Partial unlock in 16 dists, including B'luru, no relief for DK, Udupi, complete lockdown in Mysuru

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Bengaluru, Jun 19: With positivity rate of Covid infections showing downward trend in more than half of Karnataka, Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa on Saturday night announced partial unlock 2.0 in the State with almost all daytime normal activities such as shops in as many as 16 districts including Bengaluru and Uttara Kannada, while another 13 districts, including Dakshina Kannada, Udupi with positivity rate above 5% to below 10% will continue to have previous partial lockdown restrictions with Mysuru district with positivity rate above 10% will continue to be under lockdown.

While night curfew from 7 pm to 5 am and weekend curfews from Friday 7 pm to Monday 5 am will continue all over the State, the Chief Minister has announced operation of BMTC, KSRTC buses as well as Metro trains with 50% capacity, hotels, restaurants and clubs are allowed to be open without use of Air Conditioning during daytime till 5 pm in the evening. Though bars and clubs are allowed to open during daytime and serve customers as in hotels and restaurants, drinking alcohol in the premises is prohibited. Swimming pools will be open. Outdoor sports will be allowed without spectators. 

All government offices and private establishments are allowed to function with 50% attendance subject to adhering to Covid appropriate behaviour. Gyms are allowed to function with 50% attendance but without AC during daytime till 5 pm, lodges and resorts are allowed function with 50% capacity.

The restrictions on places of worship, cinema halls, and shopping malls will continue. The State Government has allowed outdoor shooting.

The 16 districts with positivity rate below 5% which are in for partial unlock during daytime are Uttara Kannada, Bengaluru City, including BBMP, Belagavi, Mandya, Koppal, Chikkaballapur, Tumakuru, Kolar, Gadag, Raichuru, Bagalkote, Kalaburgi, Haveri, Ramanagara, Yadgir and Bidar.

The 13 districts, which have positivity rate above 5% but below 10%, which are in for the previous lockdown conditions are: Dakshina Kannada, Udupi, Hassan, Chikkamagaluru, Kodagu, Shivamogga, Chamarajanagar, Bengaluru Rural, Davangere, Dharwad, Ballari, Chitradurga and Vijapaura. These districts will be subject to lockdown conditions as announced on June 11.

The partial unlock restrictions as well as other lockdown restrictions will be in operation till July 5 and the situation will be reviewed before that.

The Chief Minister said the State Government took the decisions based on the recommendations of experts from the Technical Advisory Committee and after consulting the cabinet ministers. The decision on unlock is to ensure that the people and trade and business activities get partial relief and not an indication of the State overcoming the dangers of the Covid pandemic.

“All of us must cooperate with the Government and follow the Covid safety norms such as mandatory wearing face masks, maintaining social distancing and sanitation to bring the situation under control,’’ the Chief Minister said.






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  • Pili, Mangalore

    Sun, Jun 20 2021

    Increase petrol price.. collect max..GST on liquor and covid medicine and keep on extending lockdown. You know how difficult it is to CM to control. Corona is calculated is on percentage now..

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  • Pili, Mangalore

    Sun, Jun 20 2021

    Education for CM or politicians post is Failed in any std. So that to guide them min. 10 educated will get job for each meaning a lot of vacancies.

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  • Monty Dotor, Mangalore

    Sun, Jun 20 2021

    1.Lockdowns have proved to be failures, not only that it is counterproductive, due to rush it helps in the spread in cities and due to migration just before lockdown to villages.2. The financial loss is immense. 3.RTPCR through nasal and throat swabs only detect presence of virus dead or alive, and is NOT infection, but colonisation (mere presence on surface of skin or mucous membrane), infection occours only if it enters body tissue. So these tests should not be a criteria for prevalence.4. Every life is important, and if treatable comorbidities are kept under control ,the death rate due to Covid alone would be negligible.

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  • Pradeep, Udupi

    Sun, Jun 20 2021

    When the report says positivity rate is above 5% and 174 Covid cases reported from Udupi, imagine how much of testing is being done. Government administration should let people know how many tests are conducted. You test 10 and out of it 2 comes out positive, doesn't make sense to lock 12 lakh people inside. Who is benefitting by this scam? It's a flue season here. How come every tests results comes out as covid positive? Politicians, bureaucrats minting money over health crisis created by pharma industries.

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  • Anjum, Mangalore

    Sun, Jun 20 2021

    First time in this lockdown i stepped out for vaccination on 18th june,and what i saw to my surprise was ,many people are not even wearing mask,so many of them unnecessarily walking on roads in the evening time ,for instance young boys in small groups around 3pm,some women walking together with NO mask .When i had gone to hospital nurse slips her mask down and communicate with us? Seriously people need to be educated here, every individual needs to be responsible and deal with this pandemic with maturity, NO government or rules wud be able to help if we dont have some basic discipline in ourselves.

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  • Santosh, mangalore

    Sat, Jun 19 2021

    Road work in progress we need more time put lockdown. Reality of dk now

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  • Shreyas, Bantwal

    Sat, Jun 19 2021

    This is never ending,,, you should give up now, it will take another 1month to bring cases to 5% in dk after looking at current caseload per day which is varying, current India's situation is like a cricket match where you lost 9 wickets for 25 runs & now you need 380 runs from 170 balls,,, which is impossible,, & after 3 months there will be 3rd wave then 2 months or may be more once again lockdown,, what about our dail wage earners, bus employees, common man,,, economy,,, what will they earn & eat,,, and then 4th wave, 5th wave so on... This will continue,,,, We should thank China for this kind a Amazing gift

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  • Stupid bhakht, Mangalore

    Sun, Jun 20 2021

    Blame china and Pakistan or Mughals and British and throw bodies of parents into the rivers later claim India is super power, this is the mindset of bhakts.

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  • Anand Kumar, Mangaluru

    Sat, Jun 19 2021

    What the figures prove is that lockdowns are not working. Lockdowns are useless. With rains it is the flu season, malaria season, chikugunya season, dengue season. But all you hear is covid, covid, covid. Did covid destroy flu, malaria, chikungunya, dengue, etc? Who is profitting from shouting covid, covid, covid? There lies the answer. The old business of scare people and then rob them.

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  • Dev, Mangalore

    Sun, Jun 20 2021

    Rightly said. This pandemic hoax will only end if people start disobeying these Tughlak rules by a few for the few. Unless the govt compensates us with not less than Rs 10000/- they don't have any rights to destroy our livelihood. Time for people to open all shops and businesses and demand our freedom back which are guaranteed by our constitution. We need to follow 36 Haryana Panchayat model and end this tyranny and end this planndemic hoax.

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  • Sameer, Riyadh

    Sat, Jun 19 2021

    BJP symbol is 'Lotus'. What is public experiencing from BJP rule.. 'Loot us'

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  • jayanth, mangalore

    Sat, Jun 19 2021

    jai bjp

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  • bangaaru, mangalore

    Sun, Jun 20 2021

    ok go west begal...

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    Sat, Jun 19 2021

    @ this rate of daily corona positivity in DK, another month or so required for unlock. DC says positivity rate will be not higher rather testing rate is higher! How come death rate is too high? In charge minister, DC/ CEO Zp and MLAs are not did much to combat corona 19.God save DK.

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  • AD, Mangalore

    Sat, Jun 19 2021

    Will there be weekend curfew this weekend?!!!

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  • Saibere, Mangaladevi

    Sat, Jun 19 2021

    Lockdown started from April 23, 2021 for this second wave of corona. Means for June 23, 2021 it will be 2 full months. That means those 13 districts where we are to continue with the lockdown including DK and Udupi will be going in to the third month. Lively hood is going to take a big hit for the daily wagers. Something is not right here as the benefactors appear to be a small group controlling a larger entity or the masses.

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  • Subhash Chandra, Mangalore

    Sat, Jun 19 2021

    Ask experts , consult cabinet ministers & take a decision = CM / Age - 78... What qualification is required for CM post ? An experienced person with minimal qualification & leader ship qualities o+ graduate under age of 35-45 who has an above average IQ who is committed is fit for CM post I think he / she can take tough decisions & rule the state effortlessly with agressive command. Wasting time & resources with all these over aged politicians who take decisions from others...

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  • Mbeary, Dxb

    Sat, Jun 19 2021

    Unless the govt fears the public, such foolishness will continue. We are just sitting ducks.

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  • Roshni, Mangalore

    Sat, Jun 19 2021

    my passport is expired and passport seva Kendra in Mangalore is not opened yet IE not operational. How can I get visa????? That means I'm at the verge of losing my respected minister pls be kind enough to give your permission to open the passport seva Kendra in Mangalore.

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  • Pramila Fernanades, Mangalore

    Sat, Jun 19 2021

    Dear, better you contact MLA of our Mangalore or DC during official time. Commenting here will not give you the solution. Try your best.

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  • Sanjay, Udupi

    Sat, Jun 19 2021

    Come to udupi for vaccination and do passport at the same time

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  • Pili, Mangalore

    Sat, Jun 19 2021

    Somehow smart city people and govt are hand in gloves. Lockdown will go until they distribute and drain all the money of smart city . No worries about people. We are now got used to it. Our day in future will be only 3 hours long. Now they have found a good tool of PERCENTAGE to lockdown. On what grounds and basis this percentages and who is dealing with figures? No one knows ..

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  • Mr Adds, D.K

    Sat, Jun 19 2021

    Dakshina Kannada, are buSy working for smart city an d making money out of it. That is why, D.K tend to show higher percentage of covid cases. It is also understood that D.K being a corporate city, people from other state come here and do the the test before they join their respective company, and if they are positive then it will be accounted for DK. Please stop allowing people from other state to come and do test here in D.K. Change the entire process of undertaking test in D.K, you will surely then see the difference.

    DisAgree [15] Agree [34] Reply Report Abuse

  • Rehna, Mangalore

    Sat, Jun 19 2021

    Rightly Said. If taken into account the city corporation there nay be hardly 150 positive cases. Why should the people of Mangalore have to suffer. Let the DC divide the district how they have divided Bangalore as Rural and Urban and give relief to the people. If this continues people will start comming out.

    DisAgree [8] Agree [10] Report Abuse

  • Anand Gavaskar, Mumbai

    Sat, Jun 19 2021

    What is the way I can go back to Mumbai Under the present circumstances

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  • Star, Kollakabail

    Sat, Jun 19 2021

    Go by train or flight.

    DisAgree [5] Agree [10] Report Abuse

  • Joel, Mangalore

    Sat, Jun 19 2021

    Trains and flights are available. You will get confirmed seats in trains easily now.

    DisAgree [2] Agree [8] Report Abuse

  • Sahil, Mangaluru

    Sat, Jun 19 2021

    Atmanirbar prepare your own mode of transport.

    DisAgree [7] Agree [12] Report Abuse

  • C. D'Souza, MANGALORE

    Sat, Jun 19 2021

    Why are we suffering. Are we the only district in our state consider intelligent. Then how and why so many death in our undivided district.

    DisAgree [7] Agree [22] Reply Report Abuse

  • Janardhan, Padavanangadi

    Sat, Jun 19 2021

    Does that means DK still be locked or will we have shops open till 2PM

    DisAgree [7] Agree [16] Reply Report Abuse

  • Joel, Mangalore

    Sat, Jun 19 2021

    On June 11 he said it will be open till 2 pm. But its a bit confusing now

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  • sense_Shetty, Mangalore

    Sat, Jun 19 2021

    Telangana has opened .. Why not Karnataka ? Wearing masks and social distancing should be mandatory.

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Title: Partial unlock in 16 dists, including B'luru, no relief for DK, Udupi, complete lockdown in Mysuru

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