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Cricket stadium in Mangalore: CM Siddaramaiah agrees 'in principle'

Cricket stadium in Mangalore: CM Siddaramaiah agrees 'in principle'

Daijiworld Media Network - Mangalore
With Inputs from Media Release

Mangalore, Nov 1: Here's a heartening news for cricket lovers in Mangalore. If all goes well, their long-cherished dream of an exclusive cricket stadium in the city may come true in the near future, with chief minister having agreed to a proposal in this regard, in principle.

A delegation of Social Action Group for Empowerment comprising cricket promoters, cricket enthusiasts, and members of cricket association led by P V Mohan, AICC member met and submitted a memorandum to the chief minister on Wednesday October 30  late night at Krishna, the CM's residence office in Bangalore. The CM has agreed in principle to allot 25 acre land to construct a stadium exclusively for cricket in Mangalore, stated a media release.

An important member of the delegation and local MLA Moideen Bava has urged the chief minister to allot a 25-acre land acquired by KIADB near Baikampady, touching the national highway. The delegation in its memorandum has pointed out that many district headquarters have their own cricket grounds for the game and unfortunately Mangalore is not one among them. The cricket players who were exposed to national and international matches played in temporary grounds in the city of Mangalore. It is a big disappointment for the people of Dakshina Kannada district that they do not have a proper ground for playing cricket. Great stalwarts like Raghuram Bhat, the late Dayanand Pai, Ganapathi Rao and the late Gopal Pai developed themselves as wonderful cricket players with great difficulty as there was very little space for them to play and practice, the delegation told the CM.

The delegation also stressed that this should not happen to boys in Mangalore who are aspiring to become national-level cricket players and appealed to the chief minister to initiate necessary action for establishing a proper ground in Mangalore for playing cricket and assign either the Dakishna Kannada District Cricket Association or Karnataka State Cricket Association to construct a stadium.

Mohammed Badruddin, KPCC member, Balakrishna Shetty, member, Dakshina Kannada Cricket Association, Nazir, industrialist,and  Asif were part of the delegation.

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  • M.Shivaram Rai, New Delhi

    Sat, Jan 17 2015

    It is a great news that MANGALORE going to get a cricket stadium.Actually there is no cricket environment at the grass root level. Only Sahiyadri college ground is having grassy outfield where cricket ball can have its shine for few overs.Immidiet requirement is the fecility at grass root level.
    M Shivaram Rai.(Ex Services Player/NIS Coach,Level' B'Coach)Delhi U-25 & 16 Coach
    Physical Education Teacher at DPS RK PURAM,New Delhi.

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  • abhilash konaje, konaje

    Tue, Aug 26 2014

    good news for manglore people......sum of years we are waiting fo this news.....i thankfully mr bava...and cm siddu,,,,plz started the constructed 2 years we r waiting for the international cricket match........

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  • Robin, Byndoor

    Tue, Nov 5 2013

    This Siddiddi Bava is a Cricket Entrepreneur and he wants a Stadium for this Kiri-Ket. A Stadium for all sports is the need of the hour. Not just a cricket. Cricket already a game that spoiled its name. Nobody trust it.

    Let CM and peoples representatives look to solve genuine problems people are facing.

    Hectares of agricultural lands are vanishing after filling mud and erecting buildings over them.

    Irrespective of the necessity agricultural fields are disappearing. Where to go for food in the future ?

    Bava wants Cricket Stadium !!!!! He has money. Let him take his team to Sharjah and play there. Don't make our youth useless by this adventure....

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  • Sharan , Mangalore

    Mon, Nov 4 2013

    Great Ramu... Good news for Mangalore Guys.

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  • Anand, Mumbai

    Sun, Nov 3 2013

    I also appreciate effort of Walter and the team Daijiworld who are working behind the seen to bring in a world class Cricket stadium to our beautiful native place.

    Walter, your and Team Daijiworld's contribution was immense in creating the awareness on international AP among the public and the government machineries. I am sure this time around too, you and your team will keep the public d and government bodies on toes till the dream is realized.


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  • Vincent Rodrigues, Katapadi/Bangalore

    Sun, Nov 3 2013

    Cricket Stadium in Mangalore is really great news to our Coastal Cricket Lovers.Hope everything will be as per our expectation.All the best.Thanq.

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    Sun, Nov 3 2013

    To put Mangalore on national and international map we should build Cricket stadium where we can play ODIs and 20-20 games.....

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  • Steevan, Mangalore

    Sat, Nov 2 2013

    The Stadium cant come, I think the place @ Baikampady Identified for the cricket stadium belongs to Mangalore Port Trust. Please double check..........
    We all want a gud cricket stadium for DK, would be a better Identified a suitable different place

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  • Anand, Mumbai

    Sat, Nov 2 2013

    I appreciate the idea. Please elaborate the plan and time line. Adopt to a policy of "Maatu kadime hechhu dudime".

    Show it is an organized way rather than just promises. Everyone will appreciate proven record not the promised record.

    All the best.

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  • Romans Lobo, Gurpur-Kaikamba

    Sat, Nov 2 2013

    Baikampady..? what a place to have a stadium. MRPL,BASF,MCF & Baikampady ind. estate, I'm sure no intl. player would like to play cricket here. If he does his life span will be reduced by few years because of pollution

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  • prakash , mangalore

    Sat, Nov 2 2013

    Take the opinion and advise from few cricket legends from the following list and involve them Kirmani,Vishwanath,Srinath,Brijish,Binny,Venkatesh,Prasanna,Chandrasheakar,Ravi Shashtri(all from Karnataka) and few honest legends from Mangalore etc etc etc. Do not fall flat to few guys only . Make a plan of construction,Maintenance,Management etc. Make a comitee of cricketers while calling tenders as vested interests likely to swallow the money in the name of ground. We do not want ground is built and vested parties making merry out of it. Ground to be built for cricket and for the contractors /politicians to take advantage during building. Try to maintain Nehru stadium & give a new shape to it. Local MLA must ensure nehrau stadium is restructured if he knows about cricket?

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  • Jagdish, Mangalore

    Sat, Nov 2 2013

    Dear concerned representative kindly take intiative to fill phatholes of mangalore city first then later on think about building an international cricket stadium in mangalore. Regarding cricket stadium we have been listening about that in mangalore for last 20-25 years, but nothing happened on that till now. Whatever the plans of that in mangalore city was only in papers and nothing has been implemented in reality.

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  • kishor, mumbai

    Sat, Nov 2 2013

    Mangalore require International level stadium not district level.

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  • John Tauro, M'lore / Kuwait

    Sat, Nov 2 2013

    The stadium must have all required facilities to play ODI & T20. Otherwise there is no fun in constructing stadium spending crores of rupees.

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  • ram shetty - , udupi

    Sat, Nov 2 2013

    it's better if you invite good private investors who are keen in investing in our costal area... government can not build at all.. allthey can sanction the land with some private benefits !

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  • manoj dsouza, mangalore

    Sat, Nov 2 2013

    it looks like few people are heavily pressing Siddu for a mega ground !.Really do not know how many of these guys have played real cricket. Government to ensure that there is a real need for such ground and make a detailed study before approving. All projects to be implemented meaningfully. Importantance to be given for priorities.

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  • Raj, Udupi

    Sat, Nov 2 2013

    Hello don't forget our sweet Udupi....I believe best cricketing talent is in Udupi. If you take any state level tennis ball match team from udupi will be the winners always......

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  • R.Bhandarkar, M'lore

    Sat, Nov 2 2013

    Why all the Halla Gulla?...
    He has agreed 'In Principle' means he does not believe 'In Implementation'....Those who know 'politics' better will understand...

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  • safwan, Mangalore

    Sat, Nov 2 2013

    Gud News To Mangalore Cricket fans Nad ALL oVER DK Peple...........
    Hats Off Siddu ji,,,,
    Our Belived MLA Mr Mohideen BAWA....
    Jai Ho Congress.

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  • Roland,

    Sat, Nov 2 2013

    PV Mohan, is this some kind of canvassing for the DKCA elections? Even if you try to approach BCCI for cricket stadium, YOU WILL NOT WIN THE DKCA ELECTION.

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  • mhussain, qATAR

    Sat, Nov 2 2013

    what is the empowerment or upliftment programs for poor from new govt of k'natak

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    Sat, Nov 2 2013

    Good news. M'lore city is the most craziest about Cricket & our youth are so crazy over cricket. Hats off Sidduji.

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  • Lobo AG, Mangalore/Mumbai

    Sat, Nov 2 2013

    It is great news for people of Dakshina Kannada. It is a milestone of development for Mangalore as a tourist attraction. Now we need good roads, drainage system, footpaths, garbage disposal, good bus depot. We are fortunate to have selfless legislators. Thank you CM Siddharamaihaji.

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  • Thomas Saldanha, Bangalore (Dubai)

    Sat, Nov 2 2013

    Wow, great news for all coastal kannadiga's. No doubt, sports across the globe contributes a lot to the economy and Mangalore as a tier-II city needs it very badly in line with other cities like Mohali, Cuttack, Vishakapatnam or Kochi. Infact, I just raised this question when Shri. J.R.Lobo, MLA was in Abu Dhabi recently and now it is turning into reality. Kudos!

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  • J. T, Mangalore

    Sat, Nov 2 2013

    Plenty is spent in India on building stadiums that lie idle for months on end. How about building more grounds that are available to up-and-coming cricketers all year-round? How about acquiring pieces of land in the interiors, developing basic grounds and running cricket academies (open and free for all) through the year? Such a move would ensure that anyone who wants to play the sport, irrespective of how far from the big cities he lives, has access to a ground and a good coach. Associations could run these academies using merely the interest generated from the vast sums spend in building big stadiums.

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  • Wilfred J. Lewis, Matpady-Brahmavar/ New York City, USA

    Sat, Nov 2 2013

    Citizens, please keep the count(s). Already we got Monorail, Cricket Stadium and I guess that many more are to come...

    Population of the twin districts of Coastal Karnataka are the most educated in the country. Realities we are used to not fictitious promises. Thanks CM, for the stadium.

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  • Lewis, Brahmavar Dubai

    Sat, Nov 2 2013

    It is Congress only gave us good complete govenance.Entire world is strugling even countires like U S are strugling to pay theier employees.It is under Congress only we got declaration,bank nationalization,RTI,RTF,Right to education,employement,Land bill ectc few to name.These are fact and due to RTI 50 percent of my village benifitted.Sadly in India people only count negetive aspect of the Country.Our Country has problems but there is life in our country.Ours is not a failed state.Stop blaming politicians .Leave your foreign country jobs and work for nation.If cant please dont spread only negetiveness of my Country.

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  • Fredrick Correa, Pernal/Mumbai

    Sat, Nov 2 2013

    It is a great news for the cricket lovers of Mangalore. However, the locals whose properties would be sacrificed should be PROPERLY compensated.

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  • rahul shetty, udupi / london

    Sat, Nov 2 2013

    it's good move , however we should target somewhere near mulki or padubidre area , so that we can cover both districts interest to watch international matches considering benefits to all locals from kundapur to mangalore ares along with other logistics benefits to players and other other spectators who want to come to our twin district to watch matches, i think both districts MLA, MP etc should unite and get approve asap and build a good stadium

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  • Gopal Shetty, Miyapadavu,K.SA

    Sat, Nov 2 2013

    Good News for our Boys in Mangalore.Dear Mr.P.V.Mohan u did good work.keep it up.

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  • HITMAN, Mlore/Kuwait

    Sat, Nov 2 2013

    To start a International Cricket Stadium. Acres is this a kind of Joke?

    for any cricket Stadium we need more then 40 to 550 Acres...
    and here Mohidin baba and Siddu are behind 25 Acres in Baikampadi..

    First they said Stadium in vamanjoor like 6 yrs back and then they said Stadium in Taneer Bhavi as they already have lots of land there and now here new Twist in Baikampady.

    Hope after 1 yr they may say Stadium in Westernghat as it will be near for Mangalore as well as Bangalore.

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  • Sheikh, Mangalore

    Sat, Nov 2 2013

    In sha Allah

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  • lukas, malpe

    Sat, Nov 2 2013

    should be international stadium like Australia ,so that if rains comes also water should drain within 1 hour so that match will be restart without any problem.Also we need one Hospital like AIIMS in chikamagalur district to tribute Indira Ghandi as she won here in parliment seat.

    DisAgree [3] Agree [11] Reply Report Abuse

  • vivek, hirebail / abu dhabi

    Sat, Nov 2 2013

    good step by government, congress intend to do improvement in costal districts, last government is did all is moral policing, ban on cattle transportation, stone pelting at churches.

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  • Bulsam, Mangalore

    Sat, Nov 2 2013

    Why there is no discipline during the politicians meetings?
    Discussion should happen while sitting according to the protocol in an orderly manner and the minutes of the discussion to be recorded but not this way.

    DisAgree Agree [20] Reply Report Abuse

  • Langoolacharya, Belman/Washington,DC

    Mon, Nov 4 2013

    CONgress people are followers of Mahatma MK Gandhi,,, so you could see discipline of his followers in the photo's above....and everywhere else....


    DisAgree Agree Reply Report Abuse

  • shashee, Udupi

    Fri, Nov 1 2013

    This is possible only with Congress government. Jai ho.

    DisAgree [10] Agree [21] Reply Report Abuse

  • Santhosh, kadri/Bahrain

    Fri, Nov 1 2013

    First photo teach lesson for the C.M how to approach by pinpoint. Shame for Mr.Siddaramaaiah?

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  • Ronald D, Udupi

    Fri, Nov 1 2013

    26 acre land available in Mangalore??? Good luck! If Bava can make it s no politician in history could not make it!! This alone can make him worthwhie!! Go ahead Bava....make the stadium of intl level in your MLA tenure!!!!

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