Mangaluru: Remnants of old temple found on mosque property at Malali?

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Mangaluru, Apr 22: Remnants of a structure resembling temple is unearthed at the Malali Market Mosque, falling under Ganjimath gram panchayat limits. This has caused curiosity among the locals and other people who are thronging to see the structure.

The mosque’s renovation work is in progress since some days. Some part of the mosque is already demolished. Around mid-day on Thursday April 21, public could see the remains of a temple. This matter went viral within no time and scores of people, Hindu organizations rushed to the spot. However, police denied entry to public since the afternoon to prevent any untoward incident.

Public could not see the inside structure on the land of mosque for so many days due to the compound wall. When the compound wall was demolished on Thursday, the structure could be seen to general public. So they could make out that the structure resembling temple is seen on the land of mosque.

Some people are saying that the structure looks like a temple while others are of the opinion that it resembles a Jain Basadi.

Officials rushed to the spot and are investigating. Deputy commissioner (DC) Dr Rajendra K V said, “Property documents of the land will be verified. A report will be sought from Muzrai department as well as Wakf Board. Suitable action will be taken based on the details. At present status quo needs to be maintained. People should not create chaos by listening to hearsay.”

Sharan Pumpwell, divisional secretary of VHP, visited the spot and inspected the structure. He said, “Prima facie it looks like old temple is converted into a mosque. The inside and outside the building the style of construction resembles that of a temple. The gram panchayat should cancel the renovation permission given to the mosque under licence 11/2021/22. The archaeological department should hold investigation. Action should be taken to allow the structure to be in same state.”

MLA Dr Bharath Shetty said, “The land which was allotted to build a mosque in 2001 was a government land. Later, after getting registered with Wakf board, mosque is constructed. As signs of temples are seen in the structure, instructions are given for comprehensive investigation. Till then work will be stopped.”

Purandar, tahsildar of Mangaluru said, “In 2001, 90 cents land was sanctioned for building a mosque. Inspection is undertaken now as well as discussion is held with the mosque committee. I have informed the same to DC.”





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  • Satya M, Mangalore

    Fri, Apr 22 2022

    Thousands of temples in India were converted to Mosques according to Sita Ram Goel, and he provides proof and a lot of evidence in his 2 volumes of books. Similarly, thousands of Churches in the Middle East and North Africa were converted to Mosques. The iconic church of St. John the Baptist in Damascus was converted to the Ummayyad Mosque. Till today inside the mosque is the grave/shrine of St. John. Last Year, another great church the Hagia Sofia built over 250 years before the birth of Islam, one of the grandest and most iconic churches in the world was converted to a Mosque in defiance of world view.

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  • Mohammed Sharief, Bantwal

    Fri, Apr 22 2022

    Please dont make an issue out of a non-issue. The ultra right wings in Hindus and Muslims are ready to instigate the people and the Pastors are ready to take advantage and spread their Halle jullah paganism here. So please think logically and act calmly. This mosque seems to be genuinely a mosque and not a temple.

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  • Jossey Saldanha, Raheja Waterfront

    Fri, Apr 22 2022

    There is only One God the Creator ...

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  • Ganesh bantwal, Bantwal

    Fri, Apr 22 2022

    Courtesy congress rule and distorted history. Very few know that what happend to our ancestors, temples and statues when they invaded this land with sword and holybook.

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  • Shareef, Dubai

    Fri, Apr 22 2022

    Many of the mosques in India follow Indian architecture during olden days. its only recent times started adopting Islamic architecture, hence no wonder many of south Indian mosque resembles Indian architectures inspires from temples. Its now quite common in India to view everything in communal angle to polarise communities. Hope new gen will stay away from all these polarising politics and join hands in building new modern India which matches any global superpower without fighting in religious grounds.

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  • Rajan, Mangalore

    Fri, Apr 22 2022

    While the authorities can ascertain and confirm true ownership --to avoid any disputes --already situation is not harmonious ----- Photos shown have characteristics of JAIN BASADI -- /TEMPLE -- or ancient houses -- known as Guthu houses etc ---and a Mosque is generally a long prayer hall -- without pillars having (as we see- ) ---carvings ---- Be that as it may -- if they have rightfully bought it -- outright -- no one can disturb -- present owners -- --If bought outright ---to appreciate they retained the original carved structures ---- etc -- ( hindu -- islamic architecture-- ) ---

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  • ameen, mangalore

    Fri, Apr 22 2022

    All the old masjids in the region of Kerala and Tulunadu followed traditional architecture until mid 20th century . Look at the architecture of Zeenath baksh Masjid bunder , malik deenar masjid Kasaragod, Many other Masjid with more than 1000 years of history... Until 20 th century Masjids of Coastal Karnataka and Kerala followed local Dravidian architecture with a pond near by .. the Minar and dome in the masjid is a recent innovation of 20th century when Muslims of the region started imitationg architecture from tyhe other region...This type of architecture is not solely limited to Hindu temple ... Jain basadis, Old Masjids and aristocratic houses of Kerala and Tulunadu folowed this architecture... Now Sanghis have come to claim dravidian mosque architecture as their own... Unfortunately blame should also be put upon Muslims of the region who shed their traditional architecture after the independence and aped Minar and Dome thing of Indo sarcenic style

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  • sense_Shetty, Mangalore

    Fri, Apr 22 2022

    Now you know ,Hindus are good at sleeping only

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  • k b r, Mangala Uru

    Fri, Apr 22 2022

    Indians in general will not wake up even when a lion roars... but when street dogs bark, all Indians wake up and join the fray....

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  • Praveen, Managlorean

    Fri, Apr 22 2022

    Why now all these come into light??? don't get politics again....

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  • Manoj, Mangalore

    Fri, Apr 22 2022

    Not surprising , Hagia Sofia church turned Mosque in turkey is a living example and that’s just 1 among the many ...

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  • Kedhar, Mangaluru

    Fri, Apr 22 2022

    What you find you find... like what the ASI found while excavating at the Ram Janmabhoomi grounds.It's quite obvious that you find relics, monuments of civilizations that existed there before generations ! Not that of any invaders, looters and plunderers. History can be distorted but not facts.

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  • Nithin, Bangalore/SA

    Fri, Apr 22 2022

    Those interested please read Sita Ram Goels " Hindu temples : what happened to them" vol 1 and vol2 , volume 1 gives more than 2000 temples destroyed and mosques built with photographs and all evidences, lets accept the fact many temples were destroyed and mosque were built in the same place

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  • Mangalorean, Mangalore

    Fri, Apr 22 2022

    Now every mosque will be dug and they will find temples there. Everyone wants to change history in the new India.

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  • Bobato Charlie, Mangalore

    Fri, Apr 22 2022

    Prima facie Sharan Pumpwell looks like the backside of a donkey. The hate monger is only there to spew venom and disturb the peace. Deputy commissioner (DC) Dr Rajendra K V should order the police to lock up Sharan Pumpwell for life!

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  • Joseph Egbert and Ina D'Souza, Mangalore

    Fri, Apr 22 2022

    Now they will find only the remnants of the ruin property only when the people of the Living have found the true Living God.

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  • Ronald, Mangalore

    Fri, Apr 22 2022

    Dig little further you might find a church and then further diggiging would fetch you Budha’s statue

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  • Lloyd, DK/ UK

    Fri, Apr 22 2022

    Keep digging and one while surely make way to hell!

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  • Rajesh Dubai, Mangalore / Dubai

    Fri, Apr 22 2022

    Quite unfortunate to see all headlines from Karnataka Mangalore. Just thinking the future of our young generation. Where we heading . This Borewell never had or can have a futuristic vision for future generation. Since our youth following these borewell who is expert in subjects like Violence, Moral policing , Hijab, Cow, Hijack. Its sad to see headlines in our media like temple, masjid, hijab, water melon, cow, beef, loud speakers ... where as the headlines we see in gulf is Innovation, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Mars Mission, etc... If the young generation start following these goons I am sure they will only become goons at the end. So please wake up.. there is more to do.. Keep some good goals.. Stop giving highlights for these useless creatures.. Think of smart city.. bring innovation to Mangalore.. Think of best living style.. Have a great vision .. dont allow these borewells to spoil your future. Become an asset to the nation and not another goon!

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  • Shiva, Mangalore

    Fri, Apr 22 2022

    Does Gulf dont follow multi religious faith? - No Its a ISLAM Country and they follow and even other must follow else they will be penalized,But same is not the case of India. Main downside of India is Politicizing the religions issue and no strict rules.If strict rules are implemented then India would not fall under developing nations.

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  • Salman, Mangalore

    Fri, Apr 22 2022

    Gulf countries also give respect to other faiths. UAE for example they are allowing to build churches mosque. They never say to follow islam. And what is the developement you will get by saffronising INDIA? You also must be living in SA. Dont you earn there. What is the difficulty you are facing? Are they abusing you? Why do you have hatred for muslims.?

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  • Rajesh, Dubai / Mangalore

    Fri, Apr 22 2022

    I am leaving here from 8 years as a true hindu follower. No one ever forced me to Chant Allah.. no one stopped me by eating what I want. I go spinneys , buy pork and eat. They never stopped me by going to mosque. 2 years back i went to Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi.. had iftar with other muslims. I meet many muslims , men , women. Nobody ever asked my religion or never questioned me. Last week our company organized iftar party. only 40% in our company muslims. They invited all of us and treated. This country is progressing because of harmony , love and care. Think positive. If still cant believe ask your friends who work here. Don't scribble by guessing. If you want to follow Borewell follow him but dont spoil life of future generation.

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  • Nitesh, Mangalore

    Fri, Apr 22 2022

    Daal mei kuch kaala hai 🤔

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  • prakash, Manipal

    Fri, Apr 22 2022

    Good men and bad men are part of all religions and societies... Intermingling of religions is the greatness of our nation... We must not draw rough conclusions on such news items... For all we do not know this might be a structure built mutually for showing communal solidarity...

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  • real kujuma, kodial

    Fri, Apr 22 2022

    only when blue janara party is in power issues like this are created...may be cock and bull story of pumpwell also...chalo one more tension for khaki..

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  • Dinesh, Dubai

    Fri, Apr 22 2022

    Is Pumpwell or Borewell govt representative to check the property of mosque? Is he looking for some fodder to create unrest...? or they will build another Ram Temple ?

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  • Ozy, Surathkal

    Fri, Apr 22 2022

    One more chapter for disputes and hegemony.

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  • Wilfred, Karnataka

    Fri, Apr 22 2022

    how it suddenly temples are shown in mosque place and mosque in temple place, People are more curios in research and invention of buildings rather than development because election are near, There should be worries about foot path and drainage because raining is near

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  • Avinash, Ksd/Bluru

    Fri, Apr 22 2022

    They were able to hide this all these years ?

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  • Sameer, Riyadh

    Fri, Apr 22 2022

    Andh properly. This land was allotted by the Tahsildar in 2001. When the renovation work was taken place this was identified. So Stop barking.

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