Mangaluru: Grace Ministry heals hearts and minds through prayers

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Mangaluru, Oct 24: Songs of deliverance, thanksgiving and praise resound in the prayer hall week after week at Grace Ministry Prayer Centre, Valachil as countless believers throng the miraculous sanctuary of prayer and meditation. Chains of burden and pain shatter and people walk out transformed, healed and delivered, from the portals of the centre.

A beacon to the faithful in distress, the Prayer Centre, set amidst the scenic splendour of Adyar falls, was started by Brother Andrew and sister Hanna.

"Numerous number of people are suffering from various infirmities having no deliverance, peace, comfort and love, therefore, I will make this sanctuary as an effective tool to heal the broken-hearted and comfort the needy and people shall throng into this place, and I shall lit their faces with glory and joy and bring them comfort, healing, deliverance, and restore all that they have lost, said the Lord. True to his promise, countless people who throng the grace prayer centre have been healed slowly and sometimes instantly from physical and spiritual infirmities including years of addiction and complications in childbirth,"says Brother Andrew.

Reaching the unreached

Grace Ministry has worked towards transforming lives, in line with their sole objective of 'reaching the unreached'. The Mangaluru-based international charismatic ministry and the global humanitarian organisation has people from all over the world throng it, to be a part of its daily counselling and weekly retreats prayers and prophetic teachings. Weekly retreats are conducted on Friday, Thursday and Sunday at the centre, and monthly prayer meetings are hosted at various venues globally, including Qatar, USA, Dubai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai. The first prayer ministry by Grace Ministry situated in Hongkong, 'Divine Mercy', was established with the help of local devotees. Thousands of devotees worldwide have also benefitted with the prayer meetings telecast by Life TV and Daijiworld 24X7.

Grace Ministry

The ministry works towards its divine vision of healing the brokenhearted, comforting the comfortless and is committed to helping people experience the unconditional love and unending hope found in Jesus. Slum ministry, eunuch ministry, Esther ministry, educate a child, cleanliness and hygiene camp, hair donation and blood donation drives are among the projects undertaken by Grace Ministry for the society, beyond the boundaries of religion and caste. Counseling is an integral part of the ministry. Keen attention is paid to personal, medical and spiritual problems of every individual and family, followed by subsequent guidance if need be.

Esther ministry, a social wing, provides encouragement, comfort, and support to senior women and widows. Esther Women’s Ministry Home works towards the upliftment and empowerment of the downtrodden, handicapped, poor, mute, deaf, and abandoned women. The home provides food, clothing and at times financial help to women there. At present, as many as 91 women live in Ester Home, a temporary shelter near Kuloor. A new home for women is under construction in the vicinity. Apart from this, Grace Ministry is also giving free education to 14 students from various religions. Grace Ministry plans on buying ten dialysis machines as part of its Medical Aid. Once installed, they will be available free of cost, a revolution in the medical field here that will save lakhs of rupees of financially deprived kidney patients.

A convention centre hall is under construction near the prayer centre at Valachil which brother Andrew intends to give to the needy for their programmes, free of cost. "Nowadays, convention centres have become very costly. The poor cannot afford the halls for their functions. Now, they can use this hall without any payment," says brother Andrew.

For many years, Grace Ministry has been providing financial help to poor families for wedding expenses, maintaining their anonymity. For devotional purposes, the ministry has published a hymn book. It includes hymns of praise and worship commonly sung at prayer meetings. 'Thousand Praises', a book written by Brother Andrew includes a thousand one-sentence praises to God in Kannada and English and serves as a handy daily devotional.

The Missionary Family

Brother Andrew Richard, his wife Hanna and their two children Isaac and Moses continue their mission of serving humanity and reaching thousands of unreached with Grace Ministry. Brother Andrew, a charismatic preacher, visionary, and provocative thinker is known for extending help to the needy, hurting, and disenfranchised, and living his message of compassion through the ministry. He touches on many topics with particular focus on the mind, mouth, moods, and attitudes of ordinary people. He reaches the unreached with his heart-to-heart communication style through which he shares openly about his experiences, for practical application to others.

Brother Andrew hosts a TV show, Blessing Time, which broadcasts on the coastal wing to a potential audience of half a million people. He has authored 15 books, which have been translated into more than six languages. Some of his sermons 'Don’t die in your nest', 'The Awakening', 'Giants at the gate', 'Oppositions are your opportunities', 'Life of Mother Mary', and 'On the Way', are prophetic and powerful sermons which have created a greater impact and transformation in the lives of the people.

Beyond the pulpit, Brother Andrew ranks several prestigious awards recognised by Christian Leadership University and Seminary, New York, USA and accredited by Berkeley University, California, USA; he has been awarded the International Lifetime Achievement Award, for outstanding achievements in the chosen field of activity. He has been bestowed upon, Best Social Service And Super Administration Excellence Award, for exceptional achievements in his chosen field of activity

His spouse Hanna holds the ‘special individual prayer’ every Tuesday where people throng in large numbers to join in prayer and hear revelations of God about their lives, from her. His sons, Isaac and Moses, bring glory to God with their singing and worship before thousands. They have been doing so ever since childhood. Isaac reaches out to the youth with his songs and message, and Moses captures hearts of children and the elderly through songs and stories.

When asked how finances are managed for all the noble work, Brother Andrew answers, "Thousands come to us for prayers, counselling and attend the prayer meetings. Many who were healed by our prayers, counselling and were benefitted by our social service keep coming back and contribute out of their own free will. We use this contribution for social service and betterment of poor, without keeping anything for ourselves."

Grace ministry reaches out to the unreached on their website: Click here 

Grace Ministry videos: Click here

Prayer Requests may be submitted via the online form.

Registered office can be visited at the following address - 

Our New Office Address:

Grace Ministry,
Bridge Square Building, 2nd Floor,
Above HDFC Bank, Bridge Road,
Near Juice Junction,
Mangalore - 575002
Karnataka, India
Telephone: +91 9900611485 | 9900488302

To connect globally, contact - Toll-Free Number 07400130765 and Dial 761377# (Toll-free is available only on Monday and Friday at 7.00 am (IST)

Visit the Prayer Centre at -
Grace Prayer Center
Near Srinivas College
Valachil, Mangaluru - 574143
Karnataka, India  

For Videos: Click here 

Facebook page: Click here


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Comment on this article

  • Bharathi, Bangalore

    Sun, Nov 26 2017


    It’s been almost 10 years since I’ve joined Grace Ministry.Blessings from Brother Andrew Richard and Sister Hanna.
    I got to know about this ministry through Zee Kannada channel through which I contacted Brother
    Andrew for prayers.
    I had skin allergies for almost from 5 years ,though I consulted many doctor’s I could not get cured of it and in 2009 my leg got fractured.
    By Grace of Lord and through the prayers of Brother my skin allergies got cured within 21 days and I
    was completely healed from the fracture within 3 months without surgery.
    I prayed for my husband who had Carotid Tumour ,by God’s blessings the surgery was conducted successfully . He also had Kidney Stone and stone got dissolved without any Surgery.
    I’m really Thankful to Brother Andrew and Sister Hanna for the prayers done for my daughter during exams. She completed 10th and 12th Std with good score and now she’s studying Engineering.
    Now me ,my husband and daughter are leading a happy life
    All our prayers are answered by God and we appreciate the work done by the Ministry.
    God bless this Ministry and Brother Andrew Richard’s family
    Praise The Lord !!

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  • Sudarshan, Mangalore

    Sun, Oct 29 2017

    Great write up by Daijiworld, excellent job! Words will not be enough to express the wonderful work that Grace Ministries is doing in the city of Mangalore and in around the world, it's really a blessed task.

    I have really experienced the blessedness of this holy, humble and noble task that the holy servants of God Dr.Br.Andrew Richard, Sis.Hannah Richard, Br.Isaac and Moses Richard are doing among the people of God and I consider it as real privilege to be in this ministry. I have seen multitudes been blessed, healed and have received miracles and been delivered from evil spirits and demons and most importantly lives changed through their prayers and laying of hands. This is the one ministry I have seen the five fold ministry of the Holy Spirit working mightily through the man of God Bro Andrew Richard, the prophetic ministry, the word of knowledge and the revelation of the Word of God is working so powerfully through the servant of God. I have seen him labor so hard and zealously for the Lord and he carries such a burden for the lost and the wearied souls. I in particular have witnessed the change in my own personal spiritual life and in my family members, how Grace Ministries has played an important role in our most difficult and trying moments of our lives, they have always motivated and built us up to more heights and reach higher levels and to be more than conquerors in Christ Jesus. We are connected with Grace Ministries for more than 10 years and we are thankful to the Lord for this divine connection. I had privilege of inviting Br.Andrew to Qatar and have witnessed to lot of healing and deliverance through his divine counselling. I truly agree that it is the Lord Jesus Christ who is working miracles, healing and saving people, but we should not forget as very clearly stated by St.Paul in Romans 10:14-15 how beautiful are the feet that carries the message of the Good News, unless someone is sent the people will be ignorant and they will die in their problems, that's exactly what Grace Ministries is doing. I pray that God will use Grace Ministries more powerfully and that they will go to the ends of world preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, Amen

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  • Nana Adoma, 20 west mosholu Pkwy south Apt 35E Bronx New York

    Fri, Oct 27 2017

    Pastor Andrew Richards Is a real blessing to my husband and I.
    He visited us in Newark Nj.He spent quality time praying with us and encouraging us before returning to Denver Colorado.
    He came into our lives at the right time when we were facing great obstacles and needed to hear from God.He ministered powerfully to us and ever since then He's been our shepherd. He's the chairman of our Prayer group "Grace Family Prayerline "and ministers to here in the USA right from India. His messages are really ecumenical and thought provoking. He has a really great sense of humor .He is a man of high pedigree and calibre and yet still he's able to come down to our humble pedestal in life.
    I pray God to open doors for him to come visit us once again.
    My husband and I are really blessed to have him as our shepherd and Father.

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  • John D'souza, Bhatkal

    Thu, Oct 26 2017

    Grace ministry is indeed a great blessing in my life through Br. Andrew Richard & sister Hannah. Ever since I stepped into the grace ministry there has been light of grace in my family and in my personal life. Once I was broken and shattered person because of my life circumstances it's through grace ministry I found the grace of God and love of god tangibly. It's through grace ministry with spirit life changing message of God being preached by Br Andrew Richard one of the highly anointed prophets of love of god I came to know about the power of word of God . Until I was not very serious in reading and mediating the word of God .... today I pray and read the bible early in the morning because I learned about the importance of word of God in our lives through grace ministry. And I was not much aware about the power of giving, helping the needy, poor , destitute and offering tithes to the ministries of the Lord . It's through grace ministry I learned how God blesses with multitude of blessing when I offer it god and to the needy with what little I have in my hand...... Overall grâce ministry taught me be in the presence of God no matter what happens and what I am today and god is able to turn it around within split seconds..... Gift of prayers is one of most beautiful gifts I received from from the throne of God from grace ministry. Grace ministry has been a home of grace and an abode of healing love to the broken , burdened, sick and shattered souls of afflictions and infirmities...... grâce ministry has been a home of charity those who are in desperate need discarded by the their beloved near and dear ones ..... Thank you Br. Andrew and sister Hannah for you have been a great channel of love for us and an ambassadors of mercy ..... With lots of love for Grace ministry !......John D'souza

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  • Lovely D'souza, Chicago, USA

    Thu, Oct 26 2017

    Bro Andrew is a humble man of God. I have received great miracles from his prayers, God bless Bro Andrew & Family

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  • Jane Ferrao, Malayasia

    Wed, Oct 25 2017

    Truly me and my family have received immense blessings from Grace Ministry. GOD bless you all more and more. Thanks Daijj for a nice write up.

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  • Maxim, Bangalore

    Wed, Oct 25 2017

    Nice one brother Andrew may God bless you. You are doing great things keep doing it brother.

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  • Sharon D'cruz, Mumbai

    Wed, Oct 25 2017

    I love Grace Ministry. The style of this ministry is totally different. Br Andrew and his family have dedicated themselves to serve the Lord and his kingdom. I wish them all the best for their future endeavors.

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  • Kevin D'souza, Dubai

    Wed, Oct 25 2017

    Happy to know about you Bro Andrew. Pray for us

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  • Lauzeiro, Goa

    Wed, Oct 25 2017

    Maybe years back some people had made allegations on this ministry and I had seen the news on Daiji but now it seems that it was all made of jealousy and conspiracy because truth always wins. Good luck. Jai Ho

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  • Philomeena Dsouza, Mangalore

    Wed, Oct 25 2017

    Praise the Lord...It is great joy to see Grace ministry in DaijiWorld. I am very proud about to speak about Grace ministry....since 10years I am in this Andrew and sister Hanna they are our spiritual parents.I and my family truly blessed through their prayers and councilings.
    Through Grace ministry not only Mangalore all over world people are blessed. Not only Christians other religious people are also receiving proper counciling through this ministry.
    Sunday worship, Tuesday, Friday prayers and night vigil all really brings blessings and amazing joy to our lives.
    I am very great full to God what He is doing through this ministry.may God increase them and bless them.

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  • Priya Mascarenhas, Qatar

    Wed, Oct 25 2017

    This ministry has really proved who they really are by thier good works to the society. Best wishes always

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  • Elston D'souza, Puttur, Mangalore

    Wed, Oct 25 2017

    Keep the good work Bro Andrew. All the very best for your mission and for your future projects. God bless you with Grace and Blessing Always.

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  • Neeta Dias, Mangalore / Denver, America

    Wed, Oct 25 2017

    I am Neeta from Mangalore working here in Denver. I was unaware of Brother Andrew but attended his retreat during May at Spanish retreat center at Denver I really felt so blessed after attending his retreat. It's rear such brothers from India come here and conduct retreats. We would love to see Grace Ministry opening its chapel at Denver. May the grace and peace of God always follow you brother.

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  • Joslita, Mumbai

    Wed, Oct 25 2017

    Grace ministry has really blessed my family and helped us grow in faith. There were many problems in our family before which we did not have any answers to why it was occurring. After we were introduced to Grace ministry my family has been blessed and we all came closer to Jesus. Grace ministry has taught us lot like the importance and power of the word of God. Grace ministry truly heals the hearts and minds through their prayers. We constantly pray for them as well to let them touch many families and change their life as they did to mine. Praise the lord. Amen

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  • Joyal Vas, Mangalore

    Wed, Oct 25 2017

    I once attended retreat in Valachill Prayer center very nice worship and adoration even the sermon also is encouraging. Prayer for my studies Andrew Uncle.

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  • Jacob Thomas Crasta, Dubai

    Wed, Oct 25 2017

    Love this ministry. Anytime you call them they are there to prayers. My son was out of track and also not good in studies. Bro Andrew gave a good counselling to my son on the phone line and prayed for him and seriously I could see so many changes in my son. Mother Mary bless all at Grace Ministries.

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  • Blaze D'Souza, Mangalore

    Tue, Oct 24 2017

    Praise the Lord !!!

    Kuddos to Daijiworld to give an apt update about Grace Ministries-Mangalore wherein the motto of this ministry stands as “Reaching the Unreached”.

    Brother Andrew Richard and Sister Hanna along with their two sons , Isaac and Moses have dedicated their lives to the “Call of God”. Their mighty anointing has not only helped them to cater to the faithful in Mangalore but by and large and with God’s Grace they have been able to reach out to the other parts of India and to foreign shores as well.

    Their dedication towards their ministry work has touched many a lives in various ways and the testimonies speak volumes for their work.

    The very prolific word “From Grass to Grace” is certainly apt as far as Grace Ministries is concerned and I pray God to shower His abundant Blessings on this family and the ministry at large.

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  • Rebecca Earle, New York, America

    Tue, Oct 24 2017

    Hey Brother Andrew nice to know more about you through this article. May the Good God Bless you richly. Let thine ministry grow more powerfully and reach the ends of the earth through your prophetic and prolific word that has been changing the lives of the People. Stay Blessed. We all Love you dear Man of God.

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  • Aparna Fernandes, kuwait

    Tue, Oct 24 2017

    Br Andrew continue the good work. Let God bless you more abundantly. I am truly blessed by your prayers. Keep us in prayers. Daijiworld good article!!

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  • Jisel, Mangalore

    Tue, Oct 24 2017

    I really appreciate daijiworld for posting an article about the Grace ministry .
    Grace ministry has changed my life . I have got many blessings through the ministry. Bro. Andrew and sis. Hanna's prayers have blessed me and my family.
    Long live Grace ministry. Always for the service. Thank u so much for your prayers.

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  • Jesus, U.S. Denver, Colorado

    Tue, Oct 24 2017

    Prophet Andrew has been a huge help spiritually and also help me to understand what's been going on with a lot of things in my life . The Holy Spirit is and will keep using this man in big ways. Thank you prophet Andrew and God bless you

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  • Shilpa Monteiro, Dubai

    Tue, Oct 24 2017

    Great work Grace Ministry. All the best. Kindly uphold me in your prayers always brother.

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  • Manoranjan D'souza, Belthangady, Mangalore

    Tue, Oct 24 2017

    Truly this is amazing Ministry. Though i was regulary attending the church yet i was unaware about the word of knowledge. As i began to watch Brother Andrews program on Daiji tv i began to grow graudaully in the knowledge of God. Really this man is humble and the way of his teachings are truly great. I have never heard such sermons before. Some say he makes money and bla bla but the truth is as he is running this ministry alone with his family he obviously would need money to maintain his ministry. Truly we mangaloreans are lucky enough to have him here and i think we must make use of it. His wife is also very powerful. I and my family have received great blessings from them. Good luck always brother.

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  • Alwyn Serrao, Qatar

    Tue, Oct 24 2017

    I must appreciate the work of Grace Ministries. Great work brother Andrew Richard. You have proven your allegations wrong and proved yourself of who you really are. Keep the good work going, brother.

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  • Suhanie, Mangalore

    Tue, Oct 24 2017

    Good work sir. God bless you all.

    DisAgree [18] Agree [11] Reply Report Abuse

  • Rudolf D'Souza, Dubai

    Tue, Oct 24 2017

    Brorther Andrew kitlo boro anni thache magney masth powerful. Amche katri magh Brother. Sadans tuka dev ashirvd blessavani borandi mun magtha.

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  • Lilly D'souza, Mangalore

    Tue, Oct 24 2017

    Grace Ministry prayer center is very wonderful. I love their sermons and worship at the prayer center. I regularly attend the prayers of Grace Ministry and I am truly blessed. Good luck. Amen

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  • Voilet Fernandes, Cyprus

    Tue, Oct 24 2017

    Wowow Nice to know more about Grace Ministry here on Daijiworld. I and my family are immensely blessed by the prayers of Bro Andrew. My Mom was severely attacked by Fear and went to so many places but my Mom had no deliverance. I came to know Grace Ministry by watching their programs on Youtube. Later my Mom began to attend their retreats and now she is completely delivered. Seeing my mom in a good condition I am so so happy. Even I was in depression knowing not what to do I rang up to the prayer lines of Grace Ministry and Bro Andrew prayed over me today I am completely alright and feeling more blessed. Grace Ministry is really powerful. God bless. Thanks, Daiji. Dev bore koru.

    DisAgree [21] Agree [11] Reply Report Abuse

  • Vijay Fernandes, Mangalore

    Tue, Oct 24 2017

    God bless you Grace Ministry. What you are doing is awesome. keep moving. We are always there for you. May the good God bless you.

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  • Sangeetha D'Souza, Dubai

    Tue, Oct 24 2017

    Good job Daiji. Really nice to know about Grace Ministry. We are watching Bro Andrew Richard programs on Daiji World Tv App every day. Keep it up. God Bless Bro Andrew.

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  • Pasha nth Vellan Menezes, Kulshekar

    Tue, Oct 24 2017

    Praise the Lord...this is really awesome. ...yes indeed Grace ministry is working in awesome way in mangalore. Through this ministry thousands are people me thousands youth found hope in their life . I am very proud to speak about this ministry....I received best spiritual parents in this business grown in wonderfully after their prayers and blessings. ..I Thank God ,that He brought this family to Mangalore. ....may God bless and increase them. Thank you Jesus

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  • Vicky D'Souza, Mumbai

    Tue, Oct 24 2017

    Grace Ministry rocks. It’s a quite different ministry. People say that he makes Money that this even our priests are not less, but this bro is doing great things where even the priests have failed to do so. But at the same time we forget to know how many good things he is been doing for the people also. When I read this article there are so many social service contents that are missing. And I have to salute Bro Andrew's dedication in serving the people. Amidst so many oppositions and trails he never gave up his good work. Keep up the good work Grace Ministry and Team. We Love you always.

    DisAgree [27] Agree [11] Reply Report Abuse

  • Rita Pereira, Hong Kong

    Tue, Oct 24 2017

    I really must appreciate Daijiworld for this article on Grace Ministry. Me and my family are tremendously blessed by the prayers of Bro Andrew. Though we all have settled up in Hong Kong yet the Divine Mercy Chapel of Grace Ministry in Hong Kong has given us lots of Hope and encouragement. For Mangaloreans here in Hong Kong the Grace Ministry Divine Mercy chapel is truly a great Blessing. My life got a turning point after I began to attend the retreats of Grace Ministry in Mangalore. It's always our prayers that may the good God bless this ministry more abundantly. Not to forget the Daijiworld Tv app is also helping get the sermons of Bro Andrew everyday to us which is truly a blessing for us. God Bless this ministry more powerfully and abundantly.

    DisAgree [24] Agree [16] Reply Report Abuse

  • Mahathma, Mangalore

    Tue, Oct 24 2017

    Praise the lord! God is great

    DisAgree [5] Agree [22] Reply Report Abuse

  • Vincent Rodrigues, Bengaluru/Katapadi

    Tue, Oct 24 2017

    God only has to save us.

    DisAgree [6] Agree [31] Reply Report Abuse

  • Deva, Pilar

    Tue, Oct 24 2017

    God is Great..........Praise Him Only............

    DisAgree [6] Agree [47] Reply Report Abuse

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