Sequeira couple murder in Canada: 26-year-old son Kyle arrested

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Toronto, Sep 9: A couple was found dead inside an east-end home in Scarborough on September 5. Their 26-year-old son has been charged with second-degree murder.

The deceased were identified as 65-year-old Lynette Sequeira and 68-year-old Francis Sequeira. Sources said that the couple’s son, Kyle Sequeira was arrested and charged with two counts of second-degree murder. Police said that Kyle appeared at a downtown Toronto court Monday morning and is scheduled to appear in court on September 13 again.

Lynette and Francis Sequeira

Sources also said that Kyle was charged in June 2019 with attempted murder, assault with a weapon, possession of a knife, and assault. He was released on bail. Those charges remain before the courts. And on August 14, Kyle was booked again and charged with two counts of assaulting a peace officer, a count of obstructing a peace officer and a count of assaulting a peace officer.

He was released on bail after two weeks into the care of his parents with a number of conditions, including that he remain with them in the family home except for medical emergencies or when in the presence of his parents.

The deceased couple is said to be from Mahim, Mumbai.






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  • Trevor D'Souza, Toronto

    Mon, Sep 13 2021

    Authorities with their CYA and control through the internet has tied their hands of many young people to the extent that there is no freedom in this so called free society in Canada. OK. I do not know details at this time but when Kyle committed his 1st petty crime and got caught, I am of the opinion the justice system tried to go through their self righteousness way and tried to punish and demoralize him. Parents must have been stunned and made to feel ashamed. There is no rehabilitation .So the parents quietly bail him out to portray that their family lead normal lives. The justice system survives on making criminals of people. The more the jails are crowded the more jobs for employment and OT for police, guards, judges, lawyers and for politicians, staff etc. They keep it as a revolving door system to justify employment by encouraging repeat offenders to enter jails. Yet there no job offers from nearly 100% companies without police clearance. Leaves the youth frustrated to explain his attack on the peace officers. Take Finland. They have an incredible system. In conclusion, Kyle might have been the final straw that killed his parents, but the justice system are the real criminals.

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  • Derald Gomes, Toronto

    Sat, Sep 11 2021

    Please pray for the family, especially the daughter, who needs all our prayers. Comments about the parent's role in his upbringing are unnecessary, especially without all the facts known. Let's put ourselves in this families' position and think how we would feel if others talked about our son's/"brother's" upbringing, if the roles were reversed. Today 9/11 is a sad reminder of humanity. Let's try and feel more compassion, empathy, and prayers for this family. May this couple Rest In Peace. Pray for the surviving daughter, as she has a tough road ahead, and I hope she doesn't read any of the comments/rumors made here about her parent's parenting skills. Such a heartbreaking and tragic loss.

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  • Francis J Martis, Barkur/USA

    Fri, Sep 10 2021

    Rest in Peace Sequeira's. The Son is a dangerous person, if he can harm family, he can harm anybody. He is a burden to the society and human race. No doubt he has mental issues. He need to be put behind bar rest of his life, there is no better solution.

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  • Francis J Martis, Barkur/USA

    Fri, Sep 10 2021

    Rest in Peace Sequeira's. The Son is a dangerous person, if he can harm family, he can harm anybody. He is a burden to the society and human race. No doubt he has mental issues. He need to be put behind bar rest of his life, there is no better solution.

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  • fernandes, Ambernath

    Fri, Sep 10 2021

    whatever happenend is very sad having history of violence why were precatuions not taken specially when released from jail just 10 days before this murder , seems to be like a chronic case of drug use and mental illness.

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  • Well Wisher, mangalore dubai

    Fri, Sep 10 2021

    What Happened Is sad and unacceptable . RIP. I Do not Blame the boy at all Until Truth Comes out. Mental Disorder Could Be the likely cause and he needs to be treated and helped in such a case. Unless Truth Comes out noone has the right to blame Anyone. Abusing Children, Blaming Children Every time to be avoided by Parents. Respect The Children and love them and care for their basic needs . If they go wrong correct them nicely and do not abuse them. Anger Builts Up Unknowingly if you blame anyone every Second. Fighting infront Of Children 24 Hours a day could be another Cause . You fight 24 Hours and then kneel down in Church whats the use and whom you are fooling? Love The children and respect them and then love and affection will Build Automatically. Do Not abuse them in front of relatives. Prayers Everyday With Children Will Avoid These Things. I Have seen In Indian Express their Photo With a girl. Prabably Their Daughter?I Am Just Saying What Could be the Reasons behind this act. What Happened is unfortunate and sad.

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  • Cynthia, Dk

    Fri, Sep 10 2021

    Very well you said dear well wisher in this comment of yours. Your each and every sentence makes sense. I too opine the same. Your point of fighting and kneeling down in the church is mind blowing. I read other comments in this column which are hurting a lot. First parents you correct yourself and then raise children under the moral values. Dont abuse, condemn them..instead listen to them, solve their problems. Child is raised up by the proper upbringing of the parents. Salute to yiu well wisher

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  • Af,,,, Mangaluru

    Fri, Sep 10 2021

    Some people having lots and lots of money but no brain how to use it nad utlilise it. and one day they will face same problem

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  • Clifford, Mangalore

    Fri, Sep 10 2021

    Very sad news. RIP to Sequeira family. Keeping the boy in mental asylum could have saved the life.

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  • Rudolf Rodrigues, Mumbai

    Fri, Sep 10 2021

    Why such killings are taking place at, regular intervals, in advanced countries?? WELLINGTON: An attacker inspired by the Islamic State group stabbed six people at a New Zealand supermarket on Friday, September 3, 2021, before police who had the man under surveillance shot him dead, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said. Ardern said the man, a Sri Lankan national who arrived in New Zealand in 2011 and was on a terror watchlist, entered a shopping mall in suburban Auckland, seized a knife from a display and went on a stabbing spree. She said six people were wounded, three critically, before police who were monitoring him opened fire within 60 seconds of the attack starting. "What happened today was despicable, it was hateful, it was wrong," she said, adding it was not representative of any faith or community.

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  • Des Lewis, Mangalore/Dubai

    Fri, Sep 10 2021

    Most immigrants don't understand that by moving to another western country doesn't mean that you become westernized . In India everything is restricted by law or "culture" and the liberal western culture can create a culture shock to most guys old and young alike . Kids killing their parents for property is prevalent in India . Imagine taking that "killing for inheritance " culture to the west. People need to go for a thorough mental evaluation before migrating to greener pastures.

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  • real kujuma, kodial

    Fri, Sep 10 2021

    the son must have some serious psychological disorder or might have got addicted to some the mangalore airport bomber

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  • Rudolf Rodrigues, Mumbai

    Fri, Sep 10 2021

    Reading his past, violent, history looks like he was suffering from some serious psychiatric disorder!

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  • Benna, Mangalore

    Fri, Sep 10 2021

    Nowadays parents work, main aim is to provide only branded wear to the children. The children are brought up in a competitive spirit. For eg : whose birthday party was better. It’s a style to give them branded gadgets and they become addicted to it. Going to the malls is another favourite of the new rich. Eating fast food and speaking only in English. There are mangalreans Catholics who feel shy to speak Konkani . .H

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  • SD, Bangalore

    Fri, Sep 10 2021

    Heartbreaking news! May God grant guidance to all our children. RIP

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  • Jossey Saldanha, Thane

    Fri, Sep 10 2021

    Death Penalty ...

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  • John, Valencia

    Fri, Sep 10 2021

    Hope u have a rope, long enuf, mr gornob arswami

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  • mohan prabhu, mangalore/canada

    Fri, Sep 10 2021

    Extremely saddened to hear about this unspeakable act. It is more than likely that Kyle was mentally unstable and should have been kept in a secure asylum rather than brought back home after the previous violent incidents and altercations. Kyle must have been jobless and decided to have inheritance now rather than wait for another twenty or so years. Scarborough is not far from Ottawa where I live, and causes a great concern ; also I might have known or at least heard of the Sequeiras, if they previously lived in Mahim, Mumbai, as reported . I knew at least one Sequeira family nearby sixty two years ago, RIP Lynette and Francis. God will welcome you both together in His eternal kingdom. God will also have mercy on their son for he knew not what he was doing.

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  • Rudolf Rodrigues, Mumbai

    Fri, Sep 10 2021

    What sort of inheritance he will be able to enjoy after he is sentenced to life imprisonment?

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  • DP, Balmatta

    Fri, Sep 10 2021

    They also have a young daughter not even in her teens. May God give her the strength to bear the loss. and may the souls of the parents rest in peace!

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  • Annonymous, India

    Sun, Sep 12 2021

    The daughter is in her 30s and living in British Columbia. Thank God she was not at home. Kyle may have been under substance abuse which makes one violent if they do not get the substance when they want it. If he had a psychological problem surely his parents who were one of the sweetest, gentle and caring souls to all who knew them - family and friends would have endured his meds were given to him . His mother was a health network worker. A tragic loss of good human beings and a family destroyed overnight. Father was a Manglorean raised in Mazagaon. Mother a Goan raised in Mahim. They worked in Dubai had their daughter there who was partly educated in St Mary's school. They migrated to Canada sometime in the mid/ late 1990s where the son was born. From all accounts of his school mates Kyle was also a soft spoken gentle good soul. Somewhere in his growing years, he must have got lost in bad company. In these days and that too in the Western world one cannot say anything to children. So, lets pray for all children and parents /elders to be led by the Wisdom of God. The parents loved their son unconditionally and piyball their hard earned savings to bail him out. The father was a cancer survivor and was in remission since 2020. Surely, they gave all they had. Unfortunately Kyle was nowhere on the road to recovery and the System should have denied him bail and kept in a correction centre until he was found fit and diagnosed what his actual mental state was. I pray no family ever has to go through this horrific tragedy ever. May God protect all families from the clutches of the evil one who comes to destroy and kill.

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  • John Sequeira, Toronto

    Fri, Sep 10 2021

    Very tragic. In Toronto there have been an unusual series of cases involving adult children who murder their parents within Asian immigrant communities. The most famous case was of Jennifer Pan (Vietnamese) in 2010, who had also lied about graduating from university. Another case was of Mehnaz Zaman (Bangladeshi) in 2019 who murdered his parents, elder sister and grandmother. A few other less famous cases as well. In all these cases there are some similarities. 1) Asian immigrant background 2) Adult child has lied to parents about completing their education 3) Adult child is socially isolated and often stays in their room.

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  • Clarence, Mumbai

    Fri, Sep 10 2021

    Appears to be a case of mental illness, with sudden out of control, can't be moralistic without knowing detail

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  • Paul dsouza, balakunje

    Thu, Sep 09 2021

    Too much pampering of this generation causing results are negative to parents at time of their retirement. I strongly suggest, Every parent's specially father, never ever transfer your finance or property on children name till alive. Very emotional & sentimental incident took place , parents die in children hand. What more sad can happen than this...???. Now world is not healthy....! Every one need to prepare anytime for anything..! TIED TIFFIN for tomorrow but sadly journey ended today...!!! Lord grant them eternal rest. RIP.

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  • Rita, Germany

    Fri, Sep 10 2021

    Paul D Souza Balkunje,Sorry to hear this in our own community.I dont know somehow the story,but often heard about children killing the parents cause to get their due money before Parents die.They "help" it with help of others and they stay out of city etc not to come into the scene.Rich parents and their lazy children with drugs .How sad.I feel parents must make the children to earn their money like Doald Trump was saying and doing too.DRugs kill everything and everywhere RIP.He should get punish ment .

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  • Paul dsouza, balakunje

    Fri, Sep 10 2021

    When parents are working...children always reminding parents, I need money for this and that & parents happily serve them with love & care. But, when parents grow old & children start working & start earning money, children don't even bother to call them & ask their support & security. Children live within them. They don't need anyone. Parents become interference then once children gets done their job. Also, observed, children's interference between parents, due to many decent families got separated today. Different world. Safe guard your finance & safe guard your property.

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  • Rita, Germany

    Fri, Sep 10 2021

    Paul d souza Balkunje,I fully agree with you.I saw in Medical detective case in America two boys killed their parents ,to get their money through someone outsider and they were quite out of city.Parents were very rich .Now they are caught after many years and "enjoying "their money in jail .They may not come out.sad.Killing Parents ?do children really understand what pains one has go through to raise children ?when no money is there.?Mostly boys who make problems.

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  • Kiran, Mumbai

    Sat, Sep 11 2021

    Rita, it appears you are watching a lot of detective shows. We don't really know what the cause of death is or what the reasons were. Please lets wait for the law to take its course before we jump to conclusions. God Bless

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  • Valerian DSouza, Udupi/ Mumbai

    Thu, Sep 09 2021

    Extremely sad. Parents responsibility is upto the age of children's maturity. Till then try and give best possible care, values and education according to our capabilities. Thereafter take future course of action should be according to their character and reciprocation!

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  • sense_shetty, Mangalore

    Thu, Sep 09 2021

    RIP to the couple

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  • Ravi, Mangalore

    Thu, Sep 09 2021

    RIP the Sequeira Family.

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  • Deshbhakt, Mangalore

    Thu, Sep 09 2021

    I can say too much love of the parents towards their son did cost their own life.

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  • Ben D'Souza Prabhu, Mangalore, Bombay Bandra now in Canada

    Thu, Sep 09 2021

    Very sorry to learn these things are happening in ones own family. Really Sad. Hope things will change for better. My deepest Condolences to the family and their relatives. Eternal Rest grant unto O Lord and Perpetual Light shine upon both, the Sequeira couple; and do kindly accept them both in your Kingdom to be with you for eternity. THANK YOU DEAR LORD !

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