Mangaluru, a potential tourist destination that needs vision

By Daru Vamanjoor

Feb 11: My stay in Dubai has made me clear one thing. Non-Indians (even North Indians at times) are not very familiar with Mangaluru as they are with Goa or Kerala. Goa and Kerala are easily recognizable as tourist destinations. But Mangaluru is not. Mangalureans would then introduce Mangaluru as it is geographically situated above Kerala or a few kilometers away from Bangalore.

However, geographically and culturally Mangaluru is no way lesser than Kerala or Goa. In fact, Mangaluru is a part of the rich Western Ghats that runs from Gujarat - Maharashtra border till Kanyakumari along with Goa and Kerala. There arises a question. Why is not Mangaluru a well-known tourist destination of South India?

File Photos by Dayanand Kukkaje

Mangaluru has islands (Kudrus), backwaters, beautiful sea shores, rivers, several religious places, hills, historical places and a rare cultural heritage. There are no factors to portray Mangaluru as a less preferred tourist destination. If there is anything, it is the incompetent vision of our political leaders for Mangaluru.

Our political leaders have been making repeated attempts to make Mangaluru a Smart City. Nandikoor thermal power plant, MRPL, Kudremukh iron ore project, proposed Niddodi thermal power plant and ongoing unscientific Yettinahole river diversion projects are not what Mangaluru desires. In fact, these and such similar other projects have been no way related to the growth and well-being of real Mangaluru.

Today, Mangaluru needs vision. The vision to develop Mangaluru by protecting its historical and heritage beauty and to promote the geography, culture and diversification on the globe.

Basically, Mangaluru is an agricultural land. Our cultures and local languages such as Konkani, Tulu and Beary are interdependent. Today, there has not been practical attempt from the government to protect Mangaluru and its heritage. Well, I am not against modernization. Roads without footpaths within the city, ongoing Yettinahole project and cutting down old trees in the Valencia area are few examples as to how the government is planing its future for Mangaluru.

Several fisherman have lost their life at the Alive Baagilu at Mangaluru. The sea shore of Mangaluru has been facing serious issue of sea erosion. These and similar to these are the issues that needs to be addressed in Mangaluru. Certainly, Mangaluru needs development which should be supportive to the growth of Mangaluru and not another concrete jungle like Bengaluru or like polluted New Delhi.

Promoting Mangaluru as a tourist destination would not only generate revenue to the citizens of the city but also encourages its citizens to preserve and protect city's heritage. Goa and Kerala (Coorg, Chikkamagaluru to some extent) have been successful in implementing this.

For instance, the increase in the number of consumers would surely encourage a toddy tapper to continue his profession for few more years. This would be the same case for agriculturists, fisherman, owners of Mane Oota and Ganji Ootas.

If Mangaluru is promoted as a tourist spot, we would see tourists and foreigners witnessing historical Kambalas, cock fights, bathing at waterfalls, climbing hills and enjoying spicy fish fries at reputed Mane Ootas like Hotel Narayana or Giri Manjas.

Well, who would take the initiative ? It should be we, individuals.

The Kite Festival organized by Team Mangalore is a great example for a private initiative which has now become a festival of Mangaluru. Recently, anglers of Mangaluru have come together and have formed an association of like minded enthusiasts. They have also held angling competition few months back. The butterfly park started by Sammilan Shetty at Belvai, 'Rani Abbakka Tulu Adhyayana Kendra' and 'Tulu Baduku Vasthu Sangrahalaya' run by Professor Tukaraam Poojary at BC Road, Private Island 'Farangi Kudru' run by Joseph D'Souza at Kemmannu, regular trekking activities led by famous trekker Dinesh Holla are some inspirations we Mangalureans can take to promote Mangaluru as a tourist destination.

Yes, its time for us citizens to come forward to make Mangaluru a better place.. better place without altering its natural and real beauty.



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  • praveen, mangalore

    Wed, Feb 22 2017

    first rein in the brigades which rule mangalore

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  • Max and Jessie Rasquinha, Mangalore, Houston/Dallas, texas

    Wed, Feb 22 2017

    Mangalore has always been a Tourist destination much before we were born. The British had a strong footing in Mangalore thru their involvement in the Coffee and Tea plantation. The Missionaries came to Mangalore more than 150 years ago because Mangalore was already on the world map, and the Bishop of Mangalore even approached the Vatican to send the best of Missionaries to Mangalore in pursuit of Education as well as other Charitable Institutions. The plantation of Coffee and Tea was further expanded with Cashew, Tapioca, Rubber and many other manufacturing facilities including the Tiles, the Shrimps and even Advance Education.

    All said and done , all the above advantages obviously has a clear pathway for Tourism because Mangalore became an attraction to not only other Indians, but also other foreign nationalities. Now we have the Seaport, Airport, Railway Junction and also an active Bus Junction. Now we also have dozens of Cruise Liners touching Mangalore port bringing thousands of World Tourists.

    We have to now find ways and means to expand our tourism thru better amenities, better qualified and certified Tour Guides, and better ways to attract all the tourists to visit our famous historic sites, including Religious attractions such as Temples, Mosques and Churches. Let there be additional capital outlay for Tourism. Let there be more cleanliness, more broader roads and more road transports. Let there be more Hotels, more Restaurants as well as more parks and recreations. Let the roads be clean with good landscape, including some flowers blooming during the season. Let there be more smiling faces to meet and greet. Most importantly let the Chamber of Commerce and many other Educational Institutions come forward and take greater enthusiasm in making Mangalore a colorful and friendly City. "Dhanyawadh".

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  • Vincent Rodrigues, Katapadi/Frazer Town,Bangaluru

    Tue, Feb 21 2017

    Coastal region of our state is a good place to have excellent tourism provided we take right steps

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  • Zeitgeist, Mangalore

    Sun, Feb 12 2017

    I have sent last whole month in Mangalore and i consider of any talk of mangalore becoming a tourist destination is a joke. Let me tell you why....

    1. we have deep communal issues over here, from which we may not be able to come out of. Mangalore has law and order issue. Right wing groups are in charge of law over here. Police are good for nothing as usual. Just type mangalore in youtube and you will exactly know what is mangalore famous for currently.
    2.Our roads are worse. I dont know what to say of our roads. The highway from BC road to surathkal is pathetic. each and every kilometer of road is a safety hazard.

    I have recently been to goa i can understand why it is a tourist destination. It has its own charm about it which mangalore does not posses.

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  • Vinayak, Mangalore / Dubai

    Sun, Feb 19 2017

    Full agree. The roads are well maintain in Goa, though they collect toll at certain areas. Heritage is been well protect and people are very friendly and helpful. A bylane road at the inner village too is well maintained and that makes Goa a popular tourist destination.

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  • k b r, Mangaluru

    Mon, Feb 20 2017

    Mangalore airport and Mangaluru Railways station big one knows in which language to communicate here...tulu, kannada, hindi or English or Malayalam? same is the case with Railway station...when you land there you do not know whether you are in kerala or some other state...

    Rickshaw drivers / taxi drivers are rude and neurotic and many times cheating newcomers.

    Entrance to both railway station and airport are filled with visitors/nuisance makers who overflow in the area immediately next to the passengers exit point.

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  • noji ismail baig, DUBAI

    Sun, Feb 12 2017

    Good one Daru Vamanjoor.

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  • ARU, Bajpe/Dubai

    Sun, Feb 12 2017

    This can be achieved only if MRPL and other public and private sector industries follows Industrial norms & guidelines to protect Mangalore get polluted .

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  • Rithesh shetty, Mangalore

    Sun, Feb 12 2017

    Nice article,Rightly said.. i dreamed of mangalore as a tourism destination ever since childhood. Being in the middle of two major tourism destination, Mangalore is still getting urbanised and industrialised, hope parallely the tourism would have developed in the same way. Very sad thats not happening still..

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  • Lewis, Udupi

    Sun, Feb 12 2017

    After the World Famous PUB Attack and Home Stay Attack i dont think any tourist would like to visit Managlore.. forget about Tourist even the Locals are scared to roam freely with their family.

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  • VR, Udupi

    Sun, Feb 12 2017

    Why so called fast growing city has only one major road which is NH 66 that is showing up in every picture? It appears that most of the new commercial and residential activities are happening not too far from this road (all the way from south of the city and to the north of the city). There is need for another half ring road (4 or 6 lane road) that start just south of Konaje and ends south of Mulky which passes close to airport with separate bridge across the rivers and having separate exit/entry to the highway that connects BC Road. This should help to relieve the pressure on NH 66, spread the development to wider area thus reducing the congestion, better connectivity and provide an alternative route to NH66. With smart city tag, getting funds should not be a problem as long as local leadership set aside their differences and work towards providing better infrastructure to the growing city.

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  • Dylan, Mangalore

    Sat, Feb 11 2017

    Yes, Mangalore can become a world famous tourist destination and be an hub for the coastal districts and the Malnad districts. The Government and the local Members of Parliament should take some interest in making Mangaluru a potential tourist destination. Whenever I visit Goa and see the number of foreign tourists I feel so sad that Mangaluru cannot attract that number of foreign tourists, and in turn be a world famous tourist destination.

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  • Suresh Joel Lobo, Parapal Da katte

    Sun, Feb 12 2017

    We all were silent when it was renamed Mangaluru
    It is , it was ,will always remain our beloved Kudla

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  • kevin fernandes, mangalore/mumbai

    Sat, Feb 11 2017

    Mangalore can be made a tourist destination not only with the support of Politicians but also businessmen of Mangalore can contribute. There are builders/hoteliers/educationists/other businessmen can come together for a tourist destination.

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  • Dr.Shankarnarayan, Mangaluru/Abu Dhabi

    Sat, Feb 11 2017

    Mangaluru is full of natural beauties. It can be easily made a Tourism Center. But our politicians are not interested. So Mangalurians should take interest in making Mangaluru into a World Tourist Destination.

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  • Eulalia Dsouza, Bejai/Mangalore

    Sat, Feb 11 2017

    I can keep writing thousands of Articles on how Mangalore should be promoted as a Tourist Destination. many would & I appreciate this writer.

    who will bell the cat - Tourism Department, concerned Authority?
    Who will wake them up from deep slumber that they are in?
    Who will take up the cause of fighting for these issues?

    Few Private Tour Operators are doing their best, to promote Mangalore as a Destination, but when authorities are sleeping, what can they do too, with limited facilities, limited amenities .!!

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  • Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai

    Sat, Feb 11 2017

    Send our Moral Police to Somalia ...

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  • Dr.Shankarnarayan, Mangaluru/Abu Dhabi

    Sun, Feb 12 2017

    Mr.Jossey Oota aythantha kelidhare Mundassu moovathu molantha helthayiddiralla

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  • Shridhar, Mangalore

    Sun, Feb 12 2017

    Yes Moral policing and implementing of rule of law is the biggest issue to achieve the tourist potential of Mangalore...

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  • Nithya, Mangalore

    Sat, Feb 11 2017

    All the groups of citizens that exist in Mangalore be brought together. And discuss the need of making Mangalore a tourist destination. But there must not be 'position aspirants' here.

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  • Alwyn Crasta, Mangaluru/Bengaluru

    Sat, Feb 11 2017

    Is tourism development mentioned as one of the objectives of "Smart City - Mangaluru"?
    If not, there's still enough time to set things right, with proper unity & brain-storming among all its stakeholders and preparation of a proper "Vision Document". Let no vested interests come in the way. Where there is a will, there is a way.

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  • MV, Mangalore, Oman

    Sat, Feb 11 2017

    Good thought Mr. Daru.

    There is a need to form an union of people like Mr. Daru to brain storm the ideas and fight unitedly with the system.

    We should remember that we cannot expect anything from politicians who will only act if there is media pressure and there is a fear of losing in elections.

    I call upon like minded people to join hands and start putting pressure on the system for implementing the good ideas. But for this, we need self less people. I am ready without any political ambition. What is your response readers?

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  • Rajesh, MANGALORE/ UAE

    Sat, Feb 11 2017



    Also i agree that we have some rubbish politicians who are favouring projects which are against the nature like Yettinahole Project.

    Many activities like KAMBALA and COCK fight if legalised can attract thousands of tourists annually and we have the rivers near Mulki which can be a great back water sports activities.

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  • Fr Ajay D'Silva SJ, Bondel/Rome

    Sat, Feb 11 2017

    Well written.

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  • sameer, mangalore/dubai

    Sat, Feb 11 2017

    Dear, Very well said and thought.
    Before anything we people from Mangalore should act like as one family. Outsider people imagine Mangalore as disrupted city.
    Yes as you said in future we going face drastic water problem. it is really going to happen. Even i tried educating my family, neighbours...
    We need to educate people more about this.


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  • Shiva M S, Kudla

    Sat, Feb 11 2017

    Everything is fine,How are we preserving Nature?
    Nature is being depleted day by day,Greenery is being lost!!!In next few years mangalore is going to face a serious water scarcity.First fix these issues.Basic necessities must be the first thing that we need to fix today.Without which we humans cannot survive.

    Today in this century we can get a coolest of infrastructure solutions with help of latest technology and enhancements. But again I would like to say,Water and Fresh air must be our First Priority and later comes "Food".If we know to preserve this then we are safe and we can think of anything other activities.Without preserving basis things if we thing of development,Then one fine day we will be HOTT SOUP!!!
    I feel Government should think on this,And I always do feel that Government just thinks of starting a project without Long Term Vision, Benefits and the Adverse effect of the projects.Just to fix a solution they give a temporary fix which leads to one more issue.For example to provide housing we fill our lakes.Some years back when we travelled along adyar we could see water filled lake on other side of the road,But now it has been occupied by some building and they are closing those lakes,Which were a great source for preserving Underground water.We should have learnt by now by looking at Bangalore,How people are facing water scarcity by closing all those lakes.STUPIDITY!!!!Instead we are thinking of installing a Desalination plant.Is Mangalore a DESERTED City?

    Janakule nikulu yochane mal podu bale Kudlan oripaage.Ijyanda onji dina paryare neerla ijji thiniyare neer dose la ijji panpuna onji sthithi baru.Inchitthina dina barandilekka enkulu toovonodu.

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  • Anand, Karkala

    Sat, Feb 11 2017

    People belonged to Mangalore go on a vacation to Kerala and enjoy the same natural beauty with advanced amenities and development.

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  • Rizwan, Bolar, Mangalore.

    Sat, Feb 11 2017

    Good one Daru Vamanjoor.

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  • Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai

    Sat, Feb 11 2017

    Show me GOA & Kerala's Vision Document ...

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  • The Guru, Mangalore

    Sat, Feb 11 2017

    Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai

    Why you need those documents???

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  • Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai

    Sat, Feb 11 2017

    They are still doing well without any ...

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