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Udupi: Irrational Wait for Ration Cards Evokes Public Ire

Udupi: Irrational Wait for Ration Cards Evokes Public Ire

Sheeja Moodubelle
Daijiworld Media Network- Udupi (SM)

Udupi, Sep 27: From August this year, the deputy commissioner’s old office has been exclusively issuing the Udupi taluk-level ration cards at Bannanje. There are plans to renovate the building into a treasury office, and at the same time the government has planned to invest Rs 3 crore to construct a mini Vidhana Soudha after demolishing the taluk office building, where ration cards used to be issued earlier. Caught in between these plans are the public who are facing tough times.

The Karnataka food and civil supply and consumer affairs department has invited applications for fresh ration cards in the state and the facility is also available online.

The registration procedure for ration cards is a grueling task although here is no prescribed time limit for the application.

Udupi is not heavily populated, but the queues leading up to the registration office seem endless. When a person applies for a ration card, the expected time and return rate is unnecessarily delayed as the office creates hassles for the applicant. This is coupled with the fact that a huge crowd waits in line.

Jagdish Udyavar, who first approached daijiworld with this issue, said, "Those who have applied for a ration card through online channel would receive an SMS informing them that their card is ready for collection. But when they go to the old DC office to collect it, after waiting in long lines for several hours, they are told to bring their tax payment receipt, electricity bill and affidavit showing that they do not hold any other cards or to check if their names have been deleted for their old ration card etc."

What's worse, applicants have to stand in never-ending queues for hours together without even basic facilities like drinking water, fan or even a chair to sit on. Sairambha (65), an applicant from Barkur waiting to receive his ration card, was faint standing in the queue all day. His failing health made things worse, but he had no choice but to wait.

Another applicant, Laxmi Poojari (65) from Kokkarne, Udupi said, "I built a new house about five to six years back and since then I have been trying to apply for a ration card, but it’s no use. I am all alone, and running after this. My condition just worsens; I can’t stand for long especially in the long queue without any benches for people like us... it’s so suffocating here."

Laxmi also added that there was a mother with her two children in the queue, who, with no water facility at the office, offered her bottle of water."

Mamatha (40), an appicant from Brahmavar who has been visiting the office tirelessly since September 12 blamed the application system and its process. She told daijiworld, "There was a minor change in my husband’s name, but the officials want my husband’s photo and a letter from the panchayath for the same."

She was in tears while stating that even after providing all the required details she has not been allowed to submit the application and continues the long waits in the queue.

Sandeep (15) has been standing in the queue missing out on his classes. A student of Malpe PU College, he says, "I am standing in the queue since 7 in the morning, but I am fine with it. I am furious with how the government system functions. There are hundreds of people coming in here on a daily basis, but there are only two computer systems for this section and even lesser staff, so the work is delayed and the line is at a standstill."

Sushma (28) from Manipal blames the officials for not maintaining the queue system. She complains saying that although there are police surrounding the area they do not help in controlling the queues or even to maintain a balance in the crowd. Sushma says that she has been waiting in line from morning and her husband has called numerous times, but the line hadn't moved an inch from the time she joined in.

There are no other facilities and only the customary “may i help you” desk is available. However, on thorough scrutiny of help desk, it was learnt that the job of the receptionist is carried out by the public themselves.

Prasad Bhandari, a lecturer from Brahmavar questions as to why the public have to pay Rs 20 to the government, when they do not get the card laminated.  “The officials are returning the card along with the lamination paper. We expected them to laminate as we pay for it," he added.

Considering the responsibilities of the panchayat members, they should provide and guide the public about the documents required for the ration card, but instead the panchayats only direct the applicants to the taluk office.

Questions arise as to the regulations and the responsibilities of the officials, and why the common man is always made to suffer.

Regarding these issues, food inspector Seetharam Shetty said that the office timing is 8.30 am to 9 pm and every day 150 to 200 cards are being delivered.

"A total of five computers are functioning, and the staff have not taken leave for weeks. The staff is sufficient, but the major problem is power supply," he added.

The food and tribunal section issues will be solved within 3 days. There is a token section constituted and with proper documents, the ration cards will be ready the very next day, he said.

"House tax and RR number is compulsory, if they don’t have these documents we send them back. We have to follow the rules. From September 15, not a single applicant has been sent back without the ration card. The staff return home at 8.30 pm or 9 pm, we are dedicated to our work”, he added.

Arun Kumar, deputy director (Food and Civil Supplies, Udupi Dist) said, “We had appealed through the media that the new ration card is a continuous process, one could apply for it at any time and maintaining a long queue is unnecessary. Ration cards are meant for ration purposes only but people have a wrong perception that it is an important document like the voter ID or passport."

He further said, "I agree that lamination is our duty but people who stand for a longer time get irritated to wait any further, so they choose to do it themselves instead."

He also added that during the ration card application process, it is the card holder’s responsibility to know the procedures, through the panchayat.

For any correction before taking the photograph of the card holder, the officials confirm if the information is right or wrong.

"We will provide the basic facilities at the earliest and a provisional fan will be placed," he assured.

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  • Shekar Moily Padebettu, Udipi/India

    Fri, Sep 28 2012

    This utter chaos is only due to Government's mismanagement.Getting done any government job is indeed a herculean task.This serpentine Que itself speaks about the volume of irregularities in government departments.Moreover staff over there is another headache.Improper guidance,communication gap,non co-operative staff, and their lethargic,negative attitude make the situation more worst.Forget about the people from remote villages,uneducated,even educated class get confused due to this unclear government notifications/orders.Always something or other lapses/lacunae will be there.You must totally our government system will be in mess.Because government officials don't get enough time to focus on their duties due to their foreign trips,resort picnic and more over their internal fighting for hot seat in the ministry.They are not bothered about the welfare of the people,their agony etc.They are more on how to fill their pocket.That is all.We can not blame them because we are fools we have elected them as our representatives through our valid vote.Why government is insisting,giving more importance to ration card only when there are other IDs like Pan card,Adhar Card,Bank statement/passbook.Government must make/stick to any one official document/ID compulsory rather than going for hundreds of IDs.

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  • Escape from india, Mangalore/Melbourne

    Fri, Sep 28 2012

    Thankful that i was successful in escaping from india and no longer have to beg for a ration card etc.I Still have some attachemnt for india but my child/children will think of india as some foreign country and strangely i am not feeling grief at that.At least they are out of this rot/kapda/makaan ration card cycle endured by 95% of the hapless indian population

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  • Najam, BAJPE

    Thu, Sep 27 2012

    India is one of the leading software exporter in the world and hub Bangalore that too in Karnataka, Over decade of IT revolution, we are still in the MESS of Ration CARD, having under Husband photo wife's name printed & Neighbours son in family list !? so on....

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  • jolvin, mumbai

    Thu, Sep 27 2012

    Real face of Kar-nataka......

    DisAgree [3] Agree [18] Reply Report Abuse

  • R.Bhandarkar., M

    Thu, Sep 27 2012

    This is my Nation
    For everything Commotion
    Even for Card Ration
    It's the same Equation...

    DisAgree [3] Agree [11] Reply Report Abuse

  • M H Rashid, Udupi, Saudi Arabia

    Thu, Sep 27 2012

    I believe the ration card to be issued to only those people who are under poverty line so that they can avail the subsidiary given by government. When people got other means of identity (passport, pan card etc.) then why the government is insisting to get ration card.
    Secondly in spite of several foreign trips by our ministers nothing is adopted from there. These foreign trips are only pleasure trip on tax payer’s money.

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  • Vijay, Nejar

    Thu, Sep 27 2012

    How to apply ration card online ??

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  • APrabhu, Mangalore

    Thu, Sep 27 2012

    Dear Ronald PINTO,
    IS 7 years now after photo etc then one year after online still no ration card.

    DisAgree [2] Agree [13] Reply Report Abuse

  • M H Rashid, Udupi, Saudi Arabia

    Thu, Sep 27 2012

    I believe the ration card to be issued to only those people who are under poverty line so that they can avail the subsidiary given by government. When people got other means of identity (passport, pan card etc.) then why the government is insisting to get ration card.
    Secondly in spite of several foreign trips by our ministers nothing is adopted from there. These foreign trips are only pleasure trip on tax payer’s money.
    Take an example of Saudi Arabia where I got my driving license renewed within 15 minutes in single window.

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  • A.PRABHU, Kudla

    Thu, Sep 27 2012


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  • ASHA.P., Manila

    Thu, Sep 27 2012


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  • Ronald Rajesh Pinto Cabinda, Angola, Adkabare, Bajpe.

    Thu, Sep 27 2012

    Daiji would you please give us Mangalore Ration card s because 2 years ago my wife was applied for new ration card then again did same in on line which is one year ago, she is waiting for their SMS message, the reason why requesting you is my company is asking changes on my passport existing address to new address for modify insurance and other business related issues, it would be a great help looking forwarded from you
    Ronald Rajesh Pinto
    Angola Africa

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  • Jacobnelson, Bejai

    Thu, Sep 27 2012

    Once applied online,
    Why can't concerned people send the ration cards by courier?

    No Concerned only!

    Please follow developed countries not undeveloped countries.

    Just making a study tour to American country will not help.

    Vist Gulf Countires much better than everything, immidiate responce,
    Either Yes or No,
    No delay,

    In India we need to apply online
    They deliver in Quee-Line!!

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    Thu, Sep 27 2012

    This govt failed to fulfil the basic necessity of the common people -RATION CARD!!!!!!What they did in the past 4.5 years were merry making with the cover of power!Time is overdue to bring a CHANGE.

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  • Mangalorean, Kudla

    Thu, Sep 27 2012

    By looking at the long Que's I feel sad,people may even not have had Breakfast and might have come to complete their work. These pic's Clearly speak how long a person has to wait to get his work done . This is the fate of Govt offices everywhere.

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  • Sanjeev Kamath, Udupi / Bahrain

    Thu, Sep 27 2012

    Wait, dear natives. The election is nearing. The vote bank of outsiders have to be satisfied first. Thereafter, you will be considered based on your inclination to Jai Ho BJP.

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  • C Sharath, Mangalore

    Thu, Sep 27 2012

    Just imagining if this is the attitude shown by the babu to a most educated constituency, then imagine the state of rural karnataka and escoecially the drught hit north Karnatak, how much blood these babu's and their political fathers might suck in the name of different schemes. I guess the minister in Charge Shoba Karandlage is busy giving massage to Yeddi, who has joined Art of Living in Bangalore to find "INNER PEACE". Sorry state of affairs, Govt depts have gonne for road to the Thodu.

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  • Dylan, Mangalore

    Thu, Sep 27 2012

    This is common, even in Mangalore the staff at the ration office only need some money. The ladies in the office are not at all helpful and will tell hundreds of lies to harass the common man. Take care when your in a Govt. office. If anyone cannot finish their work in Govt. office contact the Lokayukt police they are helpful.

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  • Sourya Prakasha, PERMUDE

    Thu, Sep 27 2012

    'Ration cards are meant for ration purposes only'
    Why govt officials demanding even if one got passport and PAN ?!

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  • Allen, Mangalore

    Thu, Sep 27 2012

    Everything with our state govt is a mess. Our Mangalore Food and Civil Supplies dept is no exception, arrogant and uncooperative staff members adds to the problems people are facing. Even though this so called ration card is of no use for many of the people, our govt treats it as an important document for each and everything and above all even to prove our existence.

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  • Jacobnelson, Bejai

    Thu, Sep 27 2012

    He mera India!
    He mera India hai!

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