Pics by Alban D’Souza.

Kuwait, Nov 18 : Shirva Welfare Association Kuwait (SWAK) Celebrated Fun-filled Family Picnic Day.

It was a family oriented pleasure excursion for the members of Shirva Welfare Association Kuwait (SWAK), families and friends at the premises of Kuwait Oil Company’s Al-Ahmadi Garden, Kuwait on Friday, November 16, 2012.

This was an opportune moment to spend quality time together as well as a much needed relaxation after much hard work all through the year for the cause, ideals and motto that Shirva Welfare Association Kuwait (SWAK) unflinchingly commits itself to.

At the beginning committee member Regina Serrao led a prayer of thanksgiving to God Almighty for all his blessings.

President Clifford D’Souza welcomed the gathering and wished one and all an enjoyable fun filled event.

Snacks and soft drinks were served earlier in the day to energize the participants.
The turnout for the picnic was significant in numbers.

Recreational activities for children & adults were organized by the Cultural Secretary Robert Mathias. Traditional games such as; Lagori, Passing the Ball, Passing the Hula Hoop, Sac Race, Putting the thread to the Needle, Holding a Glass of Water on Top Side of the Hand & Walking, Crossing the River Jordan, Triple Leg Race, Breaking the Pot (modki putovnchi) was entertaining to the full. It was a superb event to see through the picnic day with the staging of the exhilarating Tug of War.

DJ David D’Souza’s music captivated to the participants in every games.

Soon it was time to enjoy the out-door meal as a family and indeed an essential to a picnic. Christopher D’Souza said the grace before meal and Delicious Lunch and Sweet Vorn was served by Royal Plaza Catering Services Co.

Accountant Gilbert Mendonca, Cultural Secretary Robert Mathias, Auditor Anil Menezes and Committee Member Nitin Castelino conducted Housie Housie.

Gifts and Prizes were distributed thereafter for all the competitive activities, to the winning participants.

At the close, Vice President Alwyn DSouza gave the vote of thanks. In his report he thanked Vincent Alva (Snacks sponsor), Kuwait Canara Welfare Association Kuwait (Tug of War & Pot Breaking Materials), Jossie Pinto of M&M Confectionery (Chairs & Tables), Al-Zahem & Malhotra (Lindt Chocolates), Alban D’Souza (Photography), Johnson Serrao & all the Sponsor and praises for the whole hearted support of committee members, who have contributed immensely to stage a fun filled picnic with tremendous accomplishment.

The entire events on picnic day were well managed by Ex-Presidents of SWAK Nitin Castelino and Anil Menezes.

SWAK’s ex-President Urban D’Souza enthusiastically led the audience in prayer and ended the program by giving thanks to Almighty God for gracing a wonderful day with complete success.