Media Release

London, Sep 12: Mangalurean Catholics from various organisations united under one banner, the British Konkani Community, United Kingdom, to celebrate Monthi Fest in London on September 10 at Richard and Christine Lobo’s residence with devotion, grandeur and fervour.

The celebration commenced with a procession to offer flowers. Children attended in droves to offer flowers and prayers to mother Mary. New corn was also blessed by Fr Deepak.

This was followed by Holy Eucharist in Konkani celebrated by Fr Agnelo and Fr Deepak. Choir for the mass was given by London Prayer Group. In his homily, Fr Agnelo stressed the importance of venerating mother Mary and the role she played in Jesus’ life. He also emphasised that one must respect and revere our mothers as they are the most important person in one’s life.

After the mass, newly blessed corn mixed in milk was distributed to the gathered congregation.

Breakfast, in the form of starter snacks, was provided to the attendees.

This was followed by entertainment provided by members of MUKA Nottingham, KKL London, Prayer Group London and UK Konkans. There were songs, skits and dances from members of the various organisations.

High achievers in academics in the past year were honoured by the Lobo couple. Prizes were distributed for winners, altar servers and children who offered flowers to mother Mary.

This was followed by lunch and thanks giving by the Lobo couple.