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Abu Dhabi boy tops CBSE exam

DUBAI — MAY 26: Arjun Tampi from Abu Dhabi Indian School has emerged as the topper in the UAE with an astounding 95.2 per cent in Commerce, while Rajeshwari Dutta from Our Own English High School, Dubai, has topped in Science with 94.4 per cent marks in the All India Senior School Certificate Exam (Class XII) of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

This is the first time in the UAE that a Commerce student has topped the CBSE exam.

In the Humanities stream, Rachel Bianca Salema from Indian High School, Dubai, has topped in the UAE with 86.6 per cent marks.

According to the spokespersons of the schools, students have fared better in Commerce stream compared to Science this year, unlike last year.

This is also the first time that many students have secured 100 per cent marks in Mathematics, which the schools believe, is a very good indicator.    Some 3,237 students from the 30 CBSE-affiliated schools in the UAE appeared in the CBSE exam this year.

Following are the results of the various schools

The Indian High School, Dubai

383 students appeared for the exam. In Science, Shifa Faizal Mahamood secured 94.2 per cent, Tarandeep Kaur Ahuja got 92 per cent and Shachi Ashit Joshi fetched 91.6 per cent. In Commerce, Kunal Mahesh Kokal fetched 93.8 per cent, Vinita Gulabani got 93.4 per cent, and Yogesh Kumar had 92.8 per cent. In Humanities, Rachel Bianca Salema topped in the UAE with 86.6 per cent, Medha Parvate had 84 per cent and Deepali Chandrakant Jadhav got 80.2 per cent.

Our Own English High School, Dubai

Some 252 students appeared in the Grade XII exams and the school has recorded cent percent pass. Rajeshwari Dutta has topped in Science with 94.4 per cent marks, Abhinaya Anantha Krishnan came second with 90.6 per cent and Vaisali Krishna Kumar was third with 89.6 per cent. In Commerce, Athina Susan Abraham and Nerurkar Vineeta Shasha shared the top slot with an aggregate of 91.4 per cent. Mitali Botadra stood second with 91.2 per cent followed by Jyoti Lalwani with 90.4 per cent. In Humanities, Rashmi Raju Philip came first securing 88 per cent aggregate, followed by Halima Awana with 87.6 per cent and Tara Antony with 87.4 per cent.   

Our Own Indian School, Dubai

92 students appeared for the examinations. Mohammed Rameez and Kavitha Krishnan secured the highest position in Science with 88.2 per cent. Sonia Babu Suresh got 87 per cent and Sariga Sabinus scored 81.8 per cent. Atul Shivaprasad secured the highest in Commerce with 87.6 per cent, Serina Thomas got 85.80 per cent and Nancy Celine Nasyansen got 82.40 per cent.

New Indian Model School, Dubai

Of the 72 students who sat for the exam, all have passed. In Science, Lekshmi Harilal N. topped the school with 87.6 per cent. Obaidullah Ghulam Mohammed came second with 86.8 per cent and Chinnu Madhukumar came third with 82.2 per cent. In Commerce, Aarathi Ramakrishnan topped the school with 92.6 per cent, Ramitha Najeeb S. came second with 92.2 per cent and Shabna Abdul Wahab came third with 87.2 per cent.

The Millennium School, Dubai

Rajaram Murali came first in the Science stream with 82 per cent marks and Tara Pandalai of the Commerce stream topped the school with 90.2 per cent. Of the 47 students who appeared in the exam, 85.1per cent secured distinctions and first class. The school achieved 98 per cent pass in the exam.

Our Own High School, Al Warqa’a, Dubai

167 students appeared from the school. Sathvik Ganesan got 94 per cent in the Science group, while Avinash Sridhar got 90.8 per cent.

Emirates English Speaking School, Dubai

48 students from EESS appeared in the exams. In Science, Isha Chowdhary clinched the top spot with 83.2 per cent. Zoya Iqbal got 81.8 per cent and Dipinder Kaur Sethi was placed third with 80.4 per cent. In Commerce, Muna Mohammad bagged the first position with 88.4 per cent, Rajula got 86.4 per cent and Natasha D’Souza had 86 per cent.

The Central School, Dubai

A total of 42 students appeared from the school. Ayesha Lubaba secured 80.8 per cent in Science. Sana Sardar Ahmed got 83.2 per cent in Commerce.

Gulf Asian English School, Sharjah

Some 72 students appeared for the examination, out of which 92 per cent passed. Clara Daphne of Science Stream topped the list among girls followed by Minara Beghum in the second position. Adil Mahmood of Science Stream topped the list among boys, followed by Patrick Anthony in the second position. Ana Kausar of Commerce stream topped the list among girls scoring 85 per cent, and Ahmed Munawar Muneer of Commerce topped the list among boys scoring 82 per cent

Delhi Private School,  Sharjah

The school has registered cent percent pass results. Among the 64 students who appeared for the exam in the science stream, Preethi Kosaraju topped the school list among girls securing 91.6 per cent and Shriram Subramanian stood first among boys securing 90 per cent aggregate. Out of the 52 students who appeared for the exam in the commerce stream, Mugdha Kalvade came first among girls with 90.2 per cent and Akshaya Kothari clinched the first position among boys with 90.8 per cent aggregate.

New Indian Model School, Sharjah

Priya Pillai topped in Science with 85.6 per cent followed by Rehana Rahim who got 82.8 per cent and Thushara Prema Rajan got 81.4 per cent. Sajid Salam and Mohd. Rizwan stood first and second in the boys section. In Commerce, Aparna Rajeev came first securing 88.4 per cent and she also topped the school. Amal Abraham secured 83.2 per cent and Salim Shaik Fazil secured 81.8 per cent.

Sharjah Indian School

Of the 343 candidates who appeared from the school, Pradeep Satwani got 89.2 per cent in Science and topped the stream. Previnth Samuel and Rashmi Balvant Bhagwat got 88.8 per cent each and Anand Chandrasekharan fetched 87.6 per cent. In Commerce, Razia Nawaz scored 90.8 per cent and topped the stream, while Beatrice G Thattil got 90 per cent and Jisha Mary George had 89.6 per cent.

Our Own English High School, Sharjah

The school achieved 100 per cent pass. Devi Grishma Narayan secured 93.4 per cent in Science. Aliya Akthar got 91. 6 per cent and Diya Susan Mathew got 91.2 per cent. Meena Muthiah got 93.8 per cent in Commerce, Payal Ramesh Chandani scored 93.6 per cent, while Aditi Kini achieved 91.4 per cent.

Abu Dhabi Indian School

A total number of 237 students appeared, of which the pass percentage was 99.6 per cent. Nilabja Chattopadhyay stood first in science with 92 per cent. Gautam Jagannathan got 90.4 per cent and Liny Susan Easow secured 90.2 per cent. In Commerce, Arjun Tampi emerged the topper in the UAE with an astounding 95.2 per cent. In Commerce, Henette Quadros scored 93.6 per cent and Chhavi Sharma got 92.2 per cent.

St Joseph’s School, Abu Dhabi

Some 22 students took the Science examination. Remya Philip got 93 per cent, Alisha Viola D’souza scored 92.6 per cent and Sharon Thomas got 91.6 per cent. In Commerce the top achievers were Prithvi Vinay Kumar and Sonam Suresh Bhatia with 87.6 per cent each, Diana Mahesh Sugandh got 87.4 per cent and Candida Philomena D’souza fetched 86.8 per cent.

The Indian Islahi Islamic School, Abu Dhabi

All the students who appeared have passed in the exam. The top three students in the Science stream were Shyama Krishnan, Naufa Abdul Azeez and Sonia Simon, while in the commerce stream the top three were Shameem Mohammed Basha, Rashid Basheer Rahim K.V. and Mohammed Rizwan Khan.

Our Own English High School - Fujairah

The school achieved a 100 per cent result. Vinitha Vasanth topped with 88 per cent in Science while Appu Nambiaruveetil Subramanian topped the school and the Commerce stream with 90 per cent.

Scholars Indian School, Ras Al Khaimah

Ajay Mohan topped in the Commerce stream securing 86.4 per cent and Shamnad Tajuddin secured 80.2 per cent in the science stream. Nine students  appeared for the examination - three from the commerce stream and six from the science stream. All the nine have passed and the school has secured 100 per cent result.

Indian Public High School, Ras Al Khaimah

Subi Satheesan topped in Science with 83.6 per cent and Rupinder Kaur got 78.4 per cent, while Allwyn John Chiramel got 78 per cent. Faisal Mustafa topped with 89.6 per cent in Commerce. Kushal Pagarani got 78.2 per cent and Misbah Noori got 77.6 per cent.

Our Own English High School, Al Ain

The school has achieved 100 per cent pass results (24 students appeared for the examination). Anurag Ravi Kadasne stood first obtaining an overall aggregate of 91 per cent. He topped in Maths with 99 per cent, 94 per cent in Physics and 93 per cent in Chemistry. Ambrin came second with an overall aggregate of 88 per cent. Aishwarya C Ramachandran stood third with 87.4 per cent. Misba Fathima Ahmed stood first in the Commerce stream with an aggregate of 86.2 per cent.

Indian School Al Ain

In Science, Blessy Mary Mathew stood first with 82.6 per cent and Linu Thomas and Shobhit Bhushan Desai stood second with 82.2 per cent. Mohd Musfir came third with 81.6 per cent. In the Commerce stream, Malavika Sunil Menon stood first with a score of 94.4 per cent. Aida S Abraham stood second with 93.6 per cent and Mohd Jafer came third with 91.2 per cent. The school’s toppers in Commerce are also the toppers in Al-Ain Region.

Darul Huda Islamic School, Al Ain

Of the 32 candidates who appeared, Mohd Mansoof stood first in Science with 80 per cent, followed by Sufiyan with 79.4 per cent and Hafiz Hamza with 79.2 per cent. In Commerce, Aboobakar Abdul Azeez topped with 83.8 per cent, Mohd Ashraf with 81.8 per cent and Rahmanullah got 81 per cent.

Al Ain Juniors School

In the science stream, Sanjay Narayan topped with 90.8 per cent followed by Ejaz Ahmed with 85.5 per cent and Vani with 80 per cent. Nigel in the Commerce stream got the highest with 78 per cent, Bharat Kalwani got 75 per cent and Rahul Ramraj scored 66 per cent.

Indian School, Ajman

Some 56 students sat for the exam. Roshna Raj topped in Science with 90.4 per cent and Catherine Alexander came second with 83 per cent. In Commerce, Balagopal Menon topped with 92.6 per cent, while Anthika A. Dias came second with 91.4 per cent. Meena Kumari came third with 90.6 per cent.


Commerce students shine in CBSE exams

DUBAI — MAY 26: Students of Commerce stream in the UAE schools have fared better than those in the Science stream in the All India Senior School Certificate Exam (Class XII) of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) this year.

Some 3,237 students from the 30 CBSE-affiliated schools in the UAE had appeared in the CBSE exam this year.

Last year, Science stream students had done better than Commerce students.

This is also the first time that many students have fetched 100 per cent score in Mathematics, which, according to the schools, is a very good indicator.

Arjun Tampi from Abu Dhabi Indian School has emerged as the topper in the UAE this year with an impressive 95.2 per cent marks in Commerce, while Rajeshwari Dutta from Our Own English High School, Dubai, has topped in Science with 94.4 per cent.

In the Humanities stream, Rachel Bianca Salema from Indian High School, Dubai, has topped in the UAE with 86.6 per cent marks.


Dhahi orders spot fines for traffic offences

DUBAI — MAY 26: Starting June this year, drivers violating speed limits will be issued immediate fines as they will be under the constant monitoring of the radar cameras attached with police patrol vehicles, Lieutenant-General Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, Commander-in-Chief of the Dubai Police, has said.

The Dubai Police chief made this announcement during his visit to the Dubai Traffic Department.

He stressed that the Dubai Police were all set to intensify their campaign against traffic offenders, and that police patrol units would be stationed permanently across different locations of the emirate to book the culprits immediately.


No bird flu cases in UAE

ABU DHABI — MAY 26: No cases of avian influenza were detected during a nationwide survey of wild birds conducted by the Environment Agency — Abu Dhabi (EAAD).

The monitoring was done during the month of March, when the spring bird migration takes place. EAAD experts recorded a total of 62,155 birds, belonging to 125 species and 42 families across Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Northern Emirates. In Abu Dhabi alone, where EAAD monitored 12 coastal sites, 10 islands, four inland wetlands and three green areas, the highest number of bird species was found in Al Wathba (40), while the lowest was in Hook and Salah (one each). Only one bird was found dead, a Socotra Cormorant, in Al Barakah. The bird, though, was not in a state to be tested for avian flu.

According to EAAD officials, although migratory birds have not been related to the most recent avian flu outbreaks, it is still important to monitor them and to record any sickness and large-scale mortality. Since the outbreak of avian influenza in the Gulf (Kuwait and Saudi Arabia) as well as in South Asia (Bangladesh and Myanmar), EAAD has stepped up monitoring of water birds.


Hybrid cars for Dubai’s taxi fleet

DUBAI — MAY 26: The Government of Dubai has announced that its taxi fleet will be gradually converted into hybrid cars (environment-friendly vehicles).

The new initiative will establish Dubai as a leading city in promoting sustainable public transport system. A select group of developed countries already have environmental-friendly and sustainable transport systems.

The move comes following the directives of His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE, and Ruler of Dubai, to pursue environment-friendly and sustainable development policies as highlighted by the Dubai Strategic Plan 2015.

Hybrid cars, which use electrical energy in addition to conventional fuels, are highly effective in reducing transport-related emissions.


Latest technology foils Indian’s attempt to enter the UAE 
An Indian man deported by immigration officials for travelling on a fake passport has been arrested in India.  Police in Bangalore arrested Abdul Sattar of Kasargod, Kerala, on Thursday night after he arrived on an Air India flight from Dubai Inter national Airport. Sattar tried to sneak into the UAE on May 21 to look for a job by travelling under the name Sainy Prabhakar, a native of Gopalapuram in Andhra Pradesh.

While immigration officials in India were unable to detect the passport was fake, an iris scan at Dubai airport revealed the fraud. Sattar allegedly paid Rs57,000 (Dh5,195) to a Mumbai-based agent to buy a fake passport and visa. The agent replaced the photo in Sainy’s stolen passport. Sainy had recently returned from Dubai and had a re-entry visa.

The iris scan system developed by Abu Dhabi Police and implemented in all the international airports in the country, has so far exposed 130,000 people attempting to illegally enter the country.

Up to 400 passengers have their eyes scanned by the device every day. Since it was introduced, 12 million search operations have been carried out through the system.

Meanwhile, police in Kerala have suspended an officer for helping obtain a false passport for travel to Dubai.


Innovative ways to solve parking woes
A third company has announced plans for futuristic systems that it says will ease the UAE’s severe car parking problems.  F Kamber Holdings, of Dubai, has signed an agreement with Chinese manufacturer Voltech Group for the supply of multilayer parking equipment.  The systems use automated lifts and complex machinery to whisk cars away and park them automatically, allowing more vehicles to be held in a given area than normal.

Two prototype facilities are to be installed in Deira and Jumeirah in the next 60 days, before more car parks with capacities of up to 2,000 are built.

Tariq Lizami, CEO of F Kamber, said the company would target the new Metro system and shopping malls as well as temporary venues used for concerts and other events.

“We can provide more than 170 spaces where other car parks would only manage 100 and it is similar to valet parking at a far cheaper cost,” he said. “This is the solution for the UAE and we will be more efficient and effective than our competitors as we have the experience.” In February, Automatic Carpark Technology submitted plans to Dubai Municipality to build an advanced car park on Sheikh Zayed Road.

There is already one facility in Deira, built by East and West Robotics LLC, with room for just 16 cars. Drivers leave their vehicles at the entrance and insert a bar-coded card, sending a signal to a computer and activating the mechanism that parks them.

Pierre Hakimeh, Marketing Manager of East and West Robotics, said the firm was working on a system with a capacity of 200 cars that would be installed in a residential tower in Sharjah. He welcomed the challenge from the other companies.

Boss Lizami said: “These systems could make parking problems a thing of the past.”


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