News: Sujay Bendore
Daijiworld Media Network – Dubai (SB) 
Dubai, Nov 10: Kannada Koota UAE, an association of Kannada-speaking people in the emirates, will be celebrating the 53rd Kannada Rajyotsava in the JSS International School premises at Al Barsha, Dubai on Friday November 13.

The programme will commence at 3.00 pm and will be followed by a community dinner. The event will be marked by a variety of cultural events. All Kannadigas and Kannada enthusiasts are invited to take part in the grand function. 

The event marks the commemoration of the formation of the extended Karnataka state (then known as Mysore state) incorporating various Kannada-speaking areas, which, until then, were part of other states. It was in 1956 that the Indian states were reorganized on linguistic basis.  

Later in 1972, the Mysore state was renamed as Karnataka. Ever since, the state celebrates November 1 every year as the Kannada. It is customary that Kannadigas living in large numbers outside the state or country too celebrate the happy occasion.  

For further details, the following can be contacted:

Aruna Muthugadur: 050 6616440
Iranna Mulimani: 050 3959943
Manjunath M: 050 9832329
Uma Vidyadhar: 050 8892487
Veerendra Babu: 050 4587390