Doha: Born to serve - Mangalore Cricket Club completes 25 years

By Antony Cony D'Souza, Karkala/Qatar

Doha, Apr 28: Supreme Being determines our greatness not by being 'Served' but when we 'Serve'. It is the tendency of humans where 'Me-first' is the popular culture and 'to Serve' is a secondary gesture. Thousands of books have been written on leadership, but we profoundly find in the scriptures 'to Serve'. In our spiritual life, 'to Serve' has a tremendous amount of practical application than its theology surrounding our Faith. Therefore, greatness of our Faith can be measured by 'do we serve', 'how we serve' than in the terms of power, possessions, prestige and position that serves us. Therefore, heart to serve is an important criteria.

"Whoever wants to be great must become a servant" - Mark 10:43.

"If you haven't any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble" - Bob Hope

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others" - Mahatma Gandhi

"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth" - Muhammad Ali

Back in 1992, there were no cultural associations from Karnataka in Doha. A few enthusiastic and visionary friends came together with a common ideology 'to serve' and to unite all the Mangalurean communities that were scattered all over in Doha, and founded an association, baptisizing it as Mangalore Cricket Club (MCC) to showcase Mangalurean identity and culture in Qatar. The purpose of the club was multi-dimensional. It began with a humble beginning and now over the years has grown into a dynamic socio-cultural club. As MCC completes 25 years of its successful existence, I am glad to name a few of its founders who sowed the seeds before 25 years which has now grown into a mighty big banyan tree. They are geniuses. I recollect a quote from Lao-tzu, a Chinese philosopher, 'To see things in the seed, that is genius'. While achieving this rare milestone, I am proud to remember a few founder members including Jerald D'Mello, still a working founder member, a member of advisory committee who leads from the front, taking keen interest in every socio-cultural activities. Other founders are David D'Souza, the late Jerry D' Silva (Jerry Kulshekar), Lawerence Vaz, Vincent Monteiro, Michael D'Souza, Patrick D'Souza, Mark Mendonca, Richard D'Sa and others.

Interestingly, one of the founders and presidents of MCC is a father-son duo. Father is the late Jerry D'Silva (famous writer from Kulshekar), and the son is Sunil Kevin D'Silva. Good tree bears good fruits. Both of them have found more joy in giving than receiving. In offering service, Sunil sets no time bar and strives hard to help every needy who comes his way.

Other presidents of MCC were Lawerence Vaz (gentle, kind, able and humble leader), Felix Lobo (charismatic, charming, with an appealing smile that wins hearts), Vivian D'Souza (jovial man, with unique style 'running to serve', leading Konkani activities, reliable in all seasons), Richard D'Souza (multifaceted, blessed with rich smile, a wise leader, Gulf Toastmaster fame), Norbert Corda (a daring leader with set goals to achieve, no-nonsense approach), Alwyn D'Souza (soft spoken, good musician, famous for his 35-member jumbo committee, was known for his slogan 'Yeya Ek Kutamb Bhandiam) and the present president Prakash Noronha (holding mass appeal, peace initiator, untiring leader with purest motive to build communal and Mangalurean harmony with different sections of our community). I believe all of them are community champions. Whatever they did or do, they think of the community before themselves. They are committed to making things better for everyone. They served not only its members, but are also dutifully serving the entire Konkani speaking community in Qatar. They are the real community heroes.

In a broader sense, every member of MCC excom, board of advisors, volunteers and, each and every member of MCC are also called as champions of community who work hard from the base, support an initiative or intervention, to bring a programme or idea to reality, or to otherwise improve the quality of the association or of the community as a whole. I believe, MCC's growth from strength to strength became a reality through the dedicated, unselfish and active participation of its members, the untiring work of its committee members and the exemplary leadership of its presidents. Kudos to them. Among the members, there are many champs, i.e dedicated service of two 'R' and one 'A'. Leading from front, caring, daring, and sportive Riana Pinto and articulate Reena with tenacious, orator Alexis Castelino. The beautiful name 'Sughanda' MCC's newsletter, originated from founder and first editor Eddie Sequera (Sikeram) of the then Gulf Times now in Mangaluru. The name 'Sughanda' was coined by Riana Pinto and friends. "Christian life consists of faith and charity", these words of Martin Luther very much suit Ivy Rosario and family, ardent cost controller Ronald Saldanha, tender hearted Prabha Rego, polite in service Jessy Mendonca and the strenuous media works of Savious Crasta and Jerald D'Souza and others. Dear friends, you have all immensely succeeded in promoting our mother tongue Konkani and its identity, Konkani customs, folkways and mores, our culture and unity in diversity.

Recently, I had a brief conversation with an active founder member of MCC.

He started with a beautiful quote, "God's creations demand acceptance and recognition". Assisting to build someone's life is a noble cause. We have to help our neighbor or any needy. Thus by accepting and willing to help the needy, we show our beautiful mind which itself is a prelude for life satisfaction. Thereby, he said, the main goal behind forming MCC was to serve our community as our 'Master' said in our holy scriptures.

"Even while I was a little boy, my zeal was to help the needy in every way possible. I had little money then, even then I used to help in a small way. God is not a debtor. God has blessed me in many ways and I also did not fail to do good works through MCC or otherwise. I believe the purpose of MCC is manifested through our Saviour's teachings. We thank god for the twenty-five years. By God's grace, we continue to do the good works as 'to Serve God in Men'.

Further, I was astonished when he said, you see Antony…

"Are we not created to Serve?
Do our prayers not help us to Serve?
Were we not taught to Serve in houses and during catechism?
Yes, we are encouraged to Serve by our religion.
Yes, we are gifted by God to Serve His people.
Yes, our Service does show obedience to God.
It is true, when we Serve, we increase our faith in God.
Yes it is true, when we Serve it is good, soul looks beautiful.
Yes, we Serve Lord, for he said so."

"Since 25 years, we have tremendous happiness in our community related social works, carried out all throughout the year. By these good works, we have set ourselves right before God and with His people too. We have fermented unity among our fellow Mangalureans. We believe in the words of Hebrew 6:10, "God is not unjust; He will not forget your work and the love you have shown Him as you have helped His people and continue to help them".

Some of MCC's consistent annual events are:

Sharing Christian joy during Monti Fest, Christmas, Easter and through various cultural functions
Giving donations for charitable works, religious places and its institutions
Volunteering in community service like donating blood and helping 'Keep Qatar Clean' drive
Donate clothing and other goods to the needy back home
Bringing everyone together especially those who are lonely and are in distress, sports and games
Fun, entertainment and picnics
Mourning with those that mourn, visiting hospitals
Sharing our talents with our community, music and dramas, Mangalurean Day, native food etc
Simple acts of service, providing jobs to jobless and visiting poorer sections of our community
Helping poorer families in education back home
Providing shelter and donation to orphanages and to old age homes
Serving Konkani language through Konkan Toastmasters club
Encouraging children through various talent search and academics
Antoine de Saint-Exupery said "Every charitable act is a stepping stone towards heaven". If we serve others we will also sow the seeds of service in others. This is very important which is our Mangalurean tradition too.

I would like to share a small story with children. Once there were two small boys called Aaron and Vian. They belonged to a poor family. One day, they were crossing through the forest carrying some wood. They saw an old man who was very hungry. Aaron and Vian wanted to give him some food, but they did not have any food for their own. So they continued on their way. On the way, they saw a deer which was very thirsty. They wanted to give some water, but they did not have water for themselves. So they went on their way ahead. Then they saw a man who wanted to make a camp, but he did not have wood. Aaron and Vian asked his problem and gave some wood to him. In return, he gave them some food and water. Then they went back to the old man and gave him some food and some water to the deer. The old man and the deer were very happy. Aaron and Vian then happily went on their way.

The story does not end there. One day both Aaron and Vian fell down the hill while they were playing a game. They were in pain and could not move. There was no one to help them. But, the old man who they had helped earlier, saw them. He quickly came and pulled them up the hill. The deer which Aaron and Vian had given water, saw their wounds and quickly went to the forest and brought some herbs. After sometime, their wounds were covered. All were very happy that they were able to help each other. A meaningful message is left behind. If we help others, they too will remember us to help in return. By our good works, we bless others and motivate them to bless us too. Therefore, let our hearts become our home, a home to serve.

God is not a debtor. He will reward when we need Him the most. Whenever we seek Him, He will not keep silent, He is our Protector, Provider and Healer who heals our diseases and protects us as promised. The one who blesses others is abundantly blessed; those who help others are helped. And the most unrelieved beatitude is, "It is more blessed to give than receive".

I congratulate Mangalorean Cricket Club (MCC) on having completed glorious 25 years of community service. MCC was established at a time when we hardly heard of such cultural associations prevalent in Qatar. About the vision of MCC founders, we Mangalureans, feel proud of your achievements and your all-round performances. Its successful physiology turned MCC community into one vital family. Credit goes to one and all. Best of luck to all MCC's "Gulf Baila Naach" competitors. Wishing a very successful, memorable Silver Jubilee celebration, on April 28, 2017 at Regency Halls, Doha at 4.30 pm.



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  • Daniel Ashly, Shirva, Perth

    Sun, May 07 2017

    Nice to learn about Silver Jubilee of Mangalore Country Club - MCC.

    Pat yourself on the back or Congrat youself for all the Socio-Eco good works
    you did for the multilingual society.

    I too Congrate to the Founders, Presidents and Members. Please keep the good works.

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    Sat, May 06 2017

    Inspirational article Antony Sir.. Keep writing and inspire us!!

    Congratulations to Mangalore Cricket Club, Doha Qatar..

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  • Reshma Lobo, Mangalore/Kuwait

    Sat, May 06 2017

    What a splendid article Antony Sir on achievements of Mangalore Cricket Club in serving the society..
    God has sent each one of us to this world for a purpose.....serving others in their needs is one of them. It really gives immense happiness within our hearts. Serving people in need is really a blessing and God will reward us abundantly....

    One more inspirational article Antony Sir.. Keep writing and inspire us!!

    Congratulations to Mangalore Cricket Club, Doha Qatar..

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  • John DSouza, Mangaluru

    Thu, May 04 2017

    Thanks Tony baab for your wonderful write-up about MCC Qatar, with beautiful references, information about objectives and detailed achievements of club in last 25 years.

    We are grateful for your preeching and guidance about religious and eternal matters.

    Congratulations to MCC Qatar on great occasion of Silver Jubilee Celebration. Best wishes to serve long with your excellent objective being Born to Serve.

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  • Ajith Peter Dsouza, Udupi/Dubai

    Thu, May 04 2017

    Thanks Antony Cony D'Souza for the wonderful article, it was wonderful to read about MCC 's contributions to the society. To serve and care is the greatest thing in the world and your article about the benevolent deeds done by MCC inspires us. Thank you.

    Reply Report Abuse Agree [2]

  • R. Lewis, Mangalore

    Thu, May 04 2017

    Pleasantly articulated about MCC dear Cony Bab, Congratulations to MCC and to all event Directors.

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  • Glany Fernandes, Dubai / Mangalore.

    Thu, May 04 2017

    I was also one of the member of this esteemed club when I was staying in Qatar. I appreciate Mr. Antony Cony for your true write about MCC. It was pleasure working with MCC because of its hole hearted support to needy either in back home or in the country. They were the first club to bring all Konkani speaking people together and support Konkani activates in the country. I wish further success and vast growth in coming days.

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  • Vivian Mourice Tauro, Puttur/B'lore, Qatar

    Sat, Apr 29 2017

    Congratulations to the Qatar winning team. Judges were at their best.
    Had there been 'People's choice' or 'Consolation Prize' it could have gone easily to Saudi Arabia.
    It needs to be, to encourage them. Next time hope Oman will introduce it.
    Spent continuous 6 hours, full crowd, standing out, overflowing till the end.
    Congratulations MCC and event Directors, Mr. Eric and Mr. Lewie.

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    Fri, Apr 28 2017

    Cony bab,
    so very well said & true.
    An amazing club with fantastic people. Congratulations to Mangalore Cricket Club, Doha Qatar.

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  • Rohan J. Lasrado, Bangaluru, Doha

    Fri, Apr 28 2017

    True are you words ' born to serve'.

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Title: Doha: Born to serve - Mangalore Cricket Club completes 25 years

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