Mangaluru: Discharged youth suspects existence of 'corona mafia' in hospitals

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Mangaluru, Jul 9: People these days are wary of visiting hospitals for getting any of their ailments treated because they are tested for coronavirus and in a large number of cases, the report is positive. At the same time, it is said that some hospitals do not provide copies of the reports, and during the 14 days of isolation, no medicine is being dispensed to patients. The patient is wholly dependent on their resistance power against diseases.

This is the opinion of Kabir Talapady who recently got discharged after getting admitted into a private hospital since he was tested positive for coronavirus infection. He also expressed the suspicion that some kind of corona mafia might be at work.

Kabir Talapady

Kabir was working in the fishing dock in the city and suffered from cold and fever for a couple of days, he said. "As three others working in the dock had tested positive for coronavirus, people viewed me with suspicion. As I could not bear with their suspicious eyes and way of treatment, I went to a private hospital, paid Rs 2,500 and got admitted there. Even though I sought to see the test report they said there is no system of showing it. I spent five days in the hospital ward and seven more days in another building. They did not give any medicines, and asked me to have hot water, eat fruits and boiled eggs, drink green tea (Kashaya) and do exercise. They treated us well and after 12 days, asked me to go back home, claiming that my test result was negative. Then too I demanded for test report but they did not provide it," he said. He wondered how patients suffering from other ailments can wait for 14 days before starting treatment.

Hospital authorities claim that getting coronavirus test is mandatory now and that there is no compulsion to get treated in any specific hospital. They said in case of positive report, it cannot be revealed to the patient, and the team of the government alone passes this information on. Treatment is extended as per the government guidelines, which keep changing," they add.

District health officer Dr Ramachandra Bairy, said that giving reports in case of coronavirus test through throat swab is compulsory. People having any doubt about the result can get their doubts addressed by getting tested in another hospital, he suggested.




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  • AR Raw, Mangalore/Dubai

    Fri, Jul 10 2020

    Covid 19 Is just a Game ... Nothing Else
    All benifits to Government

    Fever, headace, Cold , cough new Name is Corona

    In single positive casses WHO is Given Money to Government. That Will Be Distributed to State and To all Government officers.

    Middle class and Poor People are suffering Here...

    Our PM is Collecting Fund from Public in name of Corona..

    Modi is doing Preparation for Election... Now they don't have any communal issue

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  • Rita, Germany

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    now corona has become a new way of minting money from people who are more ignorant in diseases.why this?one who dont show symptoms can stay at home.They are compelled to give report.when you force to give,they might even give a wrong report under such circumstances.very bad I too find what Mr Kabir said is true.No wonder our India is not improving.

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  • Prakash, Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    Why hospitals bring bad names to them? Its better all hospital provide report to patients so its transparent.

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  • nayana, mangalore

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    this is not an issue of a private hospital and a routine mafia of many hospitals.
    recently one of my relative who works in army was admitted to a well known hospital at mangalore.after 3 weeks treatment(a number of test had done because his entire bill paid by central government) and discharged. during discharge the give medicine of 3 bag full (around 10 to 12 thousand rs) and asked to visit next week. when i about to return from medical the person who gave medicine to me asked me to handover this medicine to next counter.
    i wondered government is spending much money for poors and army personal for their incomparable service to the nation.but unfortunately this money is going to the well established so called social workers in the name of hospital.
    but they dont know this life is not permanent. one day we have to leave every thing.till that serve others if possible.if not dont play in others life

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  • michael, UDUPI

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    with the third rate Bacchali Janara Party in power what more can be expected. May be the hospitals are giving some cut to their party fund.

    Sab golmaal hai

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  • Santosh, mangalore

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    Here comes the person who will start taking names of parties and take it in a political way...

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  • Save my India, India.

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    When all other Reports for diseases are given for all diseases, why is that Covid tests are secret??!!!
    There are so many reports about the hospital and hotel Mafia in operation with the kind blessings of Govt. in all the States, victimizing and fleecing people, even when the public is suffering economically.

    Those who underwent these ordeals must be compensated through legal channels immediately.

    Let the District Health Officer come clean immediately with a logical explanation on the matter.

    Many Gulf NRIs are still stuck due to wrong handling of the Repatriation flights by the Karnataka/Central Govt., while having lost jobs, sources of income permanently.

    Govt. has done nothing for their rehabilitation too. Even in India, it is the same situation with the issue of Migrant workers, and other working class people as well.

    Returnees are also victimized and fleeced by this ""New Mafia"" in Udupi/Mangalore/Bangalore.

    Jai Hind!!!!!

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  • Kusuma Kumari Gunji, Nellore Kodyadka

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    Hospitals are now a business and medical practice and industry. No humane values. It could be possible that such a Mafia exists in Mangaluru

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  • Fernandes, Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    Why can't "District health officer Dr Ramachandra Bairy" or DC make it mandatory to issue test report with black and while?
    Other day watched some more video clips circulating in FB, where the person initially told as negative and later in the same day called him over phone and informed him as positive and be ready to shift to hospital by ambulance which was send by the caller and took him some private hospital and did hid ECG and blood test. I don't know is ECG is required for COVID 19 test? And blood test? SWAB test is done throughout the world. After this test next day he was allowed to go home. All responsible authority shall look in the matter and crib the mafia behind this episode else it will be more dangerous than covid19.

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  • Sethu Madhavan, Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    Healthcare delivery system in the district is a complete failure and covid exposed their fragile infrastructure. If anybody gets doubt on corruption or mafia, he cannot be blamed. District Health Officer is answerable to the issues faced by general public and should address it proactively rather than issuing cut and paste replies....!

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  • Shareef, Dubai

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    It’s a shame for district which is called “ Buddivanthara Jille” many readers outburst and comments…nothing changes…
    Can we conduct abhiyan by the help of Daijiworld ?? this may be helpful to awake sleeping administration and make them accountable?

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  • Francis, Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    why is he not given the report?
    Someone is playing games here.

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  • Sp, Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    This is my opinion as a citizen. I'm no expert. The patient should be the first one to get the report. It is the right of the person. Even if it is a mild or asymptomatic or a negative report, the patient must get a copy of it. In the case of kabir, he wasn't hospitalized but kept in observation. Or else his bill would have been much more than 2.5k. But he deserves to get his report.

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  • Charles D'Mello, Pangala

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    Hospitals and as well as politicians and down the line government officials hand in this can not be overlooked. By registering a corona case they may get some compensation from the central government. All are trying to utilize tax payers money to the maximum private benefit. This is what we can infer from such incidents.

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  • jnb, Bejai

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    Same thing happened in Udupi
    But no one wants to open their mouth
    People cam from Mumbai in a same bus*
    *those gotdown at Udupi all positive
    *those gotdow at Mangalore Negative
    *those who positive' got down at Udupi forced to hospitalise,
    *after 3 days hospitalised people turned negative and discharged.
    *few negative - quarantine to a hotel not of their own choice there too lobby was working.

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  • Mbeary, Dxb

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    I have heard his audio. I don't think he shud be given a platform. It has become a trend now to make audios viral based on stupidity.
    If the hospital hasn't issued the Covid report, then action must be taken against hospital. But otherwise, admission for Covid patients is only for observation until the patient goes bad. Wonder wat treatment he expects when he doesn't have symptoms.
    But what is true is that many doctors are turning positive and hospital management are not testing them, hence they continue their practice, and risking the visiting patients. People shud visit hospital only in emergency

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  • Suhail, Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    In case hospitals fail to give reports, don’t pay hospital bills. Keep it pending till they provide reports.

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  • Nelson, Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    Govt. Is cheating public

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  • chandra, surathkal

    Thu, Jul 09 2020


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  • Sunil Kumar, Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    Better than vadra govt

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  • Sanjay, Mangaluru

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    Money is taken in advance in private hospitals ;)

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  • Rehna, Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    Suspicion arises why the report has not been given. May be some ministers and health authorities are involved in making fast money. This has to be investigated.

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  • RANGA, mangalore

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    there is Ayurvedic Doctor Girdigar kaje who is plesding state Govt for many days to allow him to give Ayurvedic tablets ..

    he is renowned Doctor..he says his trail proved mild, asymptamtic patiesnt cured within 10 days..

    he says if we use these tablets these patients get cured & stops speaadign to others..He is ready to give free tablets but Govt listening to him..

    all state govts busy opening Liquor shops & distributing liquors but not proven Ayurvedic medicine..

    its pity that people Organisation which are protesting for silly issues but coming forward to help this Doctr..

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  • Sp, Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    Mild and asymptomatic patients get cured on their own in 10 days. Let him treat serious patients and show some results.

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  • Santosh, Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    Mild/Asymptomatic require no/very little treatment. This Ayurveda treatment is nothing but placebo. Tell him/her to stop spreading fake news.

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  • habib, mangalore

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    mild and symptoms not require any medicine they will recover after 5days .

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  • Nelson D'Souza, Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    Sounds like Mangalore's Acharya Balakrishna

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  • Monty Dotor, Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    Not only hospitals but WHO is part of a big scam .Only people earning these days are hospitals, testing centers,sanitizer, PPE and mask manufacturers, and pharma.That is why authorites insist on lockdown, masks sanitizers , testing and hospitalization. For an infection that spreads more through air and less by touch what is the use of sanitizers.For a illness in which 90% of patients have no symptoms and no treatment is required ,what is the need of hospitalization.
    A patient cannot be forced to take treatment or get hospitalized except under certain circumstances.Hon.Supreme Court has said " the consent obtained by the doctor from the patient before commencing a treatment (including surgery) should be real and valid, which means that: i) the patient should have the capacity and competence to consent; ii) his consent should be voluntary; and iii) his consent should be on the basis of adequate information concerning the nature of the treatment procedure, so that he knows what is consenting to."
    Treating a patient without informed or implied consent is against medical ethics.
    I agree with Kabir, he has given first hand authentic information.

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  • Jay, Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    FYI the virus may be airborne, but when a healthy person comes in contact with suraces the virus get stick to the persons hands and whenever the same person touches his face cam get infected. Sanitizers help in killing the virus at the surface itself.

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  • Monty Dotor, Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    The virus cannot walk into the nose or mouth from the landing point on the face. Only if the person puts the affected hand or fingers INSIDE the nose ,mouth or rubs his eyes and touches the conjunctiva it can go in.Ordinarily we don't do this ,do you?

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  • Jay, Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    You mean to say you never rubbed your eyes.

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  • Hilda Pinto, Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    Nicely explained Sir .. I too feel Mr Kabir has given a authentic explanation .. Every patient has a right to get the reports when he or she pays for it .. As per WHO is concerned they come out with some theories to scare the common people .. Any droplet infection will be airborne .. So now why to make it a news .. Media is one more ..Looks like they are the main transmitting agents ..somebody rightly said Media needs a lockdown for few days .. FM RJ was telling to be careful about the mobiles .. She was telling how things used by people can spread the infection .. But all these will further scare the public.We need to be cautious but need to lead a normal life too

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  • Monty Dotor, Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    Washing hands(and feet and maybe clothes) with soap and water is more effective in killing viruses (not bacteria) -which we normally do after coming home, compared to sanitizers Soap contains fat-like substances known as amphiphiles, some structurally similar to the lipids in the virus membrane. The soap molecules “compete” with the lipids in the virus membrane. That is more or less how soap also removes normal dirt of the skin .

    Most viruses consist of three key building blocks: RNA, proteins and lipids.The soap molecules also compete with a lot other non-covalent bonds that help the proteins, RNA and the lipids to stick together. The soap is effectively “dissolving” the glue that holds the virus together.

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  • ayes p., kudla/ ksa

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    Our System is totally failure.

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  • Save my India, India.

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    More so since 2014!!

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  • True Indian, Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    My family members of 10 people admitted without any reports provided to them. who will not say this is day light robbery and mafia of hospitals and BJP government in state

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  • Leena J., Belloore

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    This is how Hospitals make money out of it. In this difficult situation

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  • Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    Minorities are all FEKU's ...

    DisAgree [39] Agree [28] Reply Report Abuse

  • Shankar, Mangaluru

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    That is an atrocious statement Jossey. Though you belong to one, you are demeaning other minorites!

    DisAgree [4] Agree [29] Report Abuse

  • Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    Shankar, Mangaluru
    I love to use the word FAKE only to intimidate you people ...

    DisAgree [1] Agree [4] Report Abuse

  • Shan, Udupi

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    What's about you? Are you not from minority religion?

    DisAgree [4] Agree [17] Report Abuse

  • jones, manipal

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    zero transparency in handling the situations.

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  • sri_elder, Karkala

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    he is quite lucky to get discharged in just 2500 rupees.
    Not everyone so lucky

    DisAgree [10] Agree [64] Reply Report Abuse

  • True Indian, Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    For your information he was admitted for 5 days and than went to a private hospital paid 2500

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  • Kevin, Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    This guy is not telling lies he is telling the truth ...

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  • Shankar, Mangaluru

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    He might be telling the truth, but doubts he raised are baseless.
    A covid-19 positive patient does not require any treatment unless he develops symptoms. But they need to be monitored and precautions to be taken in order to prevent the symptoms from setting in.

    This Kabir was monitored and since he did not show any aggravating symptoms, he was released.

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  • roy pinto, mangalore

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    then why did they kept him for 12 day ??? report will get in two day and rest ten days to pay 2000 right....

    like kabir there are lakhs and cores of people in India think how much hospital will make money like this ???? so only it is called 'corona mafia"

    "your andh bakt you cant see only" you focus on modi only .....

    DisAgree [7] Agree [55] Report Abuse

  • Shankar, Mangaluru

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    I usually ignore such comments. This one goes the same way!

    DisAgree [51] Agree [7] Report Abuse

  • Abdul Rauf, Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    You are blindly supporting hospital ....

    DisAgree [2] Agree [15] Report Abuse

  • Kevin, Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    Samples taken should be sent to two different labs one the hospital and patient choice lab within the same cost .

    DisAgree [3] Agree [48] Reply Report Abuse

  • Sp, Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 09 2020

    They started doing this in Mumbai first. I don't know what's the logic behind this. I read in a news article that the authorities get the positive report and they assign the hospital. Usually private hospitals get mild cases since they can't charge large amounts for treatment.

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