Air India Express Crashes at Mangalore Airport

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  • Rs. 7.56 cr Paid Among Air Crash Victims' Kin: Air India
  • Retired Air Marshal to Head Mangalore Crash Inquiry
  • Mangalore Crash: Mass Funeral for 12 Victims Amidst All-faith Prayers
  • Mangalore: Families Agree for Mass Funeral of Unidentified Victims
  • Mangalore: Another Survivor of Air Crash Goes Home
  • Mangalore: Man Accused of Stealing Valuables of Crash Victims Arrested
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  • Mangalore : Joel’s Survival in the Air Crash is a Faith Experince
  • Mangalore: All Religion Condolence Meet to Mourn Crash Victims’ Held
  • Bajpe Airport: Runway Length to be Increased from 8000 to 9000 ft
  • Mangalore: Air India Strives to Reach Compensation to Victims’ Families
  • Mangalore: Grieving Families Bid Farewell to crew Member Rana, Joel
  • Civic Condolence Programme Held at Mangalore Airport
  • Mangalore: Relatives Refuse to Claim Body - Doubts on Reliability of DNA Test
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    Sense of Gloom Prevails in Coastal Districts...

    Pics by Dayananda Kukkaje
    Daijiworld Media Network - (FR)

    Mangalore, May 25: In the coastal districts of Mangalore and Udupi there is still a pall of gloom  everywhere as the family members, relatives, friends and the general public are yet to come to terms with the tragic incident of the air crash in Mangalore in which 158 people perished on Saturday.  The shell-shocked people are unable to even think that such a tragedy could happen in Mangalore.  The scene at the crash site and at the Wenlock hospitals is really heart rending one as relatives are grappling with the loss of their loved ones and trying to identify the charred bodies to perform the last rites, which is proving to be an uphill task.  The scene at the district hospital is sure to melt the hearts of anyone.  Family members and relatives have been thronging to the District Wenlock hospital crying desperately in search of their loved ones without bothering about water, food, rest or sleep. Their swollen faces sleep-deprived eyes and crumpled clothes telltale the sad situation of their helplessness in coming to grapple with the tragedy.

    The general atmosphere in and around the coastal districts is very depressing and everywhere people seems to be talking about the tragedy sympathizing with the families which lost their loved ones.  One can just imagine the fate of the households and their family members which lost multiple lives in the ghastly incident.   Friends, relatives, acquaintances, neighbours and the general public irrespective of caste, creed or religion have visited the families of victims to express their condolences and share their grief.  The spontaneity with which the civilians of Mangalore responded in rendered their selfless service in the rescue operations risking their own lives, safety or exhaustion is commendable. The fact that a majority of the force throughout the rescue operations was civillian speaks volumes of the Good Samaritan nature of Mangaloreans, which is the only consolation many of the grief stricken families could have. 

    Moodubelle - Udupi

    Kulshekar - Mangalore

    While not able to anything more the citizens along with their elected representatives and NGO’s took out a peace march yesterday in the city to express condolences and solidarity with the bereaved families.  It was gratifying to note that the district administration, the police force  and the elected representatives taking over the responsibility  of visiting the crash site and the hospital to provide  solace to the grief stricken families and oversee the rescue operations and other arrangements. The district administration made arrangements to provide food and water to those who have been waiting at the hospitals for the bodies.  Volunteers were seen distributing water bottles to the sorrowing families. Distrinct-in-charge minister J Krishna Palemar even vented his anger against some international channel for wrong bytes from the relatives of victims.  Many public functions were cancelled and some even toned down the celebrations to express their solidarity with the families of victims. 

    The ordeal of the families and relatives of some of the dead is not over yet as they are not able to recognized the bodies which are charred beyond recognition.  The doctors at the hospital are doing their best to cope with the enormity of the situation.  Finally they are waiting for the DNA tests to be done to identify the bodies, which are the only course left to handover the bodies to the rightful claimants. 

    Mangaloreans are known for their resilience especially when odds are pitted against them.  The ghastly tragedy has shown the humanness we all have.  Amidst the catastrophe Mangaloreans faced last Saturday, there is a glimmer of hope that has emerged that we all have similar feelings, pain and grief which is binds us all together, especially when the need arises.