'Adhaar' most sophisticated ID programme in the world : World Bank

New Delhi, Mar 16 (Agencies) : India's largest biometric-based identification system Aadhaar on Thursday got a thumbs up from World Bank chief economist Paul Romer.

The chief economist described it 'the most sophisticated ID programme in the world.
"The system in India is the most sophisticated that I've seen. It's the basis for all kinds of connections that involve things like financial transactions," Bloomberg quoted Paul Romer as saying.

He went on to say that it would be better if world follows the same system. "It could be good for the world if this became widely adopted," Romer said.

Romer is of the view that world needs to have one standardized system for people's ID.

"Other countries are also looking at similar programs, but research shows it's best to develop one standardized system so people can carry their IDs wherever they go in the world," Paul Romer added.

Aadhaar is a 12 digit unique-identity number issued to all Indian residents based on their biometric and demographic data. It was initially a document for identification purpose, however, it has now been made mandatory for some of the government-run programmes.

Earlier in January, the Ministry of Rural Development and the Ministry of Labour made Aadhaar number mandatory for members and pensioners of the Employees' Pension Scheme and for those registered under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee (MGNREGA) Scheme. It has also been mandatory for the registration of the vehicles in Tamil Nadu.

Aadhaar is the world's largest biometric ID system, with over 1.123 billion enrolled members as of 28 February 2017.


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  • Conrad John Tauro, Shirva/Udupi/Dubai

    Fri, Mar 17 2017

    Adhaar is brainchild of Congress party...

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  • Rems, Mangaluru

    Fri, Mar 17 2017

    Still it became a brainless and headless party.

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  • Prem Prasad, Bangalore KSA

    Fri, Mar 17 2017

    Because of congress wise head and brain chaiwala has become p.m. of independent India to use human brain not cow brain.

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  • KRPrabhu, Mangalore /Bangalore

    Fri, Mar 17 2017

    Today Congress stands cornered only because of Sonia,Raga factor.Its down fall is due to mega sccms,rampant corruption,communal appeasement of minority community beyond limit.If congress sincerely wish to have a national presence and dignity they should come out of Nehru and Soniya clan.

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  • Shreyas, Mangaluru

    Fri, Mar 17 2017


    Aadhaar a 'fraud', will review it if voted to power: BJP (Times of India) March 12, 2014


    We'll throw Aadhaar into the dustbin: H N Ananth Kumar

    Aadhaar is a disaster, says Dr Swamy

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  • rich, Mangalore

    Fri, Mar 17 2017

    This should have been done long back.When people started black marketing of BSNL phone connections, LPG connections ,Bajaj scooters,Maruthi800 cars,flats etc. One of my friend was telling 40 years back, that there should be unique identification for each person and which can not be made duplicate like people having multiple PAN cards etc.Now also government can catch all the corrupt people by compulsory linking this number with property registration, bank accounts,shares,transport authority,crime section,election authority,insurance etc. ( For transport authority the orders have been recently issued for new registration). With this ,data base can be created and can find out the illegal wealth accumulated by a person more than his known source of income. Even reservation system can be effectively managed and the needy poor people can be given reservation in education irrespective of cast . At present reservation benefits are being enjoyed mostly by the rich ST/SC & backward class people in spite of their own cast poor people are not getting the chance.

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  • Nithya, Mangalore

    Fri, Mar 17 2017

    I fully agree. Every fair thinking person will. Almost all unfair activity can be traced if Aadhaar is used to track. Now whether they will use it or not... .... knows.
    And congrats for 'not' bringing in politics.

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  • babu, mangalore

    Fri, Mar 17 2017

    can you imagine I have 2 'Adhaar" cards with me.

    2 different times issued.

    what system they have

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  • David Pais, Mangalore

    Fri, Mar 17 2017

    burnol bhakt liar.

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  • Free Young, Kochi

    Fri, Jun 09 2017

    Not possible to take more than one Aadhar card for a person, because it requires your bio metrics to create a fresh Aadhar. If you are applying and taking it for the second time the duplicate detection system will easily catch you.

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  • Af,,, Mangalore

    Fri, Mar 17 2017

    thank god bjp not changed its name and tag thier name on it,

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  • Amigo, Mangalore

    Fri, Mar 17 2017

    Friend, very good observations but Pappu can't do any revamps of the party. Under his leadership Congress is on the verge of NOSE DIVE and very soon it will CRASH to the Earth and VANISH in ash. He is so silly, his talks are childish. He is 46 and his advisors are 75 + , do they listen to him? There are very good ORATORS in Congress also but Italian Amma never allow them to speak because she thinks these good orators will overtake his only LOVING SON and put him in backseat. Secondly, if the BJP'S slogan of Congress Mukht Bharat become the reality, the first family will not be the loser because they have in abundance in foreign banks, but those who supported the Congress are the real losers. If Pappu had little SHAME, he would have been resigned after the UP bashing and they didn't have lose Goa & Manipur if their Managers are active.

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  • Alwyn, Manglore

    Fri, Mar 17 2017

    "Adhaar" is the Hindustani word and it belongs to BJP. Congress slowly robbed it and used. It is BJP's Property and all credit for BJP only. Please do not tell to Mr. BJP. Thank you.

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  • Joseph F. Gonsalves, Bannur, Puttur / Mangalore

    Fri, Mar 17 2017




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  • xavier, Karnataka/Muscat

    Fri, Mar 17 2017

    I salute Mr. Nandan Nilekani for this achievement. what a kind of Gem India produced for the past 60 years.

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  • Ronald D, Udupi

    Fri, Mar 17 2017

    I still remember Bangalore MP Ananth was vehemently proclaiming that they will discard Adhar Card if voted to power!! Its time for him to eat humble pie!!

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  • Santan Mascarenhas, Kinnigoli/Mumbai

    Fri, Mar 17 2017

    We thought, the way Adhaar card was criticized, it would be buried with an Epitaph consisting all the bad remarks.. But, today, it is made mandatory for most of the govt services. In addition, now, world bank has given it's thumps up.

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  • KRPrabhu, Mangalore /Bangalore

    Fri, Mar 17 2017

    Congress lost because of Sonia,Raga,doggy,chodu,sabbal,Salman,gulam, and few others ...

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  • Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai

    Fri, Mar 17 2017

    Successfully implemented by Narendra Modi ...

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  • vnayak, Mangalore/Switzerland

    Fri, Mar 17 2017

    It is a pity that today's Congress leaders do not have the courage nor intelligence to take credits and also have similar visions for the future to encourage the youth brigade and the voters.

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  • ßryan, ßahrain

    Thu, Mar 16 2017

    'Adhaar' most sophisticated ID programme in the world : World Bank, We must all thank Congress Party......

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  • David Pais, Mangalore

    Thu, Mar 16 2017

    burnol bhakt shibu dubai will hide in shame. modi's bjp fought tooth & nail 2 abolish adhaar. cow government has da found base in adhaar.upa jai, jai.

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  • Nithin Poojary, Mangalore

    Thu, Mar 16 2017

    Now Bhakts will be breaking their head "how to give credit to Modi".....

    A) India Sixth largest economy.......Because of Modi....
    B) India Fifth powerful in defense.....Becauseof Modi....
    C) Screwed Pakistan and divided Pakistan and invented Bangladesh.....Single handed taken powerful countries China and America and their proxy Pakistan......Because of Modi....
    D) Indira Gandhi Airport New Delhi......Worlds best Airport.....Because of Modi.....
    E) World class.....Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad Airports....Because of Modi....
    F) Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi Metro's Trains........Because of Modi...
    G) Sold Petrol under Rs 80 even when the fuel rate was 120 dollars per barrel....Because of Modi....
    etc etc....List goes on.....

    It is very easy to rule when we are rich.....the real test comes when we do not have anything and surrounded with problems....

    Indira Gandhi took over has the Prime Minister of a "POOR" country and almost "ZERO IN DEFENSE" with China and America using Pakistan to trouble India......Modi took over has the Prime Minister of "WORLD'S SEVENTH LARGEST ECONOMY" and "FIFTH POWERFULL IN DEFENSE'......Today the respect what is getting world over is because of the 60 years ruling by the Congress party.....

    Today's useless Congress leaders dosent have tongue to talk......

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  • Ronald dsouza, mangalore

    Thu, Mar 16 2017

    Perfect observation by Nithin Poojary.Really happy to see at least some educated people are there.who can understand what is development.

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  • Nithesb, Mangalore

    Fri, Mar 17 2017

    Accepted with humility. But understand Congress not India but a political force which is based on dynasty. They implemented aadhar even illegal immigrants . Application and the proper integration was not done too. I never heard modi was against aadhar or even mnrega but the way it was implemented was an issue with him. Thanks

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  • Canute, Subady/Dubai

    Fri, Mar 17 2017

    100% true Mr. Nithin Poojary, Mangalore.
    I just remember how much my parent spend for education till grade 10 in Kannada medium school. Hardly few hundreds.
    All this because of who, which government. Today I am glad that works for one of the biggest Oil & Gas Technology provider company.
    All your points are truth and much more to realize if you are human.
    Now almost India is ruling the world either directly or indirectly.
    We need to just keep our heart clean, love our country and keep giving thanks
    All the best India

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  • Stany D'Souza, Mumbai / Bondel

    Fri, Mar 17 2017

    100% true Nitin. From a country which was undeveloped 50 years ago we have now reached a developing country. Isn't it due to UPA rule. Aadhar was the brain child of UPA government. It was opposed by tooth and nail by BJP. Now BJP will take credit.
    Similarly Chandrayan was a brain child of UPA. Now BJP is taking credit.
    Yes there was corruption. Corruption was there in BJP ruled states as well.

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  • David Pais, Mangalore

    Fri, Mar 17 2017

    @Nithin Poojary, Mangalore. hahahahaha.... chaiwala sharmagaya.

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  • Jenifer, Mangalore

    Thu, Mar 16 2017

    This is one outcome of 60 years of misrule but no Bhakhth will ever mention it !!!

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  • prem, Moodbidri

    Thu, Mar 16 2017

    When Ahar card project started, BJPs top to botton brainless brigade started jumping here and there like monkeys

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  • Praveen s, Permannur

    Thu, Mar 16 2017

    Slap for modi govt..modi told hardworking is need more than Harvard ....with out educations smart city not possible

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  • geoffrey, hat hill

    Thu, Mar 16 2017

    Bhakths, b4 hollering your usual 'jai ho' be reminded that Adhar is brainchild of Nandan Nilekani

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  • Rudresh, Bengaluru

    Thu, Mar 16 2017

    Whata big slap for Modi's face! Same Modi and Ananth Kumar during 2014 election said that, Adhaar is 'Niraadhar...and now same people had to depend on Manmohan Singh - N NIlakeni brainchild ADHAAR card for thier survival! This is sad but true. BJP is totally exposed...Times Now will not do News Hour on this because its BJP agent...but voter will know whts right....It is very interesting to see how Modi will react after World Bank praise!
    I am sure, like he did it in Goa, and Manipur he will manipulate here also with a say 'Adhaar' is BJP's programme!! hahahahhahahahahah

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  • John, Valencia/Sharjah

    Thu, Mar 16 2017

    You are 100% right Sir!!!!!

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  • John, Valencia/Sharjah

    Thu, Mar 16 2017

    Yes Sir you are 100% right!!!. BJP does only bashans & blah blah blah.

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  • Bhandara, M'lure/Mumbai

    Fri, Mar 17 2017

    Modiji is nothing but copy cat and then, claim as his own. That is typical of any tyrant. However, today Congress has cut a very sorry figure with all the achievements under their belt why? Because they don't have a single person who could open his mouth and talk loudly. When you deal with more than 50% illiterate population, what you need is Bashana and the illiterate along with many literate gets completely bold-over by such bashanas and that includes our stupid mainstream media as well. So, it is time, Congress revamps their leftover and start a party of literates, party which works, a party that binds everyone together and not divide on ethnicity, religion etc. Can we find one who could lead? Sonia & her family is dead meat today and it is time for all of them to retire permanently from politics if they ever want to save our beautiful country from the clutches of dictators.

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  • Amigo, Mangalore

    Thu, Mar 16 2017

    Friend, now just imagine how the people of Bangalore who elected "UNPAD HARDWORKING over HIGHLY LITERATE HARVARD" people of that constituency must feel SHAME!!!!!!.

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