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By Dr Edward Nazareth

Apr 12: As the number of new cases of COVID19 are exceeding a lakh per day and deaths from COVID19 are also steadily increasing, the Union Health Ministry of India has warned that Covid-19 is spreading at a faster rate in the country compared to last year. The authorities have cautioned not to take the ongoing pandemic lightly; however common people seem to be care free. Wearing a mask and wearing it properly, maintaining social distance and avoiding crowded places is hardly seen.

In India, COVID19 vaccines are available for everyone over the age of 45 years. This is the third phase of COVID19 vaccine drive in our country. More than 65 million doses have been given so far, mostly to frontline workers and people above the age of 60. The world's biggest inoculation drive aims to cover 250 million people by July this year.

But a good number of people are hesitant to take the jab. Refusing a vaccine when one is available is known as ‘vaccine hesitancy’. The vaccine hesitancy is a worldwide problem – the World Health Organization considers it as a global threat of health. Wrong information is a major cause of vaccine hesitancy, and there is much misinformation about both COVID-19 and its vaccine.

In the past few weeks, I have been getting calls from people who have read my earlier articles in Daijiword seeking clarification on taking COVID 19 vaccine. I have answered some of those questions in detail here, so that it may be of use to others.

Short lived side effects

I am 65 years of age, retired from service. I have diabetes and blood pressure both are under control. I also take one aspirin per day as per the advice of my physician. I have read about the side effects of vaccination and it is the main reason I am hesitant to take it.

After the first phase of vaccination of health workers, the Government offered vaccination to people of your age with or without medical illnesses. It is because people of your age are at greater risk of getting severe illness if infected by COVID19 virus. Whatever precautions you take, you can get infected and it can be quite grave. At present vaccine is one of the best tools to avoid serious illness even if one is infected.

The side effects of vaccination are negligible compared to the illness from infection. The short-lived side effects like fatigue, headache, muscle aches and fever are seen in few people after vaccination and they are more common after the second dose. The people who experience unpleasant side effects after vaccination often describe feeling as if they have a bad flu. If one gets the side effects or anticipates them, medicine like paracetamol or ibuprofen may be used for a day or two after consulting their physician.

Vaccination: Social responsibility

I am 45 years of age, hale and healthy. I don’t have any co-morbidity. I do regular exercise and take all precautions against infections. Even if I am infected by COVID19 virus, I will not become sick. Then, why should I take COVID 19 Vaccine?

As you know the second wave of infection by COVID19 virus is spreading fast. There is every possibility that you might get infected. You cannot be sure that you will not get the sickness if infected. Though the people with co-morbidities are more likely to become sick if infected, even those without any pre-existing disease can get serious illness because of COVID19 infection. The illness also depends on viral load and infection can lead to many complications. There are deaths reported in hale and healthy youngsters after COVID19 infection due to complications.

Second issue is if you get infected, you may not get the sickness but you can spread the virus to many people who may come in contact with you. You may not even know that you have the virus. Asymptomatic people can spread the virus to their kith and kin. If you have relatives who are elderly or sick, they can get the virus from you. You may, thus be a cause for their illness.

More than all this, we have to achieve ‘herd immunity’ to eradicate the menace of this virus. ‘Herd immunity’ means that majority of people become immune to the virus; they will not get sick or spread the disease to others. In this way, the whole community is protected. The proportion of people that need to be immunized to achieve herd immunity is different for different diseases. For COVID-19, experts estimate that between 70% and 90% of a community would need to be vaccinated against the virus to achieve herd immunity.The people can become immunized either by having a COVID-19 infection or through taking a vaccine.

As COVID-19 can be a very serious illness, if 70% to 90% people get infected, a large number of people would need to be hospitalized and many could die. Therefore, having a vaccine that works is so important. With a vaccine, many more people could become immunized without getting sick. If enough people do not take the vaccine, then achieving herd immunity becomes much more difficult. Being responsible citizens, it is our duty to get vaccinated so that we help our community to achieve ‘herd immunity’.

Vaccine and alcohol

I am 50 years. I have sugar problem, but is under control with tablets, diet and exercises. I have the habit of taking two pegs of Whiskey daily before dinner. I am informed that total abstinence of 45 days is required after vaccination. This is the reason why I am hesitant to get the vaccine jab.

There are no effects on the efficacy of the vaccine or increased incidence of side effects of vaccination if one takes any type of alcohol before, between, or after the vaccine shots. There is currently no evidence that drinking alcohol interferes with the functioning of the Covid-19 vaccines.

Till date more than 570 million doses of various Covid-19 vaccines have been administered across 141 countries all over the world. Out of these vast numbers, there have been no reports yet of vaccine efficacy declining as a result of alcohol consumption. It is understood that alcohol does not impede the formation of antibodies.

Vaccine and clot formation

My Dad, who is 76 now, had paralysis due to clot formation in the brain about two years ago. He has partially recovered, but he still has to use a cane to move around. He is diabetic and hypertensive. He is on medicines for these and also taking other medicines like blood thinners. There are reports that the vaccines cause blood clots. Because of this Dad is hesitant to get vaccine.

Recently, vaccinations with the AstraZeneca COVID-19 shot were put on hold in a few countries across Europe following reports of rare blood clots. However, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and World Health Organization (WHO) have issued statements that the overall risk for clotting with this vaccine is no higher than in the general population that the benefits outweigh the risks, and that vaccinations should continue. They reviewed 18 cases of blood clots in the brain following administration of over 20 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine. This is a very rare complication which is associated with other vaccines also.

Moreover in India, there are no reported cases of blood clotting even after millions of people are given AstraZeneca’s vaccine.

There is strong evidence that the prevalence of blood clotting varies significantly among different ethnic/racial groups. The African-American people have a significantly higher incidence of blood clots, particularly following exposure to risk factor such as surgery, medical illness, trauma, etc. Probably vaccination might also be a trigger for clot formation in some of them. There are reports of clot formation even after taking vaccines manufactured by other firms. Compared to African-American people, Asians/Pacific Islanders have 70% lower prevalence of blood clot formation. This may be areason why clot formation is not reported in Indian people who have taken the vaccine.

As the COVID 19 infection can cause more harm to sick people like your Dad, it may be wise to go for vaccination. As your Dad is also on blood thinners, the chance of clot formation if at all provoked by COVID19 vaccine is almost none.

Vaccine and allergies

• I am 47 years of age, house wife. I have been taking medicines for allergic asthma. My problem becomes severe during the onset of summer and is less at other times. My doctor suggested I should take the COVID 19 vaccine but I am scared that the vaccine might cause asthma. I have read that there can be severe allergic reaction to vaccine.

It is known that people with moderate to severe asthma may be at higher risk of getting very sick from COVID-19 infection. To protect from the infection by COVID19 virus and to lower the risk of severe disease if infected, it is important for people like you with asthma to get COVID19 vaccine. There are no reports that people with asthma get the attack of asthma after taking COVID 19 vaccine. People with asthma may experience the same, relatively mild side effects people often report after receiving the vaccine, such as a headache, chills, a sore arm, fatigue, or fever. People with allergies to other medications, foods or inhalants also can receive the COVID19 vaccine. Normally after vaccination, people are kept under observation for not less than 30 minutes at the facility of vaccination to observe for allergic or any other reactions. Most of the reactions, if any will be immediate. This is the normal precaution followed.

Only those people with severe allergic reaction to the contents of the vaccine should not receive the vaccine. For this the manufacturers of vaccines have given the details of the ingredients in their vaccines. These are in a very small quantity but they can cause a reaction if one is really allergic to them. The Covishield vaccine manufactured by Serum Institute, Pune has: L-Histidine, L-Histidine hydrochloride monohydrate, Magnesium chloride hexahydrate, Polysorbate 80, Sucrose, Ethanol, Sodium chloride, Disodium edetate dihydrate (EDTA), Water for injection. Bharath Biotech’s Covaxin has: aluminum hydroxide gel, TLR 7/8 agonist (imidazoquinolinone), 2-phenoxyethanol, and phosphate buffer saline.

Common people would not have been exposed to these contents of the vaccines and hence allergies to the ingredients of the vaccines are unlikely.

Why no side-effects

I have read that people get side effects after vaccination. My Dad who is 67 took vaccine at a Government Health Centre and he did not have any side effects. Does that mean his immune system did not respond or the vaccine was not working? Are the vaccines supplied at the Government facilities not potent?

The side effects of the vaccine are not uniform. There are many people who do not experience any side effects beyond a sore arm. In some trials more number of people reported side effects after the second dose than the first one.

A lack of side effects does not mean the vaccine is not working.During the vaccine trials, a significant number of people did not report side effects, and yet trials showed that about 70 to 90 percent of people had developed antibodies against the virus. Nobody really knows why some people have a lot of side effects and others have none.

In our country the vaccines are supplied from a single nodal point to both private and government facilities in that area. Contrary to some rumors, private establishments do not get a more potent vaccine from a different source. The vaccines available at Government facilities are the same ones available at private establishments.

Infection after vaccination

• There are reports that the people get sick and are tested positive even after getting two doses of COVID 19 vaccines. Recently more than ten doctors at Bangalore Medical College were tested positive after completing the full course of vaccination. Are these vaccines really preventing infection? I have serious doubts about the efficacy of the vaccines.

It has to be remembered that the available vaccines are not 100% effective. It is reported that Covishield vaccine used widely in our country is about 63% effective during the trial stages whereas the Covaxin is 81% and the mRNA vaccines available in US and Europe are more than 90% effective. The efficacy looks at the ability of the vaccine to protect the inoculated population using various parameters — ranging from the ability of the vaccine dose to prevent mild to severe symptoms, even if one gets infected, to preventing from getting infected with the disease altogether. The efficacy in the field (actual use in the public) may not be the same as in the trials because of transport and storage. It may be significantly less.

When we say that a vaccine is 80% effective, it means about twenty of the one hundred persons who have received the vaccine may still get the infection and become sick. But the vaccine protects the remaining 80 of the 100 people from infection. Unless we get a vaccine which is 100% effective, infection and illness may be still seen among those who have received the vaccine.

Therefore it is important to continue public health mitigation measures (masking, physical distancing, daily symptom screening, and regular testing), even in environments with a high incidence of vaccination, until herd immunity is reached at large.

Vaccine for youngsters

• Do healthy young individuals need vaccination? It was reported during the first wave that they would remain asymptomatic and even if they get the illness, it would run a milder course.

There are reports that infection by COVID19 virus in vaccinated persons, irrespective of their age and comorbidities, runs a milder course. Many of them (more than 80%) may not get sickness at all.

But the most important matter is that the transmission of virus from them to others is significantly reduced after vaccination. During the first wave of COVID19 infection, many asymptomatic persons, most of them being young and healthy, transmitted the virus to susceptible (elderly and sick) persons and made them seriously ill.

Now during the second wave the infection is seen in many of the young and healthy people and severe illnesses have been reported in them.

It is now believed that unless we achieve herd immunity by vaccinating 70% to 90% of the people, the menace of COVID19 infection may persist.

Considering these points it is important for all the eligible people to get vaccinated. In our country the vaccine is being rolled out in a phased manner and the third phase has just started. Soon people of age less than 45 may also get the vaccine. When it becomes available it is better to receive it.

Which vaccine better: Covishield or covaxin?

• Initially there were hesitations to promote Covaxin as the trial results were not known and Covishield was promoted by all. As the Covaxin is entirely manufactured in India and as per ‘Athmanirbhar’ claim there appears to be a strong support to this vaccine now. Which of the two is better? Is there any research support to the claims of superiority of the one over the other?

Both the vaccines have shown more than satisfactory results ever since the inoculation started in India. At the trial stage both the manufacturers claimed that their vaccines are 70% to 80% effective. However when used in public both the vaccines appear to be similar in their efficacy as well as side effects. We may have to wait for few more months to state categorically which of the two are better or both are same.

Covaxin is manufactured by Bharath Bio-Tech of Hyderabad. This vaccine is developed with inactivated COVID 19 virus. The vaccine contains inactivated viruses, which cannot infect a person but still can teach the human immune system to prepare a defense mechanism against the active virus. The vaccine with inactivated pathogen is the conventional method. There are several vaccines for some other diseases as well which are made using the same technology. Some of these are vaccine for seasonal influenza, rabies vaccine, polio, pertussis etc.

Initially when Covaxin was approved for emergency use, experts wondered how a vaccine was cleared for emergency use on vulnerable people when its trials were still underway. The All India Drug Action Network at the time said that it was "baffled to understand the scientific logic" to approve "an incompletely studied vaccine". It said that there were "intense concerns arising from the absence of the efficacy data". This message was spread in social media and people had lot of concerns over the use of this vaccine.

Dr Guleria, Director of All India Institute of Medical Sciences took both the doses of Covaxin and our Prime Minister also took second dose of Covaxin on 9th of this month. With this the doubts of the efficacy of this vaccine has declined and now many people are opting for Covaxin. As you said, this vaccine is prepared in our country and there is justification to support and use it as it is effective.

Covishield has been prepared by Serum Institute of Pune by using the viral vector platform which is a totally different technology. This technology is imported one from AstraZeneca. In this method, a chimpanzee adenovirus – ChAdOx1 – has been modified to enable it to carry the COVID-19 spike protein into the cells of humans. This cold virus is basically incapable of infecting the receiver but can very well teach the immune system to prepare a mechanism against such viruses. Here only a part of the COVID19 virus is enters the human body and not the entire virus.

There are claims that covaxin may be better as it uses entire virus, but these claims have no research support. While Covishield and Covaxin come with their own pros and cons, at present it appears that there is no one better than the other. Both are equally safe to use. In light of the present situation, what matters the most is being inoculated against the COVID19 virus, irrespective of which vaccine has been administered.

Gap between two doses

• The Covishield vaccine second dose was initially given at an interval of 21 days. Now it is recommended to be taken after a month. Why two doses are needed? Why there is confusion about the gap between two doses? Is this only for Covishield or Covaxin also?

The vaccines train the human immune system to prepare antibodies to fight against the real viruses if they enter the body. For this to happen effectively the immune system needs a ‘booster’ dose. The second or more doses are known as booster doses. There are several other vaccines like MMR (mumps-measles-rubella), polio given to children, hepatitis A and B given to all and so many other vaccines also need booster dose.

The COVID19 infection is new, so also the related research. New results of the studies and new evidence are emerging and whenever they are available, they are brought into practice. Because of the infectivity and complications of the disease, we are not in a position to wait for complete studies or trials.

The previous trials have shown that an extended interval of up to 12 weeks demonstrated greater efficacy of Covishield vaccine, which was also supported by immunogenicity data.

The latest trial included two doses Covishield administered at a four-week interval, which evidence suggests administration of the second dose with an interval longer than four weeks could further increase efficacy and accelerate the number of people who can receive their first dose. The Indian Government authorities have recommended that protection is enhanced if the second dose of Covishield is administered between 6-8 weeks, but not later than stipulated period of 8 weeks.

Increasing the gap between two doses is only applicable to Covishield. For Covaxin, the existing gap between doses (4-6 weeks) between two doses is maintained. These recommendations may be reviewed in future based on the research reports.


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  • Rudolf Rodrigues, Mumbai

    Sun, Apr 18 2021

    Sir, any idea on the new variant double mutation strain?

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  • dk shetty, mangalore

    Tue, Apr 13 2021

    Thank you Dr.Edward for your timely article on importance of vaccines. You are right in advising people take vaccines as weeks/months pass by, the covid 19 virus mutates into a difficult strain, which make sit difficult to control, Its better to get vaccinated and help body develop antibodies to prevent infections/death.

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  • Donald Maxim Saldanha, Derebail/Belman

    Tue, Apr 13 2021

    Thank you Doctor, for removing most of our doubts about Covid 19 vaccines. I still have one more query regarding this: Some reports say that these vaccines are not effective against some new variants of Covid19 virus. What about this, sir

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  • Robert Pais, Mangalore

    Tue, Apr 13 2021

    For those who hesitate to take the vaccine; Remember the story of a devout person who to save himself from rising floods has climbed the roof and is pleading with the lord to save him . He says to the rescuers that God will rescue him so he waits and drowns. LORD says to him I did send boats to rescue you but you refused . LETS TAKE VACCINE

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  • John, Mangalore

    Tue, Apr 13 2021

    God says other way, my design perfect can withstand any viruses... Jesus on natural killer cells can kill all virus variants in a message to John Leary dated Thursday, March 18, 2021:... Jesus said: “My people, you have seen several movies that are showing you why the current Covid vaccine could ruin your immune system in fighting the next corona virus attack. You have innate killer cells that represent about 10% of your white blood cells that you have from birth. These natural killer (NK) cells can kill all virus variants. The Covid vaccine can only kill the specific Covid virus that started, but it cannot kill mutant variants or a new virus. The vaccine antibodies can overpower your NK cells and the new virus could kill the vaccinated person...

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  • Dr. Dorothy Rego, Kaikamba/Toronto

    Tue, Apr 13 2021

    Dear Dr. Nazareth Thank you very much for this good piece of information Kindly advocate to the public through another lay language writing on "ADHERENCE to the EXISTING PUBLIC HEALTH MEASURES" even after receiving the full course of vaccination. There is misperception by the public on this part. The public thinks COVID-19 is OVER upon vaccination and they can let their guard down with all the public health mitigation measures (masking, physical distancing, daily symptom screening, and regular testing). This message needs to be made CRISP and properly ADVOCATED by a health care provider explaining the advantages of these practices post vaccination. Since the community in Mangalore knows you well, if their own trustworthy physician can elaborate on this - certainly the target audience would listen to you. VACCINE is just an additional measure on top of the existing public health measures in place to break the transmission chain of the virus. For your kind in formation, I am currently involved in conducting genomic surveillance and transmission dynamics of for COVID-19 in Toronto and we see many COVID positive cases even after receiving both the doses of vaccines. This doesn’t mean that the vaccine is ineffective. This may be because the immune response might not have kicked in or the public health measures might have been lifted off prematurely before the virus weakens its circulation within the community. I have seen in social media posts that the health care providers including microbiologists and infectious disease specialists from well reputed institutions in Mangalore rolling up their sleeves, getting vaccinated and advocating to the public to get VACCINATED. This is a good MOTIVE. But the next day, the same health care providers are letting their guard down by hosting big parties and posing for photos without any protective gear in a congregated setting. This is not appropriate. The knowledge translation is not correct here and the public may not get the right message for correct practice post-vaccination. Also, the mass gatherings including the practices conducted during holy week events in Mangalore gave me a panic attack. There was absolutely no concern by the clergy for health risks caused by COVID-19 to the public. Kissing of the cross (without disinfecting) and congregating in groups during way of the cross without any public health mitigation measures was noticed. It was heart breaking to note that the leaders were not a role model in properly advocating to the community rather their main focus was to get captured in the cameras for some of these live events. Recently, educated people and politicians (past and present) were seen attending big events without any protective gear when COVID-19 cases are surging in Mangalore. They were neither concerned about themselves nor others. All these malpractices would generate large clusters and a chaotic situation not only with health crisis but also would lead a deep dive to the economy. Keeping in mind that the good immune response after the vaccination takes 2 weeks to 4 months plus the information on vaccine efficacy described above in the article, please add a punch on the transmission dynamics of the virus ( If a person develops 80-90% immune response upon vaccination – the person can be protected but the person might still have the tendency to transmit the virus from the URT to others following infection, if the virus is still in circulation in the community. There is lots of buzz on this in the literature). I would look forward to reading another article from you on this. Thank you in advance Dr. Dorothy Rego BSc, MSc, PhD, MPH

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  • Melroy C.F.Fernandes, Mangalore

    Mon, Apr 12 2021

    Quote from the revelation by Prophet Dr. B.M. Hegde: I know that most "VIP"'s are falling over each other and even probably paying to get certified "tested +ve". It's the next "in" thing. As an ordinary citizen, I refuse to submit to these tests that depend on what "Simon says" and I refuse to be "COVID vaccinated" without my express informed consent. And, while the attention of the circus crowd has been distracted by the Magician at the Utsav Mela; Big Brother is reported to be rolling out Facial Recognition Technology[taking the UID (alias Aadhaar) to its next pre-planned level] , under the excuse of making the vaccination utsav more effective. China already monitors and rates its citizens using FRT. Give me liberty, give me privacy or give me death. I shall not be anybody's slave! Vanakkam to the world of "The Minority Report" . ( Lockdown -WFH -ZOOM-Microsoft MESH launched last month - .........) Connect the dots.

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  • Dev, Mangalore

    Tue, Apr 13 2021

    India has imported the latest Face Recognition Tech equipment from China in 2019 itself, all the cameras installed on roads, CCTV cameras, our social media interactions along with our selfies will be used to spy on our activities( remember the craze created by our PM with Selfie taking to promote this mania). After all the mandates like face masks, social distance is another tool to help the tech to spot people they want to Trace Track & Tie Up? If people crowd then the tech at present will get confused or unable to do its job is another aspect. Anyway You too have now exposed another tool to breach our privacy in the garb of a disease which never is Pandemic in First Place. Expect the roll out of Vaccine Passports the Conspiracy Theorists have stated a few years back to segregate people just like CAA & NRC, which too wanted to do the same & put people into isolated camps reminding us of Nazi Concentration Camps. Beware & Get Awakened to stop step by step measures how a democracy might lose freedom of its citizens if we aren't vigilant.

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  • Dev, Mangalore

    Mon, Apr 12 2021

    Another milestone article by Dr Edward which is Q&A way of clearing myths or doubts. But it mostly is using whatever explanations & data provided by the propaganda cells of vaccine manufacturers is evident. Coming to the point of who should get vaccines or need them most, the aged & people with comorbidity, but here the vaccines are proving to be not effective as those immune compromised getting their immune boost through intramuscular vaccines for a possible infection route is through UR system. In many cases it has been found that vaccines have failed just because of this method & mutation of the viruses. But in reality the real infection which has now 95% asymptomatic needing no medications or isolations need to take any vaccines which claim big like it helps next infection to be of low level which is unsubstantiated by any independent research other than what the industry harps on to market their product. Coming to Bharath's Covaxin, it claims they have used real SARS 19 virus which is a big lie as no lab or scientists has ever isolated any corona virus till today, if they did they need to demonstrate by injecting them into healthy animals or people they need to get them infected, but it's not the case, we cannot take their claims as true unless they prove it. Again for an illness that only affects 0.003% of the people leaving 99.997% people without worries asking or forcing people to take an unproven in the long run a drug which is disguised as vaccine to bypass the stringent laws that govern drugs is against "Nuremberg Code". Same way any Vaccine Passports is against the Human Race as it wants to divide those with compliance & those without compliance due to their religious or allergic probability is against constitution as all citizens are equal. To end No Healthy people will transmit any infections to anybody as data from those countries that did keep their cities open along with schools & colleges proves whatever claims to market vaccines are biased lies

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  • anthony, mangalore

    Mon, Apr 12 2021

    Dr please also note that the Govt has approved these vaccines for emergency use since probably the efficacy of these vaccines have not yet been fully established,

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  • Rudolf Rodrigues, Mumbai

    Mon, Apr 12 2021

    In the case of sensitive vaccine development which takes minimum 5 years to reach human trial stage , what does one mean by: "for emergency use"?? Can any doctor explain??

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  • Rohit, Mangalore

    Mon, Apr 12 2021

    Why are you sending fake news everyday? Yes at the beginning efficiency was not known but after 3 months of vaccine release it's told efficiency is 90% . All vaccines efficiency is told only after 3-4 months of release

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  • John, Mangalore

    Mon, Apr 12 2021

    Everything is correct from Doctor's perspective but Gone are the days when vaccines used to be remedy or prevention. With communists infiltrated in vaccine pharma's R & D, western elite and communist vaccines have become more population control and hightech (nano particle) mind control business for communist supremacy with current advancement in technology including Luciferase technology (or to say communist chinese and elites misusing technology with Big Tech and media under their control only their views are projected, rest all come under conspiracy theory) This is what all about Covid 19. Globalists or western one world people and communists using virus bringing down economy with shutdowns, loss of employment, debt, crashing financial institutions, (Stock Exchange down 1400 points today) to make common man life miserable. God only knows what are their other plans with vaccines which Big Pharma and their agents push them for big money. Hope the vaccine only not generate more mutants (already happening) to further down the economy. Like Event 201 simulated for covid 19, there is also The SPARS Pandemic 2025 to 2028 seems simulated in 2017 as per Johns hopkins center for health security document available online. Also there is a Songbird movie for covid 23. These ruthless communists bring out movies, simulation to brainwash people, enact them to control and reduce the population, grab world resources and finally trying to control and rule the world through these binary weapon grade viruses and experimental, short term, hurriedly tested (vaccines after) vaccines to bring their downsized new world order or one world government.

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  • Monty Dotor, Mangalore

    Mon, Apr 12 2021

    I would agree to some of your comments.The plague in Surat was probably a result of bioterrorism as lungs were affected before inguinal lymph nodes - I had then called it Pakistani Plague.This time the origin of the Covid virus was China, it was to destroy the economy of many nations so I would call this Chinese Covid. Our authorities were negligent in not closing/ restricting people from other countries in Jan/Feb 2019 ,to prevent the virus from enterng India, now we are paying a heavy economic price.

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  • geoffrey, hat hill

    Mon, Apr 12 2021

    Doctor's perspective is what matters and not some half baked conspiracy lover's repeated blah blah blah..

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  • John, Mangalore

    Mon, Apr 12 2021

    Also looks like Communist and global elites have fooled the world with this vaccines as no decrease in number of cases in spite of claiming they are 70 to 95% effective. But cases are increasing uncontrollingly. Also nowadays seems only Covid 19 tests. In this how many common cold cases, how many influenza cases ? how many purely Covid 19 cases ? Because common cold and flu are also called as corona viruses. One never knows these high sensitivity RTPCR detects them all as Covid 19 and to promote vaccines these numbers everyday ? As such many got vaccinated by this time there should have been decreased in Covid 19. That means vaccines no effect at all on mutant strains. Infact seems adding more mutants due to this experimental hurriedly tested vaccines. That's what communist chinese and global elite plan seems, then blame those didn't take vaccines. With the virus and high tech nano particle vaccines they are slowly trying to control whole world. Like computer viruses and antivirus, without antivirus system won't work. Bill Gates' master plan or way of enslaving humanity. More viruses and more vaccines if these communist chinese and global elites use for much depopulation and further control all resources to bring new world order or one world government it is not suprising. World leaders seems going in same direction controlled by communist chinese dragon, left leaning and financed by Bill Gates' WHO and other globalists towards their new world order or one world government.

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  • Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai

    Mon, Apr 12 2021

    COVID 19 Vaccine is just like wedding wish "A Happy Married Life" without Guarantee ...

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  • Rudolf Rodrigues, Mumbai

    Mon, Apr 12 2021

    Jossey, there is only one thing 100% guaranteed in life, and that's DEATH!!

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  • anthony, mangalore

    Mon, Apr 12 2021

    Serum Institute went in for production of the vaccine even before the third phase of trials were over and so they were not sure of its efficacy and pegged it around 74%. Bharat Biotech went in for production of the vaccine much before even the phase three trials had commenced. The world is wild with talk about the mutation of the virus which gives these pharma companies an escape route for the present vaccines since many cases have been reported of people including medical Dr's and health care workers contracting Covidn even after the second dose. The Chief Minister of Kerala is the latest example. The justification for people contracting Covid after the second dose was they will face only mild symptoms of Covid. Even last year when Covid was in full bloom majority of the cases were mild or asymptomatic. Obviously there is a lack of confidence in these vaccines and people seem content to give these vaccines a go bye and await may be a booster dose to take care of all mutations or better and safer of the much anticipated nasal drops. Dr we will be delighted to know your views about Nasal drops and when are these companies serum and bharat biotech planning to launch them.

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  • Rudolf Rodrigues, Mumbai

    Mon, Apr 12 2021

    Tnx for the latest information doctor! Ironically some 37 doctors who already had their two jabs, from Gangaram Hospital, have again tested positive for the virus; out of which only 5 are in icu and remaining with mild symptoms are in self quarantine! Now they're saying that the vaccine doesn't protect against infection; but if infected after the jabs, the symptoms will be only mild? Moreover, new reports suggest that the new variant produces more profound GI symptoms produced by clots rather than the classical cough/cold/sore throat symptoms! All this new info is confusing isn't it?

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  • Santosh Bennet VAS, Mangalore

    Mon, Apr 12 2021

    Good article , we’ll explained in layman’s terms.

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  • Robert Pais, Mangalore

    Mon, Apr 12 2021

    We are very fortunate to have uptodate information regarding the need and social responsibility to take the Vaccine against coronavirus. When Christ has given us the mandate of “ love thy neighbor” , it is our duty to think about others as our taking the vaccine is not only going to protect us but prevent our bodies as vehicles to spread the disease to others. Therefore its our moral and social responsibility to do so.. I am in agreement with the arguments Dr. Nazareth has put forward. He is updated in knowledge and facts . Yes the clinical trials have shown maximum efficacy, long term protection in those people who had a gap of 120 days between the 2 doses of covishield. My only concern is with the indigenous vaccine: I have not come across any published information of the 3rd phase of the clinical trial- efficacy. Secondly there were issues which were pointed out by Brazilian regulators for its use in their country. All in all, suggesting that if PM takes we should also take, I do see as sufficient ground. Whatever may be my individual opinion ( based not on whatsapp University) , there is absolutely no reason to hesitate to take vaccines against coronavirus. Whatever the european caucasian population developing antiPF4 antibodies and then blood clots is not reported in India. Therefore Covishield to my knowledge is perfectly safe and in the absence of Scientific data( I am not aware) there is NO comparison between Covishield to Covaxin !! I fully commend , Dr. Nazareth in showing tremendous social responsibility in writing wonderful informative and insightful articles . In this age of misinformation, your articles are truly educative and serve as guiding for us common people. Thank You.

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    Mon, Apr 12 2021

    Do not roam freely with over confidence of having taken vaccine 1st or 2nd dose...

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  • Nammahakku, Hubli

    Mon, Apr 12 2021

    Close by thanking the writer Dr Edwards work.

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  • Rohan, Mangalore

    Mon, Apr 12 2021

    For someone who is below 45 not eligible for the vaccine the stress levels are very low as of now to decide to take the jab or no. The vaccination is voluntary which is a good thing. How long can we stay safe with all precautions is gods will. Whether we will be safe after vaccination the data yet to be collected will proclaim. Until then live life till still alive...

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  • Monty Dotor, Mangalore

    Mon, Apr 12 2021

    I was amongst the first few who had written to our PM ( and many world leaders ) to manufacturer a vaccine and immunoglobulin for Covid on 17 February 2020 I have a letter of appreciation from French President for my efforts, and I have already taken the first jab-of Covaxin of Bharat Biotech ( which is a more time tested method - inactivated same virus,)but a few pertinent questions come to my mind. 1.vaccines are given so that antibodies are produced by the body against the virus, if someone has already got antibodies ( e.g. a person who has been infected and not immunocompromised )why is he asked to take a vaccine,esp. when we do not know how long the antibodies will last in either case.2.Why is wearing of mask compulsory after vaccination if vaccinations were effective.3.Unlike some other countries why are there travel restrictions in India even after vaccination, ideally there should be "vaccine passports"4.Intravascular clotting and deaths reported after vaccination in Germany,UK and European countries (Astra Zeneca similar to Covishield).5Why vaccinate many unnecessary people for a not very lethal virus(Corona- which does not even give symptoms in 95% who tested positive).6 Why the expiry date (read shelf life) of a vaccine (Covisheild) has been extended.7.Why these vaccines are not made available at the chemist shop - like typhoid it DPT vaccines, so that those who want can take the jab from his family doctor.(except for the poor who should be given it free at govt hospital.8.Why immunoglobulins (which cost one tenth of these vaccines)- which are used for prevention as well as treatment of Covid not produced here ( US, Israel and some other countries have marketed the product).9..Why is not Guilian Barre syndrome (ascending polyneuritis - you can feel pain but cannot move) not mentioned as a side effect of the vaccine.(At least few cases have been reported in Karnataka already.,and many outside) , informed consent means all side effects have to be told before administration of medication.10.When you play with genetic material e.g. mRNA vaccines how are they declared safe in this generation itself (remember drug Thalidomide which was declared safe but - next generation children born without limbs).11.Also first preference of vaccine, after healthcare workers should be the age group 15 to 45 instead of oldies like me. Children have T lymphocytes produced by Thymus gland which atrophies as the child grows.Elderly may have immunity and crossimmunity due to exposure.It is the middle aged who are most exposed.

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  • John, Mangalore

    Tue, Apr 13 2021

    For Bill Gates, Big Pharma, media, agents good return on investment with this man made crisis ? Pfizer Estimates $15 Billion In 2021 Sales For COVID-19 Vaccine Ref:

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