Salute Sachin...

Feb 27, 2010

Somewhere in  England a hoarding read something like this - "Commit all your sins when Sachin is batting. They will go unnoticed coz even the GOD is watching"

In cricket crazy India, Sachin Tendulkar stays head and shoulders above the rest.  For that matter, the genius has been recognised as the batting God and is being hailed as the greatest cricketer ever to set foot on earth.  Even today, just like when he started his career, the thirst and hunger for runs remains as fresh and evergreen as ever.  As his wife Anjali says, "I can be hundred per cent sure that Sachin will not play for a minute longer when he is not enjoying himself. He is still so eager to go out there and play. He will play as long as he feels he can play."

If you are playing cricket perhaps, the punishment can come in the form of a supreme batsman at the crease hammering the leather out of shape.  So much so, the umpires have to change balls just as the batting genius changes his batting gloves.  The sweat, strain and the success by the pocket sized little boy from Mumbai has been worth every run scored at the glorious cricket grounds around the world.
You can name any cricket lover from any corner of the universe and they know Sachin Tendulkar like the back of their palm.  Opposing teams have got into unsuccessful meetings and discussions to find a chink in the batting and have come out with no real answers.

Every known cricketer has acknowledged his unquestioned supremacy at the crease.  Yet another batting great from West Indies Brian Lara agrees that he is a mere mortal in front of Tendulkar.  There can be no better appreciation from anyone else.  Runs have flowed from his bat like water from the river Ganges.  He has been like Mount Everest conquering every possible record in the cricket books.  His cool temperament and unruffled behaviour even at the height of glory have given immense joy to all his countrymen.  In a country where world records are a mere wish, Sachin Tendulkar has given them so much and more to hail when all other sportsmen have utterly failed.

At an age  (Sachin will be 37 in April) when any other cricketer would take jobs behind the microphone or working desk, Sachin continues to smash the red cherry with utter disdain and damage much to the joy of his team and country.  There is no looking back for Sachin at least for a few more years.  Sachin’s record of 13447 runs in 166 tests with 47 hundreds and 17598 runs in 442 one day matches with 46 centuries is very hard to imagine !  He silenced everyone by being the first batsman ever to score a double century in a one day international on 17th Feb, 2010 against South Africa which included 25 boundaries and 3 sixes and etch another milestone in the record books.  He is now aiming to be the first to score 100 centuries in both forms of cricket with only  7 centuries remaining to achieve that unbelievable feat.

Like pure wine getting better with time and age, Tendulkar is now becoming hungrier by the day to score more runs.  In the last one year itself he has to his credit 10 centuries including 6 centuries in test cricket.  What an appetite for runs !

His vital wicket has been valued like gold by the opposing teams.  Dropping his catch is as good as losing a match.  Even our neighbours and bitter rivals on the cricket field Pakistan have been quick to appreciate the master batsman.  Everyone including former Pakistan skipper Imran Khan, Javed Miandad, former stumper Rashid Latif, batsman Shoaib Malek have been one in praising the Indian superstar no end.  There has been all round acclaim coming from every corner of the world as well.  

In a span of 20 years of non stop international cricket Sachin has served Indian cricket and is hugely responsible for the country’s team now reaching the top spot in international rankings.  From those early days in Pakistan as a kid making his debut in tests  against the pace battery of Imran and company Sachin  has come a long way in his quest for supremacy. All his runs scored in the process are a true testimony to the legend of cricket who is God for anyone and everyone who knows the Mumbai maestro.  So many cricketers have come and gone before him but Sachin remains firm at the crease.

Cricket has never seen a player like him and will never see anyone like him again.  Even after playing for 20 years, his passion for the game is an inspiration for everyone around him.

Let us all salute India’s greatest cricket wonder !  Thank you Sachin for entertaining us.

Denzil Fernandes - Archives:

by Denzil Fernandes - Daijiworld Media Network
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Comment on this article

  • L.Fernandes, goa/mumbai

    Sun, Jun 13 2010

    Instead of naming the stadium in the name of Sachin Tendulkar,he should built a charitable hospital in his native place and name after Imran Khan.

  • Paul Gerrits, New York Ex

    Sat, Apr 24 2010 that you?
    Miss You!!
    See you soon!

  • L.Fernandes, goa/mumbai

    Thu, Mar 04 2010

    Let me know what charities have a multicore cricketer Sachin has done for his village,state and country as you say he is a philantrophist by avoiding duties on his possession.Was he successful
    as a Captain?And how many trophies we have won when he played for the team with centuries.

  • Shenoy, Dubai

    Wed, Mar 03 2010

    Denzil sir article & Sachin double century are equal. I am proud Denzil sir (A Kannadiga from Mangalore) has come out with a article about legend with high english language. Long Live Sachin & long live Denzil Sir .

  • helen Pinto, Mangalore

    Tue, Mar 02 2010

    IT SAYS  "Commit all your sins when Sachin is batting. They will go unnoticed coz even the GOD is watching"

  • MKB, M'lore/Dubai

    Tue, Mar 02 2010

    Its true that he is playing for records and Not for the country. If you review his centuries you will come to know-he use more than 10-20balls for Century making run.

    I am sure he is Great cricketer and All INDIAN should salute him..


    Tue, Mar 02 2010

    No doubt to praise SACHIN THE GREAT,best sportsperson of INDIA.

  • Sujith, Suratkal, Mangalore

    Mon, Mar 01 2010

    Mr. Lokanath.D also Arthur Pais,
    Why are you so negative thinker?
    See what Sachin has done to our country. Around the world When people think or hear of Sachin, in the back of their brain one thought comes that he plays for India. Hence India is being respected in a big way when it comes to cricket. When someone is making us proud to be a part of our country, instead of being proud why are you reacting so negative about it?
    So according to you people in India should focus on only what other countries play? Then why is Kabaddi supported so much in our country?
    Grow up with your thinking Mr. Loknath. If everyone were thinking like you then we yet would have been in the stone age. I am not telling that we should leave our every work n sit infront of the TV to see cricket. If you don't have anything good to say, then better don't say anything about it.

  • sandeep k n, kasargod/DXB

    Mon, Mar 01 2010

    Lovely article about the sachin but i m sad to see some people who says that he plays for himself and not to the country.I wanna ask all the people who told that sachin does not play to the country that wat have you people done to the country that other country is feeling jealous.Sachin is the one man army in the 90's who has dedicated his life to the cricket i agree he did some advertisements but he remained the same till date . now also the bowlers dream is to get tendulkars wicket cause then he gets recognization.Sachin you just go forward and make new records and show the world we indians are also not behind in name n fame and also making records.

  • roy patrao, mangalore

    Mon, Mar 01 2010

    INDIA/Maharasthra govt. should rename a main stadium as SACHIN TENDULKAR stadium very soon.

  • Sujith, Suratkal

    Mon, Mar 01 2010

    Aaron, Kundapur/Dubai,
    I totally agree with you.
    Even if Sachin has done so much to our country, we see people like Shawn & Lans making such nonsense comments about Indian sports icon of the year. Even if Sachin is appearing in lot of advertisements he has not lost his concentration or interest in cricket. He is yet the same how he was when he started his career. Moreover he has not skipped any match to appear on the ads.
    I don't really understand the purpose behind such de-motivating comments about Sachin...:(

  • Princita Miranda, Mulky / Kuwait

    Mon, Mar 01 2010

    I enjoy cricket and especially when Sachin is in the team. He is a great player and good person. No pride, but down to earth. I wish if he is awarded Bharat Ratna by our Govt.

  • sudhir, mangalore/ dubai

    Sun, Feb 28 2010

    with the perfect alignement of skill, hardwork, enthusiasm, rightfullness, commitment and will for excellence has made what Sachin The Great Batsaman today.It is pride that he is our own Indian. He will definetly set the 100 centuries record, biu wish him each remaining 7 will be a double centuries.

  • stephan dsilva, mulki/abudhabi

    Sun, Feb 28 2010

    Nice article Mr.Denzil,and please make some correction in your article.That is not on 17Feb sachin made world record its on 24feb in Gwalior.

  • ronyam , mlore/abudhabi

    Sun, Feb 28 2010


  • Jaimini P.B., Manipal,Sharjah

    Sun, Feb 28 2010

    When Sachin completed Double Century,Sunil Gavaskar said " Everyone climbs Mount Everest.But people remember Edmond Hilary who was the first one to climb " .Yes..this special record will be broken in future..but people remember Sachin Tendulkar only.

  • Ben, Bahrain

    Sun, Feb 28 2010

    No...doubt we are following a great player whenever he is out there batting.A true cricket loving nation where they believe Sachin is cricketing god.People simply mis-understanding the comparison... with our God almighty.
    And again there is a quote from his wife mentioned by Mr.Denzil..."I can be hundred per cent sure that Sachin will not play for a minute longer when he is not enjoying himself. He is still so eager to go out there and play. He will play as long as he feels he can play." ..It shows Sachin is bit selfish..He is not there for the team if he is not enjoying the innings.
    Cricket is always a team game which cannot be won single handedly.If bats for 200..our bowlers can be hammered for 300 by an opposition batsman if they are not bowling their line & the fieldsmen are holding on to the catches.End of the day somebody has to be a man of the match...let's sing Jai Ho to Indian Team....

  • Rose, Karnataka/Dubai

    Sun, Feb 28 2010

    You are the best in the world of Cricket! Thanks for making India proud. Keep up the good work & God Bless you.

  • Arthur Pais, Mangaore

    Sun, Feb 28 2010

    I agree with Mr Lokanath D.
    You are 100% right.

  • simplia, mangalore/kuwait

    Sun, Feb 28 2010

    sachin is a great cricketer

  • Jude, Mangalore Dubai

    Sun, Feb 28 2010

    Mr Lokanath D, Your comments are absurd. You seem to be an anti sports person. Please note that American football is only played by one country, yet they describe their tournaments as world series and world cup etc. Also remember that even if only 20 countries play cricket it is followed by almost one third of the world's population.

  • nelson dsouza, nitte attur dubai

    Sat, Feb 27 2010

    sachin has punished each every top class bowlers of the world.he bats opening in ODI where the fast bowlers get swing he faces them gently and passes through.his wicket is a golden wicket for the bowlers. just imagine 46 centuries in ODI and 47 in TESTS.WAW!!!HE IS A CLASS BATSMEN IN WORLD.NO ONE CAN COMPARE HIM.

  • Lancy Rodrigues, Mangalore

    Sat, Feb 27 2010

    Sachin is a good cricketer, but dont compare him with our creator -God.

  • Glen, Kundapur/Dubai

    Sat, Feb 27 2010

    I very much agree with the comments of Mr. Pradeep Vaz. Pradeep is one of the best cricketing talent Kundapur Christian community has ever produced. We've grown up up watching Pradeep bowl in the Gandhi Maiden during our school days.As Pradeep said Sachin's record might be broken by some Cricketer but he will remain a living example of dedeication, Hardwork and Patience for every Cricket lover. And Thanks for your wonderful comments on the master blaster Mr. Pradeep.

  • Jason, Kaikamba

    Sat, Feb 27 2010

    Shawn... I think cricket is not like Tennis where there is one man show...thank you

  • Vivek Pais, Kadri

    Sat, Feb 27 2010

    Dear Mr. Shawn..

    For your kind information u need to study more about cricket. CRICKET is played by 11 players and not by one player. How can sachin win world cup by himself. till now he has performed in every world cup and score more than 550 runs in 2 world cups, which is the highest runs so far

  • Lokanath.D, Bantwal/Iran

    Sat, Feb 27 2010

    Dear Children,
    yes, Sachin is grate player in world,but if we count the countrys playing cricket in the world, not more than twenty.salute your parents and elders,dont waste your valuable time by watching cricket in TV, your future is very importent you and the nation,now a days in India cricket is become a it is played around the year without rest,only board is earning a lot and few players,but what is the loss to nation,crores of people are not working.

  • Mohammed Irshad, Dubai

    Sat, Feb 27 2010

    Hi Lans,

    can you show me any example where sachin played for himself there are many people in this world who are jealous about the way he play & wht he is today so simply they will say he is selfish for all of them i have a quastion if Sachin makes runs is that will not be counted for whole Indian Team? Then how u can say that he is playing for himself if u wanna know about sachin just visit some websites understand wht sachin was & wht he is then u will realise.k

  • Rakesh Dsouza, Mangalore

    Sat, Feb 27 2010

    Sachin is a good cricketer..but it is not acceptable to compare him with God...there is a huge difference.

  • Pradeep Vaz, Kundapura

    Sat, Feb 27 2010

    Sachin is Greatest Player Ever!! To play for 20 years & still going strong! WOW!! If any of you have played Cricket (both versions) you will know what stamina you need to get going & maintain fitness level. Definetly there would not be another cricket who would match Sachin for 2 reasons 1)Coz of T-20 number of Test & One days will reduce & 2) The patience of New Generation Cricketers, who will come in as T-20 Players will be low. These Players may get to his 200 runs in One Day but will never come close to his Centuries Record!! Thank You Sachin for entertaining us!! We are lucky as we are from your Generation!!

  • munna, bangalore

    Sat, Feb 27 2010

    Mr.shawn, Mangalore people like u are termed as pessimist.... may be sadist ..not happy with anything

  • lohith pinto, bajpe/bangalore

    Sat, Feb 27 2010

    MR Shawn i think you are working free of money in some company . i even think you dont know much about sachin thats why you are commenting nonsense on sachin . and who doesnt like money . the companies are investing on hot burgers which sold more. but the real truth is sachin is a real icon of cricket.

  • Abu Baker , India

    Sat, Feb 27 2010

    I appreciate Sachin.
    do not waste time back of him.
    world means how many today playing cricket?
    Tell me how many countrieties are there in world NOT PLAYING CRICKET??

    He is not GOD.he is a good sports man. Do not waste time glorify only appriciate. Do not go Mad back of him.
    Pls think about out national game Hockey pls

  • Aaron, Kundapur/Dubai

    Sat, Feb 27 2010

    To Shawn and Lans Lara let me remind you the famous quote by JFK - And so, my fellow americans: ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country. Are you both jobless in life???Don't you guys earn for your family??? He has worked hard to reach where he is today. Atleast he earns all the money and he is a well known Philanthropist at the same time. And more than anything he is Pride of our great nation.So next time before you criticise someone ask these questions to yourself. Even after you don't get an answer you need treatment guys. All the best

  • sandeep kumar bellure, Bellure/Doha Qatar

    Sat, Feb 27 2010

    Well Jaimini, He dint throw away his wicket against Aussies.. It was a slow ball which got him.. perhaps u can say it was wrong shot ion. Sachin never throws away his wicket.

  • Lans Lara , Nakre Karkala

    Sat, Feb 27 2010

    Dear Denzil sir .you have forgot something in your article .now days sachin making money in advertisements more than cricket .and mr shawan clearly mentioned on 2nd comments his playing for himself not for country .

  • allwyn thomas pais, mumbai,mira road

    Sat, Feb 27 2010

    ek shayar ne sach kaha hai[ye asman ke chand hamne bhi ek chand paya tuj mein to daag hai hamne bedaag paya]yes with sachin its true he has played his cricket without a blemish on his caharacter if you see lots of cricketer getting involved in lots of mess,sucess has not gone to his head,i met him once in burjuman centre in dubai,i clicked photograph and got his autograph,and saw him clicking photographs with the cleaners of burjuman centre in dubai,see how down to earth he is,this is SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR,PLEASE STAY SAME WAY MR SACHIN.

  • clement CArdoza, Bola, Dubai

    Sat, Feb 27 2010

    Shawn, Mangalore's Comments will be better if read as " Sachin is unlucky inspite of all his records and achievements, not to be associated with or be a part of world cup winning team". In my opinion Greatness is not judged with a few occassions but by a persons overall achievement of Life.

  • jane, Mysore/Dubai

    Sat, Feb 27 2010

    Good article. Congrats Sachin. Sachin can't be compared to God as they dont know what God can do for them. Sachin is just a fine great player. Call him legend in cricket.

  • Nilesh Shetgaonkar, Morjim/Goa

    Sat, Feb 27 2010

    Its not 17th Feb 2010 It is 24th Feb. 2010.

  • Ahmed, Doha / Mangalore

    Sat, Feb 27 2010

    Whatever people comment on sachin - viz he plays for himself, he slows down when approaching personal milestone, he has not won a world cup for india - doesn't matter at all. Sachin has proved he is a great batsmen over and over again all these years. Only people with hatred and jealousy towards his achievements comment such nonsense. To be consistently playing cricket at the highest level for 20 years and maintaining the average is no kiddy task. Sachin is a hero and will always remain a hero. Comparing him to Lara / Inzamam / Ponting is like comparing India and Bangladesh. Long live sachin..long live his records! We love you

  • Roshan, m'bidri/a'dhabi

    Sat, Feb 27 2010

    I still remember his two classic knocks against australia in sharjah both a qualifier as well as a final. He scored back to back centuries for india and won the final. At the end of the match(final) capt steve waugh said he lost match not against india but against sachin. This was his greatest knock ever,good luck sachin!

  • shawn, Mangalore

    Fri, Feb 26 2010

    Mr. Denzil in his 20 years of carrier he is fail to get a single world cup to the country he always plays for himelf than for the country
    please take note on this

  • Jaimini P.B., Manipal,Sharjah

    Fri, Feb 26 2010

    Commit your sin when Sachin is batting...Good article. I have been watching Tendulkar playing since his very first Test match against Pakistan in Pakistan. He was just 16 years old and faced Imran Khan,Akram, Waqar (for Waqar first match for him too like Sachin)and spin magician Abdul Qader.He impressed everyone with his stylish batting. But he showed his real talent in ODI match where he smashed Abdul Qadir for 4 sixes in one over.(ENTER THE DRAGON). I was upset with Sachin in 2 mathces only in his long 20 years cricket career.

    1. Chnennai Test aginst Pakistan where he played innings of his life (136 runs) and at the end when only 16 runs needed to win the test match,he threw his bat and got out and remaining tailenders followed him before he removed his pads in the dressing room.India lost by 12 runs.

    2.ODI against Australia in the recenlty conculded seriers where Sachin played another stunning innings 175 runs..he was about to complete his 200 in that ODI only,but threw his wicket and India lost by 3 runs. Sachin also doesn't want to recollect Chennai test. Any way, Positive is 98% and Negative is only 2%. That is why our SIN will be unnoticed because even the God is watching Sachin.

  • sayyed yahya thangal,

    Fri, Feb 26 2010

    what makes sachin his cool attitude to situation wheather it is joy or set back, while other players fly in air ,and through fists like he conquares all the world.

  • Anand, Dubai, Mangalore/ Dubai

    Fri, Feb 26 2010

    Well written article. Sachin has been a entertainer for all these years & have thouroughly enjoyed watching him play.

    But to say Cricket has never seen a player like him and will never see anyone like him again simply doesnt hold water!.

    When the great Don Bradman played during his days nobody would have expected a Sachin Tendulkar to reign supreme & better Sir Don's records.

    Life evolves so will cricket. I hope & pray that for the benefit of our children/ younger generation there comes a player who will better our own Sachin's records in terms of runs/centuries & above all his level of grace/dignity with which he has served the game of cricket.

    Thanks Sachin for the benchmark you have set for the next generations to emulate!

  • RJ Avinash, Big92.7fm, Udupi/kundapur/mangalore

    Fri, Feb 26 2010

    Denzil sir..nice article.. It is rightly said ''If cricket is releigion, sachin is GOD''. My Salute to SACHIN..

  • v.rai, abu dhabi

    Fri, Feb 26 2010

    The slogan in the first line says it all.Congratulations you sachin The Master blaster and for the well written article on him...Inzamam had once yelled at his men when sachin's catch was ped in the World cup..'maloom hein na tumne kiska catch choda hein'....

  • Ganesh.G.S, M'lore/Singapore

    Fri, Feb 26 2010

    Sachin a role model for world cricket.....god bless u ..............

  • Elias Mascarenhas, Puttur, Australia

    Fri, Feb 26 2010

    In spite of Sachin achieving his pinnacle of success, he has maintained his down to earth humility and clean image.He has not humilated or commented on any other cricketers whereas players like Gilcrist tried to sell his memoirs by drawing on the fame of this great cricketer and lost the respect he had in the cricket world.Just like Amitabh Bachchan who has maintained respect and reverence in the cinema industry, Sachin has earned and maintained the same respect in the cricket world and remained a all time hero for at least three generations of cricket lovers. Hope to see Govt of India conferring on him the "Bharatha Ratna" for the milestones he has achieved in the cricketing career.

  • salim, udupi/dubai

    Fri, Feb 26 2010

    nice article but not enough want to read more and more about sachin.

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