Mangaluru: Youth today are victims of propaganda - Dr Kanhaiya Kumar

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Mangaluru, Aug 10: Youth today are victims of misinformation, propaganda and undemocratic behaviour, said All-India Students’ Federation leader Dr Kanhaiya Kumar.

He was speaking on the topic, ‘Indian Youth on Crossroads’. The talk was held as part of the two-day B V Kakkilaya centenary programme, here at Bishop Jatthana auditorium in Balmatta on Saturday, August 10.

“I will not say nothing has happened in the last 70 years. In the last 70 years, progress is seen in many fields, but we did not progress as much as we expected. In some matters, instead of going forwards, we are moving backwards. When we speak about present political scenario, there is no much progress. Instead of heading forward we are moving backwards,” he said.

“While we are young, a thought is put in our head that politics is a wrong field. Hence, no one prefers to opt it as a career, because we are brought up in such social conditioning. We are taught about our citizenship right and how to lead our life. We are opting our careers depending on what the market requires,” said Dr Kanhaiya Kumar.

He also said, "Religion is the only thing where a sense of association is created. We are in a situation where theology is heavier than economy. There is no solution yet, to improve our economy. Youth face several problems such as prioritizing between job and religion, life and religious pride. This is where youth fail to decide. Economy has shrunk, because religious symbolism and communal politics has entered into our country.”

“If you are a ‘bhakt’ of the country, then you should ask questions. When questions are raised, then the person who questions is labelled as anti-national. Those who show patriotism and blind belief towards the government, remember you are doing the traitors job. If you love your country, then do not pose questions to the weaker ones. Ask questions with the stronger ones and show the true meaning of democracy. Being democratic means asking questions to the government,” said Kumar.

“Youth today have access to information. We should not lose hope. The present situation is created because of our past; the way we behave today will decide our future. The youth who are born in 90s have witnessed rapid cultural changes. Our role is to go back to the historical root. We should train youth to be in a democratic party and try training people democratically. Government comes and goes, but those who try to divert you by saying ‘bhai’ or ‘beheno’, remember one thing that democracy was there, will be there and shall remain forever,” he added.

"Youth are ready to listen and understand. But never say to youth that they are fools and are not able to understand things. Instead of ignoring youth, build good rapport with us and answer the questions which are raised at you. Don’t fall prey to the perception politics, but understand the reality. I am not fighting to be a politician,” said Dr Kanaiyya Kumar.

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Comment on this article

  • Reality Check For Dummies, Mangalore

    Fri, Aug 16 2019

    The fact that you are ignorant of the court's verdict reveals your innate alliance with the fascist forces of this country. Your pseudo nationalism does not fool anybody. Kanhaiya Kumar has been declared innocent of the charges, you and your clan so love to shout about.
    If you still insist on the calling him guilty after this nation's judiciary has declared his innocence, you are without a doubt an anti-national, divisive entity masquerading as a nationalist.

    Shame on you and your kind.

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  • KS Mayya, Mangalore/Bangalore

    Mon, Aug 12 2019

    Mr. KK recently fought elections from Begusarai where he was born on communist party ticket. He has lost the elections. He gained prominence due to calling the disintegration of India and raising slogans against the nation. If it happened in Mangalore University, people would have ignored. He gained visibility because he did in Delhi. Please do not fall for crap.

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  • Shridhar, Mangalore

    Tue, Aug 13 2019

    Kanaiya Kumar never raised Anti India slogans. Dont repeat the propaganda..

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  • subbu89, mluru/Bluru

    Mon, Aug 12 2019

    Kanaiyya ji, First tell me who allowed to enter into Mangalore ?

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  • True Patriot ????, Mangalore

    Mon, Aug 12 2019

    What can we expect from a traitor. The true face of the programme is revealed. The PM is doing his selfless service to the country. Nobody can blame him anyway. There are NGOs behind MR. KK from JNU who are the financial support whose ultimate goal to break country'sunity and Hindutva.

    Down Down Tukde Tukde gang 👎👎👎👎👎

    JAI HIND 🇮🇳

    DisAgree [12] Agree [14] Reply Report Abuse

  • Shan, Mangalore

    Mon, Aug 12 2019

    I dnt no anything abt him i heard speach outstanding just fab rply to girl

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  • Mr Straight, Bombay

    Sun, Aug 11 2019

    Some want here BJP to rectify the mistakes comitted by Congress. Really funny it is that you want to endorse the blame on BJP ! Election Commission of India had officially announced about the transperency of the EVM & VVPAD before LS elections. Anyone who had objections where asked to appear before the EC & prove their claims with demos. None appeared, everyone where behind media to make hue & cry. Even when the matter was dragged before Hon. SC, it had directed to cross check the voting count of EVM with VVPAD in any 5 Polling Booths of each Assembly segments, in the presence of representatives of all Political parties. After LS elections when it was cross checked with over 20,000 polling stations across the country, 100% of it tallied. So, when they failed even in this aspect, all these dramas started. So, now if anyone has any objections pertaining to EVM, they are free to move before EC or Hon.SC & prove it. Public are clear now about all this failed dramas.

    Regarding his Ph.D or M.Phil, was it not clear that he along with his Tukude Tukude Gang had displayed Anti-National Slogans, & Insulted the Hon.SC Judgement in JNU premises ?.. If he was fair & clear, why did SC took him to task, & asked to respect National sentiments ?.. He could be a leader to few people of his think thank, but surely Public are quite aware of the prevailing situation, & they make their own judgement.

    DisAgree [7] Agree [4] Reply Report Abuse

  • RonRon, Udupi

    Sun, Aug 11 2019

    Im a fan of this guy. No one stand in front of him ..if any open debate

    DisAgree [22] Agree [27] Reply Report Abuse

  • Lancer, Mudarangadi

    Sun, Aug 11 2019

    He is the only leader who has guts to take Modi and Shaha. If you listen to his speech in youtube you will come to know his capability. Just watch his discussion with Sambit Patra and you will come to know the truth. He is the only youth leader who can bring changes.

    DisAgree [21] Agree [30] Reply Report Abuse

  • Rajesh, Manglore

    Sun, Aug 11 2019

    Bol bacchan...

    DisAgree [31] Agree [25] Reply Report Abuse

  • Vincent Rodrigues, Katapadi/Bangaluru

    Sun, Aug 11 2019

    Youth are the precious asset of the country and should not be allowed tp be dragged into wrong directions.

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  • Ajay Kumar, Karkala

    Sun, Aug 11 2019

    Seminar conducted on Indian Youths. Looks like more than 85% audience retired people attending to kill there pastime. Why such seminar organising..where in no objective reach to masses. Watch modi rallies...people hanging in branches of trees. Wants to listen what modiji tell.

    DisAgree [37] Agree [70] Reply Report Abuse

  • JNB, Bejai,Mangalore

    Sun, Aug 11 2019

    "Watch modi rallies...people hanging in branches of trees"

    That is called paid participants,mostly jobeless and they don't know why they are hanging to the branches of tree or thinking flying in helicopter aeroplane ????

    DisAgree [23] Agree [19] Reply Report Abuse

  • Reshma, Mlore

    Sun, Aug 11 2019

    Don't tell paid participants. Even I had been to witness modi sir speech, we were not told by anyone or paid to attend the event . Infact, it was overcrowded, and many were waiting in roads all the way from airport to maidan. People like you should come and see the reality,than comment. We don't waste our precious time to see any tom,dick Harry. There were so many elder people in the event. If u had commented about any other leaders, would have agreed with u. But people like modi are true God gift to India.

    DisAgree [13] Agree [15] Reply Report Abuse

  • Robert Pais, Mangalore

    Sun, Aug 11 2019

    1.For me antinational is a political word created to label people who have different views
    2. People who are misled and those who cannot understand country and it's diversity is above religion or politics- use this word- antinational.
    3. For me education is about developing capability to think independently and be able to be accepting different lines of thought.
    4. Does not matter if you have degrees or not. If you are resorting to the heard mentality as a blind followers calling people as antinational! You are truly an uneducated person!!

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  • RSRB, Kundapura

    Sun, Aug 11 2019

    I thought this guy came to help the flood victims. But he has come for sowing seeds of enmity.
    Thank God, it is flooding here and not ideal time to sow anything....

    DisAgree [50] Agree [44] Reply Report Abuse


    Sun, Aug 11 2019

    Political and religious differences are more harmful than floods. During natural calamities people help each other without seeing religion and during communa / political violence people notice only other religion to attack.

    DisAgree [10] Agree [19] Reply Report Abuse

  • Robert Pais, Mangalore

    Sun, Aug 11 2019

    Very thought provoking reply. Yes indeed.
    In GERMANY, HITLER was a charismatic leader. We all now know what he was.
    His propaganda machinery, criminalized any one who questioned him.
    At present I can see a parallel.
    Yes religious politics is more dangerous than floods- as it creates an enemy within. It creates victims.

    DisAgree [6] Agree [14] Reply Report Abuse

  • Sampath, India

    Sun, Aug 11 2019

    Don't make some one hero by protesting against him....good thing done by Mangalore... because even anti Nationals should enjoy comedy shows right....

    DisAgree [39] Agree [42] Reply Report Abuse

  • Vasu, Mangalore

    Sun, Aug 11 2019

    Not only youth, all people are victim of fake news today.
    People are made to believe which is not real.

    DisAgree [6] Agree [56] Reply Report Abuse

  • mahesh, mangalore

    Sun, Aug 11 2019

    Good to see that St Aloysius did't host him as planned earlier.

    DisAgree [35] Agree [23] Reply Report Abuse

  • Michael, Mangalore/US

    Sun, Aug 11 2019

    All these elements are on the fall. Nothing worked in the past and will remain the same.

    DisAgree [21] Agree [24] Reply Report Abuse

  • D.F, Thottam

    Sat, Aug 10 2019

    He has good ideology. until there are bhakts he cant survive in politics. No bhakts will accept his ideology.
    He had bad past of uttering slogan which he always denies. Everyone has the past, even modi has. But this guy have some good ideology for country that need to be appreciated rather than poking his past (for Blind bhakts). I wish he would had won the election, would have been a good debate in every parliament as a oppostion.

    DisAgree [31] Agree [43] Reply Report Abuse

  • Riona, Mangalore

    Sat, Aug 10 2019

    FYI to people who think he failed JNU. You don’t fail a PHD. You fail to provide your thesis on time . That’s all. He provided it and passed which is why he is called doctor now. Get your facts right instead of believing blind propaganda which was just explained by him. The thing is when someone speaks the truth even then you people ya w problem. When someone questions you have problem. We even questioned when congress was in power but that time we didn’t sound anti national. Governemnet doesn’t do anything for free . You are paying for it with your taxes , so we have right to question. We should know we are getting quality and value for our money. Doesn’t make us anti national. Makes us a responsible consumer of the service. A govt is nothing but a service provider we hire for 5 years at our cost! No need to get emotional and think they are doing anything for free.0

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  • T.A.M, Bejai,mangalore

    Sat, Aug 10 2019

    Congress won the elections in 2004 and 2009 with the use of EVMs.When you win EVMs are fine and when you lose you blame EVMs.Now as advanced technology VVPATs are there to check to which candidate and party we are voting.Congress has no leadership,no vision,no progressive thinking.
    Secondly we should not entertain divisive and Naxalite type of people.

    DisAgree [34] Agree [29] Reply Report Abuse

  • Deepakraj56, Mang/dxb

    Sat, Aug 10 2019

    Shameful day in the history of Mangalore to welcome such anti nationals, public fund eaters and separatist mentality urban Naxals. But good to see young generation kept themself away from these anti social elements.tats what mangalore is called city of smart and educated people

    DisAgree [62] Agree [37] Reply Report Abuse

  • Rolf, Dubai

    Sun, Aug 11 2019

    Deepak raj need to thank the UAE goverment for welcoming all the national to work together. not like cheddis mentility have indian exported cow beef birany and reat in peace.

    DisAgree [13] Agree [12] Reply Report Abuse

  • K Narendra Prabhu, Bangalore

    Sat, Aug 10 2019

    Some people like these think they know more about the country than the whole population. Slowly reality will sink in.

    DisAgree [96] Agree [65] Reply Report Abuse

  • Neha, Dk

    Sun, Aug 11 2019

    Number of dislikes show how much u know about the reality

    DisAgree [26] Agree [33] Reply Report Abuse

  • Kamath, Mangalore

    Sat, Aug 10 2019

    Speech relating to youth is organised & most among them are + 50 ,
    We can hence see in this speech who is going backwards wether Present Government or Dr KK. 😊

    DisAgree [53] Agree [80] Reply Report Abuse

  • Alwyn, Canada

    Sat, Aug 10 2019

    You are going backward because you think only religious stuff rather than economics values. Many poor youth are jobless today just because they think broken ideology where real faith in god is not hate but love towards everyone and help each others to prosper. Help to prosper means ache din for all not only upper cast and handful of mota bhai's like you

    DisAgree [19] Agree [25] Reply Report Abuse

  • Kamath, Mangalore

    Sun, Aug 11 2019

    Mr Alwyn ,you people come & stay in India not more than a month & go back to Canada ,Pay the people over here to do your job within you go & hike the market rates we the people staying here have to face the problem after u go ,U people don’t follow the rules ,only point out mistakes of other religion & go abroad ,Please day a single thing what have u contributed to our country

    DisAgree [8] Agree [5] Reply Report Abuse

  • Rupesh, Mumbai/ Mangalore

    Sat, Aug 10 2019

    Government made efforts to suppress these voices. One example is Hardik Patel. How sedition charges were put on him.

    DisAgree [46] Agree [72] Reply Report Abuse

  • John Tauro, M'luru

    Sat, Aug 10 2019

    Youth today are well educated, well informed and are well aware what is going on around them. Nobody is victim of propaganda now. Be grateful to know that unlike communist countries (from where you have brought your ideology), in India you have full freedom to carry on with your own propaganda.

    DisAgree [28] Agree [88] Reply Report Abuse

  • Mr Clean, Mangalore

    Sat, Aug 10 2019

    FYI, your BJP's idaelogy is derived from Pakistan terrorist rule. Blind Bhakths come in various forms, types and names.

    DisAgree [72] Agree [56] Reply Report Abuse

  • Mr Clean, Mangalore

    Sat, Aug 10 2019

    Dr K.K at present the biggest threat to democracy in India is EVMs. As long as EVMS rule there is no development, no jobs, no progress and unprecedented mob lynching, corruption and loot.
    EVMs Are Root Cause of Destruction Of India Now.

    DisAgree [64] Agree [63] Reply Report Abuse

  • Mr Straight, Bombay

    Sat, Aug 10 2019

    EVM was introduced long back by the Congress, & Congress is the real root cause of this problem. Had they not introduced EVM in th Election Process, & had strongly stuck upon old Ballet method, the things would have been far better. But, now it is too late as Congress itself has lost its base in India.

    Bye the way, a simple question to KK. When you have got good & abundant knowledge about Indian Economy, why do you still fail to pass JNU ?!!!....... Willfully ?.. or still Unable ?....

    DisAgree [39] Agree [50] Reply Report Abuse

  • Mr Clean, Mangalore

    Sat, Aug 10 2019

    If congress was the root cause of EVMs then what happened to your promise of getting rid of corrupt and problematic congress policies like EVMs???????.... Do you agree in your comment ballot papers would have been a far better choice then why don't BJP change it if you are for real. Nothing is late for BJP as long it serves thier vested interest..

    DisAgree [30] Agree [50] Reply Report Abuse

  • Santan Mascarenhas, Kinnigoli/Mumbai

    Sat, Aug 10 2019

    Mr. Straight, Bombay
    I am neither for, nor against Dr. K.K. This is a reply to your question, why he has failed to pass at JNU.
    Dr.KK, secured 1st class in High School, 1st class in degree and 1st class in MA. He secured 1st rank in the JNU entrance exam for Ph.D. Since he had to do M.Phil while doing doctorate, the scheduled study was 7 years and he completed it in time, unlike others, and was awarded doctorate in February, 2019. He is not in JNU at present. Now, he is a student leader of All India.

    DisAgree [9] Agree [28] Reply Report Abuse

  • Anil, Dubai

    Sun, Aug 11 2019

    @Mr Straight, Bombay
    Agree with your views…
    As every one knows now days BJP is busy with passing many bills one by one in parliament …
    why they can’t change EVM to ballot …. !!! ?? be it a passing bill relating on EVM to ballot …!!?

    DisAgree [12] Agree [17] Reply Report Abuse

  • Rahul Kejar, Kanpur nagar

    Tue, Aug 13 2019

    because we don't want theft who ruled us for 60 years. Dont wrry BJP will for atleast 10 more years and more funds will be blocked which was coming from forign countrys for few people who support terror

    DisAgree [3] Agree Report Abuse

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