Mangalore: Janardhan Poojary responds to BJP's complaints to EC

Pics: Spoorthi Ullal
Daijiworld Media Network - Mangalore (BG)

Mangalore, Apr 1: "BJP has filed two complaints against me alleging violation of election code of conduct and I am ready to fight them," said the Congress candidate Janardhan Poojary, addressing media persons at the district Congress election office here on Tuesday, April 1.

In the first complaint the BJP stated that Poojary had violated the model code of conduct by issuing statements about not allowing the hike in self-assessment property tax at any cost. During the press meet, Poojary in his defence said that not only now, but from a long time he has been saying that he would not allow increase in property tax.

"This was main reason that made people choose Congress during the urban local body elections last year. We will stick to our promise by all means. Earlier, the BJP too had promised the same, but failed to deliver. BJP thus broke its promise and cheated the people," he said.

"In the second complaint, the BJP has written to the Election Commission that I had urged for reservations to GSB and Brahmins in my speech during the Congress convention held at Town Hall on March 23 and that I had been indulging in caste-based politics. To this, I want to respond that all the castes have reservations, except GSB and Brahmins, which is not fair," he said.

"There are financially backward people in GSB and Brahmin castes as well, hence the reservations must be given to all the castes. It is not the caste that should be considered for reservation but financial condition. This demand of mine has even reached the top leaders in Delhi and the same has been accepted and included in the national Congress manifesto as well. It is not just during the times of elections, I have been about this issue at other times too," he explained.

"By making this an issue, are the BJP and the RSS saying that striving for equality for all religions and castes is bad and not acceptable? BJP is liable to answer this question. Doesn’t the BJP make any promise in its manifesto? FIR has already been filed in this regard but I don’t mind going to jail. Position is secondary, I have been fighting for the poor all these years and I am ready for any consequence this time too," he asserted.

"BJP has looted Gujarat. When the public is asking questions, why is it silent? Why don’t you (BJP) come in front of the media? The BJP has failed in its administration in Gujarat, there is no water in nearly 43% of the rural areas and 25% of cities. There are no toilets, and no adequate drainage facility. BJP must answer to these questions," he said.

"The BJP has been looting the country and sparking flames of hatred everywhere. Modi has been treated as god. 'Har Har Mahadev' has become 'Har Har Modi'. As per RSS principles, worship of individuals is not accepted, so how can RSS support this cause now and let Modi be worshipped as god?" he added.

"The leaders of your (BJP) own party have been suffering. Jaswant Singh has been shedding tears, Advani has been neglected and Uma Bharti is also facing bad times. Vajpayee was a good leader but Modi will never come to his level. He may be a PM candidate, but his words and speeches are not acceptable," he said.

Leaders J R Lobo, Mohiuddin Bava, Ibrahim Kodijal, Mahabala Maarla, Kallige Tharanath Shetty, Mohammed Masood, Ivan D’Souza, T K Sudhir, Mohammed Badruddin, Shashidhar Hegde, Harikrishna Bantwal and others were present.


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  • akash, Managlore

    Sun, Apr 6 2014

    JP is the true leader...Where as in BJP..they speak about Hinduism...But when Sunil kumar contested from udupi...Bunts not voted sunil kumar they supported oonly bunt that tym no hinduismm..In mangalore Hinduism means only Billavas voting Bunts(or BJP) where as vice versa is not possible..BJP has made our community scapegoat..

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  • Af, mangalore

    Wed, Apr 2 2014

    I support Poojary bcos he speaks the truth, and the truth is always Bitter.
    India is a secular country and need a secular leader for the country.

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  • Tony Pinto, Manglore - Dubai

    Wed, Apr 2 2014

    Agreed brother Truth is always Bitter ,truth is Congress wasted one LS ticket by given to JP better the party would have given ticket to Ivan D’Souza.....IVAN deserve the TICKET from Managalore..friends AGREE or DISAGREE.

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  • Tom Cat, Mangalore / Saudi Arabia

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    There are two buffoons in this election one is feku the other is JP, both criticize everyone, but do not talk about development they want to do throw these buffoons into the Arabian sea .

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  • Rajesh Shetty, Mlore Shj

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    For those who are asking about Achivement of Poojary is the constant attempt to pitch and instigate Billawas against Bunts & vice Versa & then GSB's & Brahmins. It was a congress agenda he was trying to do to split the Hindhu Vote bank. At the end of the day all the us brothers from different mothers are fighting and these communal congress is ruling us. Shame on us that we allowed these people to split our Unity. Learn to Unit our votes like other communities who will vote for any donkey standing with a congress ticket. WAKE UP.

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  • vittal poojary, Muniyal/Mangalore

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    Dear Mr.NM
    Please wait till May17 and see how BJP will form the new govt for better India


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  • TRaghu Pai, Bangalore

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    Poojaryji, WE don't need reservations, only on merit basis say jobs should be given.
    Some GSBs may vote Nilekani and Deshpande out of pure caste factor but majority of them will vote for Narendra Modi. WE need good governance, strong leadership and not bothered how many Nilekanis, Deshpandes fielded by Congress.

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  • Mahesh Rao, Bangalore

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    Who is Raghu Pai to speak for all GSBs? To say that all GSBs are worshippers of Modi is a lie. We are also human beings who will not vote for an inhuman person.

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  • vinay, mangalore

    Wed, Apr 2 2014

    Read properly. He has not written that all GSB's will support Modiji. He clearly mentioned that, some GSB will support Nilekani and Deshpande.

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  • j.anata, Mangaluru/ Bengaluru

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    Sh Bharat Kumar Mlore I'm amused by your commentary on the voting pattern of GSB's. This is a very high peace loving normally trader - banker community with a high percentage of their morals on their temples, social service. Before pointing fingers to their voting pattern, you need to understand that GSB's are not in main stream of politics. Being of brahmin origin, this community has lost out on all Government schemes & jobs, but sustained due to sheer hard work & harmony. No political party has ever done justice to GSB's, they have only lost everything each election, thanks to all major parties indulging in minority appeasement! But yes, they are sensible & nation loving people...Jai GSBs!!

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  • j.anata, Mangaluru/ Bengaluru

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    Sh JP Uncle, please go to the constituency & fight for each vote rather than calling press conferences & seeing the same old media faces every day! Time is running out, April 17th is drawing nearer...It is prudent for you to canvass properly with a good plan rather than doing drama & loosing time! Remember, you've won primaries & reached to this level, your dear supporters & die hard DW commentators would not want you to loose one more time!!! So be a nice old grand uncle please

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  • Dr S Kamath, Mumbai

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    Dear Janardhana Poojari saheb Please go through the Comments of Vittal Poojary /Muniyal here and act accordingly .Billavas ,Bunts or GSBs have changed a lot they are not like whet they were 30 years back when you were minister. In fact Billavas sing Bhajans,do Poojas in temples same as Brahmins do.what every Indian needs is Quality Education.Why Tutorials have Flourished these days because level of education in schools have gone down and Competetion has increased .IF YOU REALLY WANT TO DO A CHANGE SPONSOR FOR THE TUTORIALS FEES OF POOR CHILDREN OR GIVE QUALITY EDUCATION IN SCHOOLS and then Poor should be given Reservation in Higher Education so also Jobs

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  • Allen, Mangalore

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    GSBs are well educated people, they know very well whom to vote!

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  • Brijesh, mangalore

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    What has JP done for the middle class and the working class.People find difficult to get 2 time meal for 30 days,he and congress govt speaks only about minorities but what have they given to the working class,only a job in which their monthly salary does not even cross Rs5500 and they not even speak about it,labour laws are still same from 1947 still not modified,everyday day necessities rates are getting higher and higher but salary remain the same,congress govt gave increment for govt employees in last month what is there for unorganised sector,jp does even talk about these things because he himself does not even know what to do,what is happening in the grass root level.Please don't vote for this kind of candidate.Recently he is speaking only about namo but let him speak about these issues he will not speak.he should not win this election,

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  • Rishabh , mangalore

    Tue, Apr 8 2014

    What has nalin kumar, sadanand gowda and dhananjay kumar done for mangalore?

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  • Bharath kumar, mlore

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    GSB's vote bjp is cong which gave them much representation....

    Ullal shrinivas mallya
    P Ranganath shenoy
    T.A pai nephew of T.m.a
    Are all gsb elected M.P under cong ticket in udupi district
    The present Prashant deshpande is also a G.S.b in cong ticket
    Minister R.V deshpande is also a Gsb under cong ticket

    I want to ask what Gsb got under bjp...?You are blindly voting for them...Even if you vote in high numbers they neglected you...coz Gsb and brahmins are votes in their pocket...Even if they dont give representation you will vote them...Think before vote

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  • Ramakrishna. K. , Mangalore

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    Poojari has improved a lot.
    This time he did not confuse between Moily and Mody in his speech.
    But BJP had complained to EC about his blabbering regarding Modi's Wife and not about GSB reservation. Why he has not commented on that point today? No one in GSB community has asked for any Reservation. Then why he is now raising that point? He should know that almost all GSBs are with BJP.

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  • vittal Poojary, Muniyal/mangalore

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    Dear Dr.Kamath
    well said,we all to try to give education to all poor people and create job for all,for that our leaders to go to the villages and see the std of living,all the tax money is going for facilities for Ministers and their securities,travels in india and abroad,even for medical they go out and their functions after winning the elections.How many creamy layer people are using subsidized gas,we have to stop the reservation polcy soon ,and give free education to real poor students of all communities,all the caste unions should help all the poor students of all communities,must follow the ideology of shree narayana guru
    one religion ,one caste ,one god

    whole old system to be changed? I do not know when it will happen?every Indian should think about one nation

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  • N.M, Mangalore

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    During every general elections, BJP goes around telling that people are with BJP.But after elections, people realize that BJP were fooling around with the help of Media.

    Vajpayee ji -an amazing person tooo did not get majority, he invited 26 parties for a NDA Coalition govt, I think Vajpaye is 1000 times better person than this feku Modi,

    So if Vajpayee did not get a majority, then how will Feku Modi get 272 seats and become the PM? MAYA - JAYA- MAMTA-MULAYAM-NITISH-LALU-PATNAIK-FAROOQ ABDULLAH-Sharad Pawar-Subash-KARAT-VARDHAN. AAP's leader KEJRIWAL will also be a big factor in the 16th general election, none of the above mentioned politicians with BJP so how Modi will become the PM, tell me how ? its a lie always made by indian paid media that Modi Wave. 100% lie... it seems BJP will be collapse before 100 seats. There is no Modi wave there is a devastating Tsunami against Narendra Modi and Modi is a master of lie.

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  • Ramesh S, mangalore

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    Jannanna should first come clean distribution of compensation to Ullal riot victims where he asked caste/religion of each victim before handing over compensation!! clip making round in youtube & watsapp..

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  • Rajesh Shetty, Mlore Shj

    Tue, Apr 1 2014


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  • Rajesh Shetty, Mlore Shj

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    Now congress is talking BJP's Language of Reservations for Economically weak sectors irrespective of Caste. Otherwise their only mantra was, Reservations to Minorities, just for their vote bank. BJP has always opposed such caste based reservations and proposed reservation for all poor sections of the society. No the congress wants to hijack this idea also. They are running out of ideas to fool people anymore.

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  • Sachidanand Shetty, Mundkur/Dubai

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    Namaskara Jannanna, one more press conference or may be April fool? May be now few people will claim what is the necessity to make us fool!! But making very body fool all the times means who is fool and who else can do that?

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  • Flavian, Mangalore/Kuwait

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    Mr. Poojary's popularity/genuineness is now very much clear from the comments passed by most of the readers.

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  • Sachidanand Shetty, Mundkur/Dubai

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    Your sentence & claim is genuine but date is not correct Dear Flavian!!!!!!!!! You tried to fool every one today but better luck after five years

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  • K. S. Mayya, Mangalore/Bangalore

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    This guy makes me laugh every time he speaks. Look at the alternative to Kannada speaking NK Kateel and an administrator in MRV of AAP.
    If financial situation is the criteria, why make it caste based. You can have one reservation for all based on financial condition regardless of their caste considerations. Is'nt that easy to manage?
    Even if it were phased implementation, you could still make various bands of financially backward classes and implement reservations. I agree that for elections this kind of reservation is useless. On the other hand, driving a wedge between various castes and polarising their votes only helps in elections. Reservation thus is a tool for vote bank politics and not meant for upliftment of the downtrodden (in which I bet our politicians have least interest). Reservations for various castes has been in place for years now. Is there any metric to measure the success of such reservations? Have reservations actually helped to uplift the weaker sections? Rather, it would have helped if it were implemented on a financial incentive based scheme. Anyway, any amount of debate on this will not work until reservations continue to impact vote bank politics.

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  • jeevan, mangalore

    Tue, Apr 1 2014


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  • vittal Poojary, Muniyal/mangalore

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    Dear Mr.J Poojary
    where are you when this reservation system strated,Congress was ruling India more than 50 years and you spent most of your life in congress,why you have not taken any Dear Mr.Kiran we vote Nali beacuse he has done atlease something in his first time MP from mangalore and stood 24 th place .Poojary willl not win till he take all communities together,he thinks only muslims ,christains and some % of others vote is enough,all educated people of mangalore knows what he can do in his remaining short political life
    I request all mangaloreans (we are all humans) forget cast, and vote for BJP because definetly Mr.Modi will become the PM and he needs for BJP MP's with him to deliver good governance,Mr.Modi has vision and is proving that he help to develop in India .we can guide Mr.Nalin Kumar to concentrate on our district's development

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  • Rohit Poojary, Mangaladevi/Mangalore

    Thu, Apr 3 2014

    Where were your 23 years BJP MP's
    who got chance 6.5 years in Central During Vajayee (Dhananjay Kumar) and your other MP's Sadhananda Gowda and Naleen Kumar Kateel (Both had Power in State).

    BJP converted Karnataka into Bihar.

    SM Krishna made Karnataka has a top State in the World.

    During his tenure Bangalore became like Singapore.

    He also developed Mysore, Mangalore, Hubli Dharwad has IT HUB.

    During his tenure INFOSYS made its Kottara Branch and also extended its IT PARK SEZ in Mudipu.

    Unfortunately, during his tenure there was severe Drought in other parts of Karnataka which he can't help because he is not RAIN GOD. But still he tried to Bring RAIN through "MODA BITHANE KARYAKRAMA". Inspite of all these difficulties he still managed to get 65 to 70 seats in mere next Election. If not Drought he would have definitely managed to get 40 more seats, which would have made him Next Chief minister easily at that time and the PROGRESS of IT companies in MANGALORE, HUBLI DHARWAD would have been increased.
    BUT waste BJP has transformed KARNATAKA into BIHAR. SHRI B. JANARDHAN POOJARY has worked hard for the upliftment of economically Backward people of all sector of people, and for the uplifment of OBC, SC/ST through LOAN MELAS, LAND REFORM ACT (BHOO HULUVAVANE BHOO VODAYAA). He also brought Kudremukh,MRPL,ONGCtoMangalore. Shri B. Janardhan Poojary improved what Shri Srinivas mallyas has given to the people of Mangalore like Extension of New Mangalore Port, Upgradation of KREC to NITK, Extension Of NITK, Mangalore Domestic (National) Airport to International Airport, Extension Of The Mangalore International Airport. Also he has worked hard for the extension of Mangalore Chemical Fertilizers Etc Etc Etc. All these works of Shri B Janardhan Poojary have given employment to Lakhs of Lakhs of People in Dakshina Kannada unlike BJP & Sangh Parivar which made OBC,SC/ST as criminals to get rotteninBellaryJailandInPaarapanaAgraharaJailinBangalore.


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  • Karuna, Mangalore/Dubai

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    Can Poojary gives us the stastics of Karnataka regarding water and toilet facilities. Almost 60 years of rule by Congress in Karnataka, we are not able to walk on the footpaths of any city, which has been converted into toilets by the supporters of his party. Let him talk after getting the real figures and last but not least from where did he get this figures of Gujarat. Poojary was a common man like us no access Government records for last 10 years or so

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  • Bhaskar Acharya, Shirva

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    INDIA is looted by CONGRESS all these years! He is not bothered. But he is worried about Gujarat being looted! what a joke by this joker.

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  • vittal Poojary, Muniyal/mangalore

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    Dear Mr.J Poojary
    where are you when this reservation system strated,Congress was ruling India more than 50 years and you spent most of your life in congress,why you have not taken any action regarding the poor GSB',Brahamines,Jains,bunts, who lost their land during the land reform act,when MrRajiv was in power with 2/3 majority many old policies could have been changed why you have not taken action,please stop criticising Mr.Modi,he is at least trying to improve the living std of the people and it is not easy there are more than 30 crores of people in india are below the poorty line,because congress had no vision of development,they knew only corruption,Mrs Indiraji and Rajive could have done a lot,but after that all the leaders looted india and kept the black money abroad,if we bring all this money we can develop the country within 20 years to he international level
    I think please give the chance to young people and take rest
    I am sure mangalore voters will see that you will be defeated
    you should have learnt from Shrinivas mallya and Manipal Pai family

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  • skf malali, mangalore

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    dont make baseless comments against NALIN KUMAR KATEEL.Who is 2nd in state ,and 24th in nation,in is on record Mr.poojari ,such a senior member even his party ruling major portion since independence run away from development argument still appeals to vote,by dividing society on the basis of cast creed etc,mangalorian were shrewd enough to observe this,cong again defeated badly in MANGALORE...

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  • vittal Poojary, Muniyal/mangalore

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    Dear Mr.Rohit
    Why Mr.Poojary has not taken any action to sanction at least one engineering and one medical college for the Billawa community if he is really wanted to help billawas,why he has not taken any action to sanction one govt engg and govt medical college fro our districts,he had enough power when Mrs Indira and Rajeev were ruling?
    About unity of Billawas can you tell me why there are so many groups in mangalore,why the all are not supporting J Poojary because he has bad attitude,till 65 years he has not done anything to uplift the poor people and provide min facilities in mangalore,see the conditions around state bank,dakke and baikampady,mullakkad,bijai,Ballabagh also mangaldevi areas
    Pl stope this type of low thinking,everybody should help the billawa community to educate the people,how many doctros and engineers you have? why Mr.Poojary not helping them,,he was spending only his time in Mangalore Dussera and calling Sonia and other congress leaders to Kudroli temple? has he followed shree Narayana guru's ideology? he is so selfish and acting like dictator? he can not do any good thing for mangalore district as well as for billawas because you can see who are with him in the stage

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  • srimallar, mangalore

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    best way to celebrate 1sr april, fools day. a press conference for the voters of mangalore

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    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    This man is a split personality.

    He says "It is not the caste that should be considered for reservation but financial condition."

    In the same voice, he demands reservation to Brahmins and GSBs which is again based on castes.

    This is just because he now wants the vote of Brahmins and GSBs.

    Brahmins are against the present reservation system which has divided the almost entire Govt. jobs and educational seats based on castes.

    The Govt. should help the poor to come up with a good education and there could be minimum reservation to the first generation of the poor and not thereafter.

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  • vinayak prabhu, mangalore

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    Thanks for concern about gsb community..but. We wont vote you..yes poor brahmins as whole need reservations..not only Gsb. We are not fools. If you.are so much concerned about gsb why dint you give a assembly seat for gsb in are concerned about minority only..suddenly you remember karnataka cet gsb people get reservation under linguistic minority..for gsb indian culture, religion and nationalism come first. So dont think you can fool us

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  • sid, mangalore

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    Dongi Congis Have always given easy solutions without any vision. Reservation is the easy way to appease a community. Its reached such a level that every community has a reservation, which is a joke for this ERA . We are still 50 years back because of Dongi Congis

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  • SM, Mangalore

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    we should only make sure that our Backs are protected and taken care during this election period. Both the Parties ( Congress and BJP ) are hitting back now a days ...Lol

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  • kiran, mangalore

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    I thought this was perhaps a very good press conference.
    It seems BJP people are jealous of JP giving a press conference.
    Can or has nalin given Press conferences till date. or how many did he give. ? He can talk a lot of hindutva in temples and some other hindu functions, but apart from that he cannot give any press conference. he hides or runs away from such types he does not have that eligibility to give such a conference.
    I am still thinking how he won in 2004 against a candidate like poojary.
    How the DK people who are so educated , went away with hindutva not the right candidate. being so educated how did they vote for the man Nalin , If there are answers, please suggest as to why did u vote for Nalin ? and why will you vote for Nalin again ?
    Its for sure that even if modi comes to power its the mangalore MP who has to work for Mangalore may be bringing the projects to mangalore or may be opoosing the projects like yettinahole. who is the better candidate who can do this and who has the power to do this ?
    Please reply with suitable answers.

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  • Dr.S.Kamath, Mumbai

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    If any GSB person comes to you for help dont say Konkaner Mata BJP ans shun them .Dont insult GSB people in your speach .That may attract some Votes for you from GSB.Yes Economically weak from any Caste need reservation good point but then your party UPA-II Headed by Congress has already increased the Creamy Layer to Rs 10 Lacs per anum .Please tell me earning Rs 10 Lacs per anum do they need reservation even if they are OBC ?? with that they are deprsiving those poor OBC who really need reservations in Jobs and higher education .Hence if at all you want to do good to society first reverse the decission of creamy layer to Rs 5 lacs ( If Possible make it Rs 2 lacs per anum.

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  • ismail, hail

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    ಕೇಂದ್ರದಲ್ಲಿ ಕಾಂಗ್ರೆಸ್ಸಿಗೆ ಬಹುಮತ ಸಿಕ್ಕಿದರೆ ಮಂಗಳೂರಿನಲ್ಲಿ ಪೂಜಾರಿ ಸೋಲುತ್ತಾರೆ , ಮಂಗಳೂರಿನಲ್ಲಿ ಪೂಜಾರಿ ಗೆದ್ದರೆ ಕೇಂದ್ರದಲ್ಲಿ ಕಾಂಗ್ರೆಸ್ ಸೋಲುತ್ತದೆ , ಯಾವುದು ಬೇಕು ನೀವು ತೀರ್ಮಾನಿಸಿ.

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  • R.Bhandarkar, M'lore

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    1.Hail Ismail! Hail!
    2.Helli Ismail ! Helli!
    Nimmage Bekaadahu Choose Maadi.....

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  • Rajesh shetty, Mlore shj

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    By the by Pappu was supposed to come to mangalore on fools day to try to make April fool of mangaloreans. What happened ?

    No positive response from the public except those 5 sitting in the Dias with Poojary ?

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  • David, Mangalore

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    Poojaree if you are talking in front of media More you will loose votes more so Dont talk much.Already Moily Team (Abayachandra jain&Team) and JDS & SDPI looking how to defeat you. I think Now Harsh went To USA to check how defeat you.

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  • Fayyaz, mangalore

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    BJP has looted Gujarat!!!! common JP... will you please come out of Gujarat. we want to know your plans for Mangalore. other day you told about getting petroleum companies to Mangalore and providing 15lakh job.. then you changed your sentence. what can we accept from you JP. we are sick and tired of your caste based politics and reservations.I have voted you last time. not this year. my support is for Mr. Vasudeva of AAP. the only man who talks about the development.

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  • Koti , Udupi

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    Jannanna Kuda battara, prasarog pole. Daye Modi bokka BJP bettady burdar.

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  • R.Bhandarkar, M'lore

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    This press meet has some meaning to it. Even while commenting, I believe we should adhere to a certain 'code of conduct' and give respect to elder leaders
    which is their due. Political differences apart everything should be normal.A pinch of humor here and there is O.K., but respect should be given for mature and the wisdom they possess.

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  • India First, India

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    Poojary will very soon have a 'Guinness World Record' for having the maximum number of press meets in his name!!! Log Bhi Kya Kya Record Banathe Hain....

    DisAgree [4] Agree [47] Reply Report Abuse

  • Ashok , Mangalore

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    Dear Janardhana Poojary
    Until the election over please keep silence. Follow your opponents, Mr.Nalin Kumar & Mr.Vasudeva. Go door to door and ask the vote.. Unnecessary don't call any press conference. I am sure it will backfire you...

    DisAgree [3] Agree [33] Reply Report Abuse

  • prem, moodbidri

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    It has never happened in the history of independent India. A PM candidate is escaping from the media ever since he was nominated as PM candidate!

    FEKU knows very well, if he comes in front of the media, his true color will come out, his general and administrative knowledge will become the joke of the decade. So, running away from the media.

    From past 4-5 months FEKU is working day and night for gaining PM chair, but so far not prepared his agenda (if he becomes PM). No action plan on development has spoken in front of a crowd (in his rallies).
    Really surprising & suspicious!!

    Mithron... kuch to gadbad hai...!!!

    DisAgree [34] Agree [26] Reply Report Abuse

  • Flavian, Mangalore/Kuwait

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    Whatever it is, Poojary anna's big poses are worth considering.

    DisAgree [18] Agree [15] Reply Report Abuse

  • Sachin Poojary, Mangalore/Mangalore

    Tue, Apr 1 2014


    DisAgree [44] Agree [43] Reply Report Abuse

  • Allen, Mangalore

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    Poojarle onji BP da maathre dethondu onthe aaraam malpule. Mast kelasa aavere baaki undu. Gendhnda bokka patheroli!

    DisAgree [9] Agree [45] Reply Report Abuse

  • jeevan, mangalore

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    Poojari press meet is good as kapil sharma comedy show... congi must allot LS seat in 2019 too.. jai ho Janna

    DisAgree [22] Agree [34] Reply Report Abuse

  • Bryan, Bahrain

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    We need to put Masking Tape, for
    Janardhan Poojary mouth till the election...

    DisAgree [9] Agree [48] Reply Report Abuse

  • shenoy , mangalore

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    Well said Sir , Very true that people have seen you working for the poor , and appreciate your appeal for caste reservations, May god bless you and the people of dakshina kannada do not mistake again this time by rejecting you . This time DAKSHINA KANNADA will vote for clean and non corrupt

    DisAgree [16] Agree [32] Reply Report Abuse

  • Amin Bhoja, Patte / Riyadh

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    Poor Photographers and the journalists !!! A punishment that they did not make any mistakes!!!

    DisAgree [11] Agree [31] Reply Report Abuse

  • Abdul Salam, Mangalore/Doha

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    yes reservation should be given to the poorer sections of all society of every religion.but can the major sections of all political parties work unanimously on these lines?. Mr. Poojary, my full support on this particular issue.

    DisAgree [6] Agree [20] Reply Report Abuse

  • Vijay, Mangalore

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    Press meet malthonde kulluvara? or vote kenere mini popara? waste candidate, they dont want mangalore progress

    DisAgree [18] Agree [21] Reply Report Abuse

  • Rohit Poojary, Mangaladevi/Mangalore

    Tue, Apr 1 2014







    DisAgree [48] Agree [32] Reply Report Abuse

  • Roshan Shetty, Mangalore

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    Poojari anna illad kulle le. Praya 76 andye daye dye pura akad .. Pokad last movement tikuna vote la tikande malpuvar ?

    Sothu sunna apara ?

    DisAgree [24] Agree [33] Reply Report Abuse

  • Namith, Kottara

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    One more press meet.
    one press meet of Janna = loss of 5000 votes

    DisAgree [48] Agree [63] Reply Report Abuse

  • Vijay, Mangalore

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    Ha ha ha u r absolutely correct

    DisAgree [29] Agree [45] Reply Report Abuse

  • chidananda N H, BANAGALORE

    Tue, Apr 1 2014

    This press meet has some sense..orola kusal athh

    DisAgree [15] Agree [21] Reply Report Abuse


Title : Mangalore: Janardhan Poojary responds to BJP's complaints to EC


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