Mangalore: 'Xetam Merer' Konkani Album by Team 'Ye Mana' Hits Stands

Mangalore: 'Xetam Merer' Konkani Album by Team 'Ye Mana' Hits Stands

Pics: Brijesh Garodi
Daijiworld Media Network - Mangalore (NM)

Mangalore, Dec 22: Konkani Album ‘Xetam Merer’ by Roshan D'Souza and Lloyd Rego of Team 'Ye Mana' and Ivan Lobo was released at a programme at Sandesha College of Fine Arts on Thursday December 22

Fr Matthew Vas, parish priest, Anjelore Church released the album.

Addressing the gathering, Lloyd Rego said, "This CD is different, and we have added a professional touch to this venture. Bringing new albums in Konkani is easy when there is money and publicity, but this CD stands out as unique and is the result of lots of efforts and hard work."

He also recalled the time when his Konkani album ‘Ye Mana’ was released. "Though it was criticized in the beginning for having solo songs throughout the album, later there was a huge response from the Konkani speaking community. Our craze and passion for music is what makes us bring out albums each year," added Llyod Rego.

After releasing the album, Fr Vas said that he was happy to release an album which has added richness to Konkani literature and to music at large. Such a venture is necessary to keep up the culture and tradition of Konkani community, he said.
The album includes 16 versatile songs sung by eminent singers like Adolf Jaythilak, Lavita Lobo, Eric Ozario, Melwin Peris, Claud, Prakash, Nithin, Niran and others. While the lyrics have been written by Llyod Rego and Jerry Rasquinha, the music has been arranged by Roshan D'Souza.

Melwin Peris, who also spoke on the occasion, said that it’s not easy to bring out an album; it involves a whole lot of hard work and moreover marketing them is a challenge as it could be easily copied by people for less amount with the help of computer. Piracy can shatter all the efforts of the team in bringing out the album, he added.

Eric Ozario said that it is a time for three important occasions for the Christian community - Christmas, wedding season and album releases. In just 12 days, there are as many as 12 albums likely to be released. He said that even if the money that is spent on albums is hard to recover, the madness for music does not stop. This is how Konkani music is alive today, he said.

Lavita Lobo proposed the vote of thanks. She thanked her family for being supportive and helpful in bringing out the album.
Adolf Jaythilak and Lavita Lobo, on the occasion, sang lines from the newly released album. The programme was compered by Titus Noronha. Roy Castelino, Rohan Monteiro, Vincent D'Souza and Stany Alvares were among others present.


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  • Melvin Lobo, Bantwal

    Tue, Dec 27 2011

    Xetam Merer is best. Very good music, tunes and lyrics. Congratulations Roshan, Loyed, Edolf and Lavita.

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  • Royan D'souza, Urva, Mangalore

    Sun, Dec 25 2011

    What a shameful society we have. I am ashamed to say myself now that I am a mangalorean after reading such stupid comments. I really do not know why people are so jealous when someone is doing something good for the Konkani music. One person is criticising about the quality and other about the sponsorship collected. And I am 100% sure after reading this comments, these comments are written by someone who is also a singer/musician or who has personal grudge with Lloyed or Roshan or may be a person who is coming up with an album same time and could not deliver his quality work to the public or on time.

    Guys! Whichever team you are please do not think readers are fools. Public can make out your jealousy behind their work. And please mind, these days the technology is so advance that easily can find out who the person is and from which system the message is come even thought you change the name or post as Fan & well Wisher of Konkani music. In case if you are one among the composer /musician who spoil others name, if you are trapped you will spoil your name more that what you are spoiling others. Please do not make fool of yourself!

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  • Rohan , Mangalore

    Sat, Dec 24 2011

    Craze and passion for music? With your craze and passion can you tell how many poor talents from villages and rural areas you introduced to konkani music? This Craze and passion is just an eye wash. Teams always rope in the kids of rich and famous NRI's and literally robe them. This is the only effortless business in konkani today.

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    Sat, Dec 24 2011

    Nice to hear about the the new musical album. Congratulations to Miss.Lavita Lobo & all other singers & co. Today our society in need of good musical artist and need to support them. By good songs one can feel joy and happiness so that the health also improves for that lot of hardwork they put along with they invest their valueable time, that is why we have to appreciate them which we cann't just do it. Just ignore the critics, accept as a challange. Use your best Talents for the welfare/ joyful to fill our Konkani society so that your voice will shine on this earth. May God's gift shine in you more and more. God Bless your hard work and wish you all a very happy Merry Christmas and new year 2012.

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  • Sonia , Mangalore

    Sat, Dec 24 2011

    I think, Team Ye Mana exploited gifted talent like Lavita Lobo. With this much amount from her family and sponsors on her and her family contacts she should have produced a solo album. She should have paid these PROFESSIONALS just their fees. It is, she who put hard work and maximum efforts and money too and all others claiming credit for just the service offered that too fully paid. In all comments everybody praising team ye mana and all forgot genuine talent who deserves a clap. Dear Lavita, please leran a lesson from here.

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  • Anil, Mangalore

    Sat, Dec 24 2011

    I do not understand the point here what makes people comment this way. Whether it is the quality of 'Xetam Merer' or so called professional envy?. Even am a fan of konkani music and I attended the function and I never heard a single word from Mr. Lloyd Rego criticizing others.

    All he told was about the difficulty to make an album and about the hard work the team has done and I don't think it is wrong to say the best features of an album done by them in its own release function..then what is the point of raising the issues which are not pertaining to the matter at all?.
    First of all we have to acknowledge that the album 'Xetam Merer' has come out really nice because of the team efforts. We just can't find a reason here to criticize someone instead have to acknowledge that it is good and support them.

    There were eminent personalities and other musicians also in the release programme I don think they found anything wrong in what Lloyd said. Why don't the readers just contact them and find out the truth than criticizing someone just because one comment appears derogatory?..

    I truly feel that we will find time only to find loopholes in others work than find the fresh sprouts of greenery and water them. I only request readers here to make comments based on what they saw, heard and verified. Rather than criticizing someone for the fault he has not done.

    Wish 'Xetam Merer' team good luck and all Konkani Music lovers a wonderful season of Christmas with fresh melodies everywhere.

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  • Prakash, Mangalore

    Sat, Dec 24 2011

    sad part is that if you take a look on the album cover you can count sponsors name more than any other konkani albums

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  • Baptist Samuel, UAE / Mangalore

    Sat, Dec 24 2011

    BOTAN MERER POIXE KHELTANA, making "XETAN MERER" is not a big deal. Is there anyone to sponsor me?? I can bring out many of this kinda albums.

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  • Rakesh, Mangalore, Dubai.

    Sat, Dec 24 2011

    It’s surprising to see that readers are commenting on each other for no reason. All are giving their own opinion so why point at others.?

    Let’s be honest, we all know that there are lots of efforts are invested by many people to release one album which is a true fact. But if the producers appreciating themselves and claiming their efforts are only professional, it is only to fool the audience by defaming and devaluing others hard work on a public platform, thereby to gain some sympathy which is not looks good.

    It means all the efforts of the producers for other albums are not professional..?

    There are many artists which are coming up with their own teams and music album and they all are having their own existence in the Konkani music world. We should accept that all are talented and professional in the won unique way.

    Even though the market for Konkani music is limited the best albums are always rocking in the market. The demand for the album is purely based on its rich quality of creative music which Konkani music lovers like the most. It is a true fact that all the producers and their teams are investing their valuable efforts and time in producing their albums but always only the best ones will sustain in the market. This general rule applies for all the markets and languages.

    All the best to team “Ye Mana’ and Good Luck to all the others who work for Konkani music. Long live Konkani music.

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  • Alwyn, Mangalore

    Fri, Dec 23 2011

    Rightly said it was arrogant to make such statements being humble is the basuc thing a artist needs, These people should learn from the legend Wilfy, he was one of the humblest konknai musician i knew.Defaming and devaluing others hard work is on a public platform that too during your own album release was not a good thing to do. Good luck to all involved hope the album is also good and not like the intro speech.

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  • Dr Edward & Dr. Nelly Nazareth, Mangalore

    Fri, Dec 23 2011

    Dear Loyd and Roshan,
    Congratulations and all the best. We are sure, like your earlier album 'Yo Mana' this too will be a great success. Wish you all the best in your future endeavors. ಸರ್ವ್ ಬರೆಂಚ್ ಜಾಂವ್.

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  • Ajith, Udupi

    Fri, Dec 23 2011

    Congratulations 'Ye Mana' team Roshan, Lloyd, Adlof and Lavita for this phenomenal venture.The Cd can be described in just one word as "Superb". Great music, Meaningful Lyrics, wonderful singing and Crisp mixing and mastering makes it a master peice. Needless to say that the Cd presents the efforts par excellence.

    Roshan as Usual has done the excellent job. The volumes of work he has put up in all the projects until now, even with the 'time constraints' fixed by the producers speaks of his flexibility and tremendous capability to give his best. Tailoring the project according to the need of the producer is 'The mammoth task' esp within the budget and scope provided by a producer and it is quite rational to accept the fact that he does his best in every project provided to him. personally I feel that Roshan has done equal justice to all his projects. The 'feel' of course may be different here because the extent of freedom he can exercise on his own project can be much different than that of producers. After all when one works on his own project he breathes easy and works at his own creativity rather than fitting to the parameter of each producer where one has to work within the scope provided for creativity and experiment. So it would be wise to appreciate what is tangible for the ears at the moment.

    Konkani music is alive because of sponsors and they can be rewarded ten times their money if every konkani speaking family buys a cd each. Will it ever happen? ...

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  • syble, Mangalore, India

    Fri, Dec 23 2011

    Here Kiran D'souza has not critised the Konkani Music but he has raised the doubts!! Vaalinchya Naavan dhankank udaak matlab he has highlighted.

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  • Fan & well wisher of konkani music, Mangalore

    Fri, Dec 23 2011

    Lets be honest, weather one likes it or not it was not right on the part of Lloyd to claim all other composers, singers or producers get more support and encouragement all have to struggle and do their bit of hard work, finally the one with the best quality will sustain come what may.

    It was again wrong to mention than Team Ye Mana is the only one genuine team which is hard working and talented and puts in efforts, he means to say there are no other people in konkani music who are equally or more talented or hardworking? I being a konkani music lover I can see many other young individuals ans teams who are equally or more talented than Ye mana.

    Further he also mentioned that music arranger roshan has put in lot of efforts for this album and only he can give this kind of music, does that mean that he does not put in efforts while making music for others album, no value for others money and hard work?

    So people be aware. Off course this team needs support and i wish them all the good luck but making such statements and trying to gain sympathy is not an act of a matured artist. I felt it was like an attempt to fool the people who were unaware of the happenings. All the best to Team Ye Mana and all others who work for konkani music.

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  • Elvin Pais, Kulshekar, Mangalore / Dubai, UAE

    Fri, Dec 23 2011

    Dear Loveline, I totally agree with your statement. It really looks cheap to read comments like Mr. Kiran D'Souza, Mangalore. There are few in our konkani who know only criticise. They do not see the efforts behind it.

    Mr. Kiran as you said "Almost all who produce cds collect good amount in sponsorship", can you show me one artist in konkani who has made money in konkani music. Many might be famous but when you see their life style, they make a simple living. Even thought if they take sponsorship for their event or venture, what's wrong in it.

    Today most of the artist in Konkani should relay on sponsorship only because, konkani music market is not as big as other music market. many a times what the artist has spent they will not get even the actuals in return from the market. Mr. Kiran instead criticising appreciate the work or efforts of konkani artist. Well, now whole konkani world would like to see your contribution today's konkani with in a years time. If you would like to prove yourself that these things are very easy and simple. Then come out with an album with in a years time and prove you are right.

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  • Wilfred R Pangla, Shankerpura

    Fri, Dec 23 2011

    `Xetam Merer'...Panvo haryek koknni daraar...

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    Fri, Dec 23 2011

    @ Kiran Dsouza,
    I feel you are a little more critical in this issue. You are just commenting on the lines which is being put on the net and not the efforts which are being put in making this CD to hit the stands.

    Its really an herculean task to bring out a Konkani CD. Not everyone gets the sponsorships dear and more than that the hardwork which put is really costing more than the sponsorships.

    Also we dont have that kind of Market where in all the Cds are sold. we have a very limited Market
    Also now just take one CD and copy it into mp3 and upload on the net and then its available at the finger tip for any one F.O.C. So all the efforts are just ignored.

    But then to come forward and to take all the pain put the efforts and come out with a CD is an achievement by itself.

    So just appreciate rather than criticise Konkani Music and the producers of New albums. Encourage them to take

    God bless and Merry Christmas.

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  •, Dubai / Shirva

    Fri, Dec 23 2011

    Ye Mana team just rocks....i wish u all best for your Album...Im sure this album will be hit within a couple of days...good music...good lyrics.....

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  • Kiran D Souza , Mangalore

    Fri, Dec 23 2011

    It is reported here above, Lloyd Rego said, "This CD is different, and we have added a professional touch to this venture. Bringing new albums in Konkani is easy when there is money and publicity, but this CD stands out as unique and is the result of lots of efforts and hard work." 

    I do not understand the logic behind this statement. Music of almost all konkani music albums arranged by none other than Roshan Anjelore. How is it possible that, here he puts efforts, hardwork and professional touch and elsewhere not?

    Even, Eric Ozario said, It is difficult to recover the money put ( Gahallo Duddu ) in konkani music albums. The question is who is putting money today? Almost all who produce cds collect good amount in sponsorship. They never ask any returns. So It is unfair to cry and cry always.

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  • Fr. Prakash Anil Castelino, Karkala- Attur/Fajir

    Fri, Dec 23 2011

    congratulations to Miss Lavita Lobo,and all who are associated with the "Xetem Merer" musical album. All the best to all the budding young singers, lyricists, composers and thanks to all the professional musicians like Mr. Melwyn Peris, Mr. Eric Ozerio who have shown the way to the youngsters.

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