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Mangalorean's accident in Doha: Mother alleges neglect, company denies

Mangalorean's accident in Doha: Mother alleges neglect, company denies

Daijiworld Media Network - Mangalore & Doha

Mangalore / Doha, Feb 11: Conrad Rachen D'Souza, a native of Mangalore working in Doha, Qatar, met with an accident there in November 2011, and since then his family has been trying to get him back home to Mangalore, alleging that the company he was working for had not provided adequate treatment and was not sending him back either.

In this regard, Conrad's mother Rufeena D'Souza addressed a press meet organized by the district DYFI here on Monday February 11 and said that her son yearns to return home.

"Conrad calls me and says he wants to return home, but the company and police in Doha are not allowing him to do so. They claim that unless some papers are signed, he cannot be sent back," she said.

Conrad is employed with  Space Trading Company WLL, Doha, and had met with an accident when he rammed into an earthmover. Reliable sources said that he was talking on the phone at the time of the accident. After the accident, he was treated at a hospital and later discharged, but is still undergoing treatment and is expected to undergo a surgery too.

Rufeena alleged that Conrad was made to do house chores and also work for the company despite his poor health condition.

"He has not been given proper treatment and a urine bag has been attached to him. He is made to sit in the room," she said, adding that his medicines were stopped nine months ago.

DYFI district president Muneer Katipalla said that 18 months ago Conrad left for Qatar and worked as a crane operator. "Even one year and three months after the accident, he has not been sent home," he said,

Katipalla said that DYFI has submitted appeals to the deputy commissioner, the Indian embassy in Qatar and to the minister of external affairs, government of India, but there has been no response from anyone yet.

Dayananda Shetty, DYFI district secretary, Samuel Titus, regional leader of Bangrakulur, and Conrad's two sisters, his aunt Flavy and father Sylvester D'Souza were present.


Clarification by Employer in Doha

On January 30, 2013 Daijiworld received an appeal from Rufeena D'Souza, mother of Conrad Rachen D'souza requesting daijiworld's help in her son's matter. Upon receipt of letter, daijiworld forwarded it to our correspondents in Doha to find out more.

In a couple of days, daijiworld, after investigation, received a brief report about Conrad, who lives in an accommodation provided by the employer. He needs to undergo a major surgery for his full recovery, by a specialist doctor who has to come from abroad.

On the other hand, Space Trading has been trying to claim insurance, but without complete investigation by the hospital, the insurance was delayed. Conrad wanted to return home only after the surgery and insurance claim, and thereby his departure from Doha was delayed.

The company sources told daijiworld that the matter was promptly communicated to the family back home, and that the company has been paying his salary even though he was not working.

"It surprising to see the family complaining back home with a press conference, as Conrad is quite comfortable here, despite his injuries. In November we took him to a private party, and later every time we went on an outing, we took him along, even to the beach and park. Last week also he was taken out for shopping. He did not utter a single word against his employer, but it is a total surprise for us to see the family blaming the company this way," said his close friend and colleague while speaking to daijiworld.

"We have more than 100 staff here, and everyone is happy. No one has faced any problem. All our staff are open to interview by anyone on the top class facilities provided by the company. Most of the staff are in technical and labour categories, and Conrad was given the best of facilities to stay in the company accommodation, much better than the supervisor grade employees," he said.

"Our MD Gerry D'Mello is known for his philanthropic works, and has been helping the poor and needy back home. Hundreds of beneficiaries in Doha and Mangalore are witness to his charity work," he said.

When contacted, Gerry D'Mello, MD of Space Trading, expressed his surprise over the family's allegations which he termed as totally baseless. "We have been sending some money to the family from his salary every month. Complete documentary proof can be provided on this," he said.

"On January 13, 2013 we received a notice from the Indian embassy in Doha seeking answers for Conrad's parents' concern. The company has replied to the embassy with clear details of medical reasons, insurance issues and hospital reports. (Daijiworld possesses copies of both embassy's letter and company's reply).

"We can send him back anytime, but we cannot bear his medical expenses in India. Our intention was to arrange for his surgery here, which can be possible only after the arrival of a specialist doctor from abroad. While we think about the betterment of this boy, I am extremely upset over the way his parents have been levelling allegations against me and my company. How can I help people in such cases? I would have been happier if I could send him back home, so that my problem would be solved. Why should I keep him here by force? What would I benefit from it? I am sorry that people can't even think about this before making allegations," said Gerry D'Mello, who is an active community leader in Doha, and who enjoys tremendous reputation as employer, community leader and philanthropist.

"I am forced to release some photographs to convey the truth to the people as to how comfortable Conrad was here. I have all the relevant documents from hospital, insurance and other related matters. I have submitted all these documents to the embassy which has expressed its satisfaction over the handling of the case. In fact, the embassy has appreciated me for supporting Conrad despite his inability to work," said Gerald (the copies are in possession of daijiworld).

"Even the authorities here are against sending a medically unfit person back home unless it is certified by the hospital. I have sought the embassy's help on how to handle this case, and I will act according to the embassy's instructions," he said.

"First the Doha embassy and later Daijiworld brought this issue to our attention. Only then did we learn that the family has been blaming us. Conrad never complained against us as he has been looked after quite well here. Even his colleagues are helping and supporting him a lot," Gerald said.

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  • Ravi Shetty, Doha,Qatar

    Sat, Feb 16 2013

    Being a very close associate, good friend of Jerald D Mello and a well wisher of Space Trading and all his employees, it is very disturbing to read this article. As I was away on tour I could not put it across whatever the facts I know about this case. I know this case since the first day of the accident which was really unfortunate. Jerald being such a wonderful human being, philanthropist and an excellent community supporter, I am fully aware of how nicely he takes care of his employees .Jerald has come up hard way and with out the dedication of the employees it is difficult to be a successful business man which he is. Employees will be dedicated only if you take care of them well. There is absolutely no reason why he will neglect the treatment of Conrad. Before publishing and tarnishing the image of any individual or company it would have been worthwhile to investigate the case through so many ways especially in this internet era. Understand every father and mother are concerned about the well being of their children. Same way there are lot of employees like Jerald too take care of their employees like their own family members. Conrad will not be different.
    I am sure in spite of the heavy mental strain and damage caused on the reputation, Jerald will do his best to take care of Conrad . Being a community leader I too will extend whatever support is required to Conrad for his early exit from Qatar.

    Media can make or break the society. In this case I highly appreciate Daijiworld for the thorough research of the event prior to publishing it which has given the true picture to all the readers.
    Ravi Shetty
    Bunts Qatar
    Past President
    Tulu Koota Qatar
    Managing Director
    ATS Group

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  • Clitus Tauro, Doha/Mangalore

    Thu, Feb 14 2013


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  • Rajesh Kadri, Kadri/Doha

    Wed, Feb 13 2013

    Dear Sharath, I agree your comments. Even I am also working Mr Jerald Demello’s company, I know him very well, he never did any partialities to his employees, Mr Rachens case he has personally taken care, myself and Mr. Jerald Dmello many times visited to hospital to follow up the medical report. With my knowledge nobody MD doing like this work. We know what situation here going on. We treated Rachen like our brother because of his roommates he can walk now, what all we did for him our all staff  knows. And People know Mr Jerald Dmello what kind of sweet person. Don’t worry sir, we all are there with you.

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  • Antony Cony, Karkala / Qatar

    Tue, Feb 12 2013

    Accusations against Space Trainding, Mr. D’ Mello is absolutely fabricated either intentionally or non-intentionally.
    At Space Trading, out of 100 employees all of them agree that Mr. D’ Mello is the gem of person including Condrad himself and his parents now and before. This is the real fact.
    Difference of opinion surfaced only after the accident. Again it is not against Mr. D’ Mello directly for Condrad is aware that how Mr. D’Mello took absolutely care about him by providing him new room, medicated bed, standby helpers to assist him, petty cash for daily expenses, good entertainment etc.,. It is a simply hypothesis, how anybody can compel him to work with urinary bag carrying where he is not able to work up to the mark ?.

    Therefore, matter is blown out of proportions by unknown parties without having pre knowledge about the local rules and regulations. It is not under Mr. Jerry’s control to send him back as someone wishes. Approval has to come from hospital authority, lobour dept, security departments, insurance dept etc., I do not understand how someone could find fault with Mr. Jerry. Therefore, Indian Embassy at Doha understood the Space Trading’s arguments both parties agreed amicably, as soon as formalities are completed Condrad will go back as per his or his parents’ wish.
    Mr. D’ Mello is a compassionate person not only to Condard but whoever that came across with him. 

    My advise to Condrad is relax my boy, good people are around you, do not doubt. They will bring your health back to normal very soon. Be happy to work again in the same place. Even I know, Mr. Jerry is so fine gentleman, understanding Condrad’s agony he might increase his salary to keep him and his parents happy hereafter.Mr. Jerry is a very loving person. He does not keep records of mistakes but forgiving. In a foreign country one has to take a chance and one has to give a chance for a lasting peace to self and to once own family. Cheer up Condrad, be a successful man before you leave this country and go back to your vacation as per your schedule. Test and see, shortly you yourself will witness here or everywhere that Space Trading and His Boss is really a good, God Gave to You.

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  • Roshan Dsouza, Belman

    Tue, Feb 12 2013

    After so much hush-push the owner of the company moved him to better accomodation and giving good treatment. The reason he has not been sent back is Insurance not readyh to acknowledge the claim since the accident occured prior to his visa stamping. And owner still fighting to get the Indusrance claim to settle, hence holding on it. Owner do not want to make operation from his own money. And in this situation if the boy wants to return back, he has to withdraw his insurance claim and rlease the own from all responsibility towrads his injury. The boy in fix, he cannot go back unless he sign the papers and owner dont want to pay the treatment cost from his pocket.

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  • Sachidanand Shetty, Mundkur/Dubai

    Tue, Feb 12 2013

    Dear Gerry D’Mello, let Mr. Conrad’s family say whatever they want but pls go ahead with the surgery for his injury as planned. Some time we have to work according to God wish rather than pleasing any human beings. Same family will blame you throughout Conrad’s life time for the pain he suffers and for the cost he will incur. Moreover, as you said you are not bound for medical expenses incurred outside the Gulf Countries too which they may not be aware of it. I wish DYFI District President Muneer Katipalla could have contacted Mr. Gerry D’Mello first before they went on presenting the case in front of Media

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  • Gerald, modankap

    Tue, Feb 12 2013


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  • Jennet Prescilla, Mangalore Muscat

    Tue, Feb 12 2013

    Dear Mr Peter, Without knowing the immigration rules of GCC countries please do not comment. A parent's visit has to be sponsored by the Son / daughter whose income should be more than Rs.50,000/ per month minimum in Indian currency and he should be able to give an undertaking that he would bear the entire cost. The company can sponsor only work visa's and resident permits for the dependents i.e. wife, and children below 21 years. If conrad is sent to India, he will have to bear all his medical expenses himself as the Insurance company in GCC country will not reimburse the cost of medical treatment in India. The photograph printed shows that Conrad's stay is in a much better accommodation as compared to some of the working class apartments provided in the camps by the employees (I am referring to workers in Oman where I am residing.) The cost of living is very high and a single room tenement with a kitchen and bath attached will cost you nothing less than Rs.15,000/- per month minimum. Plsease do not be under the impression that the people working in GCC countries are minting money. They slog the whole day and Mr. D'Mello, who being a kind hearted person as enumerated by the investigation of Daiji, has provided much better and humane living conditions to his workers / staff. So your comment about a person going to church need not be a saint is not justified and utterly baseless. Such comments will harm the sentiments of people who are striving for the betterment of the society. Before you point a finger and Mr. D'mello check your conscious have you done anything good in your life??? point to be noted.

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  • Maria, Mangalore/Uae

    Tue, Feb 12 2013

    Nobody can gain anything by force, Rachen should have talk to his employer or his seniors, if they r not responding then there is labor court , police or differernt indian communities he should have knocked the door.
    I think he did a mistake by going to press.I think employer will send him now in empty hand.And he should do..

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  • Peter Pereira, Pune

    Tue, Feb 12 2013

    It is obevious for parents to worry when their children meets with accident seven seas away and they can not see them. The best thing for sponsor is to arrange visit vis for his mother to be with her son for few days in Qatar. Everyone who goes to church doesn't need to be a saint.

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  • Ivy Rosario, Mangalore

    Tue, Feb 12 2013

    "What the employer has to gain by keeping Conrad back in Doha".is the right comment to think about.We know Jerry D'Mello very well. He is such a good person and he would do anything to take care of his employees. It would be better to appreciate what he has done and still doing than to complain without knowing the circumstances and the facts. He has done much more than what is required and a word of thanks would be an appropriate response.

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  • VIVIAN L P D SOUZA, Bondel/Doha-Qatar.

    Tue, Feb 12 2013

    A God fearing Catholic man and a employer coming to Our church regularly with the family and staff for any parish program, work or support...what else anybody needs any explanation..lets not community or society deprive or diminishes his faith by sending wrong propaganda As a person he is down to earth for HELP to anybody.... irrespective of being a Christian.

    Vivian L P D Souza
    President POSA
    Catholic Church Our Lady Of The Rosary Doha Qatar

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  • haroon rasheed , mangalore/riyadh

    Tue, Feb 12 2013

    MR D Mello did good work , there is no comments from Conrad or his friends from same company then how it will be parents done press meet back at home . it is so strange ...

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  • Elveera, Kirem

    Tue, Feb 12 2013

    What is the moral of the story! Lack of proper communication between the employer and the Conrad's mother and also between the son and the mother made A MOTHER to act this way. However good the employer is being from the same place he should have communicated and assured his mother and her about her son's health and legal procedures in Qatar regularly.

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  • anuvas, udupi

    Tue, Feb 12 2013

    Dear pradeep,  you are absolutely right,the feelings of affected peoples no body will understand .when the incident occurs to them then only realize.

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  • Amin Bhoja, Patte / Riyadh

    Tue, Feb 12 2013

    It is a case of a son met with an accident and his family the parents want to see him ,looks worried. As per the story it is clear the first preference for his good treatment with a good doctor and after a speedy recovery.Arises misunderstand inbetween the owner and the family,hope both parties reconcile for the betterment of Conrad Rachen D'souza and best of his future life.

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  • Karan, Katapadi/Dubai

    Tue, Feb 12 2013

    The best thing Mr.Gerry D'mello can do now is to arrange visit visa to his mother or sister who can be with him.

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  • Roshan Pinto, NIDDODI/UAE

    Tue, Feb 12 2013

    Good Job Daijiworld..I know Mr. Jerry D'mello personally,he is down to earth person.. I feel there is some misunderstanding... If we damage the company reputation problem will not get solved..

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  • J.Salian, Mangalore

    Tue, Feb 12 2013

    Hope he gets well soon

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  • jacob, udupi/uae

    Tue, Feb 12 2013

    After doing this much,I think company should not pay him single rupee to this guy.
    As lawrnc said what company can gain by keeping this guy. Am sure he or his fly have some hidden agenda.

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  • Priya, Dubai

    Tue, Feb 12 2013

    Dear friends, its not the question of Employer or his colleagues. Mother is concerned about her son. In this case why cant one of the family member visit Mr. Conrad Rachen, so that they will come to know how Mr. Gerald is helping his employee.

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  • Sharmila Shanthi Cardoza, BELMAN/SHARJAH

    Tue, Feb 12 2013

    I know Mr.Jerald D'mello personally from years, He is a kind hearted gentleman and very very helpful. People are damaging his reputation which he build in hard ways. Thank you daijiworld for giving full detailed report.

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    Tue, Feb 12 2013

    Conard will get well after reaching home safely truth will know from DAIJI NEWS ONLY wishing all the best

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  • R.T.Shetty, Kundapur/Kuwait

    Tue, Feb 12 2013

    Having worked in doha for many years and with above delcaration from employers it is evident the company is taking good care of the accident victim. Till the case is closed by the authorites the employee will not be allowed to travel outside. With insurance coverage the medical care will be for better than back home and cheaper.Homesick son and mothers concern for son with some misguided advise from not so well wishers must have made the lady to approch the press.Rest assured lady your son is in good hands. Relax

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  • Diana Lobo, Bangalore

    Tue, Feb 12 2013

    Oscar & Blossom Fernandes will certainly help. Please meet them. God is great.

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  • Lawrence, USA

    Tue, Feb 12 2013

    It is a purely common sense question. What Mr.D'Mello will gain from keeping him in Qatar and paying his salary? As an employer he is doing his duty by arranging for his treatment. If he wishes to go back, let him go at his own risk.

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  • juliana, udupi

    Tue, Feb 12 2013

    Person need medical treatment. Suffering can be avoided if treated early.

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  • Norbert Corda, Shirva/Qatar

    Tue, Feb 12 2013

    Dear Mr. Ismail you have seen the photo which was tagged to you on FB was not shown on this website. he is provided with good and comfort accommodation. that photo was taken when he was visited to his frinds in the labor accommodation i do not know why that photo was showed in some other websites, but for sure it is not his accommodation.being knowing jerry from last 20 years one thing i am sure about no one in Qatar can take better care then him of their own employees and i can bet on this being in Qatar for a quite time i know exactly how much generous ad helpful caring loving person jerry demllo is. even today he went to finalise the formalities to send him back home, leaving all his other important things.really apprecitable.i wish and pray he will finish the necessary documents to send Conred back home. and a speedy recovery to Conred and also his parents will realise what Gerry did to Conred.

    Norbert Corda
    Shirva/ Qatar

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    Tue, Feb 12 2013

    Corrections for to my earlier fact it is urinals which is in plastic disposable with his hand which is connected to his body by small pipe,not glucose as written earlier.inconvenience is regretted.

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    Mon, Feb 11 2013

    Short while ago I was tagged to my FB entirely different kind of photo which shows him in a very bad position,his room looks very very unhygienic and patient having glucose attached.Kindly, look in to the the matter either DAIJIWORLD itself or it is better some one from his close relative could visit him to have on hand investigation.Both side stories are tend to be exaggerated as the exploded out of context.The issue already in the public domain and follow up for a logical end would be appreciated.

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  • Rony mendonca, Moodbidri/Ras Al Khaimah

    Mon, Feb 11 2013

    Please send his mother a visiting visa,a mothers concern over his child is countless in this world. Let she also realise the truth

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  • jennifer, mangalore

    Mon, Feb 11 2013

    It is over a year since this accident took place and no action has been taken regarding Conrard.No wonder his family approached the media, mere words of assurance will not work with the family.Let the employers get the treatment done on a war footing.I am sure the employer is a very good man who will do the needful.

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  • Richard D Souza, Mangalore/Qatar

    Mon, Feb 11 2013

    It is very easy to comment on many things when one doesn't know anything. I am also an employer and these cases always happen. there are technical and legal issues, which are to be strictly followed as per the Qatari Govt. Regulations. and what Space Trad. Co. has done is the right thing and the only way. The employer was kind and had empathised with the boy and his family too and have indirectly taken care of them. it is unfortunate that some ignorant people have mislead the family members and defamed the company and Mr Gerald. the only person who can solve this is the boy himself by asking the police dept to cancel his claim on insurance and request ceasing of his treatment. also, since the accident happened before legalising the stay of Conrad, any eventuality arising out of his decision he should be ready to face as he cannot stamp the work visa without passing the medical. As I know Jerry personally and very closely, there is no other good Samaritan who follows what jesus said 'let your left hand not know, when you give with your right.
    he is a self made man and lives a very simple and disciplined life, which even conrad many not follow. Jerald is a wonderful example for all who want to come up in life. I hope the family of conrad will be able to take wise decision in this regard in the best interest of conrad,and not their emotional satisfaction by seeking professional and expert advise from a competent body. what i can say is conrad was in the safe hands of Jerry. We pray for the speedy recovery of conrad and a quick treatment from the expected expert from abroad. Thanks to Daijiworld for a thorough, fair reporting in their efforts to always bring the truth to the fore.

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  • D'souza Arun Santhosh, Belthangady/Qatar

    Mon, Feb 11 2013

    Hats Off To Daijiworld For Giving Clear Picture. I Know Gerald D'mello Personally.When I Was In Need He Has Helped Me Without Hesitation. Conard's Family Should First Understand That No Boss Will Do This Much And You Can Never Find Such A Nice Boss. Dear Bro Gerald D'mello You Should Not Be Upset Because God Knows You And The World Has Received Your Help.Looks Like This Family's Intention Is Different..!!

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  • Cynthia, Doha/Qatar

    Mon, Feb 11 2013

    Thank you Daijiworld for exploring the truth. As a employee of this Co. Our MD, Mr.Jerald Dmello is a kind & nice person, he treats all employees fairly and equally.

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  • Roshan, Doha,Qatar

    Mon, Feb 11 2013

    Very good article from Daiji finally the truth has been come out... I Agree with you Mr.Sharath..Mr.Gerald is a gentleman, efficient in solving porblems cool & politely

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  • Anitha D'souza, Pangla/Shankerpura

    Mon, Feb 11 2013

    Daiji has kept the views of both the sides.Nothing hidden.Welldone.

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  • Glen Carlo, Shakthinagar/Dubai

    Mon, Feb 11 2013

    Mr.Jerald D'mello is a kind hearted gentleman and a down to earth person. I have worked for him in the past and I can say that he treats his employee's as his fly.

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  • G. Fernandes, Qatar

    Mon, Feb 11 2013

    Thanks Daijiworld for handling this case in a professional way by giving revealng complete details of both version. Gerry D'Mello is a gentle and kind person who has always helped the needy and worthy causes.

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  • Glen Rohan , Doha, Qatar

    Mon, Feb 11 2013

    Good job by Daiji world.. Hats off to Mr.Jerald D'mello for his kind and simpathy towards his employees. I sugest to Rachans family to feel guilty for whatever they made false allegations towards Employer.

    DisAgree [14] Agree [25] Reply Report Abuse


    Mon, Feb 11 2013

    I dont believe this story. As we know Gerry D'Mello and his family for many years and they are helpful people. so hard to believe this story from Condrad mother and his family .It is very easy to spoil Good peoples name.

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  • jaya, Doha/Mumbai

    Mon, Feb 11 2013

    Mr.Jerald D'Mello you are too kind hearted person i think god send his massenger through you to help the poor people.... sure these all good credit will be going to your childern life..... everybodies blessing is there.

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  • Vincent Castelino, Padil / Doha

    Mon, Feb 11 2013

    Mr.Gerald D'Mello is a true gentleman and a down to earth person.The allegations are baseless and Daijiworld has proved it.Well Done!

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  • Rohan D'souza, Doha

    Mon, Feb 11 2013

    Finaly truth came out. My friend is working in the same company so I used to visit his room frequently. I was so shocked when I heard abt lie's coz he is enjoying with his room mates. Some jobless or unprofessional media publish one side story without proper verifications. Long live Daiji and jerry baab...

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  • Prakash , Doha

    Mon, Feb 11 2013

    Thanks Daijiworld for giving complete details of both version.

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  • Sunil D Silva, Cordel, Doha

    Mon, Feb 11 2013

    Having known Jerald D Mello for many years I have seen him come up a hard way and nice to see employing lot of fellow Mangaloreans. Most of them come from a very humble and poor background and does not count on their education nor skills. This is the truth. Let us all pray for the speedy recovery of Conrad.

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  • Sharath Raj.U.B, Abudhabi/Mangalore

    Mon, Feb 11 2013

    As a employ of Mr.Jerald D'Mello Since 9 years i know better then anybody about him. He treat all his employ as his family member. I am a hindu by a religion but he treat me as his brother. Not only me more then 100 employees working his firm in qatar, Abudhabi & India i never heard any complain from any of our employ. What any employe Expect more then that he will provide us. I am working with him 7yrs in Qatar and now 2yrs in Abudhabi. Whatever i am now because of him. I am fully satisfied what i am now all because of this great man.

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  • Pradeep, Mangalore

    Mon, Feb 11 2013

    Only a monther can know the feelings of another mother.
    Let's hope she will be united with her son very soon and I wish Cornad speedy recovery.

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  • Reginald, Mangalore, Qatar

    Mon, Feb 11 2013

    Thanks Daijiworld for publishing both sided story and the real truth.

    DisAgree [9] Agree [44] Reply Report Abuse

  • Naveen D'souza, Valencia-Kuwait

    Mon, Feb 11 2013


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  • Steevan &Felcita Rego, Nagori/ Doha

    Mon, Feb 11 2013

    We know Gerald D'mello & family closely and he is not a person who would do this.

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  • Norbert Corda, Shirva/ Qatar

    Mon, Feb 11 2013

    hats off to Daiji for a wonderful coverage and report.some other websites are misleading the people with one sided story and tarnishing the image of the company and person they should be tried in the court of law not to report falls allegations in the future. Thank you Daiji for the true report.

    Norbert Corda

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    Mon, Feb 11 2013

    i pray for your speed recovery, dear mother of Conrad Rachen D'Souza do keep hope and every thing will be ok, if company and his friends are helping him to get well soon, then dont force him to come back with out proper treatment.

    DisAgree [4] Agree [63] Reply Report Abuse

  • lancelot, mangalore

    Mon, Feb 11 2013

    looks like he taken care of very well....even to the extent of being offered a can/s of Beer on his Wheelchair.... Its better if he gets all his dues and Treatment and then sent back....may be the family and he are at loggerheads...and that's why they are crying foul with the Employers...

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  • Roshan, Udupi

    Mon, Feb 11 2013

    Well done Daijiworld, Seems You have rightly investigated the issue & Come out with the truth.

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  • Naveen Frank, Mangalore/Sharjah

    Mon, Feb 11 2013

    Amazing story indeed. Condrad must be really getting good treatment in Doha. How else would he have the luxury of 2 cans of Fosters beer beside his wheelchair...

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Title : Mangalorean's accident in Doha: Mother alleges neglect, company denies


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