Mangalorean Shilpa Hegde to contest in Australia elections

Mangalorean Shilpa Hegde to contest in Australia elections

Media Release

Mangalore/Melbourne, Aug 8: The upcoming elections in Australia is unique for the number of Indian-origin candidates contesting for a place in the country's parliament. For Mangaloreans, it is a momentous occasion, as a lady from the city is one among the contestants.

Shilpa Hegde is a candidate for the Liberal Party from Wills in Melbourne, Australia. The elections will be held on September 7.

Shilpa is an engineer by profession and works for an IT consulting company. Her early life had profound influence and her parents were instrumental in infusing the family values, community service, and hard working culture. Shilpa was born in Mangalore, the daughter of a chartered accountant and mother busy with community service. She went to school in Mangalore and Muscat where her father was briefly posted. She went on to complete Bachelor of Engineering and other formal IT trainings that support her current role as a software consultant at one of Australia’s major IT company, DWS.
As a working class mother of two beautiful sons, Nihal and Sahil, she understands the hardship of local residents and businesses face due to the rising cost of living and the implications of Labor’s carbon tax. With the full support of husband Dayanand, Shilpa is committed to work hard to gain funding for jobs, education, roads, transport, and health.

Her passion to help people is evident in her involvement in various school and community activities and as a volunteer for charity organisations such as Guide Dogs, Vision Australia, Cancer Council, Beyond Blue, Kids Under Cover, National Tree Day, and MS Walk and Fun Run. This experience has provided her with invaluable insight and empathy for people. Shilpa has always aimed to deliver real solutions to the issues affecting her community.

Shilpa migrated to Australia in 2001 and settled in Melbourne. Soon after her arrival, she was inspired by the ideology and values of the Liberal Party and started her career as a Liberal volunteer in the November 2001 federal election. Her husband, Dayananda Shetty, was involved in the Liberal party at that time. Since then, she has actively supported her party in various council, state and federal election campaigns and party fundraising events.

While talking about her campaign Shilpa said, “I am already out there in the community door-knocking and listening to locals about the issues they are facing. For a long time Wills has been taken for granted by Labour."

Shilpa adds that Liberal has a plan to put Australia back on track.

This plan includes “Generation of one million new jobs within five years by delivering lower taxes, more efficient government and more productive businesses”.

While talking about her plans she said, “Wills has a relatively young population, however, it also has a lower than average income compared to the rest of Australia. This means that cost of living pressures are felt especially hard by those in the electorate. This has been constantly brought to my attention by residents."

Shilpa also believes that “Tony Abbott will make an outstanding Prime Minister."

"In the three years since the last election, Tony Abbott and the Coalition team have travelled to all parts of Australia listening and talking with people about their lives and their hopes for this country." "It is through theseconversations that the Coalition’s plan to restore hope, opportunity and reward was developed. Tony Abbott has, as have all the Coalition team, been listening to Australians about their issues and are ready to get this country back on track and build a stronger Australia," Shilpa added.


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  • Sabitha Rai, Udupi

    Thu, Jul 3 2014

    All the Best. Hope you will win.. Anyway we are proud of you...

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  • Pooja Prabhu, Tallur,Kundapur/Thirthahalli/Bangalore

    Tue, Sep 17 2013

    Really proud that Shilpa is contesting for Asutralia elections. Wishing all d best to Shilpa Hegde..

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  • jpshetty, patel house siddapur janaka koteshwar

    Mon, Sep 2 2013

    God bless you , Mr Daya is one of my and my family well wisher who is a agreat struggler and a role model to entire community. He grown up without god father the person starts with several dreams is becoming true by the capacity of you . I hope you will succeed in this venture. once again i wish all the success.7/9/13surely a memorable day to indians by your right decision.

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  • Evans Christopher Sumitra, Udupi/Dubai/New York,USA.

    Sun, Aug 11 2013

    We wish Shilpa Hegde all the very best and we have our full support to you. Even in US we have many who are holding good positions in the government like Mayors, Senates all because of the their hard work and most of all the support from the Indian community who are working hard in every way. So I am sure you will reach your goal with the support of your people. Election is won only because of the people's vote and we are the people. GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS.

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  • Bulsam, Mangalore

    Sat, Aug 10 2013

    People of this region are famous all over the world. Keep it up!
    Congratulations to Shilpa Hegde.
    Good luck!

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  • Max, Adelaide

    Sat, Aug 10 2013

    Good luck Shilpa....we all support you, throw labor party out of office, hope liberals win and put country back on track!! All tax payers money is spent on wrong causes for last 6yrs.

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  • Vincent Rodrigues, Katapadi/Bangalore

    Fri, Aug 9 2013

    We,Indians are really proud to hear that a Manglorean Shilpa Hegde is contesting the forthcoming Australia election.We all wish you all the best and sure win in the forthcoming election you have contested.We await for good news and sweets from you without fail.Thanq.

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  • Jessy, Mulky

    Fri, Aug 9 2013

    agreed US, Australia and Canada cannot compared to Gulf in any ways for sure. But Indian means Indian national. if grandparents or parents are indian we sometime call them Indian American ! Indians are very mean and selfish when it comes to Sonia, that's why we see today so much poverty, inflation, fake currency rampant, underworld dons, crimes every where...

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  • Langoolacharya, Belman/Washington,DC

    Fri, Aug 9 2013

    Hey Matthew,

    Only for the post of President of US naturalized Citizens cannot contest.

    Rest all posts naturalized US citizens can contest.

    Bobby Jindal was born after few months his parents immigrated to US and Niki changed her name after she married like your mother did...

    There is more descrimination in Kerala and Nitte than Australia and US combined together.

    Both Bobby and Niki would have held their posts if they were born in US or born in Nitte and immigrated to US.

    When we say Indians what we mean is people of Indian Origin, just because one in naturalised and get US citizenship it does not mean one is not Indian,,, you can say he or she is not Indian Citizen anymore,,, thats all...

    I really dont know what message you wanted to send here???

    One more thing I want to tell you, people of Indian origin are more educated, and have more yearly income than white native US born citizens...its from US census my friend,,, not my opinion..US is not gulf my friend....


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  • Matthew, Nitte

    Fri, Aug 9 2013

    Dear "Langooracharya",

    Which part of my post do you disagree with? The fact that a US president cannot be naturalized citizen but needs to be "naturally born", or the fact that there is rampant discrimination in Australia ?

    Neither Bobby Jindal nor Nikki Hailey are Indians. They are Americans - born and raised.Nikki was born Namrita, and despite her American birth, and legally changed her name to Nikki well before her marriage. So did Piyush aka Bobby Jindal. They wouldn't have got a single vote in deep down south had they continued with their original faith, and hence converted too. Why call them Indians ? Do you call Bill Clinton as English or Obama as Kenyan ? They are Americans.Period.

    Nobody is contending that there is no discrimination in Nitte/Kerala, atleast Nitte/Kerala had voting rights and equal civil liberties right from 1947. It took until late 60s for US to implement civil rights for everyone.

    The "message" i want to send is, a young lady of Indian origin is contesting an election. Stop making it an India bashing fest.Besides, there is no such thing as a "mangalorean", she is of Indian descent..

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  • Langoolacharya, Belman/Washington,DC

    Fri, Aug 9 2013

    Nobody change name for votes in US.
    Obama is african name, he did not change it but still won, if his name was Ponga Pandit instead of Barrak Obama, he would have still won.

    You are dumbest person I have ever seen if you think americans vote by first or last name.

    Color blind people cannot see color and its not your fault.

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  • Matthew, Nitte

    Sat, Aug 10 2013

    Really ? Maybe that's why Obama was asked before the 2009 elections if he is a regular reader of bible, or which church in DC will he visit if gets elected ? Faith and race have always been a major issue in US, and still is. Isn't the Trayvon Martin case enough of an indication of that ?

    Nikki Haily nor Bobby Jindal would have been where they are,especially in a conservative south had they continued with their real names or true faiths. Nikki turned from Sikhism to a Methodist as soon as her political carrier blossomed . Heck ! There was even a Washington Post article debating her faith.

    Guess you are too immature to hold a debate without hurling personal insults. Enjoy your weekend!

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  • john_S, Bahrain/Mangalore

    Fri, Aug 9 2013

    Vinaya, if qualification is only the criteria to be a politican, 95% of our politicians will be out of jobs.

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  • Vipul Suvarna, Someshwar

    Fri, Aug 9 2013

    Foreigners can not contest for elections in Australia. Shilpa is a naturalised Australian. She is not an Indian Citizen anymore.

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  • Matthew, Nitte

    Fri, Aug 9 2013

    Vipul, thanks for mentioning that. Its a shame that many here turned the news of a person born of Indian descent contesting an election into a India bashing event !

    It is fallacy to even believe Australia of all nations will allow an immigrant to be their PM. Even Julia Gillard, the first female Australian PM was hurled with anti-feminist remarks in parliament, and had rug snatched beneath her when her government fell mid-term. Among all western nations, Australia is perhaps the only english speaking nation that still has rampant violence against immigrants ,and the native aborigines.

    Even the US has clear natural-born citizens legislation when it comes to Presidential candidates. Mind you, even US citizens who have been "naturalized" i.e. have been granted citizenship but were not born in US or US territories cannot be the president of the United States.

    Someone mentioned Nicky Hailey and Bobby Jindal. They are NOT Indians, never were. They are both naturally born US citizens born to parents of Indian origin.

    ( PS : Even Nicky and Bobby had to change their real names and religions to gain votes ).

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    Fri, Aug 9 2013



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  • Romo Pinto, Mangalore

    Fri, Aug 9 2013

    This applies to Sonia Gandhi or other foreigners too who live & had citizenship here. Why these selfish BJP & Ssngh Parivar make big ulla gulla?

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  • Matthew, Nitte

    Fri, Aug 9 2013

    Because of the same reasons why US does not allow naturalized citizens to become presidents, only naturally-born ( i.e. born in US or US territory are eligible ). The premise behind the legislation is dual loyalty. When a person is an immigrant, they may still have emotional,monetary or political affiliations with their former country.

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    Fri, Aug 9 2013

    Best Wishes Shilpa, We proud of you.

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  • Societal Web, Dubai

    Fri, Aug 9 2013

    I proud of you also

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  • mathew clement castelino, MIYAR-KARKALA/BOMBAY

    Fri, Aug 9 2013


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    Fri, Aug 9 2013



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  • Vinaya K Rai, Kadaba / Bangkok

    Fri, Aug 9 2013

    Why we all are comparing this issue with India? Please note that Indian origins whoever contested / won election in foreign countries are come up because of their qualifications and also they developed from grass root working. Not because of some one's wife / son. In India we follow them only because they are from particular family, not by their qualification. We have to elect candidates only from their qualification and not for their family or party. Then only we can dream for good governance.

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  • Arun, land links konchady derebail

    Fri, Aug 9 2013

    Rightly said Mr.Vinaya Rai

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  • CA Nitin J Shetty, Mangalore

    Fri, Aug 9 2013

    Wish you all the best Shilpa. The whole of Mangalore gives you the moral support and prayers.

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  • Pint, Mlore

    Fri, Aug 9 2013


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  • Pavanraj Rai, Belya/Sullia/Mangalore

    Fri, Aug 9 2013

    All the Best...

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  • dinesh shetty, Nitte/Dubai

    Fri, Aug 9 2013

    Wonderful Shilpa we all proud of you.All the very best to you..I know you will do it..Growing tree can be seen from seed will be PM of Australia oneday. Your dimple smile remain forever,.God bless you.

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  • Valerian Dsouza, Udupi/Mumbai

    Fri, Aug 9 2013

    So great!
    Some Mangaloreans for their broad mind, reached all corners of the world and shine everywhere!

    Narrow minded, Frog in the Well mentality people remained there only and trying to suppress and impose their own views on those who are around there and those
    are coming there!

    If there is good hospitable environment, our coastal region will surely benefit and flourish in tourism and hospitality industry.

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  • Vincy, Bangkok

    Fri, Aug 9 2013

    WE are proud that Shilpa is contesting for Asutralia elections and we wish her to be a PM one day.
    It is not just Australia but countries like Malaysia,Singapore,Thailand,UK,USA have Indian origin political leaders. But Indians in India are not ready accept the Italian born ,migrated due to marriage and become Indian citizen Sonia Gandhi as the PM. Our opposition leaders Sushma and Uma Bharti went on protests and threatened to cut their hair in public.
    Not only Australia,Indians are migrating to every where in the world and then join social works and politics but we Indians are so hypocrites that we accepts foreign charity and foreign funds but we cannot accept their role in politics.

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  • Ted, Mangalore

    Fri, Aug 9 2013

    Product of Madhava Kripa School, Manipal
    Native of Hiriyadka

    Congrats Senior !
    You made us all proud

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  • Cynthia, Moodbidri

    Fri, Aug 9 2013

    Some BJP follower dislike Sonia not because she is a western lady, its coz they cannot ruin India anymore, cannot take law in their own hands & show dadagiri, coz Sonia is already a powerful lady !

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  • Langoolacharya, Belman/Washington,DC

    Fri, Aug 9 2013


    Australia is a nice country to live and Immigrate.

    US and Canada are other two countries people like to immigrate.

    Australia ,its easy and take less time to get Citizenship...In US it takes more than 10 years in most case.

    We have two Indian origin people as Governors of States out of 50 US Governors,,, Bobby Jindal from Louisiana and Niki Haley from South Carolina.

    I wish Shilpa all the best...and as usual in western countries your work is only factor and you cannot pull wool on voters eyes and make money by corruption.


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  • Hindustani, Manipal/Dubai

    Fri, Aug 9 2013




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  • Madhav, Maane /Udupi

    Fri, Aug 9 2013

    Good luck Mrs Shilpa Hegde

    She is an indian, her husband is an indian origin yet she could become parlimentarian or PM in australia.

    But in india some fekus & pseudos have serious problems with wife of a formar PM who is a citizen of india.

    Although many foreign countries have PM & presidents of indian origin, in india some feku parties have made foriegn origin as their election agenda.

    Do they have any world knowledge?

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  • Neil, UK

    Fri, Aug 9 2013

    Good wishes Shilpaji,
    You have two choices.1)Emulate Carlos Slim the richest man and philantropistof Lebanese origin in Mexico OR loot,loot and cheat and be like the richest politician of Italian origin in India.
    I know you will follow the former because you are brought up with value. good luck

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  • William dsouza, Mangalore/Dubai

    Fri, Aug 9 2013

    Well done Shilpa and we wish you all the very best. Make the best of this opportunity and I hope the Indian community there supports you adequately... May the Indian and mangalorean flag fly very high in Melbourne....

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  • Golbert C Pinto, Mangalore/Muscat

    Fri, Aug 9 2013

    All the best. Continue good work.

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  • simple, Bangalore

    Fri, Aug 9 2013

    Such a huge smile.
    Any voter will fall for it and they will ... definitely...
    All the best.

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  • Romo Pinto, Mangalore

    Fri, Aug 9 2013

    All the best Shilpa
    Keep smiling........

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  • Matthew, Nitte

    Fri, Aug 9 2013

    Wouldnt it make a better headlines to say "Indian" instead of "Mangalorean" ? Shilpa Hegde is of Indian descent , Mangalore is not an ethnicity but just a city.

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  • Romo Pinto, Mangalore

    Fri, Aug 9 2013

    Great news !!!
    All the best Shilpa

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  • jeevan, mangalore

    Fri, Aug 9 2013

    God bless you and we are proud of you hegde...

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  • Vipul Suvarna, Mangalore

    Thu, Aug 8 2013

    Yes, as a Manglorean I wish you all the best. Liberals may win with all the scare tactics ushed by the Murdoch papers. Tony Abbot as our prime minister-I would like to see that. As a smart woman you must admit that Carbon Tax has only good for the country. I would be interested to see Tony and his team sending the boats back. You are lucky. You took a flight to Australia!!! All the best.

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    Thu, Aug 8 2013

    Well done Shilpa. Now make some thing of it as these opportunities don't come too often. All the best.

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  • Peter Lewis, Kalmady/k s a

    Thu, Aug 8 2013

    Good Luck.

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