'KonkanGhar Riyadh (KGR) celebrated "Monthi Fest" the birthday of our most beloved Mother Mary on the 12th of September 2014 with the Indian community of Riyadh.

The day’s celebration commenced with the welcome speech by Ivan Vas Mangalore. The prime part of the day “Birthday Celebration of Mother Mary” the spectacular ceremony began by little children, teenagers and adults coming in procession and showering flowers to the statue of Infant Mary, to the hymn “Moryek Hogolsiyan” and “Sakkad Sangatha melyam”. Celine Mascarenhas Mukamar conducted the prayer session and Eric D'sa Pangla conveyed the message on the feast of Nativity.

The blessed Novem, (New Corn) specially flown in, from Mangalore for the occasion was distributed to all the guests in the form of “Novem mixed with milk”. Roland D’Souza Kalmadi, recited the prayer before meals. In keeping up the Mangalorian tradition Remy Lobo Deralakatte offered the "UttakachoTambiyo" to the crowd. The delicious homemade vegetarian food consisting of eleven varieties of vegetables and delicious “vorn”, prepared by the Mangalorian families was served to the crowd on banana leaves.

After the food it was time for entertainment evening. Cultural event began with small children dance “Who let the dog out” performed by Elton D'sa, Elton Lewis, Ethen Vas, Glenson Mendonca, Keith Rodrigues, Srineeka, Simona and Sinona Fernandes draw a cheer and loud applause from the audience.

The duo brothers, Karan and Kiran Nazareth, displayed their instinct talent by performing a dance number "Aatamaji Satakli – Singham Returns".

Action dance on "Aye Meri Zohrajabeen – Phir Hera Pheri" by Godwin Mendonca, Alwyn D'Souza, Alwyn Rodrigues, Austin Menezes, Ashlyn
Rodrigues, Elita D'sa, Edmond Lewis, Kevin D' Souza, Salvador Fernandes, Stanley Cardoza, and Vicky Lobo entertained the gathering.

Fusion dance by Ashlyn Rodrigues, Elita D'sa, Jasmine Menezes, Jeena D'Sa, and Prema Fernandes mesmerized the audience by their dance skills. A delectable array of songs by Austin Menezes "Sarika – Lancy Moras" Edmond Lewis "Ho Maria – Wilfy Rebimbus", Jyothi Reena D'Souza "Araluthiru Jeevada Geleya – Mungaru Male", Baskar Udupi and Godwin Mendonca "Udi Udi Maroon Ye – Prajoth D'sa" quenched the audience' music appetite.

The best part of the cultural event was the comedy skit "Halli Meshtru" enacted by Alwyn D'souza, Alwyn Rodrigues, Austin Menezes, Clinton D'Souza, Edmond Lewis, Godwin Mendonca, Kevin D'Souza, Nagraj Bajal Anchan, Salvador Fernandes, Stanley Cardoza and Vicky Lobo made the entire atmosphere burst with laughter.

Nagaraj Bajal Anchan directed and choreographed all the dances and the comedy skit. Amitha Prabhu Bijai, conducted games and prizes were given away to the winners.Eric D'sa conducted spot games during the entertainment session.

Housie Housie game conducted by Praveen D' Souza Urwa and Alwyn Rodrigues, Shirva. Nagaraj Bajal Anchan cracked jokes amid the game, adding a generous dose of humor. Edmond Lewis proposed vote of thanks. Jasmine Menezes Miyar, a new member of KGR, compered the event in Konkani dialect. The spectacular evening conclude with the Baila dance.