Media Release

Dubai, Apr 23: 'EKKU (Emirates Konkans Kasaragod) Get Together 2012’, the first get together of UAE residents of Kasargod Deanery was held here at Zabil Park recently. The event was organised by Emirates Konkans’ Kasargod, UAE,  the Catholic Konkans organization of Kasargod at UAE.

The event began with prayer by Vincent Kasargod. EKKU president Santhosh Perla welcomed the gathering and inaugurated the event.

Various entertainment and personality development programmes fully entertained and a big number of gathering actively participated. Laila DSouza,Thomas Kollangana and Vincy Kollangana monitored the games and entertainment programmes.

The UAE special issue of the official magazine of Kasargo dienery ‘Mahima’ was inaugurated at this event. EKKU General secretary Stany Bela gave vote of thanks.