Growth Sandals

April 19, 2019

The world we live in is funny. People who are tall want to become short, those who are short want to look tall. People who are all fine still want to look better. Well I also belonged to one such category.

I am of a short stature. It was rather funny that till 10 years in my family, school and neighbourhood I was always the tallest, probably I dint realize that was only so much I would grow.

My height was never a problem till I reached my teens, once I stepped into the sweet sixteen phase, a sea of inferiority engulfed me. I could see all my friends taller than me, slimmer than me all of them for me looked like top models walking the ramp. In between I was the little one unnoticed.

That is exactly when I decided that I would grow tall, by hook or by crook. I started skipping, I started walking, I started jumping yet nothing worked out all my efforts seemed waste. I was dejected, disappointed and felt bad.

One day while watching TV, a local channel was showing about a magical growth sandals. I knew exactly what I had to do. I watched the program every day without fail. I could see so many young girls and boys grow 3 to 4 feet. I was happy and also excited. I knew for sure I would grow tall.

The next big thing I had to do was to convince my parents. I knew it would be a difficult task. I did not give up, I tried day and night to convince them. Finally after few months of coxing my parents agreed and gave me a nod.

I immediately called the person whose name was always flashed on the TV screen during the advertisement. It looked like he was more than happy to receive my call. The very next day he arrived with the magic in his hands. Well it was a green mat which was cut in the shape of the feet, it had to be placed inside the shoes and the person had to walk daily in order to grow tall. The magic man started explaining a lot of things; he started showing pictures to my parents. He bought along with him a lady who in spite of being 27 years had grown 3 inches tall. All of us were happy. My dad held a crisp 500 rupee note in his hand and took the magic from his hand and gave it to me. My happiness knew no bounds.

The magic man told me he had to check my height. He made me stand against the wall and measured my height and blankly told me that my height was 4.9 feet. On leaving he assured me that I would at least grow 3 inches within 6 months. All I had to do was just wear it and walk. Giving all the assurance he walked out waving at us.

I began my walk. I got a pretty pair of shoes and inserted the mat inside it. The mat had a lot of sharp edges which poked me very badly. A few days I just could not walk, I would end up crying but the spirit in me to grow tall was stronger than the pain. I walked and walked it was more than 6 months but nothing seemed to work.

My parents started scolding. My friends who were around me started mocking me. Unable to take the insults, I decided to check my height. One fine day I walked into the clinic and checked my height to my astonishment doctor told me that I was 5 feet tall.

I was happy from 4.9 feet, I had grown to 5 feet. I majestically strode towards my house that is when I started thinking if I had grown 3 inches then my clothes had to grow short. My sandals had to be tight all these had not happened. Then how had I grown 3 inches.

I came home feeling sad I asked my parents, was there any difference in me to which they point blankly replied that there was no difference. Seeing me dejected my dad decided to call the magic man, but unfortunately his number was not reachable.

I gave up my hope of becoming tall. I received a lot of sympathy from all around. I was still in the dilemma as to how I had grown. After almost a year I received my cumulative record from the school. The cumulative record shows ones performance in school as well as their physical attributes. When I went through it I realized that my last height recorded exactly a year before the magic man arrived was 5 feet.

I felt choked. I knew I was cheated. The magic man had played it right. He had measured my height and had written 3 inches less so that in the future if someone questioned him he could easily show the proof and tell I had grown tall by 3 inches.

Even today after 15 years I see ads in the television or other sources claiming that they would reduce belly fat or increase height or reduce it, I immediately remember the magic man and the bitter way I was cheated.

Till date I am just 5 feet, I have neither grown taller nor shorter. The only difference in me is that I have accepted myself as I am. Probably we need to understand that there are certain things each of us inherits and it is something which we can do nothing about. No matter what we do we cannot change our height. We cannot change our eye colour or the shape of our body. The beauty of life is in accepting the way we are and working upon it.

Most of all I think as citizens we need to educate one another about the fraudsters who are freely roaming in the society claiming that they can change your eyes, your hips and nose.

Probably we cannot stop these people but what we can do is be clever to choose what is correct and stop others when there are indulging in such acts, this way we could probably eradicate the fraudsters from our society.

Well I have still preserved my shoes. Every time I have a look at it I remember my stupidity and foolishness. It also teaches me to accept those attributes of mine which can never be changed and never to repeat such mistakes in the future.

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By Sonal Lobo
Sonal Lobo, born and bought up in Bengaluru, is a post graduate in commerce from Christ University, Bengaluru. She has been writing from the age of 10. Her writings have been published in in a number of publications of repute. She has published two books 'Thoughts Sublime' and 'Whistling Words' both collection of poems and also contributed in various anthologies. Currently she is working as an HR counsellor in Bengaluru. You can reach her at
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Comment on this article

  • Alvina, Mangalore

    Wed, May 01 2019

    Interesting read. I enjoyed reading, Good work.

  • Anita Britto, Auckland

    Wed, May 01 2019

    Beautifully written, Sonal. Looking forward to reading a lot more from you.

  • Joe Britto, Nakre/Bangalore

    Sat, Apr 27 2019

    Great one Sonal !.

    Keep Penning.

  • Reethu Padmanabhan, Ernakulam

    Fri, Apr 26 2019

    Good one Ma'am , enjoyed reading it.

  • Ashwini, Bangalore

    Fri, Apr 26 2019

    How is it that you never told me about this incident.... Funny yet very thought provoking sonal😊😊😊👌👌👌 the fat me feels very relaxed now... Thanks and keep inspiring!!!

  • Precilla, Mangalore

    Wed, Apr 24 2019

    Very nicely written. Enjoyed reading.

  • Ronald Mathias, Mangalore/Bahrain

    Tue, Apr 23 2019

    Very nicely written....Sonal keep it up.

  • Jasmine, Mangalore

    Tue, Apr 23 2019

    Dear Sonal, I really like to read your articles. Very well narrated. All the best.

  • Smitha, Puttur

    Tue, Apr 23 2019

    Good one Sonal. Really enjoyed reading your article.

  • Ivan, Mangalore/Canada

    Tue, Apr 23 2019

    A very well written article Sonu. You know, I am also short. When I was working in Bombay, our Engineer once tried to taunt me and called 4'2", I immediately corrected him and said, Saini Saab, you are wrong, "I am just 2' 4" ". He never ever insulted me after that. It hits you hard only if it affects you. We always learn from our own mistakes. Keep up the good work of writing thought provoking articles.

  • Asmath, Bangalore

    Mon, Apr 22 2019

    Very well written. Fortunately or unfortunately we realise that our height,weight,colour does not matter, very late. But there are a lot of teenagers who are still stuck there. I hope that this article reaches out to them and they are not carried away by such magic men.

  • rakshithavhavle, Bangalore

    Mon, Apr 22 2019

    Beautifully written Ma'am, we should accept what we have rather than regret. Something is always better than nothing!!!

  • Riya, Bangalore

    Mon, Apr 22 2019

    Very nicely written. I totally agree with you Sonal, I have also gone through a phase where it was difficult for me to accept myself and Because of which I have done a lot of silly things which today when I look back feel was silly and useless. Never the less I really liked the way you put it across in a very light manner but still effectively. Thank u for a nice write up.

  • Jeffrey, Mangalore

    Mon, Apr 22 2019

    Really enjoyed reading your article. It's funny at the same time conveys very strong lessons. Continue writing.

  • Lancy Madtha, Residing in Dubai-UAE

    Sun, Apr 21 2019

    Very well expressed chronological progress with you dear Sonal from your childhood. Knowing your Mom being my college-mate, I am pleased to know that you have reached to this height to be a journalist. Wishing you every success and expecting many more analytical articles to flow out of your thoughtful, focussed mind by being observant of your surroundings, including media exposures.

    With best wishes and good luck,
    Lancy MADTHA
    IFL Group, Dubai
    United Arab Emirates.

  • Martha, UAE

    Sat, Apr 20 2019

    Beautiful and funny article. Loved reading it.

  • Arlene, Bangalore

    Sat, Apr 20 2019

    Once again a masterpiece from Sonal. I am totally smitten by the way you write and the way in which you convey some topics in a very subtle but very effective manner. It's nice to know writers like u exist. Wonderful. The article rightly conveys why it is important to accept oneself the way we are,in the world which is constantly trying to run towards so called perfection a hint of imperfection and ability to love oneself and others the way they are is so very crucial and beautiful.

  • Alisha, Mangalore

    Sat, Apr 20 2019

    Superb Sonal. Till today this was one thing bothering me too. But u r right that its best to accept ourselves as we are.😘😘

  • priyasiva, bangalore

    Sat, Apr 20 2019

    So funny and so lovely about the feeling of small kid.really awesome dear.

  • Usha Akhil, Auckland

    Sat, Apr 20 2019

    Your experiences wen u relate them wid certain life lessons it’s simply awesome.. Very neatly said , you are an amazing writer .

  • Kenneth, UAE

    Sat, Apr 20 2019

    I have read most of your articles and really appreciate the way you co-relate your life experiences with the situations prevelant in the society. Well kudos to you for openly accepting your mistake which many of us shy away from. A huge applause for presenting in a very light way with a lot of humor. Your style of writing is very different yet powerful and hits right at the place. I enjoy reading your articles and looking forward for many more.

  • Varun Kumar R, Bangalore

    Sat, Apr 20 2019

    Well written Sonal.! Realisation is the point when we understand things. Neatly said :)

  • Apoorva, Bangalore

    Fri, Apr 19 2019

    Humorously written 👌😂. Most of them would have had similar experiences, but what matters is to learn from their mistakes and not repeat it again.

  • Apoorva, Bangalore

    Fri, Apr 19 2019

    Very true and meaningful.....👌

  • Yuvarani, Bangalore

    Fri, Apr 19 2019

    Good one.. Message conveyed..

  • Dhivya, Bengaluru

    Fri, Apr 19 2019

    Well written Sonal !

  • Esther, Mangalore

    Fri, Apr 19 2019

    Very nicely written. It's funny but meaningful. Loved it

  • santhosh christopher d almeda, Bengaluru

    Fri, Apr 19 2019

    Very well expressed keep writing such articles clap clap

  • Priya, Mangalore

    Fri, Apr 19 2019

    So funny! Great lesson :)

  • Vidhya, Bangalore

    Fri, Apr 19 2019

    Well-written, Sonu.! I think a lot of us have trouble in accepting things that we cannot change and struggle to come to terms with them. If we are able to accept them and be happy with what we are, then life will be blissful! :)

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