Fat to Fit: How Actor Sonakshi Sinha Shed 30 kg...

Mar 7, 2011

Celebrities in the tinsel town are known to be fitness freaks, and especially where the fairer sex is concerned, the freakishness can go to extreme levels of stringent, and sometimes strange, dietary regimens, exhausting exercise schedules and even cosmetic surgeries.

Sonakshi Sinha, daughter of yesteryear matinee idol Shatrugan Sinha, and herself a star in the making after the recent success in her debut blockbuster Dabangg opposite Salman Khan, has an amazing story to tell of how, from being a rolly-polly couch potato who survived on junk food, she went on to lose 30 kilos to become a svelte, slim and trim bollywood sensation. 

The journey was literally a pitched battle between Sonakshi and the weighing scale. Pampered in her growing years as any star daughter would be, Sonakshi was a foodie who hated going to the gym, was least bothered about her expanding waisteline and even less about the constant reminders from her mom to take care of her shape and dad who was concerned about her health.

So how and when did it all change? Recalls Sonakshi, "I loved my sedentary lifestyle, I loved my food and made every possible excuse to not exercise. Then suddenly, I found my mom had stopped nagging me completely. While it felt great initially, I gradually found something missing. My conscience started pricking me. This was around the same time when I was finishing my fashion designing course."

At the recently held Star Screen Awards where she won the best debutant (female) award for her role in Dabangg, she specially thanked Salman Khan for playing a crucial part in her success, and not without reason. Nor was it only for coaxing her to sign up for the movie. Incidentally, it was Salman who asked her to lose weight and give a serious thought to join the bollywood bandwagon. Well, if you were fitness freak like Salman, it wouldn't be easy to keep quiet about a young and beautiful lady weighing 90 kilos!

From 90 to 60 Kilos, in two years!

As Sonakshi herself admits, it wasn't an easy task to shed 30 kilos in a matter of a couple of years. It took immense dedication, determination and will power to follow a fitness regimen and a diet planned by her physical trainer. What the plan needed the most was some factor that would keep her motivated.

Her weight-loss campaign began with a combination of weight training, cardio and spinning exercises, together with squats and abdominal crunches. "The initial days were extremely difficult. My body would ache so much so that I would have difficulties waking up in the morning," says Sonakshi.  

But a rock-solid determination to say 'Khamosh!' (daddy style) to her detractors and all those who commented on her chubbiness led her to continue her mission. She worked out for about two hours twice a day and lo, within a month she discovered that she had actually lost three to four kilos. It was a great boost to her confidence and all of a sudden, losing weight turned out to be an exciting challenge.

The thrill of not only shedding excess fat but also staying fit got to her and soon exercising regularly became a part and parcel of her life. " The weighing machine was my best friend. I loved keeping track of how much I lost each day. And even a 500 gm weight gain would get me worried and make me put in more effort," she says.

But it wasn't just sweating it out at the gym that did the trick for Sonakshi. Eating right was as important, and as difficult, given her love for junk food. She admits that like most others, she too went on and off on crash diets, only to gain more weight. However, once she seriously embarked on her mission, she cut down on junk food completely, which wasn't easy, reduced intake of carbohydrates and consumed healthy fats.

She was on a high protein and low carbohydrate diet, and to make it easier for her, she was allowed to have one favourite dish as long as it was within limits. It then became such a routine that she no more had cravings for junk food, turning her into a conscious eater. Even if she does let her hair down once in a while now, she makes sure that she makes up for it by spending extra time in the gym.

Fitness is forever

Sonakshi's feat in itself is marvellous, but the glamour queen is not the one to rest. Fitness regime has become an innate part of her life now, and moreover, she is prone to add on weight easily. She, therefore, ensures a regular workout to keep her perfect.

Her present fitness programme includes small meals taken every three hours to maintain her bubbling energy level, and hot yoga - that is, yoga performed in a steamed room - to tone her body. In fact, she prefers yoga to aerobics and stays fit even with a regular round of tennis.

Here's a tip from the girl herself - stop eating carbohydrates after six in the evening and drink several cups of green tea on a daily basis.

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Comment on this article

  • Gagan.N, chickaballapur

    Sat, Jul 18 2015

    Hi,I reduced my wiegth 86 to56 in 3 months

  • likitha, karnataka

    Sat, May 09 2015

    I lost 15kgs in just 2 months...easy just dedicate and sacrifice all food...and only have raw fruits and veggies.pls dont have rice at all...see the change..all the best..

  • Mrs. Afrose, Chennai

    Wed, Jan 28 2015

    I am 29 years old I am married I have6 years female baby. After my post pregnancy my weight was increased. Now I am having 92kgs. I have done so many weight loss programs pls advise me how to loss my weight

  • sami, pune

    Thu, Jan 22 2015

    I lost 7 kg in just 4 month . What I did....well well welll.....i just stopped out side eating,no pizza-burger,started 1 hour evening walk and include green tea 3 times a day in my routine. I am still shedding my weight. do it ,u will enjoy life.
    Also dont eat any carbs or if possible solid things after 7 pm.
    Happy weight loss....

  • sara, pakistan

    Thu, Jan 22 2015

    Hai I am 19 years old with weight 100kg my height is 5'8...I'm too much worried about my weight.tell how to loss weight at least 30kg :(help plzz

  • sidrq leghari, karachi pakistan

    Tue, Dec 30 2014

    My weight is 70. I am unmaried. And i want to lose my weight. I am 17. Plz telll me how can i lose my weight easily. Plzzzzzź.

  • ketaki, gujrat

    Fri, Dec 19 2014

    Look at u all hahahahaha
    m just 54 kgs and age of 25...
    khana pina chhodo aur kaaam karo kuch

  • Priti , maharastra, Amravati

    Mon, Dec 15 2014

    hi sonakshi muje apna weight kum karna hai plesase bataiye apne kaise apna weight kum kiya. mai bhi karna chahti hu par nahi ho pa raha hai

  • Smita, Nashik

    Fri, Dec 12 2014

    My wait is 75 kg so kindly say me what is the why t control my fate. pleases at list 50 k.g

  • farah, lahore

    Sat, Dec 06 2014

    it is wonder to know that she has lost 30 kg. it is great for me if i will loss 10 kg.plz help me .i shall be thankful to you for this doing. iwant to become like sonakshi.at this time my weight is 67 kg but i want to loss 7 kg .help me.

  • Laxmi kumari , india

    Wed, Dec 03 2014

    hii Mai unmarried hu.meri weight 75 kg nai.mai apni weight kamse kam 20kg kam karna chahti hu.plz plz help me.mujhe sablog moto bolte hai.plz reply me fast.

  • bnagi, australia

    Sun, Nov 30 2014

    i need to loose 30 kg plz suggest me proper diet please... my husband don't love me because i am fat .. please help me please please please

  • Sabrina, Bangladesh

    Sat, Nov 22 2014

    Hi I weight 95kg.
    Height is 5' 3"
    I'm married has two kids.
    My age is 29yrs.
    My nature is just like sonakshi.
    Exactly same.
    Please suggest me how can I loose my weight.

  • Amina Khatun, Murshidabad

    Fri, Nov 21 2014

    Mai unmarried hu.meri weight 63 kg nai.mai apni weight kamse kam 15 kg kam karna chahti hu.plz plz help me.mujhe sablog moto bolte hai.plz reply me fast.

  • varsha, bangalore

    Fri, Oct 17 2014

    meri ghar par harlog muja mooti kahatehai mein kya karo give some idea to lose weight

  • Lose 1stone , Jellybaby

    Sat, Oct 04 2014

    I want to lose a stone I'm far too fat for my age I wight 13 stone I want to way 12 stone I will look good as well I'm very tall for my age I'm just 16


    Mon, Jul 28 2014

    shilpi ji, pehle to khane per control karna chahiye aap ko. its my personal experience. m also married or mera waight bhi 70 kgs ho gya tha, kyoki mujhe khana bahut pasand hai khas kar fried. but jese ki aap ne kha ki coment milte hai. so i feel very bad, tab se mene thaan liya ki me apna weight kam karungi. or mene 3 month me 11 kgs kam kiya hai..sirf khane par control or subah nimbo pani...khali per..or kam se kam 5 liter water in a day. wo bhi 6 baje tak aap ka water ka targe pura hona chahiye 6 baje ke baad pani nahi pina jitni jarurat utna hi pina.. or khana bhi 6 ya 7 baje tak kha lena wo bhi normal khana jitni ki jarurat hai..good luck.. ek baar suru kar k to dekho.

  • Pooja , Mauritius

    Fri, Jun 13 2014

    I want to lose weight as I work I don't get time to go to gym. Please tell me how to lose weight easily

  • Maria, PAKISTAN

    Tue, Jun 03 2014

    Salam frnd! see I am 60 too and my body is slim as compared to Sonakshi so its not about your weight only some people including me are having very heavy or quite heavy skeleton, their bones are very happy because of which they are skinny but posses great weight .

  • shilpi mukhi, delhi trom dilshad garden

    Sat, May 24 2014

    Hy, plz sonakshi mujhe bhi apna weight loose karna hai.mein married hu.mere khane per control nahi hai.apne kaise kiya.mujhe bhi slim hona hai.ap mujhe batao wrote now my weight 80 kg.congrates apne apna weight kam kiya mein samaj sakti hu mota logo ko kaise comments dete hai sab.plz help me.bye.l love u.

  • Amina , Pakistan

    Fri, May 02 2014

    Hey Sonalshi..I am literally very happy to hear and see that u have lost so much weight..Hats off.Btw the other actresses most of them keep emselves under weight as they have no other attractive feature in them..But you have such cute face and very innocent.People love you here in Pakistan.Keep the spirits high and maintain your weight..Good luck Diva! and enjoy the spot light on your toned body:*

  • Madi, India

    Fri, Dec 20 2013

    You are right. She does not seem to be 60 kgs at all Katrina is 59 kgs and she is all skin and bone in Dhoom 3. I am 5'7 and I look way slimmer than Sonakshi but I weigh 68kgs despite of my workout and diet :( I hope to lose more.

  • sohel, bhiwandi

    Mon, Dec 16 2013

    hi sona he is the negative fit and fine

  • manpreet kaur, delhi

    Sun, Nov 24 2013

    hi sonakshi,
    i am very impressed for your hard work. And i appreciate ur effort hope my wish also fulfils by ur tip.GOD BLESS YOU SONAKSHI.

  • Simran , England

    Tue, Nov 12 2013

    hello Arpita. Trying to lose weight is hard so you should always plan your day, weeks or maybe months before starting. This way you know how many hours you are doing whatever in a day. For example, you can do 2 hours of exercise one day and 1 hour the next, etc. You should also make sure your diet is good so that it can also help you lose weight. At such a young age and huge weight (sorry) it is very unhealthy and you will be at risk of many diseases in the near future. So you should help yourself. In order to fulfil this challenge, you should first advice support from your friends and most importantly - family. You should exercise at least 4 times a week and have a healthy diet. Cut down on junk food as it is very bad for you. The last advice I can give you is that exercising can be done in many forms.

    1. You can enjoy it,

    2. You seriously want to lose weight, or

    3. You want to keep fit and healthy.

    I suggest you should feel determined and set 'weight loss' a challenge for yourself and I'm very sure you will achieve it if you try your very best! The worst thing can happen is if you give up! So never give up, move forwards in life - not backwards and learn to accept the harsh realities of life as they can only change you - but in a good way. Overall, I wish you best of luck! May God Bless You!

  • pratibha umrit, mauritius

    Wed, Oct 09 2013

    hi,sonakshi i appreciate ur effort hope my wish also fulfils by ur tip

  • Dhwani,

    Mon, Aug 12 2013

    I wanna know all her exercises that she did so I can shed my weight too
    My mom usually tell me to lose my weight just like Sonakshi's mom

  • Arpita Patra, Pithapur, Cuttack, Odisha

    Sun, Aug 11 2013

    10 years back i was 80kg. Started playing basketballfor fun n time pass. Then after 1 year i found to 59kgs but now i am 100kg(left playing since 7 years).Feeling too embarassing coz am just 24 years old. All the day busy at office... I lack determination. How to get it?

  • inder, punjab

    Sun, Aug 11 2013

    Weldon sonakshi.good n best of luck for your feature.by.

  • shwetha , udupi

    Mon, Jul 22 2013

    I was slim before,after my caecerian operation(twin kids).but put on weight .I control my diet .but as I am working no time for gym.but I want to become like you.My students tell I resemble you in features.take care bye.I love u r film

  • virendrasinh chavda,

    Sun, Apr 07 2013


  • Sweety Rathore, New Delhi

    Thu, Oct 25 2012

    Hi,Sonakshi,,as you are foodie I m too addicted to be a foodie but on the other side..I also want some of kilos from my body too.So as you had told us an insipirational theory,hope I will also follow that and also shed some of the weight.
    Apart,,,All the best to you for the future.....
    Take care

  • gaytri, bokaro

    Thu, Oct 11 2012

    please told me how you gettin a zero size in details pls told me

  • Nisa, Hyderabad/Dubai.

    Wed, Sep 19 2012

    Hi!sonakshi i like u alot becoz you the zero size trend is gone,i like your perfomance in dabang you look cute with Mr. Salman khan .
    my best wishes are always with you, may allah kareem bless you.
    hope to see you soon in Dubai.

  • sandhya,

    Mon, Aug 27 2012

    Congrats she is really awesome..I watched the movie Rowdy Rathore...she is too good...just a sexy and stylish appearance....all my best wishes dear...God bless you...sandhya from Mauritius

  • Somya, munbai

    Fri, Jul 08 2011

    i wanna talk to her...my only wish..!!

  • numesh kumar sahu, chhattishgarh , durg

    Thu, Jul 07 2011

    kya baat hai moti patli ha gayi kya baat hai salman ne aap ko film line me lane ke liye itni mehnat ki hai to aap bhi unka saath dena aur saath me hit films karte rehnakya pata saath film karte karte hamesha ke liye saath ho jao

  • Neeta Verma, Gurgaon

    Mon, Jun 27 2011

    I am an employee in Convergys. My life resembles somewhat to Sonakshi's so far the weight is concerned hwever m not overweight. These days Iam working to tone my body after getting too much of comments from my peers which really sucks. Even I have joined Yoga classes which are really helpful in dis busy schedule. Its not only tones our body but also keeps u mentally fit which I really can feel.

  • Joshny, Mangalore/kuwait

    Tue, Mar 08 2011

    I don't think she is only 60 surely she is more than 70.but agree she has shred a lot of weight.may b she is 75 kg.currently

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