Mangaluru: Interesting flexes in city blame Moily, DVS for water shortage

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Mangaluru, May 13: Interesting flexes have made sudden appearance at a few spots in the city. The contents of the flexes, which show that they have been issued by the citizens of Dakshina Kannada district who are in deep slumber and have not been raising any questions, have severely taken MPs, D V Sadananda Gowda and M Veerappa Moily to task for strongly backing Yettinahole project and causing distress to the people of Dakshina Kannada district. It says that courtesy these two leaders, the people of the district are now compelled to consume filtered toilet water.

The flexes say that these two leaders were not elected to pocket commission out of Rs 13,000 crore which will go down Yettinahole coffers. "This project has rung death knell for lifeline of Dakshina Kannada district, Netravati, and rich biodiversity of Western Ghats. People of the district are now facing the need to drink filtered toilet water," they claim.

"People voted you to power not to move around in cars worth Rs 40 lac. Are you aware that the people here are facing dearth of water even to wash their butts after relieving themselves? You are advised to immediately sit in dharna in the state assembly to stop Yettinahole project forthwith. If you are not able to do this, alternatively you can resign and undertake fast unto death to make this happen, to prove that you are really servants of the people," the flexes advice the leaders.

The flexes have also a warning to the city municipal corporation officials at the bottom that if they remove these flexes without clearing the other unauthorized flexes in the city, the people may have to take their footwear in their hands. 

A separate flex has the photos of other people’s representatives from Dakshina Kannada.

Interestingly a final verdict on Yettinahole project is expected today.


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  • Anand, Mangalore

    Tue, May 14 2019

    Ghadkari doesn't know this issue otherwise he will make video and save Gowda as he did Nalin for pumpwell....

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  • Vincent Rodrigues, Katapadi/Bangaluru

    Tue, May 14 2019


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  • dinesh shetty, Nitte/Dubai

    Tue, May 14 2019

    Mr Saddu Gowda, in his capacity as CM gave administrative approval for the Yettinahole project by a BIG smile Betrayed his own people of Dakshina Kannada....Dr Moily supported as a MP of Kolar belt region or else he cant survive there, thats understood.If Sadananda Gowda not given unilateral approval without consulting any in dakshinakannada..shows his political selfishness...lets see Bangalore North people how many days holds or one day he has to come for a stand in Dakshina Kannada...We think all to boycott both Mr Saddu and Dr Moily in any functions of undivided southcanara

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  • flavian dsouza, chik/bengaluru

    Tue, May 14 2019

    Moily , sadanadan gowda , kateel ….have just taken DK people for a ride for many years ...

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  • Anti dynasty, Bangalore

    Mon, May 13 2019

    Next NDA govt will solve water problems in India within six years, as per Nitin Gadkari in TVs show. Let's hope for the best.

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  • James, Belman

    Mon, May 13 2019

    Modi promised 2crores jobs....

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  • Marle, Kudla

    Mon, May 13 2019

    Selling Pakoda outside an ATM where people que up to take our their money is also a job.
    The next 5 years is going to be interesting.

    You may have to hide behind a cloud to take cover so that you are not under the Radar.

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  • Langoolacharya., Belman / Washington, DC.

    Mon, May 13 2019

    After 23rd May, ATM will deliver 'Hot Pakoda' and 'Hot Chai' along with currency notes....NCR is designing new ATMs which can deliver these...


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  • Kodanda, Mangluru

    Mon, May 13 2019


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    Mon, May 13 2019

    In case sand mining is not allowed in rivers people of dakshina kannada will die for lack of water and food.
    One more reason for shortage of drinking water is giant industries of the district are consuming 75% of the water. All giant industries should have some guidelines and restriction to use Nethravati river water. They should have their own arrangement to use river water from January to May.

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  • Harold Mathias, mangalore / muscat

    Mon, May 13 2019


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  • Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai

    Mon, May 13 2019

    Try to solve the problem rather than passing on the Buck ...

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  • Shoan DSouza, Sacheripet

    Mon, May 13 2019

    Who is a politician ?
    Politician is person who creates problems first and gives solutions to the general public .
    The cost of the problem/ cost of the solution or both must be paid by the public.
    A politician must be sare jahan se accha corrupt , but voter friendly in his constituency. People never stop support till his end.
    But ....unfortunately these two are useless for the voters. Impotent and liars and half dead .

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  • Jones, manipal

    Mon, May 13 2019

    After one week received water in Manipal, looked like there were no plans to face water shortage issues by authorities.

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  • David Pais, Mangalore

    Mon, May 13 2019

    Water woes of Mangaloreans is not becoz of yettinahole matter. increase water storage dam height for storage of water & repair all leakages of pipes & remove all illegal unauthorized connections or put up new good pipeline from tumbe for the smooth running of water domestic users.

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  • Langoolacharya., Belman / Washington, DC.

    Mon, May 13 2019


    There is no difference between CONgresss and BJPeee in Corruption and Shamelessness both are equal partners...

    Sooner or later people have to find an alternate to these crooks...better late than never...


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  • Leo dsouza, Surathkal

    Mon, May 13 2019

    Water shortage easly sorted out at
    Thumbe .....
    Please allow to remove sand
    To local sand removers
    (small boat owners...labours)
    And use that sand for government
    Work Every year sand is removed
    We will have more water stored in dam..labourers get the job
    We get water

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  • G R PRABHUJI, Mangalore

    Mon, May 13 2019

    There is no mistake from Sadananda Gowda or Moily. Nobody try to understand correctly what they told. It shows that there is lack of knowledge in our District people. THEY SAID ONLY EXCESS WATER IN RAINY SEASON WHICH IS GOING TO JOIN SEA WILL BE DIVERTED IN YETINNAHOLE PROJECT. AND THAT TOO IN RAINY SEASON ONLY. We have failed to save rain water in Rainy season . We are famous for protesting only. Instead of wasting water ,it is better to divert to Chikaballapur.

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  • Bala, Urwa

    Mon, May 13 2019

    Will it be a reality??I don't think they cannot flow the water to Chikkaballapur.You may have been seen the whopping amount already spent and how much work been done.And are you sure that they will pump water in rainy season.??

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  • vino, india

    Mon, May 13 2019

    Wat about NATURE (western ghat) G R PRABHUJI, Mangalore? Didnt it effect ? was the project of 13000 cr necessary ? this is absolutely wrong decision ....I feel bad still some people of mangalore support it....When u dont have water for more than a week you will understand sir...

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  • Rehna, Mangalore

    Mon, May 13 2019

    GR Prabhu you are absolutely right water will be taken in the rainy season. But because of the project huge trees are cut down and dynamites were used and due to that impact the water source has been affected. You just visit Adda hole and see the destruction done to the forest there. If it rains there there is flow of water ti the river. Its high time for DVS and moily to piss and supply water to the project. When Environmentalist asked the support against the project we the educated people of DK took it on the deaf years and now we have to suffer.

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  • Keith dsilva, Mangalore

    Tue, May 14 2019

    Looks like u have better knowledge..
    Do u know what will happen to our ecosystem if this "extra" water that is diverted ? How will it effect the people??
    You are right in saying that we don't have knowledge in this matter, because if we did have neither bjp nor Congress would come to form government seriously.

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  • Sam, Mangalore

    Mon, May 13 2019

    If you travel on Shiradi ghat during day time you will come to know about the destruction caused. During this rainy season, it is sure that entire shiradi ghat stretch is going to be washed away due to unscientific cutting of the mountains. It will take years together to stabilize the hills. Also due to the loose soil, dam will be filled with sand and mud, not water.

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  • Anand, Mangalore

    Mon, May 13 2019

    That is the reason both are contesting from Bangalore North and Bangalore South....Congress and BJP MP and MLA are made DK a hell.....

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  • M Dsouza, Mangalore

    Mon, May 13 2019

    Don’t blame Yettinhole Project for water shortage in Mangalore
    Yettinahole is only to supply excess water in the rainy season which otherwise go waste in to the sea
    Main reason for the shortage of water is proper storage capacity. Let the Government both Central and State give compensation to the land owners whose land going to be submerged.
    Take necessary actions to recharge ground water either by digging open wells ,water harvesting should be made compulsory whoever request for corporation water connections
    Give encouragement to those who do not use corporation connection by waiving license charges of building / house construction
    Stop concreting drains. Let the water seep under ground
    Water charges must be increased substantially so that people don’t waste water.

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  • Hampi99, India

    Mon, May 13 2019

    Instead of this useless yettina hole project and spending crores, they could have gone for desalination of sea water project which would have been very very successful and useful.
    so no water for Kolar/chickbalapur nor Our lovely Kudla.
    Ya, but i am sure this is flop project is a public loot , (will bring bad to D.K people) and pocketed to these political leaders.

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  • SBM, Mangalore

    Mon, May 13 2019

    People...Understand one thing... These politicians irrespective of party will never solve common man's problems. Sad thing is it takes situations like water scarcity and other problems to open your eyes.

    It has been going on from before..and it will go on forever..

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  • Vishal, Mangalore

    Mon, May 13 2019

    What is the use of flexes or placards now? All of us should have united and fought against the Yettinahole project when it was mooted. Nobody from this area was bothered. We acted as if this was not our concern. Except for a few people who kept on protesting, the rest of us were only watching what we preferred to call, the fun. Trees were indiscriminately cut down around the Western Ghats and due to this, we will not receive adequate rainfall resulting in further shortage of water. This is only going to accentuate in the years to come. Mark my words, the worst is yet to come.
    Of course, both Moily and Sadananda Gowda have a very large part to play in this ill advised project. But how can the then district in charge minister Ramanath Rai not be faulted? He should have been the first to protest against this project, but leave alone protesting, he actually supported the project. What about Nalin Katil and Shobha Karandlaje? Besides making some noises, what did they do? Precious little. All of them must have benefited from the project in the form of commission.
    And the so-called intelligent people of our district, what did we do? Just kept quiet.
    Even now we are keeping quiet. Once it starts raining, we will forget all this Yettinahole project and go about our usual business. We will only remember the project next year around March when the water rationing starts. We get what we deserve. As long as we don't worry about nature, we will continue to get only this. Even today not a word is spoken about how to control this scarcity of water. Forget about the rich and the ministers. They have money to get water from the tankers. What about the poor people like us? Remember only the crying baby gets milk. If we keep quiet even now, we will have only ourselves to blame.

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  • RkR, Mangalore/ Dubai

    Mon, May 13 2019

    Two things Politicians work very hard for a long run
    1. Nodding their head in an meeting.
    2. Waving their hands when in need of votes,
    People are being fooled- you’ve voted. Whom did you?

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  • Alwin (Drums), BAJPE

    Mon, May 13 2019

    What about Kateel and Shobakka?
    Afix their pictures too...
    Alwie (Drum's)

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Title : Mangaluru: Interesting flexes in city blame Moily, DVS for water shortage


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