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Doomsday's Here! Relief, Dread, Excitement Grip the World

Doomsday's Here! Relief, Dread, Excitement Grip the World

London, Dec 21 (Daily Mail): Hundreds of people across the world have been awaiting what they believe will be the end of the world today.

In Britain believers think the world will end - or change - at 11:11 GMT.

December 21 is the apparent end of the 'long count' calendar of the ancient Mayan civilisation.

As pockets of anxiety crop up ahead of the day billed as the Maya apocalypse, a crew of New Age thrill-seekers, mystics and tourists have gathered at ancient holy sites in Mexico hoping to witness the birth of a new era.

In the Maya Long Calendar, Dec. 21 marks the end of the 13th bak'tun, an epoch lasting roughly 400 years.

In the 1960s, one respected US academic said the event might signify a possible 'Armageddon' to the Mesoamerican culture, and the belief that Friday could be the world's last day has spread since.

But to many of the artists, hippies, lawyers and businessmen congregating in the nerve center of 12/21/2012 - the Maya ruins of Chichen Itza in southern Mexico - the day will be the culmination of a spiritual journey, the dawn of a new consciousness, or the wellspring of untapped energies.

Or even all the above.

In France, the media has buzzed about the Pic de Bugarach, a mountain said by believers in an impending catastrophe to be the only place that will survive 2012.

Social media spread fears that a mass suicide was being planned on a mountain popular among UFO spotters in Argentina.

Local authorities decided to limit access to the Cerro Uritorco peak, though they said it was to prevent overcrowding.

A cornerstone of the 2012 phenomenon has been US scholar Michael Coe's 1966 observation that the end of the 13th bak'tun could herald an 'Armageddon' for the Maya. Coe could not be reached for comment, but friends and colleagues say he never meant to forecast an apocalypse.

NASA, other scientists and other experts on Maya culture have also dismissed the idea of disaster striking, but media rumors and Internet fascination with the subject have put the spotlight on the sweltering heartland of the ancient civilization.

Thousands of people are expected in Chichen Itza, where pilgrims will converge on the Temple of the serpent god Kukulkan, an imposing 100 foot (30 meter) pyramid.


On Thursday, Chinese state media said about 1,000 people had been detained for spreading rumors about Friday, such as the prospect of a three-day-long blackout.

The crackdown, which targeted members of the 'Almighty God' cult, has not been enough to stem shortages of candles, instant noodles and matches, according to complaints logged on Weibo, China's popular Twitter-like microblogging site.

Visitors have come from as far afield as Asia, Europe and South America to share in the experience, and there is little apprehension among them that the world faces a day of reckoning in the annals of the Maya's 5,125 year-old calendar.

'At least we can die saying we saw the end of the world,' said 27-year-old Minu Nair from Kerala, India, laughing and bathed in sweat after a steep climb to the top of the Maya pyramid at Coba, about an hour's drive from Chichen Itza.

USA/Central America

Most visitors here describe Friday as a moment of positive change, a time for reflection over the planet's direction.

'A new age will dawn, and everybody who is involved in this knows that the world is in a very sad state,' said Jill Baker, an artist from Kentucky, who, together with her partner Lee Pennington, spent $14,000 to visit Mexico for the big day.

'We want to learn how we go about bringing the peace all the elders of the ancient civilizations have told (of),' she added.

Many modern Maya, whose ancestors rose to prominence as a conquering civilization in much of southern Mexico and Central America during the first millennium, practicing human sacrifice along the way, have been baffled by the hype.

Scholars say the date has been exploited by purveyors of spiritual hokum and tall tales in exotic locations.

'This whole Maya prophecy is actually a hoax, which cynical pseudo-scholars have developed to sell their books,' said Susan Milbrath at the Florida Museum of Natural History.

Whatever the truth of the matter, Sandra Stocco, 39, a tax lawyer from Brazil, said she was honored to be in Mexico's Yucatan peninsula and pointed to a group of meditating people dressed in white and quietly humming to explain why she had come.

'For this. This sound, this is the sound of the vibration of their heart, and Chichen Itza is the heart chakra,' she said.

Others see the gathering of minds as a chance for humanity to correct its ways by calling on extra-terrestrial assistance.

'We're hoping for some sort of contact event and to meet some beings of other species,' said Otto Martin, a production manager wearing shorts who had traveled from Los Angeles. 'We're basically just hoping to ask them for help.'

Lisa Harris, a 23-year-old jembe drummer from Oakland, California, with a nose ring and dreadlocks, said friends had paid for her to come to Mexico. She hoped she would see UFOs.

'I definitely believe in UFOs and alien ancestry, so that would be pretty cool if that does happen,' she said.

Jeremy Berg, a 28-year-old from Oregon and fan of full-moon celebrations, solstices, solar eclipses, and meteor showers, said great energies were coming into alignment.

'All over the planet there are key lay-line positions that meet up into little vortex spots,' said Berg, whose day job is running an electronics firm. 'This is a momentous time in history. I look at it as a new beginning.'

But in case today is the end, Deutsche Bank analyst Jim Reid thanked his readers for their time over the years.

'It's been a blast,' Reid wrote on Thursday. 'So have an extra few roast potatoes today at lunch as it really won't matter if their prophesy turns out to be correct.'


In Sweden police hope that impending doom will trigger floods of confessions from criminals wishing to go out with a clear conscious.

In a post on their Facebook page, the police in Växjö/Alvesta offered an ‘End of the world buffet’ to cheer up anyone who had to spend their last hours on the planet in lockup.

‘According to the Mayan calendar the world will end on the 21st December 2012. Which is tomorrow. So now's the time to come to us if you want to admit to any crimes.

'We have multiple robberies, assaults, burglaries and even a couple of old murders still unsolved. What have you got to lose?

‘If we arrest you we can offer you an 'End of the world buffet'.'

The Facebook post has yet to result in any confessions, but has so far amassed 41,000 likes and 5,000 comments.

Växjö/Alvesta police have not specifed what an 'End of the World buffet' entails but promised that it will be 'better than a microwave meal'.

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  • riyaz , namma kudla

    Sat, Dec 22 2012


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  • Naveen, Udupi

    Sat, Dec 22 2012

    see what the Bible DID say about the end of days.
    Matthew 25:13 Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh.
    Matthew 24:36 But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.

    Mark 13:32 But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.

    As for this destructive potential being a sign of the end, Jesus did say that "if that time of troubles were not cut short, no living thing could survive " (Matthew 24:22

    Under inspiration of God, the apostle Peter tells us that "scoffers will come in the last days, walking according to their own lusts, and saying, 'Where is the promise of His coming?'" (2 Peter 3:3-4 ).
    Paul warns us that " now it is high time to awake out of sleep for now our salvation is nearer than when we first believed" (Romans 13:11).
    And salvation is certainly important to keep in mind as everything falls to pieces around us. The end of the world as we know it, though it includes many catastrophes on a scale never seen in history, is not all bad news for mankind. It includes good news too. God will intervene before it is too late (Matthew 24:21-22 ).

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  • Musthaq, Mangalore / Riyadh

    Sat, Dec 22 2012

    Surely god is the one with whom is the knowledge of the last hour...(Holy quraan 31:34)
    They ask you about the Hour, “When will it come?” Say, “Knowledge of it rests with my Lord. None can reveal its coming except He. It weighs heavily on the heavens and the earth. It will not come upon you except suddenly.” They ask you as if you are responsible for it. Say, “Knowledge of it rests with God,” but most people do not know.

    (Holy quraan 7:187)

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  • Amin Bhoja, Patte / Riyadh

    Sat, Dec 22 2012

    Doomsday! Relief, dread,Excitement Grip and End of the World,Yes it is all in Movies,A good business to the Movie producers.

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  • nirmal, mangalore

    Sat, Dec 22 2012

    The message may be wrong and hoax. Most of the inocent people must have afraid,but it might have helped lot of people to prepare for themselves during this advent season. The four weeks church teaches how to prepare one to celebrate the Christmas feast. Everyday when we lay down our our back to our bed, after the long days work none of us know weather we will witness the next days sun rise. And no one knows the end. But the rare and un usual signs we may notice. So better not bother on any hoax roumors. Do good, be lovable, honesty, try to help others if you can, but do not harm any one.Give peaceful smile on whom you come across and Praise the the Lord at the end of the day. And you will find the Paradise.

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  • Ayes P., Mangalore/KSA

    Sat, Dec 22 2012

    Just fools were waited for end of the world. Of course one day will be end the world but one knows when it is

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  • Sachidanand Shetty, Mundkur/Dubai

    Sat, Dec 22 2012

    CERN – The European Organization for Nuclear Research spent several million of US Dollars to find out how the “Universe” has been made. CERN is an international laboratory for particle physicists, providing some of the most technologically advanced facilities for their research into the basic building blocks of the Universe. They did intensive research using Large Hadron Collider to know how the Universe could have been formed. But finally they come to a conclusion that, it’s God willing, created by him and he only knows how it was created. So, who we are to decide end of this beautiful Universe? I think somehow, Justice Katju’s “Theory of 90%” is applicable not only in India but for the whole World too

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  • B S, Puttur

    Sat, Dec 22 2012

    End of the world can not be calculated by a person or calendar or a civilisation. End can be decided by the creator of the world only. So the calculations of the creator are unknown. Don't wory be happy. Let's welcome 2013 happily.

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  • Blaan Mendonca, USA

    Sat, Dec 22 2012


    The "2012 doomsday" is a hoax, a fraud, and an absolute con job. It is a cruel and disgusting lie being promoted by scam artists after money First they scare people to death that something terrible is going to happen, then publish books and videos on "how to survive the apocalypse". Get the scam?! You're not going to fall for something like that… right?

    The problem is that some people will fall for the scam. Some people will believe it. Some people will waste their money buying fake information on "how to survive". Some people will buy worthless survival kits, and some will even buy spaces in shelters that are not going to be built - ever!.

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  • Dr Shankarnarayan, Mangalore/Abu Dhabi

    Sat, Dec 22 2012


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  • Lancelot N Tauro, Manglore - Doha Qatar

    Sat, Dec 22 2012

    few fools in USA booked bunkers to stay with food stuff for a month. This is man made the end of the WORLD against the CREATURE ALMIGHTY.

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  • Dr Shankarnarayan, Mangalore/Abu Dhabi

    Fri, Dec 21 2012

    All this anxity and fear of enf of the world is due to film dooms day 21/12/2012 and also by media and internet. All these rumours mainly originate from America and Europe. They spread these news and scare the world so that other poor nations are at their mercy and also to improve their sliding ecconomy. All these rumors are linked to recession happening in American and europian nations. They try to divert the world. Recently U S A has tested an underground atomic explosion. This has not become a big issue because it has been submerged due to the big news of Dooms day So please don't be fooled by this western countries.

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  • santosh shetty, Mangalore/Mumbai

    Fri, Dec 21 2012

    Astrologers will have a field day.

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    Fri, Dec 21 2012


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    Fri, Dec 21 2012

    This is...Man made maths...Maths made man mad...!

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  • K. Naresh Kamath, Mangalore

    Fri, Dec 21 2012

    All those channels, mainly the Public TV which found pleasure in scarring innocent public for the last 03 months must be taken off air and criminal cases must be booked against them. They have been making a fool of themselves for the last few months. God only knows what kind of news and information they convey and whether to believe them henceforth.

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  • Dinesh Poojary, Kundapura/Bengaluru

    Fri, Dec 21 2012

    In Public TV from last 3 months:

    Pralayakke innu 90 dina baaki. Pralaya FIX! veekshisi ratri 10:30ke

    Pralayakke innu 55 dina baaki. Pralaya FIX! veekshisi ratri 10:30ke

    Pralayakke innu 42 dina baaki. Pralaya FIX! veekshisi ratri 10:30ke

    Pralayakke innu 22 dina baaki. Pralaya FIX! veekshisi ratri 10:30ke

    But from last 15 days in same tv:

    Pralaya agalla.. Navu safe... Pralaya MISS!..veekshisi ratri 10:30ke

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    Fri, Dec 21 2012

    Start to shake the hand your worst friends, and worst Colleagues & enemies this world never end start to shake the hand with other religion person more then your religion person this world never end.

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  • vicky c, mangalore/dubai

    Fri, Dec 21 2012 will never end easily....this will happen only when you people fight with each other for the reasons like religious matters...even earthquake, tsunami etc......don't each other & help each other.

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  • Joe Britto, Nakre/Bangalore

    Fri, Dec 21 2012

    Yes, the world has indeed ended for all those who passed away today(21.12.2012).
    It has also begun for those were born today and will also continue for those who are living as well.

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  • Aadil Khan, Kasaragod, Saudi Arabia

    Fri, Dec 21 2012

    This has now been postponed to 21/12/2112. So, sit back and relax............

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    Fri, Dec 21 2012

    Nove 2012 there was RED RAIN in srilanka also called as Blood rain , many of them believed could be the message for world end. Finally Medical Research Institute in Borella and Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology conducted laboratory tests which indicated that the change in the rainwater’s color was caused due to the presence bacteria of the ‘trachelomonas’ algae specie

    some times human thinking way really un Belivable

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    Fri, Dec 21 2012

    Believing is different,Any how Still few hours Left.I think Dead line is at 4.40 IST it seems.Will wait & see.

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  • R.Bhandarkar., M

    Fri, Dec 21 2012

    Dear Rameez
    Where are you? There are many who have willingly joined Katju's 'Bandwagon of 90%'very much afterwards! Their Anthem:
    Jai Ho Katju
    We are Behind U
    Be it Mexico
    Or Honalulu..
    Promise we won't forget it
    Even in the LOO!!

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  • Rameez, bangalore

    Fri, Dec 21 2012

    Whoever believed this even 1% are the biggest fools!!!

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  • Roshan Braganza, Mumbai

    Fri, Dec 21 2012

    The Movie 2012 should be included in COMEDY OF ERRORS. Atleast this will stop bogus propaganda and commercialization of it. No matter , a lot of money has made over this issue , at end of it made fools out of it. I hope no such propaganda will happen in future.

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  • R.Bhandarkar., M

    Fri, Dec 21 2012

    Nette Maathra as usual:
    Gadang, Bar, Bunder Maatha Full open- Maatha Thud Baide...Casual
    Jagath Podanla Maala Ijji
    Ithandala Bejaar Ijji
    Namaah Onji Namanetha-Don't care!!

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