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Mangaluru: 'Over-bridges – Congress’ protest farcical, aimed at political mileage' - BJP

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Mangaluru, Aug 7: Dakshina Kannada BJP president, Sanjeev Matandoor, said that the protest organized under the leadership of former MLA, J R Lobo, on the issue of over-bridges at Pumpwell and Thokkottu by bringing together Congress workers, was aimed at reaping political benefit, and not driven by genuine intention. He was addressing a press conference at the district BJP office here on Monday August 6.

"Opposition leaders have been making unfounded allegations against Nalin Kumar Kateel as he has been considered as No. 1 MP. The opposition parties are indulging in mud-slinging towards our party too. MP Nalin is praised for his corruption-free regime. Congress, which is unable to appreciate his achievements, has been resorting to cheap politics," he said.

Matandoor said that the central government had issued orders to conduct over-bridge work at Pumpwell on November 4, 1999. On March 9, 2010, the tender process was done but no work had begun for two years. The then MLA, J R Lobo, district administration and Mangaluru City Corporation had blocked the works on the over-bridge in the guise of change of design. Navayuga began work with lot of delay in 2013. Even then neither Lobo nor district administration followed up with the concerned to speed up this work. The MP then had summoned the contractors and held discussions. Now the contracting company has promised to complete Pumpwell over-bridge in January 2019 and Thokkottu over-bridge in December end. Likewise, five over-bridge works are pending in Udupi district about which Congressmen are tight lipped," he pointed out.

He accused Congress of indulging in character assassination of the MP for the delay in over-bridge work through social media. He said legal steps would be launched against the concerned. He said that Kateel has bought Rs 15,125 crore grant to the district during the last four and half years. Construction of bypass roads at Beltangady, Ujire and Sullia are at the stage of preparation of detailed project report. State highways are being converted into national highways. Under Bharat Mala Scheme, Mangaluru - Bengaluru high speed express national highway is planned at a cost of Rs 1.18 lac crore. Different central government schemes are being implemented effectively in the state, he claimed.

MLA, Dr Bharat Shetty, leaders, Pratap Simha Nayak, Ravishankar Mijar, Kishore Rai, Jitendra Kottary and others were present.

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  • sathish jm, Kumpala/Dubai

    Tue, Aug 7 2018

    Nalin is indeed answerable to the people for the delays. But Lobo and Khader has no moral right to protest now as they too are equally responsible to settle the local issues like land acquisition and encroachments. Khader should have played the key role in Thokkotu/Kallapu land acquisition as the flyover is being built almost near to his door steps !

    If Cong is just trying get the political mileage let them. Why BJP is crying? That what every one does.

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  • Sandesh Kanchan, Mangalore

    Tue, Aug 7 2018

    Defending the indefensible!!! Shame on the sleeping MP and the useless fellows defending him!!!

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  • Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai

    Tue, Aug 7 2018

    Bache Ki Jaan Loge Kya ...

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  • SMR, Karkala

    Tue, Aug 7 2018

    For Mughal Emperor to built world heritage 'Taj Mahal' it took only 10 years when there are no 3D designs, nor heavy lift cranes or dump trucks.
    Perhaps Dakshina Kannada BJP president, Sanjeev Matandoor must have forgot that BJP is in ruling from 2003 to 2013 either directly or with coalition partner with JD(S). In Mangalore Lok Sabha constituency BJP is elected to power since 1991 for 25 years continuesly. Among those 25 years former MP Dhananjay Kumar was union minister and sitting MP Nalin Kumar is in power for 9 straight years.
    For any developing country 25 years is more than enough to build even bridge over Arabian Sea. But only in Mangalore BJP unit whose MP wants to burn his own constituency passing the bucks on opposition is much easier than completing this bridge.
    Interestingly Prime Minister Modi must have visited more once in this 25 years to deliver his election rallies but our MP can't approach Union Minister for Road Transport to request for early completion of this project.
    This MP whose priority is to stage 'Dharna' and to welcome his NAMO friend from jail in RTI activist Baliga murder case citizens importance is secondary.
    If BJP can manage lakhs of 'Kar sevak' for demolition Babri Masjid, why can't they do the same to complete the fly over?
    For BJP winning election is more important than delivering the promises. I would say Mangaloreans have to be blamed themselves for this day who performed 'Hindutva' over 'development'.
    BJP wanted to build 'Hindu Rashtra'. But can't deliver 'Oxygen' in hospital nor 'bridges' to connect people.

    Jai hind

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  • Prajwal J.P., Mangalore

    Tue, Aug 7 2018

    Shameless defence! People of Mangalore dont want any clarification from BJP leaders,Just ask the local MP Nalin Kumar what was he doing in the past 9 years? Why didnt you BJP MLA's and other leaders didnt approach Nitin Gadkari? Why didnt you cancel the contarct given to Navyug Company?
    Despite your failure in every field, you are defending! Do you have any moral rights to defend? Instead of pressurising NHAI, the great MP Nalin Kumar along with MLA Rajesh Naik Ulipadi and Kotian talking about Ring Road!! What irresponsible people! BJP leaders first ask NHAI to complete Pumpwell and Thokkottu flyovers then call for the press meet.People of Mangalore dont believe or trust your false propmises. Stop talking and diverting the issue and start working.

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  • jones, manipal

    Tue, Aug 7 2018

    Yella ok, aadre Bridge yelli?

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    Tue, Aug 7 2018

    do not comment. just complete it so that no body will protest and no body can politicize. do it for the sake of people not for politics

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  • Sachin Shetty, Mangalore

    Tue, Aug 7 2018

    The flyover delay should be taken to the next level. Entire India should know about the eighth wonder of the world.

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  • Noel, Mangalore

    Tue, Aug 7 2018

    Dear Matadoor,
    As per your statement in 2010 Pumpwell bridge tender process done in 2010 and from then 2 years delayed due to MLA JR Lobo. My dear freind from 2010 to April 2013 Mr. Yogish Bhat from BJP was MLA and BJP govt in power in Karnataka. So i dont understand how you are blaming Mr JR Lobo for that period. please clarify....

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  • Narendra Kumar, Mangalore

    Tue, Aug 7 2018

    This is nothing but BJP is trying to divert the real burning issues of the district and our two time M.P is sure that he will not be voted if he contests nor he may no get a 3rd term ticket.
    So some face saving drama by these chamcha's of useless M.P Mr. Nalin Kumar.
    He can't even speak basic english.
    Why people vote such a useless candidates in the name of religion who can't even provide the basic infrastructure to the growing needs and aspirations of the local people.
    Both Nalin and Shobha let down the twin districts of Udupi & Mangalore very badly without discharging their duties as responsible M.P's.

    It's matter of shame for the educated voters of both Udupi & Mangalore districts who voted them to power.

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  • Bhakthas, Mangalore

    Tue, Aug 7 2018

    Nalin may lose his deposit if he contests this time...

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  • Ambrose, Mangalore/Bangalore

    Tue, Aug 7 2018

    Dear Mr . BJP District President

    If you guys call him Nalin Kumar is the No.1 MP of our Nation then God save us from others.. He is not able to complete the National highway bridge at pumpwell in the last 8 years.. then we can imagine the conditions of No. 2 3 4 MP's contribution to the nation.. This only proves that MODI Cabinet is full of jokers and no real time action owners..
    You have also mentioned above that Rs.15125 Crore has been brought to our District i quite wonder where this Money has gone.. Can you please give us the break-up of this amount . Don't simply say that the projects have been done on Belthangady ujre dharmastala vitla puttur and so on as nobody will go and see those projects..


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  • Rakkutti, Dubai

    Tue, Aug 7 2018

    Rs.15125 Crore may be used buy kerosene, our MP said he will burn entire DK....thats why he is number 0, sorry number 1 MP....

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  • Rizwan, Dubai

    Tue, Aug 7 2018

    Bridges, roads or any infrastructure works wont take more than 6 months in gulf countries. Why this happening only in India? We should be ashamed for our selected governance.

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  • Mahi, Mangalore

    Tue, Aug 7 2018

    I don't know BJP or Congress, but i want the flyover to be constructed immediately.

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  • Lionel Dsouza, Mangalore

    Tue, Aug 7 2018


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  • sid, Mangalore

    Tue, Aug 7 2018

    We are Modi fans , dont lets us down by giving reasons . Its a shame to have such a road in mangalore . Set the Road right if not !!!

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  • Satya, Mangalore

    Tue, Aug 7 2018

    All protests by the BJP are constructive, whereas protests by the opposition are farcical. Only the BJP has the fundamental right to protest. Unfortunately one does not see Sushma Swaraj, Smriti Irani. Jaitley, and Ravi Shankar Prasad carrying gas cylinders, petrol cans, brooms and cooking vessels on their heads into the streets even though prices of gas, fuel and essential commodities are sky rocketing.

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  • Jembar Bappu, BAJPE

    Tue, Aug 7 2018

    BJP constructing hatred bridges among communities

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  • El En Tea, Mumbai

    Tue, Aug 7 2018

    Every Indian ( Yes proud to be an Indian ) knows now BJP means false promise
    Fake badkau news only Nagpur Hiiden Manthra.
    No enteriment show like Kapil Sharma No good TV episodes.
    Back to the stone age.
    EVM zindabad to BJP

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  • G R PRABHUJI, Mangalore

    Tue, Aug 7 2018

    They are the experts in demonstrations and protest. They know only that much. They are worried because Congress is doing their job.

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  • Rakesh pinto, MANGALURU

    Tue, Aug 7 2018

    our beloved Mp nalini kuamr spend lot of time on communal isuees, band and rasta rocko etc. he never turned to meet public. I am staying near pumpwell how much difficulty we r getting by this construction. Nalini has language problem and administration problem too.

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  • JNB, Mangalore-Mumbai

    Tue, Aug 7 2018

    Contractor-company North India.
    Nalin south India need interpreter

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  • Naveen D'souza, KUDLLA

    Tue, Aug 7 2018

    We do not want clarification. we need who is the reasonable and when it going to finish? I guess it will take 10 more years to complete.

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  • Harold D'cunha, Mangalore, India.

    Tue, Aug 7 2018

    Why you are prolonging Pompwell bridge construction. Is 8 years is not sufficient. What about the suffering of common man using that road.

    BJP, spokesperson, do not act like a hypocrite. Here it is a genuine issue and one can see it in naked eyes. You BJP people are master in diverting or mixing issues and hiding your own failures. Citizens have raised Pompwell bridge issue and you complete it as the earliest. Again feku.

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  • Sameer, Saudi /mangalore

    Tue, Aug 7 2018

    Dear politicians ...u blame congress congress blame Bjp..who is perfect can u people show the people who voted u that ur perfect ... u people better fight by going their house .but y can’t u people both join together n finish it up ?? Good for u also n for v people also ....

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  • roy pinto, mangalore

    Tue, Aug 7 2018


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    Tue, Aug 7 2018

    What you were doing when you are in opposition

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  • Chetan, Udupi

    Tue, Aug 7 2018

    These guys just ape their Delhi bosses, only bla...bla... nothing happens. This blah...blah.... will continue till 2019 elections. Then these will be unemployed.

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  • Sb, Mlore

    Tue, Aug 7 2018

    Already Unemployed since 2014 speak about others employement status . Haha. You guys should forget 2019 and better dream of 2024.

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