Mangaluru: Providential escape for 17 children as tree falls on school bus

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Mangaluru, Aug 14: A huge tree fell on a school bus of a private school in the city, carrying 17 children on it.

The incident occurred near Nanthoor Circle in the city on the morning of Wednesday, August 14.

The children had a providential escape as no major injuries are reported. DCP and other police officials rushed to the spot.

According to the commissioner of police P S Harsha all the children travelling in the said school bus are safe as per the information given by the principal of the school.


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  • AnoNymouS, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 14 2019

    Looking at all these comments makes me sad. Everyone wants all the trees to be cut down or removed. The trees are falling because the ground they are on has gone soft because of all the trees being cut. The pumpwell tree looks like there was no proper bunding on the side of the road where they dug out all the earth and left the water to just drain through the soil. Grip ijjiya. They should strengthen the sides by planting more trees so that the soil doesnot become loose.

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  • Rudolf Rodrigues, Mumbai

    Wed, Aug 14 2019

    Thank heaven's that Mangalore did not face rainfall as in Maharashtra, Kerala, Kodague etc or Mangalore would have with in the deluge!

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  • Jordan Noronha, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 14 2019

    I study in Class 9th in Cambridge School. All the students are safe. I hope the weak trees and branches are cut as it is a destruction to the city. I request you'll to comment about the incident and not comment your prayers.😊

    Jordan Noronha

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  • Dan M, Dubai / Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 14 2019

    God The Father on Prayer.

    July 29, 2019

    Once again, I (Maureen) see a Great Flame that I have come to know as the Heart of God the Father. He says: "I am pleased with each one of you who perseveres in prayer. You are My prayer warriors - warriors of peace. I say warriors as there is a spiritual battle being waged in hearts against peace. If you do not have peace in your hearts it will not be in the world around you."

    "The future of the world depends on prayer. This is why I call all of My children to unite in prayer to oppose the evil in hearts. Believe Me, evil is solidly united against the good of this Ministry.* Therefore, it behooves the prayer warriors to unite as one and to pray against all enemy attacks. Learn to recognize evil, as it comes clothed in goodness. Your prayer effort helps you to choose good by recognizing evil. Very often, Satan puts his own agenda in otherwise good hearts. If you do not recognize the enemy, you cannot combat him."

    "Pray for wisdom during these troubled times. Wise discernment will help you to choose good over evil."

    * The ecumenical Ministry of Holy and Divine Love at Maranatha Spring and Shrine.

    Read Philippians 2:1-2+

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  • Eldridge Dsouza, Bangalore

    Wed, Aug 14 2019

    After knowing the forecast there are rains. The government should declare holiday to school till the rain subside .prevention is better then cure.
    I hope after this incident something will be done .

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  • Roshan, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 14 2019

    Who is responsible iff anything happnd wrong..y can't the authorities sanction holidays to school even they know about the alert of heavy rain.. thank God for saving these kidds..

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  • Paul, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 14 2019

    Thank God nothing happened to the kids. they are safe
    Instead of blaming.
    Didn't you know school had holidays since 4 days .were you sleeping or on Coma for 4 days .
    Do you know how much pressure will fall kids if portions are not covered
    Don't play blame game .
    Authorities are doing their best.
    Natural disasters don't inform before hand.'
    Nest when the authorities want to cut old tress there some our groups/ politicians who go against it for tutting trees .

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  • Dylan, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 14 2019

    Mangalore is never prepared for a good rain. The drains are not built scientifically, when it rains there is more water on the roads and footpath than in the drains. Cannot understand when the smart City dream will be fulfilled. Looks like a distant dream. We have to be prepared for treens falling anytime.

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  • bala k, Urwa

    Wed, Aug 14 2019

    Many more giant trees should be trimmed around the city .Some of the branches hovering above the road dangerously.

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  • Mujeeb, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 14 2019

    Praise be to Allah who saved all children fro death.

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  • Joy, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 14 2019

    The Biggest suspense of today's life is...
    You don't know
    who is playing with u
    & who is praying for you

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  • Sainik, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 14 2019

    I had predicted this nearly 5 weeks ago.
    This is carelessness of the property owner and as well as the District Admin.
    Those trees and the hillock should have been trimmed long ago.
    imagine if something major had happened to those innocent children.
    Property owner and the irresponsible admin should be booked for neglecting the value of human life.

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  • Cynthia, Kirem

    Wed, Aug 14 2019

    Around two weeks before mud slide was there... I remember I mentioned about this in reply to your comment... After that near circuit house on the way to bejai mud slide happened.. Everyone concentrated on that and now piled the sacks there in support of that hill.. Since this is highway and night vehicular movement will be there... So many people walk.. .. To our utter shock , after a week or so from the day of the mud slide, someone removed the red mud may be for their garden by scraping or digging that hill ..just some meters away from the previous mud slide leaving the rest of the mud to fall on the road.. Just above this, today's mud slide happened.. Some have sadistic mind.. Know only to create problems and watch the fun from far.. Really sad 😔

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  • Shab, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 14 2019

    There are many trees bent towards near Nandigudde post office road.. When it is raining heavily or there is heavy breeze it is really scary to pass by..
    Corporation should take precautions on this before it is too late.. By god's grace all the children are safe today.. But tomorrow somebody else shudnt be the victim.

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    Wed, Aug 14 2019

    This I have predicted when bejai tree fell last week, this is a negligence by owner and city corporation ,
    why city corporation cant identify dangerous trees which are leeing towards roads. there are many.

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  • Vinod Sequeira, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 14 2019

    One tree near Bendoorwell Circle Opp. to Dominos Pizza bent to the road and can fall at any time.
    Authority should note this immediately

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  • Leo Victor, Hubli/Bantwal

    Wed, Aug 14 2019

    Praise the Lord. All Children' are Safe.

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  • PINTO, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 14 2019

    Thank God for protecting the children. Those who were mocking the DC for announcing holidays hope they got their answer now.

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  • Cynthia, Kirem

    Wed, Aug 14 2019

    Yes exactly... Higher authorities simple not declaring holidays and for no reason many children are saved from hurts/injuries/sickness ... either big or small during those days of declared holidays.. All kids/students don't attend the schools/colleges from city itself... Many come from far off places crossing the bridges, creeks, rivers, streams etc. crossing the fields filled with water and through the muddy roads... Let's not make fun or mock at anyone during this difficult situation... May god bless our DC and the concerned personnel for his/their prompt thing we will remember all children do not belong to DC's family alone but for someone whom he doesn't even know them individually.. Still, he has taken care of all thinking that all belong to one family irrespective of caste, creed and whatever... Congratulations to him and a big salute to him... God bless all.

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  • R.Bhandarkar, Mangaluru

    Wed, Aug 14 2019

    God is great..

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  • Cynthia, Kirem

    Wed, Aug 14 2019

    Thank god...children are safe.🙏 Every morning I make a personal prayer for the safety of all especially for the students for their protection from all disasters. Why can't all of us..
    I mean to say those who have not thought of it...spend a few minutes in prayer for the safe return and for the protection from all dangers?? Let our prayer be for all and not only for our own people . Some one will be saved miraculously by the prayer of someone for sure... May god bless us all....

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  • Dan M, Dubai / Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 14 2019

    Very useful beautiful prayer for protection of children and also other prayers for all available on the net.

    Crusade Prayer (153) The Gift of Protection for children

    "You must recite this Prayer once a week, before an image of me, your beloved Mother, and bless yourself with Holy Water before you recite it."

    O Mother of God, Mother of Salvation,
    I ask that you consecrate the souls of these children (list them here…) and present them to your beloved Son.
    Pray that Jesus will, through the Power of His Precious Blood, cover and protect these little souls with every kind of protection from evil.
    I ask you, dear Mother, to protect my family in times of great difficulties and that your Son will look favourably upon my request to unite my family in one with Christ and grant us Eternal Salvation. Amen.

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  • Cynthia, Kirem

    Wed, Aug 14 2019

    Dan... Instead of sending all this... Please.. whenever you get time offer small small prayers to god from the depth of your heart.. And with the pure intentions and for all. Do good needs to someone who is in need... This is the proper way of spreading the word of god.. This will be much more fruitful. Tell me why such messages are given only to the people of foreign countries? We too are his people.. And about such messages, nothing mentioned by the church authorities and put notices in the notice board... Everyone prays according to their wisdom and knowledge and what their religion taught to them... All human beings are Gods creation... Please don't forget this dear.

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  • Dan M, Dubai / Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 14 2019

    God speaks in whispers, one needs to silence their thoughts in order to listen to him.

    Why whispers?
    God wants one to be very close to him in order to communicate. If one speaks a lot, (if line is always busy) how can God to speak to him or her?.

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  • Dan M, Dubai / Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 14 2019

    Our Lady on how to hear God's voice.

    Our Lady's message to Valeria Copponi.

    JULY 18, 2018

    Mary, Queen of Hope

    I will console you! Am I not the Mother of your Redeemer? I cannot let my children, redeemed by the blood of my Son, fall into the fear and the darkness that the world serves you in large quantities.

    You are certainly not navigating tranquil waters but I, precisely for this reason, do not leave you without my protection, not even for an instant.

    My dear children, continue to pray with the rosary in hand, the only weapon that protects you and that will protect you until the end. Your earth is prostrate; it no longer supports your daily acts of destruction.

    If you cannot respect your earth, which supports you, how can you believe without seeing in the heaven that is above you? But there am I, all my angels, all the saints that have gone before you and who intercede continually for you and those dear to you.

    Believe, love, pray: if one of these words is missing from your life, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven. Only by considering these three little Words can you think about the kingdom of God that waits for you with joy.

    My dear children, there is no more love in you. You live to stockpile all that seems useful to you but it is not useful. Place yourselves in silence for a moment, meditate on these three words, think about how much you could have lost until now without bringing to fulfillment three healthy and blessed sentiments.

    Withdraw into silence. I assure you that you will be able to hear our voices, which suggest to you the right prayers to move the heart of that God who receives from his children only offenses.

    I bless you. Be serene even if these times are not the best. Remember, I am with you.

    Mary, Queen of Hope

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  • Dan M, Dubai / Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 14 2019

    Our Lord on ROSARY.
    Message to Luz De Maria
    17 August 2018

    My beloved People:


    The Holy Rosary is not a repetitive prayer, but an exaltation towards My Mother, and you need to pray it with the heart, in peace and with your senses surrendered to My Holy Spirit so that you might pray fused to the Divine Will.

    Praying out of convenience, prayer out of interest, prayer in fatigue, vocal and empty prayer, does not express or contain the true spiritual sense that prayer should have.

    In order to pray, you must prepare yourselves with love and allow that words, feelings, desires rise up from the heart to reason, and entrust to My Holy Spirit all that surrounds you and that you carry within you, so that you are enlightened and truly pray, as I wish. In order to pray, it is necessary that you cancel out the thoughts that come and go and which, through the mind, hinder you from being able to unite with Me.

    Prayer is for silencing yourselves so that My Holy Spirit takes you and so that the inner noise is overcome by the silence of My Love, and that will be when you will initiate inner and outer change: whether it be your character, despair, or the lack of decision, or fear, they will be conquered by My Peace that will become the testimony of My children at all instants.


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Title : Mangaluru: Providential escape for 17 children as tree falls on school bus


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