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Mangalore: Protesters obstruct tollgate construction near NITK Suratkal

Mangalore: Protesters obstruct tollgate construction near NITK Suratkal

Sunil Haleangady
Daijiworld Media Network – Mangalore (SP/DV)

Mangalore, Mar 26: Protest was staged near National Institute of Technology Karnataka (NITK) Suratkal near here on Tuesday March 26 in opposition to the construction of tollgate at the spot by IRCON.

After having to contend with failures in their efforts to construct the tollgate five times earlier, the officials concerned began constructing the gate at the spot on Monday March 25, under police protection. Protesters came on the scene and obstructed the construction. The construction continued since morning, even after protesters expressed their anguish. By evening, the protesters intervened and stopped the construction.

The officials however, were determined to continue with the construction under police security, and showed a letter written by the district deputy commissioner on March 16 to them, asking for early completion of toll gate construction, as local body election has been completed.

The explanation given by Srimishra, project director of National Highways Authority of India, that only a gate is being built now, and collection of toll is not being initiated, did not cut ice with the protesters. They said that rules do not permit construction of tollgate within 60 km radius of city corporation, and that minimum distance between two tollgates cannot be less than 45 km. Yatish Bykampady of Nagarika Hitarakshna Samiti told news persons that collection of toll should be put off till all the works relating to highway widening are completed.

A decision was then taken to hold a protest on Tuesday, under the aegis of Nagarika Hitarakshana Samiti, by way of blocking the national highway. Disregarding the threats of protest, assistant officers under police protection visited the spot on Tuesday which led to an altercation between the locals and the officers. The protestors  contented that as there are three schools and an engineering college in the vicinity, it would cause problems to students and disturb them.

Various leaders including Pushparaj Kudumboor, Mahabala Rai, Mukka corporator, Revati Putran, Sureshchandra Shetty, Kripa Alva, Satyajit Suratkal, Sumithra, T N Ramesh, NITK rickshaw drivers, tourist car operators union, maxicab association representatives, etc were present. Tahsildar, Ravichandra Nayak, visited the spot and tried to pacify the protestors. Suratkal and Panambur police station personnel looked after the security aspects.


A bandh against the construction of tollgate will be observed from Suratkal to Pavanje town on Wednesday March 27. All shop owners have offered to voluntarily close their shops and support the bandh. A protest will also be held at the tollgate construction spot.

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  • Yathish Baikampady, Baikampady

    Wed, Mar 27 2013

    Collection of toll at NITK was not part of the contract as per the tender. This widening of the highway was part of Port Connectivity project and the contract was awarded to the most useless organisation called IRCON. They have made our lives miserable for many years and their inexperience in building roads has taken its toll by way of many lives due to accidents (non existent sign boards. Toll fee can be collected on the newly constructed roads like NICE corridor, but not for widening the existing roads.

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  • John Carlo, Loretto/Mangalore/Muscat

    Wed, Mar 27 2013

    Dear Ralph Pinto. I felt very bad and sad when I read your comments. You shouldn't have expressed your regret over your contribution to Church. Church is never demanding to contribute or pay. It is your volunteer contribution. Secondly Church is not a commercial body where it has regular revenue pouring in. They have to totally rely upon benefactors, and on charity. If it really hurts you to contribute to the Church, then stop giving and for God's sake stop making such comments. When you and I baptised, Church never asked for any Fee. And when you and I die, I don't think they will ask for Fee again for the grave to bury our body. So where is the question of paying from our birth till our death? Forgive me if I hurt your feelings. John Carlo

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  • Sachidanand Shetty, Mundkur/Dubai

    Wed, Mar 27 2013

    May be one day one has to pay road tax to walk on the NH. May be one NHAI Officer will stop us to collect the road tax saying “Hey Indian, walking on NH, pay Rs 25/- Tax” Just imagine what will happens to those people who takes out “Paadyatra” No doubt these Private Companies needs to apply Toll Tax on vehicles but only after completion of complete road works as per signed agreement with RTO. We are all be called as “Vichaare Indians” by outsiders saying that “Indians do have Lakhs of Crores of rupees for scams but not for roads”

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  • Ronnie, Kinnigoli

    Wed, Mar 27 2013

    Is anarchy is knocking on our doorsteps or it has already set in? What a sign of a developed region!

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  • Prakash D'Souza, mangalore/dubai

    Wed, Mar 27 2013

    One of the protester has raised the valid point here, toll gate cannot be constructed until the Road construction is completed and there are engg colleges as well. Seems like in our mangalore and india , Jungle law is prevailing. Road tax is high in karnataka and condition of road in karnataka is very pathetic.

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  • Dev, Mangalore

    Wed, Mar 27 2013

    Providing infrastructure is the Duty of Governments, for which they collect money through direct & indirect taxes as claimed by them.
    Of the Road Tax collected 100% should be utilised to build & maintain roads only, but not even 10% is used for that purpose.
    These Super Highways are constructed to benefit Industrialists who are given land, water, electricity at a lower rate & are exempted from taxes for few years, while people pay the toll & subsidise these industrialists as well as minister who line their pockets for life time!
    These Toll Collection Rules were framed by NDA government, which were passed without letting people know about their draconian aspects like they are fined life time for using them as no alternative roads exist. In some cases they are obstructed from using existing roads so that all are forced to use the new roads.
    Arvind Kejriwal can dig deeper & find all are reaping windfall through this system.

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  • Dayanand Bangera, Katapady / Abu Dhabi

    Wed, Mar 27 2013

    First of all the people who represent the region are dumb. They have few agenda to complete after winning. Who cares..he is not bother to see all the aspects of local people, who suffer if there is no proper u turn / by pass to touch his place....dear all, we are still soft people....that is the reason, our leaders take us a ride.....toll can be collected, only if it is special many of you tycoons are becoming billionaires, but India is becoming poorer and people have to pay toll..there is no is shame on our leaders...

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  • Ted, Mangalore

    Tue, Mar 26 2013

    International rules for placing a toll gate mandates that there has to an alternative road for people who cannot afford, and is only meant for commuters who want to avoid the traffic and can afford.

    Toll gated freeway are not for everyone. The government cannot enforce toll on everyone.

    I hope there is an alternate road connecting both the points for people who cannot afford the heavy toll.

    It is like passengers traveling from Mangalore to Mumbai by Matsyagandha Express, The fortunate few who can afford will travel on 2AC, 3AC and the less fortunate by general, Konkan Railway cannot dictate everyone to travel on 2AC to reach Mumbai

    Paisa Kaun Govt Ka Baap Dega!!

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  • Harold D'cunha, Mangalore, India

    Tue, Mar 26 2013

    My support is with the protesters. Very good move by the locals.

    All these officials are so fat, might be, on every cake, they are intaking the big portion of the cream.

    Never allow Tollgate to construct in DK which is not required at this hour. First let the authorities build proper 4 lane road at both left, right side with proper footpath. Then think about tollgate.

    Sub standard road, sub standard service and facility but want to collect money for filling these corrupt officials pocket.

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  • Chandrashekhar, Kundapura / Basrur

    Tue, Mar 26 2013

    It’s a BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) project. Contractor supposed to get portion of revenue via Toll Collection for certain fixed period (I don’t know number of years for this project). Majority of new built NHs are BOT projects and quite few are “Annuity” projects. Where in Annuity case NHAI gives fixed money to contractor for certain period.

    Definitely contractor doesn’t want to exclude Suratkal, because frequency level of visitors is very much high as this is comes under city jurisdiction and lot more famous education institutions. Biggest drawback here is most of visitors not even use 4-5 km of the road, but still have to pay same full toll price which would be similar to Udupi/Kundapura travelers.

    Definitely it is big hindrance for Suratkal localities and visitors. Contractor should target long run user of highway by building toll gate outer border of Suratkal.

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  • Aravind, Blr

    Tue, Mar 26 2013

    I dont remember exactly, but Vajapeyee government was collecting around 1 Rs per liter of fuel sold (petrol and diesel) towards the National Highways projects. I wonder why the toll. If the highways are like USA where the roads are fenced and reduce travel time and enhance safety, I would still digest the toll. Our people collect toll and you will still cattle, stray dogs, hen, sheep roaming around on the "highways" freely and also, lots of trucks, buses, two wheelers coming in the wrong lanes leading to crashes. Also, tractors without any kind of reflectors or lights travelling at 15 KMPH on the right most lane of the tolled highway. I am not cribbing about things being this way, but I think given the state of affairs, collecting toll is the last thing we want at this stage.

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  • Ken, Mlore

    Tue, Mar 26 2013

    Well said..Blan Medonca, you could not have put it better. The road authority perhaps has to learn from countries abroad, as to how a toll gate is brought into practice. You could perhaps call it a forced collection gate, the money which would then be misused for personal gains.

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  • Blaan Mendonca, USA

    Tue, Mar 26 2013

    It is not a Super-Highway, There are no alternate roads for the rest of the slow vehicles to flow or the local area vehicles to move and there is no footpath for the local pedestrians to walk. There are no crossing bridges or sub-way to cross roads, there are no U-turn lanes on this highway. What kind of highway system is this. This road is built from the tax money collected from the people and why there is a toll gate.

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    Tue, Mar 26 2013

    Dear Mendonca, how many of our officials have watched the roads in other countries, leave alone visiting them. I assure you, even if we introduce "TALL-er" gates to control cattle traffic our people would agree to that because we are frogs in the well. We want to create a universe out of Karnataka, in particular!

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  • Vishal, Belman

    Tue, Mar 26 2013

    First let them complete the full road construction before collecting toll. Baikampady overbridge work has not done and the construction done by IRCON is pathetic, No proper finishing. Now even NITK to Kundapur construction has stopped becuase of Navayug company issues but our so called elected representatives are busy deciding about candidates for state
    elections.Because of Navavug we common people have to suffer...

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  • k.s.karnakar , surathkal

    Tue, Mar 26 2013

    we require people like Mr Sathyajeeth Surathkal to handle such a situation , may God bless him and his sporters .

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  • Jossey Saldanha, Mangalore/Mapusa/Mumbai

    Tue, Mar 26 2013

    BJP desperately needs money for elections.............

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  • Ralph Pinto, Mangalore

    Tue, Mar 26 2013

    From the time we are born and until death we have to keep paying everybody. This happens even with the Church.

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    Tue, Mar 26 2013


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  • Santhosh, Mangalore/Muscat

    Tue, Mar 26 2013

    Annayya Anchan Jhindabad...

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  • C Sharath, Mangalore

    Tue, Mar 26 2013

    Panemangalore toll should be first stopped as the Toll collected already crossed the breakeven and making profits now. Its a reasonable demand by the aggitators to collect toll only after the road works are completed now now when NH 17 between Mlore-Udupi is like a Puzzle, you dont know when a particular stretch starts & when it suddenly ends without any warnign sign.

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  • George A. Borromeo, Angelore, Mangalore, India

    Tue, Mar 26 2013

    Let them complete their work then according to rule let them build Toll Gate,Clearly mentioning from which date to which date it is applicable, and for whom.

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  • jeevan, mangalore

    Tue, Mar 26 2013

    I appreciate you Mr. Sathyajit Suratkal. Keep it up.. fight for justice...

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    Tue, Mar 26 2013

    I think it is better to have one more tollgate at Hampankatta,so that we can control the Traffic in the heart of the city as well as collect Revenue also.

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  • KRPrabhu, Kudla/Bangalore

    Tue, Mar 26 2013

    Prabhumam,instead it is better to collect toll at the garage of every car/velicle owner in his house while taking vehicle.This will totally help in curbing traffic on roads.....kassi?

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  • KRPrabhu, Kudla/Bangalore

    Tue, Mar 26 2013

    People are paying road tax to supplement these work and providing infrastructure.Road tax is one of the highest in Karnataka.Inspite of this we have to pay toll means rediculaous.People should follow the Kerala style and dont allow to construct the tollgate.Protests are no use.

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