Unlock day 31: DK records highest single-day spike with 183 new cases, two deaths; 31 in Udupi

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Mangaluru/Udupi, Jul 8: Dakshina Kannada on Wednesday July 8 recorded its highest single-day spike in coronavirus cases, with as many as 183 cases reported in the district. Meanwhile, Udupi reported 31 new cases.

A total of 22,181 samples have been sent for tests so far. As many as 20,153 have turned out negative, and 1,542 are positive till date. Out of these, 819 cases are currently active. As many as 695 persons have recovered and been discharged, and 28 deaths have occurred so far.

Two deaths were reported on Wednesday. The deceased are a 62-year-old woman from Ullal, and a 32-year-old woman from Puttur. The two women passed away at Wenlock, the district Covid hospital. 

As many as 12 patients were discharged from Wenlock and other private hospitals on Wednesday. Three patients are currently in ICU.

Of the 183 who tested positive on Wednesday, 115 are males and 68 females including 10 children and a seven-day-old baby. Five have returned from Saudi, Muscat and Dubai, one each from Bengaluru and Maharashtra, 25 are diagnosed with influenza-like illness (ILI), four are diagnosed with severe acute respiratory illness (SARI) and 65 are primary and secondary contacts of earlier patients. Contact tracing process of 54 patients is on, 22 are random samples, and 5 pre-surgery samples.


As per the health bulletin released by the Udupi district administration, a total of 4,875 people have completed 28 days of quarantine, and a total of 4,875 have completed 14 days of quarantine. As many as 1,197 persons are currently in home quarantine.

A total of 142 people are in isolation wards, including 24 fresh admissions on Wednesday. Among the new admissions, 13 have SARI and 11 influenza-like illness.

As many as 1,043 people, including 20 on Wednesday, have been discharged from isolation wards so far.

A total of 20,493 samples have been collected so far, including 720 on Wednesday, out of which 60 are COVID contacts and 132 COVID suspects. Out of them, 15,992 samples have turned out to be negative, including 236 on Wednesday, and 3,080 reports are awaited.

As many as 1,421 confirmed cases of coronavirus have been reported so far in the district, including 31 on Wednesday. As many as 1,189 patients have been discharged so far including seven on Wednesday, and 229 cases are currently active. Three deaths have occurred so far. One positive case has been transferred to Dakshina Kannada.

Among the 31 new cases, 10 are primary contacts, eight have travelled from Bengaluru, two are Abu Dhabi returnees, one each have travelled from Muscat and Mangaluru, seven have come from Maharashtra, and contact tracing of two is under process.




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  • Sethu Madhavan, Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 9 2020

    District Disaster Management Committee has severely failed to contain the spread. Meanwhile, ignorant and arrogant public may have done their share of contribution. But District Administration armed with draconian provisions under Disaster Management Act and Epidemic Desease Control Act could and should have done better.....!

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  • Shankar, Mangaluru

    Thu, Jul 9 2020

    It is the responsibility of the DC to control the spread in the district. Unfortunately, our DC has failed utterly.
    If it was Ibrahim and Harsha team, we would have had better results.

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  • Monty Dotor, Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 9 2020

    Antony Waste collects all the waste from houses, buildings in Mangalore. I pray for them and salute them .None of the staff wear PPE, few wear gloves, some wear masks, below the chin and touch it all around repeatedly , sanitizers-I doubt. Yet not a single death or major adverse event that I know of.Probably they have immunity/cross immunity.They are the real corona warriors,and that too frontline warriors.It is not anything else but immunity (and vaccine if produced quickly) that will give protection.

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  • Raj, Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 9 2020

    Dear Mangaloreans,

    The Government has given up hope and we are alone in this battle. They are not doing anything to slow the spread nor will come to your help if you get the virus. Hospitals too are exploiting patients to make quick money.

    Stay indoors for a few days, do not venture out unless absolutely necessary. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

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  • Sunil K, Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 9 2020

    Mithron, we are past the lock-down phase. The lock-down had to be initiated so that we can get the hospitals ready, have enough stock of medical supplies etc. The lock-down was a PAUSE button but understand that the virus doesn't have a Pause button. If we were unable to accomplish anything in the 4 extended lock-downs of 70 days, then anymore lock-downs will not help us much. The moment we come out of a lock-down we will return back to the same situation.

    Our main focus needs to be:

    - Only patients infected with Covid requiring emergency care should be allotted hospital beds. If you are a patient with fever and cough but can take care of yourself or be taken care by someone then stay at home. People with mild symptoms are occupying hospital beds while really sick patients are denied by some 20 hospitals.
    - Patients (non-Covid) who have medical needs such as dialysis, major operations, expecting mothers should get treatment without being hassled to get a Covid test separately. There was a woman who delivered at nine months while standing in queue for covid test.

    The virus is neither good or bad; neither holy or evil - its only purpose is to multiply itself. Viruses have been on this planet possibly longer than humans. Its we who need to survive in this environment and take precautions. Till now there is no cure for the common cold virus - ask yourself if we can't have a vaccine for the commonly occurring cold virus then what makes you sure that a covid vaccine will work ? Herd immunity is something that can be tried - could be first tested in some 5-10 small districts across India - with full medical facilities available on stand-by. (this means everyone comes in contact with the virus; but the very elderly or sick will be isolated for the test duration say 21-28 days.)

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  • Samarth, Mangalore

    Wed, Jul 8 2020

    i believe there should be a strict lockdown where only home delivery is allowed with strict police patrolling rather than barricades. There are some people who are hell bent on not following the rules and have become super spreaders. Only a strict lockdown can bring things in control.

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  • Ravi, Kudla

    Wed, Jul 8 2020

    DK district has smart and educated people. Do self lockdown. Be ahead of the curve. Take time off from your business for short period now to enjoy a long sustainable and healthy business in future.

    Allow the sleeping government to sleep more.

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  • Rkk, Mlore

    Wed, Jul 8 2020

    People have now understood what is the result of unlocking ...Local dist administration can now bring in lockdown immediately. No one will now object barring some fringe population. People will support lockdown as we are now seeing voluntary lock downs in some towns and villages and no one is objecting to it.

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  • Tapas, Mangalore

    Wed, Jul 8 2020

    The way things are going don't know in a month where will be the count . Mangalore started giving tough competition with Metros. Requesting District administration, Ministers please implement one more time strict lockdown for atleast 3 week . Nothing help except this we know all untill and unless there is a vaccine. So please please think . West bengal are implementing lockdong from tomorrow once again .

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  • Rudolf Rodrigues, Mumbai

    Wed, Jul 8 2020

    Please read the below latest comment by WHO & group attentively!::
    "Jimenez said historically, there has been a fierce opposition in the medical profession to the notion of aerosol transmission, and the bar for proof has been set very high. A key concern has been a fear of panic.

    “If people hear airborne, healthcare workers will refuse to go to the hospital,” he said. Or people will buy up all the highly protective N95 respirator masks, “and there will be none left for developing countries.”

    IMHO, I have been shouting that this is an "airborne infection" & nobody is protected unless he sits in a "sealed capsule"


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  • Sp, Mangalore

    Wed, Jul 8 2020

    You have a reasonable point. I would like to point out that sweden tried system of achieving herd immunity, they ended up having 73k cases with 5.5k deaths for a population of 1cr. Austria with a similar yet more dense population had a lockdown with proper testing and they have only 18k cases with 700 deaths. So my personal opinion is that herd immunity comes at a cost. If the Healthcare system can support the surge in cases with enough ventilators, then go ahead. Bottomline is that Sweden tried herd immunity and they ended up having more than expected cases.

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  • Ajay Rebello, Kallianpur

    Thu, Jul 9 2020

    Yes cost of trying natural herd immunity can be seen in US and Brazil though not officially.

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  • Gurudath, M'lore/Mumbai

    Wed, Jul 8 2020

    From the random tests conducted in Ullal if you can conclude that a very large percentage of population has already acquired the virus, testing and isolation have no meaning. Just treat the serious cases properly. And also take care of other serious illnesses.

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  • sri_elder, Karkala

    Wed, Jul 8 2020

    But people should be educated to keep isolation when they show symptoms.
    Then only you can stop spreading .

    Contact tracing has no meaning now.
    But people should be educated to stop spreading

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  • Rajesh, Udupi

    Wed, Jul 8 2020

    Yes strict lockdown should be imposed and allow people to come out only during medical emergencies. Simple eg. would be if husband is in one district and wife is another nearby district, and shes expected to be delivered soon, in that case husbamd should be allowed to go. Just an e.g.

    There are many examples like this. Only in those cases people shouls be allowed or allowed to travel. Other cases it should be restricted and should be prohibited and asked at each main road what is the purpose because i see mang people without masks and roaming here and there without reason. These should be stopped.

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  • Tilak, Blore

    Wed, Jul 8 2020

    This option is not relevant now. we already crossed this stage. Keep hygiene, take care of yourself.

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  • Danny, Mangalore

    Wed, Jul 8 2020

    Get the lockdown for 10 to 15 days asap.
    Try reducing movement.. and reduce cases.. get the old cases out and let discharged happen..
    Useless management happening.
    Enough of money making and luxury given to mangaloreans.
    Let us stop and break it for a while.

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  • Valerian Mendonca, Mangaluru/ Qatar

    Wed, Jul 8 2020

    Request the administration to be wise and implement strict lockdown for 3-4 weeks, go for thorough checking, segregate all active cases for treatment. General public may prefer to settle with two meals than getting admitted to hospital and loosing their dear ones.Next two months are crucial. Globally Pandemic is coming under control in most of the countries. We have also win it wisely with segregation as much as possible. STOP Public Transport immediately to STOP the spread.

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  • sri_elder, Karkala

    Wed, Jul 8 2020

    public transport, religious places and congested markets should be closed immediately in dakshin kannada. Please raise highest warning levels.

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  • Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai

    Wed, Jul 8 2020

    WHO has now acknowledged that Corona Virus is Airborne.
    A group of scientists has urged the global body to update its guidance how respiratory diseases spread.
    I had earlier asked you people to pray for good rains so that this Corona Virus could be washed away.
    We may not find a cure till December 2021 as this Virus repeatedly changes its DNA.
    Mumbai is comparatively very safe because it has already received 60% of its annual rainfall.
    My only request to you people is to work on your Immunity & avoid crowded places …

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  • Samarth, Bengaluru

    Wed, Jul 8 2020

    Community spread started here.

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  • Raj, Mangalore

    Wed, Jul 8 2020

    Still public transport are running... ministers are still telling no community transmission yet... Administration are telling situation is in control..govt is telling no chances of lockdown again...medical team are telling no beds for patients...No one is listening what common people is telling

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  • Rohit, Mangalore

    Wed, Jul 8 2020

    Yes. No one is wearing masks even in shops. Instead of concentrating on this situation some elected representatives are busy opening some projects and doing photo ops daily and posting on social media

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  • Sp, Mangalore

    Wed, Jul 8 2020

    Don't ever expect the government to acknowledge that there is community transmission.

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  • Samarth, Bengaluru

    Wed, Jul 8 2020

    All the cases clearly talk about community spread. A strict lockdown is the only way to fix this else we are not far away from becoming another Bangalore.

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Title : Unlock day 31: DK records highest single-day spike with 183 new cases, two deaths; 31 in Udupi


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