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Bengaluru: Attack on Lokayukta - BJP, JD(S) slam govt over 'lawlessness' in state

Bengaluru Mar 8 (DHNS): Opposition parties, the BJP and the JD(S) on Wednesday came down heavily on the state government for the attack on Lokayukta Justice P Vishwanth Shetty, saying that law and order had completely collapsed in the state.

BJP state president B S Yeddyurappa said the incident was yet another example of "lawlessness" in the state. "That one gets the courage to attack the Lokayukta itself shows how bad the situation is in the state," he stated.

Expressing shock over the attack on Shetty, JD(S) national president and former prime minister H D Deve Gowda said that Karnataka had become a 'goonda raj' under the Siddaramaiah government.

Deve Gowda & Yeddyurappa

"If a judge can be stabbed in broad daylight like this, one wonders where we are living. Is this a goonda raj? On one hand the government weakened the Lokayukta - now this. When the government can't even protect the Lokayukta, how can it protect the people of the state," he stated.

Later, Gowda visited Justice Shetty at the hospital where he is being treated upon.

BJP leader R Ashoka demanded that the Centre should impose President's rule in the state.JD(S) state president H D Kumaraswamy said the President's rule should have been imposed five to six months ago itself. "If that had happened, we wouldn't be in such a situation today. Both the BJP and the Congress are responsible for such lawlessness in the state today," he said.

He also said that ever since the Congress came to power, there had been continued attacks on bureaucrats and police officials. "Now a judge has been attacked. CM should take complete responsibility for this.

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  • Hariprasad, Balkunje-Mulki

    Fri, Mar 9 2018

    Yeddi and HIS TORN OLD CHADDI were on the SIDDHU'S GADDI for many years.

    There was crime, murders, burning, looting, harassing Minorities and countless other serious crimes.
    HOW QUICKLY do they forget? Is Politics is the Reason? YOU old fellows didn't get a single vote
    for that statement - People have nothing but ridicule and contempt for YOU OLDIES!!!!!!!!!
    Look for an old/aged home and go take a nap!

    Karnataka is much better without you meddling!

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  • N.M, Mangalore

    Thu, Mar 8 2018

    bjp-rss is responsible for this lawlessness.

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  • Allen, Mangaluru

    Thu, Mar 8 2018

    Lawlessness is spreading wherever BJP goes! Tempura is a new addition and started burning the very next day of its victory!

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  • Vincent Rodrigues, Bengaluru/Katapadi

    Thu, Mar 8 2018

    Investigations will expose the real culprit behind this crime.

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  • mohan sr., Mangalore

    Thu, Mar 8 2018

    He is the BJP man .... and paid by BJP to destbilize karnataka.....

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  • Shankar, Mangalore

    Thu, Mar 8 2018

    voting for JD(S).. Kumaraswamy is the best CM for us.

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  • G R PRABHUJI, Mangalore

    Thu, Mar 8 2018

    Expected comments. Not to worry.

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  • Michael Noronha, Mysore

    Thu, Mar 8 2018

    Rubbish. It is lawlessness in the Sic mind of a person who cannot control his emotions - the one who attacked the Lokayukta. Under Mr Deve Gowda and Mr Yediyurappa tenure as CMs weren't there murder, rape, assault, riots etc happening???
    What needs to be probed is did the Lokayukta's office relax the security in his office to give the people free access to meet him. That is what the people of the State need to know. If it is found correct, it is a serious security lapse by the Lokayukta office. The person responsible for violating the State Government procedure on security to be followed in the Lok Ayuktas office need to be held responsible.

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  • ns, mangalore

    Thu, Mar 8 2018

    There are plenty Of examples to prove So. Widespead Vollence In mangalore recently is a clear example. Morever Its ministers have acted with total Irresponsibly and continued to give unrequired statements instead of make Peace in mangalore case. it appears theres nobody to ask them! There are other examples Khalburgi, Gowrishanker, Nallapad,Bangalore congress Corporator indulged in violence etc etc many many . Government head himself is in forefront in giving cleanchit to his ministers alleged with grave charges and making quick enquiries and then close all in few days. Siddu was highly credible person in Janata Dal .Unfortunately Congress Used him wrongly and now poor person has to take the blame

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  • Dinesh, Dubai

    Thu, Mar 8 2018

    entire indias goonds are protected in karnataka..

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  • Alphonso Dsouza, bendur

    Thu, Mar 8 2018

    Dinesh - how do you know that. Are you running the agency for All INDIA goons and their movements. Absolute stupid way of writing. Look at UP, Haryana and Rajasthan ... did you send those goons to KARNATAKA.

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  • Ahmed K.C., Mangalore

    Thu, Mar 8 2018

    Do these old fellas have any brain at all ???

    2nd Dec 2017 - LUCKNOW: A 35-year-old contractor was shot dead by some motorcycle borne assailants on Friday in Gomti Nagar area in Lucknow. ( is there lawlessness in U.P.)

    24th December 2017 - AHMEDABAD: A woman and her daughter from the Maninagar area of Ahmedabad ended the life of a Mumbai stockbroker - with whom both were having an affair - cutting him 17 times, to annex his Rs 17 crore property. (is there lawlessness in Gujrat )

    22nd February 2018 - JAIPUR: A 25-year-old migrant worker from Uttar Pradesh died after being attacked by a mob in Jaipur earlier this month. ( is there lawlessness in RAJASTAN )

    9th November 2017 - INDORE: The trader, whose charred body was found in the boot of his car in Sanawad on Monday night, was killed by a contractor, whom he had hired to complete the construction of his hostel in Vishnupuri area, said police on Wednesday. ( is there lawlessness in MADHYA PRADESH )

    Can Yeddi and Deve question the ruling parties of above states please ?????

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  • Philomena, Mangalore

    Thu, Mar 8 2018

    Mr.Ashoka and Gowda have reached so far to call for President's rule. Do they know the reason for the attack.. Nothing is bothering the people of Karnataka except the so called "leaders"who sow unwanted fear and criminal activities.

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    Thu, Mar 8 2018


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  • Af,,, Mangalore

    Thu, Mar 8 2018

    During BJP and JDs govt karnataka state was fully developed and full safety to each and eavery person, the development works ws over flowing and there is zero theft ,rape, and murders and farmers sucides and farmers golibar, there was no water issue like kaveri and mahadayee , there was no mining loot and illegal property is made either both the parties , what a golden era state was that time we really miss ,

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  • Daniel, Mangalore

    Thu, Mar 8 2018

    good if HC/SC comes out with law banning WHITE dressing code for the politicians as this might be disrespect for the WHITE color a part of THIRANGAA being White means peace and truth, clean and pure.
    Now u all understand the mockery!!!

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    Thu, Mar 8 2018

    Even any governments comes will not be able to stop crimes ! CHOWIKDHAR unable to stop CHOSKI elope with thousands crores of money !!

    Crimes will not be stopped unless provide a decent life to every citizen which he deserve but what our elected govt doing ! nothing !

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  • RSRB, Kundapur/Singapur

    Thu, Mar 8 2018


    After Chowkidar came, all thieves are running out of country....
    Remaining thieves are getting into the Jail...
    Whole India is thus being cleaned up but unfortunately Karnataka is becoming a "goonda protection state" under Nidde Rama...

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  • Ramesh S, MANGALORE

    Thu, Mar 8 2018 was confirmed that Lokayukta office written more than 20 letters to Congress Govt for better security arrangement..only Metal detector not working sunce 3 years even after several reminders not repaired while Govt spending on Advertisemnt daily crores....what this was well planned to close down already dead great institution & deter able non corrupt people from accepting Lokayukta post..

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  • Madhukar Bhandari, Udupi

    Thu, Mar 8 2018

    It looks like culprit has been encouraged to do this by BJP and JDS.

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  • Joseph F. Gonsalves, Bannur, Puttur / Mangalore

    Thu, Mar 8 2018

    Siddharamaiah is good in Administration and he is really a sabke saath sabka vikaas in Karnataka.

    BJP's are Power Hungry and Bingry.
    Siddharamaiah's Indira Canteen for Poor and Hungry.

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  • Indian, Bangalore

    Thu, Mar 8 2018

    Investigate whether the culprit has links with Sangh.

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  • manoj, mangalore

    Thu, Mar 8 2018

    Yadiyurappa - The worst, Corrupt CM.
    Talking about law.
    Think.... in your term.
    Bajaranj Dal Goons wearing helmets with influence of Police officer Late Ganapathi, entered in the church premises, beaten old sisters, young and old women, children mercilessly....

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  • Ronald D, Udupi

    Thu, Mar 8 2018

    Well said Manoj! What will be bhakthas response to your post? I do not think people are willing to accept BJP type of lawlessness and corruption!

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  • Ramesh S, MANGALORE

    Thu, Mar 8 2018

    ..this is what Congress Govt & its supporters was saying all along 'SAMA PAALU SAMA PAALU' only realised what these people 'social justice' meant actually..Poor also get beaten, Judges also get beaten..

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  • David Pais, Mangalore

    Thu, Mar 8 2018

    favourable judgements from s.c., biased judges. sabka saat 1ly bjpka vikas. baki sab bakwas.

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  • Joseph F. Gonsalves, Bannur, Puttur / Mangalore

    Thu, Mar 8 2018

    India Modified into Lawlessness and Chaos.

    1) Lynching,
    2) Moral Policing and Beating.
    3) Demonetisation and Mindless G.S.T.
    4) Joblessness.
    5)Domestically Petrol Diesel at Highest rate. Cheaper in the International Market.
    6) Padmavati violence and Killing.
    7) Demolition of Statues creating chaos all over India.
    8)Unnecessary encounters in U.P from Rogi.
    9) Children are dying of no oxygen in hospitals.
    10) Banks Cashless,
    11) Peeping in Kitchen to see veg or non-veg.
    12) Cow Government's Cattle Class Governance.


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  • Billy, Mangalore

    Thu, Mar 8 2018

    Also changing the history of India. I am eagerly waiting for them to start creating jobs for us.

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  • Rational thinker, Mangaluru

    Thu, Mar 8 2018

    Can’t rule out chanakya’s masterplan to malign the ruling government.

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  • Krishna Kumar, Kodi/Bangaluru

    Thu, Mar 8 2018

    Its very strange that an unknown person has been allowed to enter the Chamber of Lokayukta Official! This is very serious. For vote bank, people do all kind of acts, without thinking about someone's family. What a shame?? The Building security system must be dismissed without any benefits and put them behind bars with rigorous work. This is totally non sense. Lets not consider this to be a BJP Congress issue. However, this now becomes a issue for opposition parties to gain votes without any developmental promise.

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    Thu, Mar 8 2018

    What has happened is horrible and needs to be condemned. However, lawless situation is where the government actively supports destruction of harmony and unity, creates strife for political gain and kills people in the name of criminal and communal ideology. Yeddi has supervised if not orchestrated such things during his tenure as cheap-minister of the State. Did he denounce such situation as lawless?

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  • Ken, Mlore/DXB

    Thu, Mar 8 2018

    Firstly, it is an unfortunate incident which has happened, which could have been averted by deploying the right security, where its needed. In India, we provide security, to worthless people, who do not deserve any security, but have Z security cordons. Its a shame that security is not as per the need of the hour.
    Secondly, we Kannadigas, have always been a welcoming community, who believe in "Athithi Devo Bhava" and have generously accommodated persons from all the states, who have found an employment in our dear Karnataka state, and who have made it a home away from home. I have many north Indian friends who swear that the safety in Karnataka is much better than their own state, where they have been brought up since childhood.
    Having said, this, such an incident from a person named Tejas Sharma, who is definitely not a native of Karnataka, should be an eye opener for the people of Karnataka on how to ensure the protection of the state in future, instead of bickering about it in politics. This could have happened under any regime which would be in control today.
    In summary, we kannadigas, should ensure the safety of our state, our communities, our people, and for our future generations, without any differences with regards to religion, castes or politics, and by deploying security standards and measures, where it is necessary, and by taking strict actions against such outsiders who commit such acts and spoil the name of Karnataka.
    We wish Lokayukta Justice Vishwanath Shetty a speedy recovery.
    Jai Karnataka, Jai Hind. Mera Bharat Mahaan.

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  • Declan, Mumbai

    Thu, Mar 8 2018

    Nice comments but I wish to make a point here lest we get carried away by regional sentiments. Remember that crime is crime whether committed by an insider or an outsider. What is important is to be vigilant against all types of criminals rather than be biased against outsider criminals only.
    We need to remember being proud of our state is a good thing but we need to also understand that Karnataka is a part and parcel of the Indian Union and we are all proud Indians free to travel and work in any part of the country as entitled by our Constitution (J&K ?). I and thousands of others here in Mumbai, Maharashtra are from Karnataka but for some reason or the other have settled temporarily or permanently in Maharashtra where we are welcome and not viewed with suspicion along with people from other States too (not sure of SS and MNS though).

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  • BDS, Udupi

    Thu, Mar 8 2018

    Encounter as they called in Mumbai over long back and the people feel safe. Now it is taking place in UP and when this would happen in our state.

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  • Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai

    Thu, Mar 8 2018

    Ulta Chor Kotwal Ko Dante ...

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  • Peter Lewis, Kalmady/Udupi

    Thu, Mar 8 2018

    Opportunists, Saints!

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