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Mangaluru: Guided by vengeance - Melrick D'Souza became criminal, killed young

Daijiworld Media Network - Mangaluru (SP)

Mangaluru, Jan 2: The story of Melrick Antony D'Souza provides an example of how a sense of anger and vengeance complicated by bad company can wilt the life of a youngster which otherwise would have bloomed, and made his family and close ones happy.

Melrick lost his father when he was two months old. His mother and elder brother worked in a foreign country. Therefore, Melrick used to stay in the house belonging to his maternal grandmother at Gorigudda fourth cross in the city.

Perhaps influenced by the company he kept, Melrick, rather than concentrating on studies and paving way for a bright future, stepped into the world of crime when he was 18. This step destroyed his life eventually. He was murdered on Christmas night, December 25, with sharp weapons near his residence.

Nishak lived near Melrick's house. The two abhorred each other and used to fight over even silly matters since their childhood. Nishak used to deal in country breed chicken. He also was a skilled motor bike racer. He never had indulged in major crimes. But because of the burning desire to settle scores, and little realizing that his action might lead him towards doom, he got involved with murder of Melrick and his first known crime has sent him directly behind bars.

Melrick got identified as an associate of Vijay, a gangster from Monkey Stand here, since young. Melrick had been jailed for his involvement with murder attempt on Sandeep Shetty at Marnamikatta during May, 2016. He was released from the prison on December 23, 2017. Nishak Poojary and his associates waited for Melrick as he returned home at around 12.45 am on December 25 after taking part in Christmas party and hacked him to death near his home.

Nishak had nursed long-standing grudge against Melrick since young. He has now been named as main accused in the murder of Melrick. A sense of enmity he nursed against Melrick since a young age, and ill-advice of Sandeep Shetty reportedly prepared himself mentally for this act. Nishak and five others were arrested by the police for the murder on December 28.

Melrick, who was 23, was also facing a murder attempt case in Bunder station in the past. With seven cases against him including two for murder attempts, he was in the rowdy list prepared by the police. Melrick paid by his life for the mistake of choosing crime as a profession. Nishak too faces a bleak future as he could not control his desire to take revenge. He succeeded in taking the revenge but in the bargain, hi himself along with five others went inside the prison.

It would be worthwhile if youngsters take a cue from the lives of these youngsters which were not allowed to prosper because of the fact that they were bonded by their emotions and they heeded to the instigation of others. For them there is no escape, but we have the chance to steer our lives through good company and giving value to sane advice, towards enrichment and a sense of fulfillment.


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  • Kevin, Mangalore

    Thu, Jan 4 2018

    Young boys need adult male figures to guide them through adulthood. It is sad that Melrick D'Souza had no male authority to mould him into a good human being. Hope the priests, teachers and other male authority figures in the community find a solution to the problem.

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  • Roshan castelino, Valencia Mangalore

    Wed, Jan 3 2018

    Very good article with positive message. In fact, we always ignore the real side of incidents and personalities and get carried away with our own perceptions. Such detailed articles help the youth to control their emotions at situations.

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  • Roshan Patrao, Traffic Warden, Mangalore

    Wed, Jan 3 2018

    No regrets. Had he not been eliminated, he would have been a burden to the society. The fault also lies with the mother. She should have realised that children are much more precious than money - there is no shortage of employment in Mangalore. Now, she will be paying for her folly all through her life. I may sound harsh, but we cannot run away from reality.

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  • Santhosh, Mangalore

    Wed, Jan 3 2018

    To change our kids,we must change. Is that possible in my country and society? Treating our fellowmen badly has become a routine in my home town.I see and feel it on roads,in shops,in my neighborhood,in politics, government offices etc.First we all must learn about human rights,then follow it.Be the change that you wish to see.You show your kids what is goodness by being good,not just by saying good.

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  • Karan, Katapadi/Dubai

    Wed, Jan 3 2018

    We cannot blame his parents for him entering crime world. I know there are many parents who left their kids with some one while they worked in gulf and their children studied well, got jobs and supported parents when they retired/came back home.
    This guy had seven police cases including murder attempt, which is quite un-usual .
    I feel sorry for him and his parents.

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  • Florine Dsouza, Kelarai

    Wed, Jan 3 2018

    Hearfelt condolences

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    Wed, Jan 3 2018

    It is the responsibility of parents to take care of their children from entering wrong path as children are not sure of what they are doing in the young age. Parents should keep a track of their friends circle and their activities

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  • Eva, Kirem

    Wed, Jan 3 2018

    I am sure you have no teenage kids. When my daughter said when she went for a movie with friends during college hours, i asked her why did she without getting my prior permission, she answered 'mom what if i didn't tell the truth you wouldn't know at all'. At this blaming parents utter nonsense

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  • Wilson DSouza, Moodbidri

    Wed, Jan 3 2018

    Rowdies & criminals have no religion ...

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  • MV Shetty, Mangalore

    Wed, Jan 3 2018

    Daari tappida makkalu.

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  • ODP, Udupi

    Wed, Jan 3 2018

    Don't try to defend him by "haalaat ne majboor kar diya" stories.
    Every criminal has a story to tell.

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  • Lydia, Mangalore

    Wed, Jan 3 2018

    Who are we to comment on Melrick or any other criminal? Have we once in our life approached a lonely/depressed person ever and said.. "I am there with you, Do not worry, everything will be fine".. No one is born a criminal. Situations, life and above all, we make criminals.

    I am not supporting any criminal but people at times face situations that lead them to unwanted ways of life just to seek some attention. Right or wrong, attention is what they need. Who is to blame? Unsupportive family and relatives...!!

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  • john, mangalore,/kuwait

    Wed, Jan 3 2018

    this is a warning to all parents,if you want your children to grow in a desciplined manner take care by yourself(parents). dont throw ur children in the hands of grand parents and destroy their future,
    in kannada, they say ajji sakida magu bojjakkoo aagadu!!!before entering into a family life and giving birth to a child think thrice, wheather u r able to bring him up in a good society or not

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  • Elwyn Goveas, valencia

    Wed, Jan 3 2018

    For a mother the departure of Melrick is extremely painful and nobody can fill this vaccum.At times during his presence he must have ignored quite many advising from his dear mother and granny.On sons physical departure love is lost for ever.

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  • Elwyn Goveas, valencia

    Wed, Jan 3 2018

    For a mother the departure of Melrick is extremely painful and nobody can fill this vaccum.At times during his presence he must have ignored quite many advising from his dear mother and granny.On sons physical departure love is lost for ever.

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  • Jenifer, Mangalore

    Wed, Jan 3 2018

    Thank you DW, for this details background of Melrick's murder.

    I always believed that a young man brought up by Christian values will not end up a criminal and get killed for revenge. But wondered what may have gone wrong with Melrick's upbringing that took him to such extreme of a lifestyle never any closer to youth from his community. Well, nobody can blame the death of his father and need of his mother to leave him behind earning a livelihood was her priority.

    Nothing can be undone now, may God forgive his misgivings and grant peace to his soul. Let parents who have stayed away from their children long enough, please come and join your children before its too late. Others can't do to your children what you yourself can.

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  • Ivar, Managalore

    Wed, Jan 3 2018

    Should I laugh at your ignorance?
    Have you never before heard of any crimes committed by Christians ? No Christians involved in crimes in any of the Christian majority countries? Ever heard about crusades?
    My sincere advise to you and everyone... do not get too obsessed by religion and faith.

    Melrick would have been the same even if he had born as a Hindu. You can not attach a particular reason for criminal behaviour. I have seen kids of reputed families getting into crime, drugs and other illegal activities, though parents were around always and were trying to correct from the beginning. . So it will be very unfair if someone blames the parents.
    I feel it is some recessive gene which becomes dominant in one generation and expresses its trait of criminal tendency, and being born as Hindu or Christian, does not matter for one to commit crimes.

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  • sujay, Paladka/Mumbai

    Wed, Jan 3 2018

    This has nothing to do with religion. But there is a big lesson for the parents as well as Teens. We today, discuss about love jihad, runaways, etc, are the result of parent's absent when their Teen children need them the most. Children at Teenage, can shift focus to any direction and most of our parents are too busy, mostly in others affairs but no time for themselves, like moral policing, etc.. First we need to build a better family, then automatically we will have a better society, so we will have more time with our family, when we have a responsible society around us.

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  • Reshmi Salian, Mangalore

    Wed, Jan 3 2018

    Jennifer never mentioned that there are no criminals in christians. You are just assuming something and scribbing over here. Criminals are there in all religions. Best example most of our politicians go to temples/churches/mosques but when they come out they indulge in corrupt practices and do criminal activities.

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  • Iruvar, Mangalore

    Wed, Jan 3 2018


    Murderers are there in each community
    It's about upbringing and environment one grows!
    You need to understand that Italy a Catholic country, has large amount of mafia where crime occurs on regular basis.
    Mexico has similar story.
    Detroit in USA is famous for these acts.

    World is not all about Mangalore and Karnataka!!!

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  • Ivar, Managalore

    Wed, Jan 3 2018

    Thank you for enlightening me. I was under the impression that world is only Mangalore and Karnataka!!

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  • I wish I was there, Bahrain

    Wed, Jan 3 2018

    Who are we to judge the life he lived? I know I'm not perfect but before we start pointing fingers, make sure our hands are clean.
    His family love will always be there for him no matter what.
    Death ends a life, but not a relationship

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  • Raghavendra M K, Mumbai Maharashtra

    Wed, Jan 3 2018

    due to poverty, not proper childhood growth, and bad company and unemployment , how this young boy attracted easily to crime world. by this example the society/parents can reform youngsters of today by giving moral education and and social value. i have seen this education are given by christian church fathers also. any how we have to forget the past and think about present and future.

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  • Lily Grace D'Silva, Mumbai

    Wed, Jan 3 2018

    Thank you Daijiworld for this enriching message to all specially to the youth. Today due to vast development in the technology, our youth are more interested in it rather than grow in the way their parents, Religious Leaders I mean Priests, Teachers and elders for the better future spritually and achieve the plan God has entruested to them. May this lesson to be drawn from the life of young Melrick.

    I have something to say here. Parents, Mothers specially, have very important role in the lives of their children. Home with parents is the first school. Here the mother was working abroad leaving this young child alone. No one can teach him good behaviour, prayers and lead to a path which will do so much of good than his mother. Because the child has her blood. I do not know why she left him alone. May all the parents, mothers in question, guide their children, take help from the Church and be happy to see them growing with the blessings of God with love and care. This is my prayer to all the mothers as I too am a mother. May this year be a worthy to all and end it fruitfully.

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  • Rob Stan, Udupi / US

    Wed, Jan 3 2018

    Someone young who has not started working should not stay at home just because there is no one to take care of aged grandparents. They should be taken care by some other relatives & not youngsters. This is the main reason for youngsters getting into bad company in addition to men not being the head of the family. Grandparents have the habit of giving money to youngsters without finding out what it's being used for. This slowly leads to making bad company to have false sense of confidence which never works in the long run. They start selling household items to continue maintaining friendship with bad company, do real estate deals to make quick bucks etc.,

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  • Eva, Kirem

    Wed, Jan 3 2018

    Yes correct. Jobless youngsters are prey to the bad happenings. But tell me how much society helps? How many industries employ them? It is high time individuals with richer resources to start talent research and guide them with occupation

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  • JFD, Udupi / UAE

    Wed, Jan 3 2018

    While he was in bad company, his father was died , mother and brother were working abroad.

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  • Af,,, Mangalore

    Wed, Jan 3 2018

    He would have counselled and corrected

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  • Vincent Rodrigues, Bengaluru/Katapadi

    Wed, Jan 3 2018

    Easy money and bad company makes the youth worst

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  • Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai

    Wed, Jan 3 2018

    We have no regrets.
    Melrick D'Souza paid for his Sins ...

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  • Ajay Lobo, Mangalore

    Wed, Jan 3 2018

    Can't help it. I pity his family. We should remember those who play with sword will be killed by sword. Message is loud and clear. Do good and get good. We are in this world for four days. But we fight in the name of religion/caste/creed. Do our god really need this to fight within religions? Need to introspect.

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