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Karnataka cliffhanger: Cong-JD(S) submit letters of support to governor, refused MLA parade

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Bengaluru, May 16: The Karnataka cliffhanger is getting more interesting by the minute. On Wednesday May 16 evening, a delegation of Congress and JD(S) met the Karnataka governor Vajubhai Vala at around 5 pm to push their claim to form the Karnataka government.

KPCC president G Parameshwara, who met the governor along with JD(S) chief H D Kumaraswamy, said letters with signature of 117 MLAs of Congress, JD(S) and an idependent, were submitted to the governor.

Earlier, it was reported that both parties woud parade their MLAs before the governor as a show of strength. However, the governor refused the parade assuring he will go by the Constitution, previous judgements of the Supreme Court and also seek legal advice.

"We have requested the governor to consider our claim to form the next government. The governor assured us that he will abide by the constitution and give his decision. All the necessary documents which show that we have the numbers required to form the government have been submitted. All MLAs are kept safe," Kumaraswamy told media.

"Not a single member has moved out and we will not allow such thing to happen. Governor has assured that he will take action as per the Constitution," said Congress leader D K Shivakumar.

Meanwhile, the BJP is playing a waiting game, with top leaders of the state gathered at B S Yeddyurappa's residence.

The governor is expected to take a call after he receives the gazette notification on the conclusion of poll process. He may receive the notification this evening after which he will invite the party to form government.

While speculations are rife that Congress-JD(S) plans to shift its MLAs to Eagleton resort outside Bengaluru to prevent poaching, BJP states that the Governor should invite them as they are the single largest winning party.

The Congress-JD(S) MLAs are planning to go on dharna outside Raj Bhavan, if not invited by the governor, sources said. The MPs are likely to join them.

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  • anthony, Mangalore

    Thu, May 17 2018

    The Governors have lost all respect of the Indian People. Behaving like Puppets.

    Say No to EVM's. Democracy will be restored. The Will of people will prevail.

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  • Srinivasn Sriraman, CHENNAI

    Thu, May 17 2018

    As received from a friend:
    Karma comes to haunt Congress in Karnataka after 22 years
    The year was 1996 & the Gujarat state BJP govt had just fallen thanks to Congress' Governor Krishnapal Singh. Vaghela along with his deputy Dilip Parikh were the masterminds who had open support of Congress to split the BJP & bring the state BJP govt down. They along with Congress resorted to violence inside the state assembly where a no-confidence motion was to be voted & which in all probability was certain to be defeated. Speaker suspended entire opposition for a day. Motion was tabled & govt proved its numbers. But here comes the twist:
    Congress Governor declares based on the pandemonium by Congress + Vaghela faction that the law & order machinery had collapsed in the entire state & that there was a constitutional crisis. After having surpassed his constitutional reach & jumping into the executive's functioning, he sent a report to the central govt. Within 15 minutes of the file reaching the then PM's table, state govt of Gujarat was dismissed & President's rule imposed. This immediately after having proved majority on the floor of the house. Vaghela later became CM for just a year & was succeeded by Parikh who remained CM for 2.5 months. Congress pulled out support from both. Fresh elections were held. Vaghela's strength reduced from 47 to 4, Congress was kicked out & Keshubhai was voted back as CM.
    How is this story relevant after 22 years in Karnataka? Because those quoting verses of morality, constitutional ethics & conventions were perpetrators of murdering democracy & numerous elected govts. right from Nehru.
    The Gujarat state BJP chief in 1996 was Vajubhai Vala who today is the Governor of Karnataka. And the PM who imposed President rule was none other than HD Deve Gowda. Cong-JDS today want Vajubhai to be merciful reminding him of his duty. But then there's Karma- Catches all, spares none.

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  • Jossey Saldanha, Mangalore

    Thu, May 17 2018

    Vajubai Vala is connected to Jump Party 😁

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  • Desi Jawan, Mangalore

    Wed, May 16 2018

    78 kneeling before 38 for what ! Bravo ! Braves going into graves for peace n prosperity of nation !

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  • Truth teller, Karnataka

    Thu, May 17 2018

    Did you ever think about this kneeling in Goa, Manipur and Meghalaya!?

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  • Myna, Mysuru

    Wed, May 16 2018

    Parade the MLAs before the President of India and create a national impact on the nefarious ways of the Modi government in destroying democracy in India.

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  • Eric Castelino, Manglore India

    Wed, May 16 2018

    Governor will play the Modi Card, “Congress Mukth Bharath”. That’s for sure. As is done by others.

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    Wed, May 16 2018

    Points need to be taken seriously: 1) The BJP's claim of their being the single largest party should be invited to form the government is demolished by three recent precedents set by them. In March 2017 in Goa, the Congress won 17 seats and the BJP 12. The BJP was invited by the governor on the basis of post-poll coalition with MGP and the GFP.

    2). In Manipur, the Congress won 28 and the BJP 21. But the BJP was invited to form the government as they claimed numbers in coalition. So much so, one independent MLA was detained at Imphal airport through security agencies and handed over to the BJP.
    3). In Meghalaya, the Congress won 21 seats but the NPEP which had 19 seats was invited as it aligned the BJP, PDF and other parties.
    4). BJP leader Arun Jaitley had written a blog that time, seeking to demolish the demand for calling the single-largest party saying that in a hung assembly, post-poll alliances will be formed.
    5). Jaitley himself had written that there are several precedents which support this type of decisions saying that in 2005, BJP won 30 out of 81 seats in Jharkhand. The JMM leader Shibu Soren with a support of 17 MLAs of his party plus others was invited to form the government. In J&K in 2002, the National Conference won 28 MLAs but the governor invited the PDP & Congress combination of 15 + 21 MLAs to form the government. In 2013, the BJP won 31 seats in Delhi, but the AAP with 28 MLAs with support of Congress was invited to form the government.
    6). Jaitley reminded about what President K.R. Narayanan did saying that the debate between the largest single party lacking majority versus a combination of parties constituting a majority was answered by the former President K.R. Narayanan in his communique in March 1988 when he invited Atal Behari Vajpayee to form the government.
    So, is Jaitley healthy enough to remind BJP now what he had written then?

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  • RSRB, Kundapura

    Thu, May 17 2018


    That is why Anantha Kumar Hegde commented on need of changes in the constitution as there is no clarity in guideline. But you guys are vehemently opposed him.

    Now please apologize to Anantha Kumar Hegde, as you too are agreeing with his view that our constitution is not having clarity.

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  • SMR, karkala

    Wed, May 16 2018

    Cong-JD(S) please approach the Supreme Court immediately. Let Governor speak or act. This delayed tactics is nothing but open 'horse trading' authorised by the Governor.
    Jai Hind

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  • Joseph F. Gonsalves, Bannur, Puttur / Mangalore

    Wed, May 16 2018

    For any Matter.
    Blah, Blah, Motor.
    BJP mouths Gutter.
    Congress, the Better.
    We have Tumbe Water.
    Shoba mouth is Scooter.
    BJP abusive to Daughter.
    Vomit Shah election Falter.
    Yeddy, Eshwara too Chatter.
    BJP to elected leaders Butter.
    Churchill is right, I get Laughter.

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  • Santhosh Shetty, Mangalore

    Wed, May 16 2018

    Congress wash out , neeru paalu
    Yella Golu maalu
    Nimage yellarige beku Burnolu

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  • A. S. Mathew, U.S.

    Wed, May 16 2018

    This is a clear-cut proof that the Governor of Karnataka is also is an active partner of the BJP horse trading; thus decline to see the open proof that the Congress/JDS can form a Government.

    Where India is headed? Now the anti-constitutional BJP is trying to hug the constitution. Even though the constitution is telling openly the fundamental right of every citizen their religious freedom, anti-conversion laws are passed in many States.

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  • Alwyn, Mangalore

    Wed, May 16 2018


    3. BJP is a political party, and they are in power, so they should not bring any religious issues. They must take good action against them. Let RSS be their part, and they must bring all religions members in their party and respect their view too.
    4. Now BJP is ruling both State[UP] and Central government why they could not build Ram Mandir? This issue will be raised only when other parties rule UP State and Central.
    5. They made the GST but why we have still won't have good security in other states. I am from Karnataka and if I work in Uttar Pradesh and is a Catholic I never feel safe, because of some BJP members.
    6. Can Modi declare his good will to all Indian without discriminating religion, political status, place he born, language, and faith.

    We want to live good, peaceful, loving, caring, and honest life but do we able to get it?

    Once upon BJP was the well-disciplined party but now it is going to dogs. I want the well-disciplined BJP again.

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  • Alwyn, Mangalore

    Wed, May 16 2018

    What is meant by Horse Trading?
    Due to the difficulties in evaluating the merits of a horse offered for sale, the sale of horses offered great opportunities for dishonesty, leading to use of the term horse trading (or horsetrading) to refer to complex bargaining or other transactions, such as political vote trading. It was expected that horse sellers would capitalize on these opportunities and so those who dealt in horses gained a reputation for underhanded business practices. [Ref.:].

    Why is BJP requesting time?
    1. BJP/ Modi+Shah wants Governor to want to ask Yeddi to take power. Once he is taking oath as CM, then he can play the game with the support of Central BJP. Like attacking through IT and CBI on local MLA.
    2. Horse trading is an open option for BJP. They might be discussed with certain MLA's before the election. They need time for this.
    3. If, BJP is not able to retain power 100% sure they will create massive disturbances in Law & Order in the state. They need time to master plan for this.
    4. Finally, JDS+Congress government is formed there will be great IT+CBI raids in all JDS & Congress MLA's houses and their businesses.

    Why I am worried about BJP+It's gang.
    1. A small issue like bullfighting can become a massive issue of importance superseding things like water crisis. That means BJP effectively don’t have control over the national politics. [Kaveri issue].
    2. BJP, Modi, Shah, and Yeddi never said anything about moral policing in Karnataka State and never promised they would stop it. My fear is how can I go with my wife and daughter holding their hands because I need to safeguard them. The incident which I saw is scary. Some uncultured BJP gang members beat the husband and except rape all evil they did for his wife. Police came and spread the crowd, no action against them. When I ask the police persons, they said, " If we ask they will beat us and punishment transfer.

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  • Divya, Bondel

    Wed, May 16 2018

    There is no 117 signatures ... So rejected proposal it is..

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  • sri_elder, Karkala

    Wed, May 16 2018

    117 MLA may contain former MLA name and signatures?

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  • Anand Kumar, Mangalore

    Wed, May 16 2018

    Ultimate shameless goondagiri by Feku Modi, Daku Vomit Shah and gang. Greed for power at its height. Their utter disregard for the electorate which gave 2% more votes to the Congress, not counting the votes polled by the the JDS is condemnable.
    The self-restraint of the secular faction is admirable. Contrast this with the loud mouthed uncouth barbs of the man we have the misfortune to call our prime minister. Makes me want to vomit! Goondaraj if the majority is not allowed to form goverment.

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  • sri_elder, Karkala

    Wed, May 16 2018

    Dear governor - please reject the letter..
    It contains only fake signate...
    Ask 117 MLA presence...

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  • Flavian dsouza, chik/bengaluru

    Wed, May 16 2018

    BJP is hoping they will get some MLA's but congress/jds have learnt the hard way from goa and manipur .....this time BJP will be at the receieving end .

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