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Mangaluru: Alleged police atrocity - Minority Congress gives 15-day deadline to cops

Daijiworld Media Network – Mangaluru (EP)

Mangaluru, Apr 6: A day after activists of Popular Front of India (PFI) staged a stong protest against alleged harassment of Ahmed Qureshi in police custody and were caned by the police, leaders and members of the district unit of minority cell of the Congress held a meeting to condemn police action, and issued a deadline of 15 days to the cops to take action in the matter.

The meeting was held at Zeenath Baksh auditorium, Bunder here. Scores of Congress workers and leaders, including corporators, taluk panchayat and gram panchayat members were present in the meeting.

Addressing the gathering, former city mayor, Ashraf, said, "compensation should be disbursed to Ahmed Qureshi who has lost his kidney due to police torture. The entire cost of his treatment should be borne by the police. The police personnel who tortured him should be suspended from service. The present city crime branch (CCB) team should be reconstituted by replacing the current team with a new one. City police commissioner, Chandra Sekhar, who was responsible for this incident, should be transferred immediately. Our demands should be met within the next 15 days. If not, another meeting will be called to discuss and finalize further action.".

"Police officials and staff in the present CCB are in service for the last ten to fifteen years and they have failed to deliver justice. Therefore the team should be dissolved and new members should brought in their place," he demanded.

"Atrocities against minorities have been on the rise in the district for the last several years. The rights of minorities are not being recognized. Requests for justice are responded in the form of atrocities. There is no backing out if the demands are not fulfilled," he said.

Argument between members

When a member asked if the district in charge minister did not know about lathi charge on protesters, another member asked him to desist from speaking about political leaders. The member responded that he did not criticize anybody but only put forth the facts.

B Ibrahim speaking on the occasion said that the meeting is called to discuss atrocities on minorities and obtain the opinion of minorities. "Why we shouldn’t draw the attention of the government when our government is in power?," he asked.

Former MP B Ibrahim, former MLA KSM Masood, district youth Congress secretary Suhail Kandak, district youth Congress vice president Lukman Bantwal, taluk panchayat member Samad, Congress leader Mustafa Kempi, Ahmed Bajal and others were present.

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  • Manoj R Shetty, Mangalore

    Thu, Apr 6 2017

    Yes, it is quite visible that anti national activities have risen in recent years inspired by banned Dr. Zakir . And their number is increasing because it is spreading like a virus (not only Mangalore)all over the world. It is dangerous and threat to our security. Organisations like PFI should be banned because they never assist or cooperate Police investigation.
    In fact , they collaborate with criminals . Having said that we can not blame the whole community and there are 95% people are peace loving and patriotic. Few rotten apples spoil the whole basket. Police should have the proper data about anti nationals in dealing with the crimes instead of giving trouble to innocent people. Also police should use cctv and cameras to boost our security system.

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  • Sandeep, Mang

    Thu, Apr 6 2017

    Minority congress lol?..... should have been simply called khangress in single word. This is what will happens to India the day all chor ministers comes to power again. This is y khangress mukt Bharat required and this is y chor party will never form govt.

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  • hussain, mangalore

    Thu, Apr 6 2017

    I was watching whole incident from my office near DC office that day......Harish

    How can you watch from your DC office when incident took place in front of commissioner's office? it is impossible. i daily walk 4 times a day from DC office to AB shetty circle

    Opposite to commissioner's office there are buildings . its open ground - nehru maidan !!!

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  • Dinesh, Dubai

    Thu, Apr 6 2017

    is it congress really secular..?

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  • Mohammed, Bajpe/Riaydh

    Thu, Apr 6 2017

    My question to the State and Taluk leadership - When you came asking for votes for the Congress, we gave you the votes and full support from our community. So your party won by a majority. Now ,is this what you give us back? Why are you so ungrateful?

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  • Anirudh P, Bengaluru

    Thu, Apr 6 2017

    Mohammed, Bajpe/Riaydh

    Just because you voted to Congress or any other party, you don't get right to pelt stones at police.

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  • Mohit, Mangalore

    Thu, Apr 6 2017

    Another bunch of unemployed goons. Such kind of gathering's should be banned in Mangalore. There are hundreds of soldiers die everyday in the border. There are thousand of people die around the world due to bomb blast. Who should you blame?
    Jai Hind.

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  • Vijay Benedict, Mluru/Mumbai

    Thu, Apr 6 2017

    As it is these 'minorities' are receiving so many benefits from the Govt for education, job, marriages, pilgrimage etc and still they want to break the law. Sorry Bro, that is not allowed .

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  • Shankar, Mangalore

    Thu, Apr 6 2017

    In mangalore , all the policemen, even the traffic ones behave very well with public. Haven't we seen policemen in duty, completely drenched in rain? There are policemen lend hand to elders to cross the roads, filling potholes on roads.
    Teenager, if some policemen have not behaved well with you, then it means you are at fault. They behave very badly with wrongdoers.

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  • Richard, Shirva/Dubai

    Thu, Apr 6 2017

    why this minority congress not condemning the act of PFI for pelting stones n soda bottle in first place!!
    these should think this is Karnataka and people won't allowed/accept Kashmir practice here for sure,
    everywhere they cannot expect government to support their misdeeds since election is ahead and sure government will judge suitable not favourably!!
    Rest of the world witness the atrocity and India will not be exception if not dealt suitably...we done Karnataka Police to keep up the good work to restrict the goondagiri
    PFI should work at national interest not community interest..being a political party they should considered themselves as Indian first rather to Islamic, better train their cadre for patriotism, peace, patience, brotherhood with all faith

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  • Flavian, Mangalore/Kuwait

    Thu, Apr 6 2017

    Pelting stones is not kids play and not a new thing. It is in practice in many places (countries)

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  • Shankar, Mangalore

    Thu, Apr 6 2017

    Yes, it happens in Kashmir, syria, Iraq, Malappuram etc.
    But it shouldn't happen in Mangalore, the native place of gentlemen like you and me!

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  • Abdul, Mangalore

    Thu, Apr 6 2017


    Are you going to make your lies as true? How you make baseless allegations that SDPI thrown stones at police and public property. Even police don’t have any proof on their CCTV recording. Don’t support atrocities. If anybody commits crime should be punished without any bias. If you see religion in every matter, you cannot judge as gentleman.

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  • Harish, Mangalore

    Thu, Apr 6 2017

    Hey Indian Teenager,
    Why you are hiding your name & commenting here? Those people done the right thing before lati charge then let them go to court against police. I was watching whole incident from my office near DC office that day. Police are not Rakshasas. Once feel insecure, mob gets out of control, pelted stones, damage public properties then only they started Lati Charge as permitted by senior officers (also they recorded whole incident with mobile camera). They also have resposiblity to protect public property & common people. Those goons needs Royal Treatment after doing crime?

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  • Indian teenager, Mangalore

    Thu, Apr 6 2017

    I've already mentioned earlier that, if they pelted stones yes they're on fault. And I didn't say anything regarding the lathi charge, did I? I didn't question the lathi charge. Obvio they'd do it if they can't handle. And there's no sign of pelting stones in the video which's recorded. All I can see is lathi charge. And do you think going against cops in court will work out? This's India bro! Regarding hiding my name, why do you care about it? If I mention my name, I'll be judged on my religion right? Now that you know I'm a muslim, I'll be judged by idiots like you saying I'm supporting the protestors just because i belong to Muslim community, won't I?

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  • Indian teenager, Mangalore

    Thu, Apr 6 2017

    If these cops assault someone to such an extent that a person's kidneys aren't working, then what is the difference between those BD/Rama sene/lakshmana sene/seetha sene gundas and the police?? They don't provide justice where it's actually needed, instead they do these kind of things. The PFI protestors who are arrested right now for might be undergoing severe torture too and no-one gets to know about it, until someone's kidneys are lost!!

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  • krishna bhatta, mangalore

    Thu, Apr 6 2017

    Criminal activity of minorities have increased many many 100 folds therefore "Atrocities against minorities have been on the rise in the district for the last several years. Minorities first let them understand if they want to live peace fully follow the law of the land, stop illegal cow trafficking. learn to respect other religion if they ant to get respect.

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  • Jaimini P.B., Manipal,Sharjah

    Thu, Apr 6 2017

    First of all PFI must understand that Mr.Qureshi is not the only person who was tortured in police custody in India..There are thousands of innocent and accused people are being tortured in Police Lock up daily..So, don't make Qureshi incident big and create problem...If you want to protest, then protest for everyone who are being tortured by police in custody..Everyone will support you...Otherwise no one will support you. and Police will show DASHAVATARAM again with more brutality..

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  • Indian teenager, Mangalore

    Thu, Apr 6 2017

    If people raise voice against one incident, cops will eventually get scared to torture people in future. And if people raise voice against police brutality, it'll just be slammed by the cops saying there's no evidence. But in this case, the victim lost his kidney and is been hospitalized. It's enough to prove the physical assault by the cops.

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  • Jaimini P.B., Manipal,Sharjah

    Thu, Apr 6 2017

    Lock up torture and death are common in almost all States of India..One incident which I don't forget is that.." Bhagalpur Police Atrocitiy(Bihar)."..Police tortured jail inmates in such a way cruel way that poor inmates lost their both eyes...

    Some Police treatments: Giving urine instead of water, electric shock, Aeroplane treatment (hanging with both hands tied back).. keeping on ice with hands and legs tied.. keeping in dark room for many days.. (Generally they have to use these treatments for hardcore criminals..but now a days Police use this on everyone who is in lockup)..

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  • Haaris, Puttur / Dubai

    Thu, Apr 6 2017


    Please go and take a nap. U watch too much crime movies?.. Lol

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  • Ramesh S, Mangalore

    Thu, Apr 6 2017

    ..If this Congress strived to prevent brain washing and bring their some of misguided youth to right path it would have been better..many doesnt know that there was a terror sleeper cell working in DK and Bhatkals associates caught from mangalore with Bom#s, terror training camps un earthed in DK..In the disguise of seeking justice these organisations diverting attention..protest to release PFI acitivist going for many month, they even protested infront of HM..still if he didnt released means then there must be some serious offence..

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  • PAM Suvarna, karla

    Thu, Apr 6 2017

    That's why congress reached this level,
    If not improved,may reach beneath the earth.

    DisAgree [15] Agree [22] Reply Report Abuse

  • Devkumar, Mangana Oor/New Delhi

    Thu, Apr 6 2017

    in which part of the world they are happy...leaving behind mlore for a while.
    better now to understand the situation and to keep calm...otherwise people only teach them a lesson.
    dont try to become people are not.fools either. we know very well how to dealt with these goons.

    DisAgree [22] Agree [34] Reply Report Abuse

  • SAM, MLR

    Thu, Apr 6 2017

    You do not know bluff master; this community is always in receiving end because of the growing popularity of the religion. no one dare to teach a lesson, the community people are very strong to face any sort of adversity but they love peace and patience, that is considered to be tier weakness.

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  • Aravind, Blr

    Thu, Apr 6 2017

    So what popularity contest is going on in Syria, Libya, Egypt, turkey, Pakistan that they are blowing up each other? Don't tell me they are victims of Zionist strategy. Stop living in fools Paradise and wake up to reality. There is no country where coexistence is peaceful. Cry secularism when in minority and Sharia when in majority. Good going.

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  • Jeevan, mangalore

    Thu, Apr 6 2017

    If khangi leaders save the communal / anti national goons of PFI sure we protest against the kai govt fir their vote bank politics.

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  • Indian teenager, Moodbidri

    Thu, Apr 6 2017

    If PFI protestors had pelted stones, then yeah they're on fault. but the cops should learn a lesson too. They think because of their police post, they can do anything. You barely get to see a trafic cop or any other cop behaving with you properly. They torture so many people in their police station in the name of questioning and no-one gets to know about it! If the victim raises voice against it, they'll escape saying there's no evidence. This's why they're encouraged to beat up people however they want. Now this guy lost his kidney bcz of torture, and this's a chance to teach the cops a lesson so that they stop beating up people during questioning. Stop blaming Muslims or PFI for everything, M'lore cops are no saints!

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  • SAM, MLR

    Thu, Apr 6 2017

    PFI kiyatho balathkar, BD, Chaddi, sanghi kiyatho chamtkar, wha, what a double standard fellow.

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  • Ronald, Mangalore

    Thu, Apr 6 2017

    Who we?
    You need permission to protest OK,!
    Who will give you permit ,
    that time is gone!

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  • Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai

    Thu, Apr 6 2017

    Where is BJP ...

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  • Mohammed, Brighton

    Thu, Apr 6 2017

    Dear Jossey,, why BJP, YOu should ask were is Cong, that is ruling the state? we voted for Congress so they would look after us, now is this what we get in return for our support ?

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  • Alphonso Rodrigues, Udupi

    Thu, Apr 6 2017

    Mohammed, Bajpe,, How can you expect support from the Cong. Even if they want to they may not for your past actions,. You always say that 'Haarkar Jeethnewalon ko baazigar kehethe hain, aur baar baar harnewalon ko Janardhana Poojari Kehete hain. '

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