Mangaluru: Join hands: White Doves Destitute Home taking final shape

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Mangaluru, Jul 11: Even a square meal a day is often a luxury to most of the poor, the sick, the exploited and the needy in our country. In the face of this grave reality, there are a few Good Samaritans whose humanitarian concern and helping hand is making a difference to the lives of the sick, abandoned and the underprivileged.

Corrine Rasquinha, a brave and compassionate lady heading the White Doves, together with her team, is a great blessing to Mangaluru city. They have dedicated their time, love and patience to reach out to the least, last and lost fellow countrymen, women and children, irrespective of caste, class, creed or religion. They have been ever ready, day or night to offer their service of picking up any person in distress whenever called upon, since the past 23 years.

Selfless Service

Currently, the White Doves, psychiatric nursing and destitute homes are run on free lease premises at Matadakani and Jail Road and are the only psychiatric nursing destitute homes in Mangaluru. This is the only institution in Mangaluru that picks up people living off the streets and have no family to call their own.

The 2 destitute homes run by the White Doves, at present having 141 inmates picked up from the streets, have been home for over 540 destitute over the past years. As many as 180 inmates have been reunited with their families.

As Mangaluru is heading towards becoming a Smart City, White Doves has contributed a lot to the development of the city by shouldering the social responsibility of the government by rehabilitating the destitute, building homes for the poor, educating children, providing daily meals to the hungry on the streets. All these charitable works that the White Doves undertakes are done without any monetary cost to the beneficiaries.

With only a small amount in hand but majorly placing her trust in God, Corrine Rasquinha embarked on scouting for land to build a home for the destitute. Her failure to get land forced Corrine to approach the bishop of Mangaluru, Dr Aloysius Paul D’Souza. She pleaded her case before him. After deliberations and witnessing the genuine selfless service of White Doves, the bishop provided 49 cents of land at Maroli.

The foundation for the 200 bed White Doves Psychiatric Nursing and Destitute Home was laid on February 2, 2016.

White Doves Psychiatric Nursing and Destitute Home

White Doves Psychiatric Nursing and Destitute Home will provide homely residential care in an atmosphere of love and acceptance for destitute, neglected and mentally ill persons who are pushed to the streets due to unfortunate circumstances. The centre will reach out to women, young women in particular, who suffer from mental illness and save them from situations of sexual violence and exploitation from the hands of anti-social elements on the streets. The home will provide essential services such as boarding, lodging, counselling, psychiatric care, critical care support and rehabilitation to those in vulnerable situation. Besides this, the institution will look on the matters of children from marginalized groups to encourage their schooling and higher education.

Briefing the details of the project, Corrine said that the 41,000 square feet building will have a 200 bed facility that will house separate wards for male and female residents. “It will provide well equipped medical facility for doctors to treat the residents. The two storey building includes recreation room with indoor recreation facilities, hygienic kitchen, dining rooms. Besides this, the single building includes emergency treatment room, doctor's room, pharmacy, patient utility room, laundry room, recreation hall, chapel, lobby, staff room, director's room, manager's room, record room, and corridors. The entire building has water harvesting system and electricity generated through solar panels. The estimated budget is Rs 7.50 crore and now 70% percent of construction work is completed.” she informed.

Interior works of flooring, electrical works, plumbing works, furniture, lift works are pending and are underway.

The support, encouragement and love showered on White Doves by people who have witnessed the charitable works being undertaken for the past 23 years has enabled White Doves to complete 70% of the construction of the White Doves Psychiatric Nursing and Destitute Home.

Join Hands

Corrine says, “As we pray, ‘God who began a good work through us shall bring it to completion’, White Doves has launched sponsor a bed for Rs 5,000/- to help complete the building project.”

Generous donations from willing people would go a long way in helping people who really need compassionate approach and willing help.

Donations to White Doves would get income tax exemptions under U/S 80 G of the Income Tax Act 1961.

It is our bounden duty to join hands with White Doves to repay to society in our own little way and help the needy to provide them with basics of life. Here is the golden opportunity to help the society in whatever little way you can. Lend a helping hand to serve humanity and to serve God.


White Doves - Building fund A/C
Bank: HDFC Bank Ltd
Branch: Mangaluru - Karnataka
Address: M N Towers, Kadri
Mangaluru - 575002
Account Name: White Doves
A/c No: 50100127382631
MICR: 575240002


Corrine: 0091 - 9880517078
Jerome - 0091 - 9845607615


Website: Click here 



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  • Margaret Rego, Mangalore / Kuwait

    Mon, Jul 16 2018

    Congratulations Corrine and the entire team for the great achievement. As we believe that Volunteers do not sacrifice their time, effort and money for the fame, popularity nor they want anything in return. Your charity work might not have given you any wealth in return, but you have certainly earned a lot of love and prayers. May you always remain happy and healthy to carry on this great task. A big salute to you.
    In these dark days, where everyone is greedy and want everything for himself. Angels like you are very hard to find. You have helped the needy and the destitute in every means possible, hats off to you Corrine. I also remember Mother Teresa’s quote: “The miracle is not that we do this work, but that we are happy to do it.”
    People like you are a ray of hope that will drag those who are drowned in the darkness. You will drag them into the light, may God continue to bless you and your mission for being such a kindhearted person.
    Finally, I remembered the famous quote “Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance.” St. Francis of Assisi.

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  • Alwyn Crasta, Mangaluru/Bengaluru

    Fri, Jul 13 2018

    It's really heartening news that, White Doves Destitute Home is nearing completion. All credit goes to Almighty God for his blessings, and to Corrine, Vitus & team ( who are working day & night and struggling to collect funds to complete this great humanitarian project).

    It is nothing but the love of suffering humanity (the poor, shelterless, starving, sick and those moving in rags & sackcloth) which is inspiring Corrine, Vitus & team to do the work which Saint Mother Teresa used to carry out in the streets & gutters of Kolkata, without differentiating on the basis of religion, caste, status or region. Mother Teresa's motto was to enable these helpless specimens to survive as dignified human beings, as per God's plan for all humanity. Her famous quote was: I help a Hindu to become a better Hindu, a Muslim to be a better Muslim, a Buddhist to be a better Buddhist, etc., (without any ulterior motive).

    Let's try to do our bit to encourage and support them in their noble task and wish them all the best!

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  • Loyal Dsouza, Dubai/Mnagalore

    Fri, Jul 13 2018

    Congrats Corrine, its truelly a great and noble humanity work you and your team is undertaking for the past several years. I met you few years back and last year we couldn't find time to meat each other. This December, sure I will find time to meet you and chat about your noble work. I will send 2 bed sponsor funds soon.

    May God bless you and your entire team with good health, happiness and peace to serve more & more poor & sick wandering people from the street.

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  • Alwyn, Canada

    Fri, Jul 13 2018

    God bless you and all inmates

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  • Joseph Aranha, Abu Dhabi

    Thu, Jul 12 2018

    Requesting you all to spread this message so the White Doves Destitute home gets sufficient resources to complete their project. I believe, since 2016, they must have struggled a lot to reach to this stage. Without peoples support they wont be able to accomplish their mission.

    God bless Corrine and all the people involved in this project.

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  • N Shetty, Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 12 2018

    Great work towards humanity. Almighty will be always with you to support the good cause. I was reading the article about all the different facilities for people from every walk of life without considering the religion or cast.. Truly unique mission with a vision.

    When I read the article about your mission I read that the project has a chapel built for prayer. What about the people who worship other faiths. At least have a prayer room for SARVADHARMA as we have in our armed forces with Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christians pray in a common place with all the deities present. Then it shall be a feather in the cap for what you are doing.
    Best wishes

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  • Corrine, Bendur, mangalore

    Thu, Jul 12 2018

    Thank you Mr Shetty for your suggestion. I am a Christian and I call the place of prayer chapel. You may pray to any God.

    But my place of prayer will be called a chapel. It does not mean that no Hindi or Muslim can pray here. It's the place set aside for prayer.

    This is not a profit making institution and the inmates here will get picked up from the streets irrespective of caste, religion or Creed or the physical condition they are in, only to be looked after and nursed back to health and live a more human life.

    I don't cater to anyone's religion . Since no money is charged to look after these psychiatric, abandoned brethren I don't need to cater to every religion. Places like hospitals charge you for their services hence they cater to every religion. Also this is not a religious centre. We cater to health needs. Anyway thanks

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  • N Shetty, Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 12 2018

    Thanks a lot for the clarification Ms Corrine.

    My understanding of Chapel is a place of worship only for Christians which I normally understand from the dictionary or Google.
    ood to know that chapel is a place of worship to people from every walks of life without considering caste, colour, creed or religion. Appreciate a lot.

    In my knowledge , serving the needy itself is worship of almighty. Then that place itself becomes a place of worship which can be called in different names. It may be chapel, temple, mosque or gurudwara. I shall definitely visit your temple one day and contribute whatever I could.

    Now I understand that chapel is a place without any bounds , without any statutes or photos of any god or his messengers. Sure everyone will be happy if this is practiced everywhere. It will be the base of unity in diversity.

    Best wishes

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    Fri, Jul 13 2018

    Mr N Shetty

    The dstitues Corrine picks up are wandering on the streets with out food, clothing, medicine and they have no family no friends no body. They even do not know who is God. What is God. What is Gods work.

    So most of them lost their memory and health. In other words they donot know who they are why they are living.

    People who become find with medication and love and treatment they remember their family members and they will be united to their family and sent to their home. All expenses will be borne by Corrine.

    So we will be glad if you appreciate for her selfless service. She has family. During her very young age she started this. Day by day she extends services not only in her destitute home other people who need her assistance. She receives calls and help people who are not concerned to her destitute home during nights during her resting hours also..

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  • NN, NN

    Tue, Jul 17 2018

    Mr. Shetty, what important here is the service for the humanity. Religion is secondary. Some people get enlightenment in their lives and wanted to do something good for the society. It is our duty to encourage, appreciate and support those noble souls in whichever way possible.

    Chapel is a place of prayer mostly for Christians with at least a cross hanging at the Altar. It is for Corrine and her team to pray to give them strength and courage to continue their mission and thanking for HIS blessings. Inmates are not required to pray at the Chapel, I believe.

    White Doves is rehabilitating people irrespective of their religious belief and that may include atheists or even devil worshipers. It is hard to accommodate everyone's belief in a small Chapel. Here, the priority is rehabilitating people neglected by the society and give them a jump start to lead their own lives.

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    Thu, Jul 12 2018


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  • Panky, Rajasthan

    Wed, Jul 11 2018

    God Bless You people's
    & To Those person who supports them

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  • Elwyn Goveas, Valencia

    Wed, Jul 11 2018

    Excellent news and hats off to daijidubai to bring in such mind blowing charitable news exclusively.Everyone in this world should give shoulder and support generously for this extra ordinary efforts taken by Corrine Rasquinha.Feel great.Salute for service and sacrifice in helping the needy.

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  • Premi Noronha, Mumbai

    Wed, Jul 11 2018

    Corrine, hats off to you & your team for such exemplary, selfless service for the homeless & needy, day in & day out.

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  • Robert Rodrigues, Yeyyady Mangalore

    Wed, Jul 11 2018

    Really a wonderful service. Corrie Rasquinha is a another Mother Theresa for poor people side. No doubt

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  • Evans Christopher Sumitra, Udupi, NewYork,USA.

    Wed, Jul 11 2018

    This is a wonderful achievement. I am glad to know that White Doves Destitute is taking its final shape. Mind-blowing job by Corrine Rasquinha and her entire team. This is the need of the hour for the mentally sick and destitute people who have no help from others. God bless those involved in this project and I would gladly sponsor a bed and hope this building will be ready by the Grace of God as soon as possible.

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  • Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai

    Wed, Jul 11 2018

    God Bless ...

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  • Naveen Rego, Mangalore

    Wed, Jul 11 2018

    Please contribute some.......

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  • vincent rodrigues, Bangaluru/Jatapadi

    Wed, Jul 11 2018

    This is a great social work and blessings to the upcoming city.We do wish all the best in this effort to help the deserving needy

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