Election 2008: What’s Good for America…

November 2, 2008
I must say that the upcoming American election has my stomach all tied up in a knot. The excitement I feel about either one of our fine candidates and their nominated vice presidential selections taking the free world into the next phase of global evolution has gotten me all frisky. Suffice to say that we’ve got a competitive bunch from which to place all our hopes and dreams on.
One the one hand, we have a loyal American war veteran whose questionable economic policies, negative campaigning habits against his rival and possibly deteriorating health may almost certainly give way to the leadership of an erratic and temperamental sorority schoolgirl with the global knowledge of a rusty doornail. On the other hand, we have a proud minority leader from the streets of Chicago whose party is even more divisive than ever on the nation’s direction even though their prayers of majority House and Senate control have been granted. And let us not forget the democrat selection for vice president whose present accomplishments include being able to walk around without a bridle and a leash despite his extensive talents in botching facts, speaking without thought and off the cuff. Yes my fellow Americans and global citizens, this election has indeed narrowed down the best of what the United States has to offer the world. 
John McCain and Sarah Palin on the Republican frontline make quite a pair I must say. The party chose well when teaming up an isolated beauty from Alaska with the old goat. The move of course was to work America’s female audience in the hopes of defeating Barak Obama and his minority audiences. And who can resist Palin’s homegrown average-Amercanism? Even coupled with her $150,000.00 wardrobe, lavish mansion and other extensive gubernatorial perks, she’s just your average gal trying to make a change in this heavily male-dominated world.
Under John McCain’s experienced leadership should he be picked as the successor to Geroge W., I can safely say that the world is in reliable hands. After having lived through major American turnaround events such as the Great Depression as well as the Civil war, who can question McCain’s patriotism and attention to the trite and true dilemmas that face everyday young Americans as they attempt to survive our current economic crisis? His ability to bond with those young Americans as they are led to shaping the future of the United States is unquestionable. Lest we not mention the stern commitments that his voice delivers during his speeches over the creaks and groans heard of his body caused by a combination of arthritis, metabolic anomalies and other age-related symptoms as he addresses socio-economic and global policy issues. In all seriousness however, it can be said that McCain is a man of determination and grace. To think that he has the ability, the swiftness as well as the sound and steady judgment to rebuild the United States into acquiring some of its lost social and economic spirit is truly astounding. That is the kind of attitude that had made America great and it is the attitude that can definitely change America’s standing in today’s accelerating global environment.
Come election-day, a difficult choice awaits the American people: the old white-guy or the young black- guy. And what can be said about the young Illinois Senator that has not already been said. Barak Obama has no war experience which means he can actually lift both his hands above his head in joy should he actually win the presidency. He has no gubernatorial experience whatsoever which probably means that his collection of undergarments still consists of cheap tidy-whities from Walmart. His ideologies of redistributing national wealth in this worldwide economic crisis deems him a socialist and oh yes, his last name rhymes with “Osama” which makes him a terrorist as well. Quite a list of accomplishments Mr. Obama! How exactly do you plan to win this presidential race with your questionable track record?
Actually one cannot place complete blame on the candidate himself for trying to be the first black president in American history; even if he is a terrorist and a socialist. What about placing some blame on the party that he represents? Ask the Democrats about their direction on the extraction of American troops from Iraq and they are divisive. Ask the Democrats of their solutions to various socio-economic issues pertaining to the mortgage crisis that has stricken the American middle and lower income populace and they are divisive. Ask them about their policies on the kind of toilette paper that is to be used in the democrat-dominated House and Senate buildings and they still remain divisive.
The reality is that while the eight year tenure of Republican incompetence has nearly bankrupt the United States and destroyed the American middle-class, the democrats remain the group that is one of inaction. The Democratic Party has become the party that most folks join if they do not want to vote Republican. This of course means that the separatist ideologies of the Democrats comprise of those inclusive of the Green Party, the Reform Party, the Peace and Freedom Party and even the Independents. Should an Independent like Ralph Nader run yet again, votes would be eroded from the Democratic public support body which by default creates a venue for Republican electoral success.
So now we ask: What is good for America? An old war veteran who will probably pass during his first term in office making way for a total nut-job who was part of an Alaskan political group screaming to make Alaska its own country? Or a young and determined senator whose political development and national value creation initiatives will probably be sabotaged by the divisiveness of his own political party?
With a week left in the race for the presidency of the United States, I am confident that the American people will yet again make the right decision. To have elected and re-elected an administration that has plunged the nation into a trillion dollar trade deficit, raised unemployment to a high of 6.1%, abandoned programs that were meant to re-invest into the American public school system and of course created a worldwide economic catastrophe is quite an accomplishment for the folks from the land of the free.

So cast your vote Miss South Carolina 2007 because the betterment of the geopolitical landscape rests in the hands of voters such as yourself. Maybe in a few years time we’ll trouble shoot the need for American school children to be geographically competent because there might not be a world left after all.

By Alister J. Aranha - Dubai
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Comment on this article

  • Prakash Naik, Kundapur / Muscat, Oman

    Tue, Nov 04 2008

    Instead of asking "What is good for America", I think it is important right now to think of "What is good for the World". America needs a leader who should be broad minded and is prepared to listen to other countries than his own country. Finding urgent solution to the current economic crisis should be the first and foremost agenda for the future of America as well as the world. The elected leader's first attempt should be to gain back the lost confidence of other countries' leaders, so that there is a worldwide consenses and co-operation between the leaders of different countries, most importantly the leaders of the Arab world, for the upliftment of the world development. I sincerely hope the next Presdient of America would act as a sensible leader who cares for world peace and prosperity than his own country.

  • Alister J. Aranha, Dubai, UAE

    Tue, Nov 04 2008

    Dear Readers, It was my privilege to have written a satirical piece on the 2008 US Presidential elections that has received so much in terms of knowledge sharing and debate. Your abilities to discuss a variety of social, economic and political issues that reflect our increasingly globalizing environment is of the utmost importance to our cohesive national evolution.

    It is my hope and expectation that you all continue to contribute as rigorously as you have just done in the interests of intellectual stimulation and development. Thanks for reading. Sincerely, Alister J. Aranha

  • A.D'Cunha Shenoy, Mangaluru

    Tue, Nov 04 2008

    American election, by far the most, is the greatest, televison drama of the world. It is not informative politics and not the decisive one. The primay reason is American voters have no clue as to what they vote for. To give an example, they elected, specially after the 911 terror, Bush(dubya) when Iraq war was going on. In fact they voted for the war, an illegal war, and of course to win when there were all signs that America had created a disaster in the world.

    The current election are the biggest showpiece to the world where attacks and reattacks, mockery and thrashing of personalities and comedy at its best. The millions / billions are spent on these elections and Americans want tax savings, as Obama promises contrary to Mccain who does not want wealth distribution and anti-socialistic ideology when 80-90% Americans live on credit cards and considered as rich. Are They?. The outpouring of blacks to vote in this election because of Obama itself an indication that racial politics dominates in America.

    There was even a mention, perhaps a joke of renaming of "White house" as "Black house",( And If the Sarah Palin gets in "Pink House"), official residence of the President, if Obama wins and Obama is considered as black but infact his racial copmposition is 50/50. The McCain on the other hand has no much black support. Is it because of his policiies or colour? So, is this a fair election and decisive one. Certainly not, by my standards. Its a big joke. Americans , are you listening?

  • Christine H. , Massachusetts, USA

    Tue, Nov 04 2008

    As an American who considers herself well versed in US Politics, I have to thank you for this humorous article which truly brings to light the three-ring circus that this presidential election has become. I have to say that I have become tired of the pointless and ridiculous criticisms that are being slung from both parties.

    The scary and true thing is that associating Obama with terrorism, calling Palin a ditzy beauty queen and McCain a war-crazed old guy really sways some voter’s decisions. I wonder when Americans are finally going to stand up, ask the questions that truly matter and demand straight answers from their candidates? Something I think we can all agree was not attained from any of the debates.

    Mr. Lewis previously stated that 47-53% of Americans turn out for national elections which may sound impressive but I ask of those visiting the poles tomorrow how many actually know the economic plans of the candidate they are voting for or how he really plans to deal with the current health care crisis? How many have actually done the research, watched the debates and proactively sifted through the mumbo jumbo garbage being thrown at them in the media to form an educated opinion on their candidate?

    It is quite frightening to me that our next president may be chosen by clueless voters who base their decision on what they read in People Magazine and watch on Extra and Jon Stewart’s Daily Show. Until more Americans begin taking their power as voters more seriously, we are in jeopardy of further damaging the prestige and power that Americans before us have sacrificed so much to achieve.

  • Wilfred J. Lewis, Matpady-Brahmavar/ Manhattan-new York USA

    Mon, Nov 03 2008

    Knowing US politics quite closely since 1970's, I believe that, this is a terrible article on US elections. As per my observations, there isnt a strong rivalry to the elected office in the US. The voting citizens believe that their system works fine and there are isnt major things to fix at the national level. That is why the average voting is 47% to 53% in national elections.

    Mr. Jindal's parents immigrated from Punjab, India just 30 years ago & Mr. Jindal is elected as Governer of the State of Louisiana, a Republican. Ask population of Lousiana they have elected a Republican who happens to be of punjabi ancestory. Of the total population in the State of Louisiana, less than 1% are Indians.

     It is likely that Mr. Jindal will try to seek Republican party presidential nomination in coming years. Typical of any democratic systems, the US system has three branches: Executive, Legislative and Judicial. The legislative branch the Congress decides the goverment spending of US (not the President ).

    The Democrats had both houses of Congress for more than 55 years out of the last 70 years. The powerful judicial system is the final, but perfect verdict and every one listens to their judicial system. For instance, after the Supreme court awarded the Florida state elections to present President the independent and political party affliated organizations counted every vote casted in the election in Florida and Bush really was the winner. Suprteme court verdict was correct. Usually the members of Congres vote with the elected president. Senators Mccain (Republican), Obama and Hillary Clinton (both democrats) had voted for war in Iraq.

    Even though Democrats were majority, Democrat President Clinton did not get his first budget and the vice president Al Gore broke the tie in favour of the President. Once the legislators are elected they carry out national agenda keeping party agenda as secondary. Unless instructed by the party whip the elected legislators exercise their vote quite independently as per their majority of the constituents wish so that they get reelected easily. This years primaries initially saw around 7-10 candidates in each party, and more of them are US senators. Many moderate Americans of European origin (Alister called them Whites) see lot of things common in your so called Black young Candidate. Obama's father is of Kenya and after having Obama went back ot his country and married again leaving little obama with his mother who is of European origin, and he was raised by mother,grand mother as Christian. Therefore it is rude to call Obama as black because he has african tan.

    Why ignore his mothers efforts of raising him to be at top?. Moreover as per my knowledge children of different races on US government papers are called "others" to keep the family united for these type of instances. Alister Aranha should read Obama's fathers day speech on June last week of 2008, after he got his part

  • Victor Miranda, Chicago. Illinois

    Mon, Nov 03 2008

    I just do not get any difference between John McCain's negative campaign (as the author Alister J. Aranha asserts) and his own negative opinion voiced in this article. If we have to choose a president with extensive war experience in mind and skills, the current war will continue forever. Will there be peace on earth? Is this future you forecast for America? And I think, linking Obama to "Osama" or "Terrorist" is plain wrong, an abuse of good name of a person. It seems to me that your opionion is based on the resources of negative campaigning of John McCain and hearsay. Rebuilding of America will take time and people of America will choose a right person, bright vision and a great statesman with love and peace in heart. God bless America.

  • Alison Aranha, Dubai and Chicago, Illinois-USA

    Sun, Nov 02 2008

    This is by far one of your greatest satirical pieces so far! Great job on it!It really made me laugh and brightened up my day!!

  • Max & Jessie Rasquinha, Mangalore/Houston, Tx

    Sun, Nov 02 2008

    The 2008 election in America will be a historic landmark for this great nation, a Super Power of the world. The large scale unusual voting turn out, specially from the younger generation, is a clear testimony that people of this country need and deserve a change in leadership - leadership that will pave way for changes in so many day to day needs of the common people. This is indeed a God blessed country and therefore deserves a great leader that will bring a new hope to the people of this world. Regardless of the outcome of the election on Tuesday, November 4, 2008, the Candidates have spent over a billion dollars for the election campaign as a direct support from the people who want a new pathway of progress not only in this great nation, but also throughout the progressive world.

  • Augustine Daniel D'Souza, Udupi/Vasai Virar/STATE OF KUWAIT

    Sun, Nov 02 2008


  • Abdulla Madumoole, Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Sun, Nov 02 2008

    I do not agree with Alister’s comment that “I am confident that the American people will yet again make the right decision”. If American’s had made a right decision eight years back, probably the impact of the current crisis would have been much lesser. The basic requirement for development is an effective leader. Right now America lacks this.

    During his last two tenures, Bush concentrated only on wars and completely neglected economy. By effective leader I don’t mean he should be knowledgeable in everything but he should be shrewd enough to put right people in right place. The economic policies of Alan Greenspan, ex Fed Chairman is completely a failure as accepted by Greenspan himself recently. His free market policies did not improve the fundamentals but on the one end, made consumers overspend and put themselves in a debt trap and on the other end banks lent left and right , ultimately they had keep the bad debts out of balance sheet to give a rosy picture to the public. Now the government is trying to bailout the banks from collapse but what about the consumers-the people of America? Who will bail them out? The leadership should think of some bail out plan for the people, may be they to take a cue from the Indian agricultural loan waiver. Look at the trio who have been given the charge of finding a solution to the current crisis –

    1)Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson

    2) Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and

    3) FDIC Chairperson Sheila Bair. All are cases of wrong people in wrong places at the wrong time, all were instrumental in loosening the financial regulations. Now Obama has promised to bring in tighter financial regulations if voted to power. The need of the hour is to keep a low inflation by regulating money supply. If at all there is a hope for America and the world, that is certainly Obama and not McCain. While McCain is very uncharismatic and aged, Sarah Palin is only a fancy stuff. McCain will have to concentrate more on maintaining his health rather than improving the financial health of the nation. I hope all American’s will be wise enough to take a chance with Obama.

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