Pics by Deon Gomes & Vinod Monteiro

Bengaluru, Sep 13: Konkani Samudai, Bengaluru, celebrated ‘Monthi Fest’ on September 8 to commemorate the nativity of Mother Mary.

The grand celebration commenced with the strewing of flowers to Mother Mary. Fr Roshan D'Souza led the prayer ceremony at the grotto while children showered flowers to Mother Mary to the tune of ‘Moriyek Hogollsiyan’. The traditional ‘Novem’ was blessed at the grotto and then brought inside the church in a procession.

This was followed by Eucharistic masses at Krista Karunalaya Church - Jaraganahalli and Christa Prabhalaya Church - Jayanagar, Bengaluru presided by.Fr Roshan D'Souza and concelebrant Fr Celestian with enlightening sermons that related the life and simplicity of Mother Mary to various vitamins in conjunction with vegetables used for the festive food.

During the holy mass, Jayanagar church choir sang melodious hymns which were backed up by pianist Royston Pinto. Konkani Samudai president Anitha Gomes and secretary Noel Fernandes, rendered the vote of thanks at the respective churches.

The evening programme was hosted by Royston Pinto, an upcoming compere cum event manager.

To conclude, there was made available a sumptuous buffet dinner – the traditional ‘Novem Jevan’ and ensured everyone took back home with them fond memories of the grand celebration.