Mom, I Love You

May 10, 2020
(Mother's Day)

Mom, I Love You

I didn't choose you, but almighty gifted me a magic genie and that was you.
From the day I was knit in your womb
You have pulled me together and cared for me.
9 months in your womb
Forever in your heart
With endless prayers you have protected me for better.

You have played with me, washed me, fed me and kissed me.
You have held my sweaty hands
And washed my smelly feet
With the same smile everytime.

You taught me to read and write
You put me through best education
You corrected me, punished me and moulded me.
After all that you were the one who wiped those tears with me.

You cooked countless meals without hesitation.
You bore all my tantrums and teenage doubts without any frustration

You faced my naughtiness in younger days
And the bluntness of my teenage years
You spied on me at times
And peeped for hours through the tiny window waiting for me to return home.

You taught me to cook and clean
You taught me how to smile even when everything around was sometimes just pain.
Despite your own sicknesses and hardships you stood by my side.

When I left the comfort of our home to be a bride
You cried
You looked in my eyes and said you missed me.
I never knew then what you meant and I simply sighed.

In my new home though everything was well and fair.
There was a void no one could fill.
For the first time I realised how difficult it was to live without you.
I realized cooking was not as easy as shown in cookery show
Washing vessels was indeed tiring.
I missed every bit of you.
And then I realised what you meant when you said you would miss me

I missed your warmth and touch
I missed those scoldings and shoutings
I missed the last piece of cake you always left for me
I missed the best piece of chicken that you always hid for me.

Staying far away from you made me realise wat you had always meant to me.
Selfless, sacrificing and ever loving
That's always been you.

There can be none like you.
I know one day I shall stand were you stood.
Holding a tiny beautiful little babe in my hand.
My heart in my hand
And then I shall be all that you are.

Thank you for being you
Remember this piece of your heart loves you
No matter far or near.
This daughter of yours Mom, always will love you.


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Sonal Lobo
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Comment on this article

  • Ronald Mathias, Bendur, Mangalore - Bahrain

    Thu, May 14 2020

    Beautiful write up....
    I am missing my Mother very much.

  • Rohan, Bangalore

    Wed, May 13 2020

    I like your writings
    Kinda different and good. Keep writing.
    A little sad that you wrote about the bond between daughter and mother and not included the sons😁 Well we sons do share a bond with moms that is unique and beautiful. Never the less thanks for your writings they are the ones which we can easily connect to.

  • Asma, Bangalore

    Tue, May 12 2020

    Sonal, I love you for this. Beautiful write up🥰

  • Apoorva, Bangalore

    Mon, May 11 2020

    This made me miss my mom even more 😔 beautifully written 👌

  • Veena, Dubai

    Mon, May 11 2020

    Beautiful article!!
    Heart touching & so true, God bless you Sonu!!!

  • Sushma DSouza, California

    Mon, May 11 2020

    Powerful and heartfelt poem Sonal. Straight from the soul.

  • Teena, Mumbai

    Mon, May 11 2020

    Wow!!. penned down so well. As I read through each line, I imagined my Mum and all my growing years. Beautiful!!

  • Dan M, Dubai / Mangalore

    Mon, May 11 2020

    God The Father's mother's day message on motherhood and Most Holy Mother.

    May 10, 2020
    Mother's Day

    Once again, I (Maureen) see a Great Flame that I have come to know as the Heart of God the Father. He says: "These days, life in the womb is no longer respected as it should be. Consequently, motherhood is not respected as it should be. Devotion to the Most Holy Mother* has diminished and not regarded with the love and respect as it was in days gone by."

    "So many favors and graces are lost due to this disregard for the Holy Mother and for the importance of the rosary.** If souls do not understand the true depth of the graces which are attendant to the Holy Rosary, they lose direction on the path of personal holiness. Like any mother, your Heavenly Mother longs to direct each one of Her children in the Way of Salvation."

    "When you invoke the intercession of the Blessed Mother, She bends towards earth with all the affection of an earthly mother and even more because Her love is perfect and pure. She listens with heartfelt grace and consoles the afflicted while strengthening the discouraged heart."

    "I speak to you today concerning motherhood as the Holy Mother is too modest to ever focus on Herself. She prays in every present moment for each of Her children, but saves extra special graces for those devoted to Her rosary. Vacate worldly concerns and surrender them to the Holy Mother."

    Read Luke 2:6-7+

    * Blessed Virgin Mary.
    ** The purpose of the Rosary is to help keep in memory certain principal events in the history of our salvation...

    *** The Messages of Holy and Divine Love at Maranatha Spring and Shrine.

  • Areline, Mumbai

    Mon, May 11 2020

    Bought tears in my eyes girl. Wow. It seemed to me that you have copied what's in my mind and printed it on paper. That's exactly what I felt when I got married and even to this day after many years of marriage I remember my mom who stays in Mangalore. While in teenage years, mom at times felt like a villain, never appreciated her but when I started a family of my own I realized what it meant to be a wife, when I held my first child I realized how it was to be a young mother. Throughout my journey my mother still stood behind my back like a pillar.
    Loved the way you write. I really appreciate the fact that you always connect your writings to a incident or situation in your life and nothing fictional which makes it easier for readers to connect and emote.
    I am usually not a avid reader but I make it a point to read all your write ups, because I end up searching my life in your writings
    Way to go girl
    Kudos to you.

  • Joseph F. Gonsalves, Bannur, Puttur / Mangalore

    Mon, May 11 2020

    Every Mother.

    Have a Father.

    But no Feather.

    So why to Bother.

    Nothing will Dither.

    What is there Either.

    Hot is today's Weather.

    For cold, shoes of Leather.

    Cannot replace mother to Other.

    Mother’s always cooler and Soother.

    Living with husband sister and Brother.

    There is no substitute for mother as Another.

    In the heavenly abode, we will all live Together.

  • Mohan Prabhu, Mangalore (Kankanady)/Ottawa, Canada

    Mon, May 11 2020

    A beautiful tribute to Mom. Children lack the same sentiments towards their father who will always be a "foster father" like Joseph.

  • Raymond Martha, Bangalore/Mangalore

    Mon, May 11 2020

    So well written and the thoughts are articulated beautifully in a simple and precise manner. There is subtle touch of sadness, happiness , gratitude and lots of love in this write up
    Sonal I have always admired you for your simple yet powerful way of writing
    We definitely need writers like you.


    Sun, May 10 2020

    You will find no better best friend than your mother in this world. Believe me. She knows you more than anyone does. Respect her, cherish her and love her with all your heart. She could be gone one day and you would find no one like her.

  • Dan M, Dubai / Mangalore

    Sun, May 10 2020

    Our Lady on Mother's Love, advice and wishes

    Holy Family Refuge Message

    May 1, 2020

    The Blessed Mother

    My love, My beautiful one, and all My beautiful children who are listening and those who are not listening. I love all of you the same, but My heart and all of Heaven’s hearts are suffering for those who are not listening. I love all of you and pray for all of you and beg all of you to get your souls in a State of Grace this summer and start praying more.

    We hope many of you see how the suffering you are now going through is letting some of you see how much My Son Jesus does for you all the time. Please pray as much as you can in these times, for the Warning and Judgement of your soul is at your doorstep. Please ask for repentance and go to Confession this summer so you do not have to face God in a state of mortal sin. You will have 30 days after the Warning to still get your soul in a State of Grace. That will be the end of the grace period. So, do it now and be with us in Heaven when you die.

    I have told you for years that the time was coming when you could not stand on the fence and be able to save your souls. You must ask forgiveness now for everyone’s time is running out. Please, please, please listen to your Mother in Heaven now and be with us in Heaven, and not in hell. There will be millions of people dying in the next few months. Do not be one that is in mortal or deadly sin or become one. Your beloved Mother from Heaven asks you to repent and ask forgiveness now. Love, love and more love.

    Jesus Our Lord

    This is Jesus, Son of Mary. I and My Mother have told you for years that I am all loving but I am also all just. You cannot be all loving and not all just. Listen to your Mother and let Her take you into Her Heart and let you be reborn in the Spirit and Love of Christ so you know what is true and what is not true, so you can be with us in Heaven for all eternity. Love, Jesus.

    Happy Mother’s Day Month for all mothers.

  • Nisha, Manglore

    Sun, May 10 2020

    Great ... Meaningful poem

  • James Fernandes, Barkur Chicago

    Sun, May 10 2020

    Why so many are in old age homes?

  • Deepika Channaiah, Bengaluru

    Sun, May 10 2020

    It is pure love and joy to read ur writing shona !! Love it 😘😍🥰🥰🥰

  • Crystal, Bangalore

    Sun, May 10 2020

    Beautiful poem ❤️ Very well written 👍🏻

  • Anith Gomes, Mangalore / Bangalore

    Sun, May 10 2020

    Very nicely written, Sonal. Keep it up.

  • Harshini Bogimane, Bangalore

    Sun, May 10 2020

    Well written❤️

  • Sheeba rodrigues, puttur

    Sun, May 10 2020

    Heart touching !! Very nice 😍😍👌🏻👌🏻

  • Priya, Mangalore

    Sun, May 10 2020

    So touching and true!

  • Samuel Sujith, Bangalore

    Sun, May 10 2020

    Very touching.... thoroughly enjoyed reading it !
    You are a super talent 🙂god bless u always Son!

  • Pooja, Bangalore

    Sun, May 10 2020

    Beautiful son 🥰

  • Nitin, Poland

    Sun, May 10 2020

    Beautifully written Sonal ❤️

  • Vidhya, Bangalore

    Sun, May 10 2020

    Very nicely written, Sonu!! 😊

  • Amruta, Bangalore

    Sun, May 10 2020

    Beautiful sonu ❤️

  • Santhosh, Bangalore

    Sun, May 10 2020

    Well written 👍🏻

  • Janet, Mangalore

    Sun, May 10 2020

    Well written sonu

  • Ashwini R, Bangalore

    Sun, May 10 2020

    Lovely sonal😍

  • Verina, Mumbai

    Sun, May 10 2020

    TOUCHED!!.....Very Well Written!!

  • Santhosh, Mangalore

    Sun, May 10 2020

    Very nicely written. Proud of you

  • Lianna, Puttur

    Sun, May 10 2020

    Superb sis😊

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