Photo Feature : Mangalore Then and Now...

Jul 23, 2009

Mangaloreans have always felt proud of their ancient past. Mangalore , a small, homely town over a hundred years ago, slowly grew into what it is now, a glorious city. But like any other city, Mangalore also had its humble beginnings.  It is not always that we get a chance to go back into the past and savor the great old days.

Daijiworld senior correspondent of Sharjah UAE, searched the archives and pulled out old pictures of Mangalore landmarks.  Presently on a brief visit to the city, he went around Mangalore and clicked pictures of different places of interest  from the same spot that our ancestors did , some of them almost 80 years ago.

Daijiworld brings to you some dramatic pictures that compare our ancient past with the modern Mangalore. Sit back and watch the ancient world through the  Agfa  Black & White to the modern digital world.

Some of the old pics courtesy : Mangalore Blogspot

Hampankatte : 1950 - 2009

Light House 1939 - 2009

Bunder Port 1942 - 2009

Sultan Butteri 1930 - 2009

Railway Station Front view

Railway Station Side View

Railway Station Far End

St Paul's at Nehru Maidan 1930 - 2009

Taj Mahal Hotel

Ullal Bridge 1920 - 2009

Balmata Church (CSI) 1939 - 2009

Idga Mosque at Light House Hill

Kadri Temple

Kulur River Crossing 1930 and Kulur Bridge 2009

Balmata Mission Compound

Rosario Cathedral 1930 - 2009

Naveen Frank - Archives:

by Naveen Frank - Sharjah
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Comment on this article

  • charles lobo, Bejai, mangalore

    Wed, Jun 01 2022

    Can someone help me to get a photo/picture of the old Mama Mia restaurant building in Bejai (KSRTC-Bejai church circle road) which is now demolished for constructing a Business park. This was near the house of Mr. J M Rebello, Prof. in St. Aloysius college.

  • Roshan Braganza, Mumbai

    Fri, Sep 19 2014

    wow ...fantastic work. I have a archives of old photos of basel mission. I really wanted to visit those places and feel the ' time travel '. You made my Job easy.....thanx

  • dr.brian soans, mangalore

    Sun, Jul 28 2013

    Dear Naveen a great appreciation for your efforts.
    Mangalore has changed forever.
    Remembering the past and AGFA B/W is a good feel.
    Dr.Brian soans
    From one of the Oldest Mangalorean Family of E.B.Soans.

  • supreeth shetty, kumpala mangalore

    Mon, May 13 2013

    great collection mind blowing naveen thanks a lot for giving picturesque view of mangalore then & now

  • jagdish nayak, hampankatta/mumbai

    Tue, Jan 19 2010

    Navi, good work ineed to know about hampankatta gave back my memories.god bless. i was having a house opp tajmahal railway station road. Now turned to a hospital-we lost it

  • Riyaz ahmed .U, ullal

    Thu, Sep 03 2009

    I really proud of you,great job it was my dream you made real. thanks

  • Prasad, Karwar/Doha

    Mon, Aug 10 2009

    Great Job, Well Done, keep it up

  • Shridhar Taranath, Mangalore/U.S.A.

    Tue, Aug 04 2009

    Congratulations Naveen for providing nostalgic memories for someone who has seen some of the old landmarks.

  • mohan bhat, Samruddhi, Mahamaya Temple Road, Field Street,Mangalore

    Tue, Aug 04 2009

    Superb collection of photos.Born and brought up in Mangalore, the photos just took me down the memory lane.I also remember the the vehicles of yesteryears like the landmaster & Ambassador cars, CPC Dodge Buses,Horse driven carts etc.

  • Vishwas, Mangalore / Jordan

    Mon, Aug 03 2009

    Ohhh Thats really great to see old picture of Mangalore and you have done top job Mr Naveen thank u..

  • richard, mangalore

    Mon, Aug 03 2009

    Very nice collection,some people who did see old kudla will be very happy to see this..

  • Ranjith, Mangalore/Dubai

    Sun, Aug 02 2009

    Wonderful collection of pictures..

  • sanu, mangalore west africa ghana

    Sat, Aug 01 2009

    Good collection. Its nice to see our kulda in olden times

  • Nouheen , Mangalore

    Fri, Jul 31 2009

    Superb collections...

  • John Concesso, Permude / Muscat

    Fri, Jul 31 2009

    Good work Naveen Frank...keep it up. It was good to see the pictures of the past and present Mangalore.

  • Ransom Jude Saldanha, Mangalore

    Fri, Jul 31 2009

    Good one Naveen, your unique collection deserves appreciation. You have depicted the crippling growth phase of Mangalore specially locations like Hampankatta. Our District Commissior needs to have a birds view on the performance of Mangalore Urban Development Authority. Wonder where the taxes collected for all these years have gone.

  • Yashwanth, M''Lore

    Thu, Jul 30 2009

    Good to see old n New M''lore.

  • Rammohan, Puttur

    Thu, Jul 30 2009

    Thanks a lot for giving picturesque view of Mangalore then and now. Some photos show that Mangalore is now more greener than it was then.


    Thu, Jul 30 2009

    Excellnt,keep it was a great pleasure to view the past & preasent of Mangalore.Thank you Naveen for showing such great pics

  • Glen william dsouza, Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 30 2009

    Naveen that is really great.. It is tough to collect the past pics and compare them with the present...These are classics which each and every Manglorean would be proud off .

  • Lancy Fernandes, Jeppu/Pune

    Wed, Jul 29 2009

    Good classic snaps. thanks for those images. M lore has not only developed technologically but also socially and ethically.


    Wed, Jul 29 2009


  • dennis d''souza, M''lore/ Bombay

    Tue, Jul 28 2009

    A wonderful idea to compare and bring back the old, Naveen has gone deep into memory lane to bring back sweet nostalgia.


    Tue, Jul 28 2009

    Good one Naveen keep it up. but you mean to say our Kudla not changed much ya?

  • sujith polali, polali KSA

    Tue, Jul 28 2009

    Magalore really a wonderful place on earth > Thanks a lot for these photos

  • Reema D''Souza, Mangalore/Kuwait

    Mon, Jul 27 2009

    Great Job Naveen, really nice to see how Mangalore has grown into a full-fedged prominent costal city and at the same time still has old structures intact along with modern buildings.

  • Sunil D''Souza, Mangalore / Delhi

    Mon, Jul 27 2009

    I simply love my home town Mangalore so much, Nice photographs , thanks

  • Ronald Peter Almeida, Brahmavar

    Mon, Jul 27 2009

    A good job of documentation. Shows how much better M''lore was than it is today. Not much to be proud of.

  • Shabbir, Sakleshpur/Dubai

    Mon, Jul 27 2009

    Excellent Collections....

  • arshad, mangalore/kuwait

    Mon, Jul 27 2009

    Wow  What a  great job Mr. Naveen . Thanks a lot for showng us old Mangalore . I hopeyou will keep showing us some more photos of Mangalore.

  • sathish, puttur

    Sun, Jul 26 2009

    Good nice photos


    Sun, Jul 26 2009

    Thanks for the great photo gallery.The images from the past made me proud of our legacy and the present snaps gave a snapshot of how our city is blooming into a beautiful metro.

  • Neil, Dubai

    Sun, Jul 26 2009

    Fantastic work Mr.Naveen. I  am expecting many more photographs like these.Thankyou

  • Abubaker Pallipadi, Addoor / Riyadh

    Sun, Jul 26 2009

    Wah....What a beautiful Mangalore.... Mera Mangalore Mahan!!!!

  • Prasanna Sherigar, Mangalore/Kuwait

    Sun, Jul 26 2009

    Thank you very much Mr.Naveen, I am very happy and very eager to see if more pics can be got...Keep up your splendid work.

  • Dexter Britto, Auckland, New Zealand

    Sun, Jul 26 2009

    Dear Naveen, Thanks for putting up the lovely photo comparison of the places in Mangalore - past vs present. The best I liked was the photo of Old Mission Compound. You will not have such a place again within a city, which took you away from the hustle bustle of the city. I will remember forever the humming of the casuarinas as you walked past them. Another such place would be the collectors bungalow in Balmatta and also the Kadri Hills Circuit House. Regards Dexter

  • mahesh, dubai/manglore

    Sun, Jul 26 2009

    Realy great job and good collections.

  • patrick braggs, bejai, mangalore

    Sat, Jul 25 2009

    Great job Naveen.thanks for the wonderful insight.The moot point here is,though mangalore has developed by leaps and bounds,sadly not the railway station nor the ullal bridge nor the old mangalore port all of which are of prime importance to mangalore today.

  • Abner D''Souza, Mangalore

    Sat, Jul 25 2009

    EXCELLENTT job .... the new images are clicked right on the same spot as the old ones !


    Sat, Jul 25 2009

    nice collection keep it up.

  • dennis d''souza, Bombay/ M''lore

    Sat, Jul 25 2009

    Mangalore in all it''s glory and splendour,has been captured in pictures, one cannot keep thinking and reminiscening of the days gone by, good job Naveen,Mangalore today is a lost paradise, those days will never be the same again.

  • tony dsilva, bendoor/new york

    Sat, Jul 25 2009

    Great Photoshop job! I still prefer Mangalore during the old days. I guess another 50yrs we will just see more leaves on the trees .Development would be zero.

  • Afthab, mangalore

    Sat, Jul 25 2009

    Great Job....Keep It Up..

  • Nasir Hussain, SHIRVA / UDUPI

    Sat, Jul 25 2009

    Thanks for your Daimond collections carry on same. Pls arrange to display the photos of Udupi Taluk and Udupi Dist.(Udupi Taluk Past and Udupi Dist present)

  • VRAJ, Udupi/Abudhabi

    Sat, Jul 25 2009

    Great, How it was then and how it is now - Great Job.

  • Ronnie, Kadri/Qatar

    Sat, Jul 25 2009

    Wow..great job.. it brought my old memories back and made me bit emotional... thank you Naveen

  • Mohan H Naik, Mangaluru

    Sat, Jul 25 2009

    Naveen it is simply superb. I just started thinking, how mangaluru may look during year 3000.

  • Basheer Ahmed, Mangalore

    Sat, Jul 25 2009

    I didnt find much means mangalore is not yet developed....

  • UmmerkunhiMK Perinje, Perinje/Dubai

    Sat, Jul 25 2009


  • siddarth, mangalore

    Sat, Jul 25 2009

    wish we could get some more pics like that of the Clock tower in hampan katta etc , does any one remember !!!

  • nelson, valencia/kuwait

    Sat, Jul 25 2009

    It is not that mangalore is more greener now than before. The difference is between B&W and colored photos and also that the new ones are of a rainy season. The Taj mahal, the St pauls church at Nehru Maidan, the Balmatta church, the Rosario church and Ullal bridge have still retained their original looks.

  • kapil kumar , padubidri

    Sat, Jul 25 2009

    good pics ....

  • Nelson Monteiro, Mangalore

    Sat, Jul 25 2009

    Hi Naveen, good collection You got. Change in Mlore is only the colour photos. Thats it namma kudla changed. try to upload more collections.Hats off to you Naveen!

  • vimala frank, mangalore

    Sat, Jul 25 2009


  • S.M. Nawaz Kukkikatte, udupi

    Sat, Jul 25 2009

    Beautiful Collections, thanks to Mr Naveen

  • shreesha, mangalore/hyderabad

    Sat, Jul 25 2009

    Wonderful collections Naveen... its really nice to know how mangalore was in  the past days...

  • Pradeep Shenoy, Mangalore/San Francisco

    Fri, Jul 24 2009

    Great...old and new shots of Mangalore landmarks. Would love to see some more of these. So nostalgic!!

  • susanna carlo, bantwal/israel

    Fri, Jul 24 2009

    beautiful & woderful pictures....

  • Shridhara Achar, Puttur/ Bangalore

    Fri, Jul 24 2009

    Mangalore, then and now is a remarkable photo feacture. Some of the land marks have changed but some have retained their old charm. Naveen has done a remarkable job.Whatever the change Mangalore is dear to heart to all Mangaloreans.

  • Praveen, mangalore

    Fri, Jul 24 2009

    its good one....thanks Naveen

  • umesh anethrekere, dubai

    Fri, Jul 24 2009

    excellent pictures,thank you for the collection

  • Girish Salian , Aimbalody/Muscat

    Fri, Jul 24 2009


  • Mohd Shareef, Puttur/Riyadh

    Fri, Jul 24 2009

    Mind blowing collections . Very nice

  • B.G.MOHANDAS , Udupi / Dubai

    Fri, Jul 24 2009

    Amidst all these improvements, a historic monument which tells a chapter of our ancient History -Sultan Butteri (1930 - 2009) remains the same. (May be even damaged if one can take a closer look.) Is this the way to protect a historic national monument?. From Municipal office to Corporation!...Election after Election.. Sultan Butteri has been ignored and neglected. What a tragedy !


  • Fernandes Francis , Mangalore

    Fri, Jul 24 2009

    Dear Naveen, Great work & fantastic photos to recollect the memories of the land we grew in. I am from Mangalore - Milagres parish . Hampankatta is the place from were I used to walk from Milagres High School to my house. Thupa dosa & tea special of TAJ MAHAL with this photos brings back the old memories.


    Fri, Jul 24 2009

    It''s wonderful to see Mangalore now & then,nice collections to keep in memories, well done Naveen

  • Bernadine/Frank/Macedo, Mangalore/Melbourne

    Fri, Jul 24 2009

    Dear Naveen,Beautiful just amazing.

  • dona d souza , saudi/jeppu

    Fri, Jul 24 2009

    what a beauty.thanks naveen.realy you are great.

  • Roland Lasrado, Goa

    Fri, Jul 24 2009

    Rosario Cathedral and Shanthi church Balmatta have retained their original look. All who love History should thank them for not succumbing to the pressure of concretisation in the name of renovation and preserving out heritage(Anybody remember how old and beautiful was Urva Church?)

  • sumanth, Mangalore

    Fri, Jul 24 2009

    amazing colletions....Sweet memories

  • Mohan Frank, Mangalore/Mumbai

    Fri, Jul 24 2009

    Dear Naveen, Wonderful comparison between past and the present with excellent photographs.Keep it up!

  • sonia, Mangalore

    Fri, Jul 24 2009

    great collection...........nice work

  • Simon Francis Lasrado, Bangalore

    Fri, Jul 24 2009

    Lovely collections dear Naveen Frank.Now we can see how Mangalore was and how it has been developed

  • M Hussain, Mangalore / UAE

    Fri, Jul 24 2009

    Its great.....Mangalore Looks GREENER than before.

  • B.Ravindra Kamath, mangalore

    Fri, Jul 24 2009

    Thank you daiji for bringing out rare photo collections.

  • Rajesh Sequeira, kulshekar, Dubai

    Fri, Jul 24 2009

    Mangalore still remains the same for me. Like many have commented only the camera is changed. Kudoos to Naveen for  bringing some of the old memories back.

  • Udaya Kumar Kayyar, Abudabi/Pandeswara/M''lore

    Fri, Jul 24 2009

    Dear Naveen, Excellent to see our old Mangalore and comparative photos of today.Very Nice & mangaloreans r Great People.Beautiful and wonderful job.

  • Ashok J Lobo, belthangady/Mangalore

    Fri, Jul 24 2009

    Nothing special in this because during taken of 1930 photos are black& white and 2009 photos are colour . But I appreciate  Mr Naveen Frank's efforts in collecting the old photos and comparing them to the present. Keep it up

  • Vijay, Bangalore

    Fri, Jul 24 2009

    Naveen, I appreciate your effort in collecting these photographs and publishing it. Great work from you as these photographs are rare to find. Thanks.

  • abubakar uk, ubar/abudhabi

    Fri, Jul 24 2009

    wow! excellent job done by Mr.Naveen.appreciate your commendable effort. as commented by many of the readers, II too felt the same way that the main difference between the old and present pics are about colours only instead developments.i wonder how come our kudla still remained undeveloped if compared to the other city/towns!

  • Rev. Dr. Vijaya Kumar, Mangalore/USA

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    I congratulate the author for his thought of bringing the history of Mangalore to our generation. I wish that God would continue to help him  use his talents and wisdom widely in this arena .

  • John Pereira, Ghatkopar, Mumbai/Virginia,USA

    Fri, Jul 24 2009

    Congrats! Naveen Frank for your commendable efforts for showing us the glimpses of a few landmarks of Mangalore- then and now. I wish you could have also shown a Map of Mangalore and marking the spots of the landmarks identified by you so that it could be more informative, particularly for those who are not familiar with the topography of Mangalore. Also, I feel you could show us some pictures of recent developments at some key spots such as Highway/new roads, Bajpe airport area, Vamanjoor Engineering College area, Kadri Park/Nanthoor,Bendore, Bejai, Urwa Stores area, Kodialbail area and so on. May be you can expand your Mangalore vision into another story, considering the new developments vis-a-vis the olden Mangalore scenario.

  • Mohan Prabhu, mangalore/ottawa

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    Fantastic. Brings back old memories of the years I lived in my native town (in the 30''s and mid-40''s) before moving to Mumbai at 16 and thence to the West at 30. I can easily compare the pictures - pity we didn''t have colors then - but some of the old pictures if taken in color are not that far different from what they are now (excluding a few, such as the Kulur river bridge - I used to cross the river on boat to go to the other side in the early 40''s with my father. I can relate all this now because in the last fifteen years I have visited Mangalore every year. It is however a great job.

  • raj, mangalore

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    Comparating these photos mangalore was a big city in olden days also.(Balmata Mission Compound is much in good shape in old photo than now)

  • vittal shetty, mangalore/abudhabi

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    mind blowing.naveen hats off to more comparitive glory of many prominent places of st.aloysius,milgres,miraskar,highways,new townships,shopping malls etc.thanq very much,but keep moving.good luck.

  • Max & Jessie Rasquinha, Mangalore/Houston, Tx

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    Great job of displaying Mangalore then and now thru photos. Creative work that helps us to recollect our past. Its nice to forward the pictures to so many of our American and Canadian friends so that we can encourage them to visit Mangalore some time during their life and our life. Mangalore is certainly much prettier than what is portrayed in the pictures. Our green paddy fields and farm lands need be promoted. The people of Mangalore, our smiling features, our costumes, our youth in the schools, colleges and Universities, our sea port, our refineries, our cottage industries - all of these will bring multitudes of new awakenings of Mangalore then and Mangalore now. Our target audience for Mangalore should be people outside Mangalore and outside India so that we can promote travel and tourism and bring more economic growth to Mangalore so that our educated youth - men and women - can develop their own prospective livelihood in their own backyard.

  • Kareem Kalmata, Bandiyod/Riyadh

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    Excellent photo collections !! great job ! but when I look at the development side of mangalore only the difference I can see is old photos are in B&W and new ones are in colours!! that shows how much our kudla developed !!

  • Canute, Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    Great collection, I was just stepped back before I was born. I just imagine how it was 100 back! Is some one having the collection?

  • Ashok Frank, Mangalore / Canada

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    Thank you Naveen/Daijiworld for the efforts taken in providing information and pictures of past and present city of Mangalore.

  • Prakash kumar dsouzaa, Arkula/Israel

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    A very nice,snaps naveen frank

  • Lesly , Chennai/Udyavar

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    Good work Mr. Naveen Frank , You have demostrated the Phrase " Pictures speak more than Words", great work.

  • vishwa, mangalore\usa

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    Can any one tell me the first photo(old one) is hamppankatta circle or wenlock(in-patient) hospital near Ideal ice cream. a junction between tower clock and hampankatta junction

  • saleem GH,Amchinadka, Puttur/Abu Dhabi

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    Wow!!Great Collection from Naveen Frank..keep it up.

  • parvez, mangalore

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    hi naveen very nice pictures keep it up bring more pictures. In future cover udupi also if possible

  • Dr. Anand T Pereira and Geeta, Sakleshpur

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    Dear Naveen, Thank you for recreating the past. You have done a difficult job and have provided a window of opportunity to the rest of the world to view Mangalore.However, one clear cut distinction that we would like to make is that the early planners had a sense of purpose and a clear vision.

  • M Basheer., Al Khobar

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    Thank you Naveen Frank, I collected all of the old and new photos... But where is the  clock tower which stood near the Govt. college?  When was it demolished ?

  • Ashraf, Krishnapura / dammam

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    Waaaw nice collections, but nothing much changes except B/w & color.

  • Joseph Fernandes, Mangalore/Qatar

    Fri, Jul 24 2009

    Nice to see old pictures of Mangalore and the new.Good job Naveen.

  • Kiran D''Souza, Mangalore/ Bangalore

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    Lovely pictures. It looks Great!

  • Babanna, Belman

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    Really nice one!!! It is clear from all pics that we still doing white wash on old memorials, Holy/Important places. Being port city with all added advantages government should think of developing city to be regarded as international venue.


  • Denzil Fernandes, Dubai

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    Wow Mangalore ! When I saw the fantastic photos of my Mangaluru they brought back instant memories of my childhood. When you went all the way to Central Maidan as it was called then you could pass through almost every prominent spot. Be it the Komal''s sweets stall, the wenlock hospital, Taj Mahal hotel, Central talkies, and the fish market which used to get re located again and again. On the other side we had the Roopavani and Ramakanthi talkies and the crowded car street. And if you went back to Kadri via Jyoti you could see the lovely Balmatta areas and the posh houses down there. Near the Kadri temple we invariably gathered to see the ''pili vesha'' and the marnami fun which was an annual fixture. In fact, near mallikatte in one of the buildings I have even been to watch the tigers being painted during the marnami season. What an excitement it was ! The entire place was full of fun and excitement with total harmony all over. Great work by Naveen Frank. Well done. Nostalgic !

  • Santhosh, Kateel

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    Good collection, just difference is color and B/W

  • Jaya, Mangalore/Mumbai

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    Very good work. Gives me memories of the past. Jaya

  • Habeeb Thumbe, Dubai

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    Mr Naveen really great photos. Well done and thank you very much . Keep it up

  • kruthi, mangalore/mescom

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    Wow nice pictures. We can see the old Mangalore comapred with the new.

  • Ashok, Manhgalore

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    Dear Naveen It is great work to collect such old pictureS. Unfortunatly i can see only difference was that, then it was black and white and now it is in colur. Not much changes in Mangalore city. All roads are the same, maybe worst.

  • LAWRENCE D''SOUZA, Miyar /Sharjah

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    Dear Frank, Thank you very much for the nice Agfa B&W & latest digital photos was Fantastic .keep it up great job. Good luck

  • Francis Lobo, Bejai,Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    Good work Naveen.But I don''t see much difference between the old photographs and new. Mangalore has remained same in the photos.You want to see real development you should see the area around Bejai and Bendore and may be National Highway.The beautiful paddy fields have given way to concrete structures.Coconut trees which we see in the photographs,have become scarce.Beautiful footpaths have become concrete roads. If it rains there is no proper drainage system- which was very good previously.The temperatures during Apr- May are terrible, and people dread to visit Mangalore during these periods.We are loosing our city and its weather ,which we loved and lived for so many years.

  • RONALD GOMES, Kadri, Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    Excellent to see our old Mangalore and comparative photos of today.Hats off to you Naveen.How come you missed St.Aloysius College?

  • Praveen, Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    Beautifull and wonderful job ! keep it up frank and daiji.

  • nasif, Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    Nice pictures, both old and new.

  • Francis Dcunha, Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    Good Pictures. Nothing much has changed in 70 years.

  • Antony Crasta, Mangalore/Sydney-Australia

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    Nothing has changed much except the black-and-white and coloured photography, as rightly commented by Jeevan Tauro. Balmatta Church and Rosario Cathedral look great! Perhaps, Naveen could have given some coverage to the umpteen number of multi-storied Residential and Commercial Buildings and Complexes that have come up in the recent years in and around Mangalore, specially in suburbs like Kadri, Mallikatta, Bendore, Balmatta/Jyothi, Bunts Hostel, Kankanady, Jeppu, Valencia, Bejai, Urwa, Kodialbail etc. May be a separate story for another day!

  • Kumar Fernandes, Mudarangadi/ Dubai

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    Dear Naveen,Good old collection and comparison.

  • Royston, Mangalore/Bangalore

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    Brilliant!! Just Brilliant!! Great pics..

  • vincent, mangalore

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    good work. old pectures r looks better then now .thanks daiji

  • Mohammed Ibrahim, Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    Mr.Naveen Frank, thank u very much for Your research. good one

  • Premus, Mangalore / Dubai

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    Excellent work...Keep it up...

  • Praveen, manipal/kuwait

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    its really good photos to compare and to remember our old memeories. thanks to naveen frank for providing valuable news.

  • Noreen D Mello, Mumbai / Kuwait

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    Thankyou very much Daiji & Naveen, I was waiting to see these pics of Managlore my eary days i had seen and now a big differenc whenever i visited Managlore it was like searching for old Mangalore if you have some more pics please post it.


    Thu, Jul 23 2009


  • Adeeb, mangalore/Ksa

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    Thx daiji for showing the youth how beautiful mangalore was, mangalore is and we should keep mangalore as it is...coz the beauty lies in its purity ..and mangalore is lets not change about mangalore, we dont have to follow other cultures, we r mangaloreans and we should b like mangaloreans, we r kind hearted, soft spoken , with the good intention of helping others, so lets remain that way..and show the world what we are...

  • Savun, Kadri / Thane

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    Dear Frank, Absolutely GREAT!!! it makes you feel so nice to see Mangalore in thos days and now. Even today Mangalore is Man Galore place to be in.. Thanks a million!!

  • Deepak, Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    HI amazing, its vy diff to get the rare pic''s. Good work.

  • Vincy Pinto, Angelore/Dubai

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    Really amaze to see the picture. Thanks Daiji & Frank, you took a time and match the old wine in new bottle.

  • riaz, udupi/saudi

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    really there is not much changes...may be after 100 years we can see more big changes in mangalore...(OLD PIC of Balmata Mission Compound looks much better than now..)

  • Raidon, Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    photos look greak . the old n new photos almost look similar . but it was very refreshing to have a glance at them . thanks daiji

  • sakshi, mangalore

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    wow realy amazing picture. god work, It remembers our olden days.I like it so much.................

  • Altaf Mohammad, Ullal/KSA

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    Nice Pics.. Mangalore then and now looks the same.. what happened in 50 years... only we were able change the camera??? Anyways kudos to Mr. Frank for the effort.

  • sathish, kudla

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    superb collections Naveen Frank....i was just thinking about our beautiful mangalore a few months back, when i got some of the calcutta olden days pics via email...

  • John Tauro, Mangalore / Kuwait

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    The pictures took me back to my childhood days when travelling to the city on rare occasions all the way from Bala village used to be a picnic. Indeed refreshed my memories of those golden days.

  • Jeevan Tauro, Bejai Kapikad/Vancouver, Canada

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    Nice pictures. Personally, I did not find any changes in the old and present day photographs except black & white and color.

  • Borewell Puttaka, Laxminagar Uppinangady

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    what a amazing?Rare pictures,Huge changes,Great feelings.Saare Jahaan Se Accha Mangalore Hamaara...thank you very much daiji & Naveen Frank

  • Wilma, Mangalore/Dubai

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    Good pictures, Thanks Daijee for publishing nice pictures

  • Dexter, UAE

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    Awesome....but i feel the pictures and the places looked far better during the good old days.

  • K L Shenoy, mangalore

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    Some of the recent articles, including this showcase top class journalism ability of daijiworld. Really good work

  • M.Bhat, Mumbai

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    I am nostalgic after seeing these pictures. Thanks Mr.Naveen Frank.

  • Thomas Dsouza, Gorigudda/Israel

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    Wow!!Great Collection from Naveen Frank..keep it up.

  • ANIL RODRIGUES, udupi/dubai

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    Wow nice pictures indeed,but i cannot see anything change except Hampankatta the old, same mangalore only it looks colourfull bcoz of paint afterall mangalore city is one among the best city in India. Long live mangaloreans lets save our culture,humminity,our Language our friendship

  • Lloyd Dsouza, Dubai

    Thu, Jul 23 2009

    Thanks to daijiworld for that old photos of mangalore & You rememred me my childhood, I really miss mangalore.

  • Walter Vincent Dsouza, Moodbidri, Doha, Qatar

    Wed, Jul 22 2009

    Nice to see some of the early beginnings of Mangalore City. Very nostalgic photographs.You will be able to get more pictures and records from the St.Aloysius archives. Perhaps more people can come out to contribute to this collection of old & new photographs of our beloved city and the surronding areas in South Kanara. I already have a book based on the temples, churches, mosques of South Kanara which I can share with interested people.

  • Errol Sequeira, Mangalore/Bendore/Doha

    Wed, Jul 22 2009

    Dear Naveen Frank, This is just awesome, I have never seen pictures like this before, well done and thank you, Our Great Mangalore.

  • Joel, Mangalore

    Wed, Jul 22 2009

    GREAT WORK...... Thank you for making us re - live our memory to Childhood... exceptional.

  • majeed, Brahmavar/dubai

    Wed, Jul 22 2009

    ThanQ Daiji Really Good Collections It remembers to our olden days

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