Aug 28: The First Look of Daybreak Edition of Mahindra Thar was released at the Auto Expo of 2016. It proved to be the show stopper and talk of the town. Buyers can get this exclusive modified version from any of the outlets of Mahindra Customization. One thing is for sure, no one can take one’s eyes off this attraction once it is on the road.

When on road, the first thing that is sure to grab attention is the gigantic tyres. They are no less than beasts and can beat any road condition making one’s journey comfortable and worth the ride. Each tyre measures 37 inches. Isn’t that huge enough to affect the suspension? But wait, here’s the catch, the suspension’s height has undergone an increase by 1.5 inch. The engine and torque remain the same, though an increase in them can complement the performance of the tyres that are mammoth size.

How can one not notice this beauty on the road with matte grey finish to its body and red highlights? The bonnet is scooped and DRL rings of LED affixed to the headlamps of the projector. The USP are definitely the raised wheels and the doors modified for that funky look.