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Bahadur came to Mangaluru 22 years ago looking for a job. Once he got the job of security personnel of a residential apartment...


Mangaluru, May 10: The children of the world are innocent and dependent. Their life should be full of happiness and peace. Education is a must for all children. But for many of them, the reality of childhood is entirely different.

Many people migrate to the city to earn a better living for their families. Some succeed, while some do not. Each day many people around the world are exposed to dangers that hamper their growth and development. Among such countless people is one Man Bahadur who is struggling to educate his children and make ends meet.


The initial struggle

Bahadur and his wife Geetha Devi hail from Mahender Nager located on the Indo-Nepal border. He is the only bread-winner of his six-member family residing in a rented house near Nandigudda. Bahadur came to Mangaluru 22 years ago looking for a job. Once he got the job of security personnel of a residential apartment, he brought his wife to live with him.

Years passed and soon Bahadur and Geetha became the parents of four children - Manisha, Anitha, Suraj and Sujatha. Despite being illiterate, Bahadur wanted his children to be well educated. He sent them to St Rita Primary School at Cascia. The family went through a very tough time, but timely help from the residents of the building where Bahadur worked helped them recover. He could continue sending his children for education.

Hard Times

The family was in complete trouble after Bahadur lost his job in 2015. After struggling hard, he finally got a job which earned him Rs 9,000 a month. He had to move into a rented house costing Rs 4,000 per month. The bad financial situation forced his wife to work in nearby residences as a part-time maid.

The couple’s daughters Manisha and Anitha, who were in high school had to face a hard time to complete their SSLC. They could complete their SSLC from Cascia High School after being helped by some kind hearted people and the school administration.

Financial help for children’s further education

Manisha and Anitha want to study further. Both of them want to study commerce and wish to continue their studies preferably at Padua Pre-University College. But Bahadur and his family are not able to afford the fees for their children’s education.

"After deducting the rent of the house, all that remains is Rs 5000. We cannot even afford food for our family. The meager amount which my wife earns is spent on settling bills, grocery, medicines and other expenses. Besides, my other two children Suraj and Sujatha are in high school. We want to educate our children, but are unable to do so," says Bahadur.

Manisha and Anitha are studious and brilliant students. They have scored high scores in all exams and are well appreciated by their teachers. The couple’s only son Suraj has completed Class 8. He is an outstanding budding athlete who has participated in the state-level 100-metre dash and jumping and bagged medals. He too dreams to study higher and also achieve greater success in athletics.

Bahadur and his wife do not have any financial resources to afford their children’s education. But, the children yearn to continue their studies with the only belief that there are enough kind people in the world who will help them to study further and achieve their dreams.

The family is desperately in need of financial support. Those who wish to help may contact:

Daijiworld urges its kind-hearted readers to directly contact any institution to sponsor the children's education and other needs


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