- lectures/ Teachers meeting must conduct and it should be recorded. So parents will come to know their children's behaviors. All students must submit their photo with parents. So this will help to check on meeting day.

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  • Kanaka Das, Bangalore

    Sat, Jul 20 2019

    It's foolisness in the part of administration to enforce such rules. They are not school childrens. Are now grown-up people who understand each and every thing. Due to mistake of some students you cannot force strict rules on others. When we are in college..didn't attend any classes. For one whole year I didn't know where is my class room. We our group of people go on sitting any class rooms and vacate in middle one by one. Most of the time we are on road. Teachers also leave us alone without bothering as not to disturb studies of other intelligent students who use to attend regularly. Here it looks like management will take back there decision soon..not workable.

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  • Sampath, Mlore/ Blore

    Sat, Jul 20 2019

    Abide by the College Rules.... and donot be adamant or else you yourself will be a looser...

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  • Alumni, Puttur

    Sun, Jul 21 2019

    Mate, abiding college rules don't make a student winner or loser. College doesn't have a major role in a person's career. it is just one small part of their life. Students need to choose their own path, not what the colleges make them to.

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  • RkR, Mangalore/ Dubai

    Sat, Jul 20 2019

    Wake up call to institutions

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  • Ronald D, Udupi

    Sat, Jul 20 2019

    Its like cut the nose if fly sits on it! Too much is too bad! There should be strict rules for sure! Here it is too much I guess!

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    Sat, Jul 20 2019

    No body will insist to join these college. who want to study in this college need to obey the Rules of the college. else they can joint where ever they wish and do.

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  • ummar, mangalore

    Sat, Jul 20 2019

    good move from college management we can save from anather scandal.. let all focus on thier studies instead of invole in mobile phone and doo this type of things

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  • Kanaka Das, Bangalore

    Sat, Jul 20 2019

    How one can enforce restrictions on grown-up children. Agreed will not allow mobile within campus. It's not possible to prevent them going out. Can all students able to depend only on campus canteen food. They have there own freedom. No one can apply rules on others. Due to some students mistake you cannot take hostage of all students. It create much confusion situation around and not allow even to concentrate to studious students. Always rules should be kept flexible and relaxable. Just wait and see mass agitation will held.

    Even country like saudi arabia informed Hijab Abaya is not compulsory and modesty in dress is required. Also allowed womens to drive..which is a welcome step. In growing era...in competition we cannot keep any restrictions.

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