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Udupi: Manipal rape - No arrest yet, MU registrar says security will be tightened

Udupi: Manipal rape - No arrest yet, MU registrar says security will be tightened

Daijiworld Media Network - Udupi (UM)

Udupi, Jun 23: The police have intensified their search for the elusive accused in the Manipal rape-case that has shocked the state.

Police confirmed to daijiworld that no arrests have been made so far, though a few persons have been taken for questioning over last two days.

The police have also collected identity cards of all rickshaw drivers in the district through the auto drivers' union.

It is said that the auto used in the crime was a new TVS King. Sources said that after kidnapping the girl, the accused took her to a lonely wooded area in Saralabettu and allegedly raped her, before dropping her back to her flat.

It is now learnt that the incident of kidnapping came to the notice of the security guard at the university when he saw the girl's mobile phone, umbrella and other belongings fallen at the spot. He gathered them and handed them over to the college management and a search began for the girl. The police too were called and all the surrounding areas were searched, but in vain.

Meanwhile, the three men who abducted her carefully drove away to Saralabettu, avoiding all CCTVs on the way. When dropping her back too, they left her at a lonely lane behind the flat where no one noticed them. Sources also said that the auto, being a new one, was unregistered.

The girl, who is recuperating in the hospital, has not been able to give information about her persecuters. Except for a few minutes of interation with the SP, she has not talked to anyone, it is said. With no information from the girl herself and CCTVs not helping either, the investigation has been hampered. However, the police have said that they have gathered vital clues and are confident of catching the culprits soon.

Home minister K J George will be visiting Udupi and Manipal on Sunday June 23. Politicians across party lines have condemned the incident and demands for quick arrest and punishment of culprits has been fast gaining momentum from various quarters. Kerala government too has contacted chief minister Siddaramaiah and asked for a thorough probe into the incident, as the girl hails from Kerala.

Security will be tightened - MU registrar

Dr G K Prabhu, registrar of Manipal University, while speaking in an exclusive interview with Daijiworld said that the management and the staff of the varsity were equally shocked about what has happened to one of their students.

“Our hearts go out to the victim and her family. Manipal University making sure that she is getting the best medical attention. Moreover, she is being given emotional support at this stage. We have informed her family and they are on their way and expected to reach Manipal tonight or tomorrow morning”, he added.

“Investigation is being done by the relevant authorities and it is too early to say anything about the incident. Action will be taken by the authorities only. We have been running the campus for the last 50 years and this is the first incident of this kind and we condemn it. We are fully cooperating with the police and the district authorities.

"Whatever information is accessible to us regarding the incident, has been handed over to the police with the intention of catching the culprits at the earliest. After consulting with the police authorities, security measures will be further tightened on the campus and outside the campus,” added Dr Prabhu.

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  • sheikh, bangalore

    Wed, Jun 26 2013

    Apart from checking local auto drivers , police need to visit auto dealers and show rooms if any and find any autos taken out on that day and need to question the workers . also they can check the mobile towers records in that area and near by even after the incident or early morning.

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  • Viraj M H, Udupi / Oman

    Mon, Jun 24 2013

    Indeed a dark day for people of South Kanara. It has spoiled the reputation of educational institute of Manipal. Security within the campus and other surrounding areas wherein the students reside has to be tightened. Severe punishment has to be meeted out to the culprits once nabbed. Let us not blame political parties at this juncture. We should all understand the agony being undergone by the victim and her family members. The public must concentrate on catching these rougues at the earliest and support the police to do their job.

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  • S.M. Nawaz Kukkikatte, udupi

    Mon, Jun 24 2013

    Catch the rapist give him death penalty without any delay then close the case.

    real justice for victims
    believing in police investigation
    future we will avoiding such a crime because of death penalty
    we can secure our woman every time and everywhere

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  • vidit, bangalore

    Mon, Jun 24 2013

    Manipal is a small place , when a person told about the incident the guard duty to inform higher authority and take action immediately.WHY THE LACK IN COMMUNICATION? what is the role of police at night time? such a big campose what security department doing in manipal . this incident may result bad image of manipal institutes.

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  • Edward C Maben, Mangalore/Bangalore

    Sun, Jun 23 2013

    @Sunil Udupi, laws are for the public. If they are outdated and they dont serve the interests of the public,or if they dont serve thier purpose, then they are stupid. So they ought to be changed from time to time.

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  • Peter Pereira, Pune

    Sun, Jun 23 2013

    Sujith Polali, do you mean to say the Jacket thief and his stinking group should have been given charge to protect students at Manipal ? I pity you Mr. Sujith. May be the culprits belongs to same group who knows.

    DisAgree [3] Agree [11] Reply Report Abuse


    Sun, Jun 23 2013

    After the incident Tightening the security what is the use? Other wise also security must tightened.But what I feel is If the security is vigil all the 24 hours,this type of incidence can be stop.

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  • Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai

    Sun, Jun 23 2013

    Mr. Seemanth Kumar Singh who was moved out by BJP should be reinstated........

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  • Mangalorean, Udupi

    Sun, Jun 23 2013

    Stop auto gunda raaj. They act like they are the boss. Overcharge, Abuse and loot..

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  • Vincent Rodrigues, Katapadi/Bangalore

    Sun, Jun 23 2013

    By now,the police department may be having reliable clues with regard to the culprits involved in this Manipal rape incident.Good to know from the Registar of Manipal university that the steps are being initiated to step up security to dispel this type of incidents in future.But the very important task is nab the culprits and imprison them with maximum punishment.Thanq.

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    Sun, Jun 23 2013

    What happened to Nirbhay rape case in Delhi. They said that in 3 months time judgment will be delivered It is now over 6 months. Even after 60 years no judgement will come out as there is no one to monitor the cases. Shame shame...

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  • Well wisher, Udupi

    Sun, Jun 23 2013

    Mr. Pinto,
    I completely agree with u on this.

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  • Pinto, Mlore

    Sun, Jun 23 2013

    Looks like all the comments made in regard to police action need justification.
    The police are a sent force
    not a spent force.
    No rapist is going to wear a badge saying I RAPED AND walk on the street.
    Give them time, support and clues if any they will do their job you do yours.
    Lest we forget" A COP TOO IS A POP "
    Last time you accused thievery journalist who help exposé accused in crime now you are trying to find fault with the very force who is investigating the matter.
    Politics is playing a bigger,dirtier roll than the need to use discretion and support.
    A sister has been raped, she could be yours.
    Wether you agree or disagree I don't care.

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  • J.anata, Mangaluru / Bengaluru

    Sun, Jun 23 2013

    Welcome to Congress administrated Karnataka State! Rapes, gand rapes, murders, arson will be common & NO ACtion whatsoever would be taken against offenders!!! This is the price we had to pay when Siddu took over the state! Its shameful that the culprits are still at large even after 3 days & Georgie the HM makes a flying visit to Manipal!! When they say security would be 'Toghtened', it would be like they drink Siddu cheap liquor & be 'Tight'!!! Shameful!!

    DisAgree [37] Agree [24] Reply Report Abuse


    Tue, Jun 25 2013

    yeah... bjp is very clean...!!! please enlighten me, during whose rule was there an attack on church, pubs, home stays etc etc?? who attacked service bus personnel recently in udupi?? i dont think so the answer is CONGRESS!!!

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  • Rudolf, Mangalore

    Sun, Jun 23 2013

    @GZT Kunte, they are playing the hypocrite game!!! Capitation fee ka tamasha!!!

    DisAgree [2] Agree [9] Reply Report Abuse

  • Jaimini P.B., Manipal,Sharjah

    Sun, Jun 23 2013

    Do Manipal police expect us to catch rapists and handed over to them ?..This is what happening in twin districts in most of the cases.They can't solve with their own effort and intelligence. Here they got such a important clue,still they can't ? WHYYYY?
    Manipal and Udupi police should think that students from 52 countries study in Manipal.Now news spread to everywhere.Now it is an Intl News.All eyes are on Manipal Police. If they fail,then it is a big big shame ! Hope they crack this case and get international recognition.

    DisAgree [2] Agree [29] Reply Report Abuse

  • sujith polali, mangalore

    Sun, Jun 23 2013

    Biggest problem is pepole supporting political party i can see many online sickulars who cryed like anything when morning mist attack happend but same pepole supporting now its pepoles misatake as long as they stop supporting political parties noyhing will change let all the college pricipals come out and demand for justice now we want same kind of protest from same pepole who did for morning mist attack

    DisAgree [19] Agree [19] Reply Report Abuse

  • Edward C Maben, Mangalore/Bangalore

    Sun, Jun 23 2013

    A new unregistered TVS King auto. A very good lead indeed. The only job now is to trace how many new TVS King autos have been purchased in the area. And then tracking down the culprits.
    Once the culprits are caught, the police must hand them over to the public for ten minutes. The police will simply go through so much of painful procedures only to see them given bail by our stupid laws.
    This is a blot on Manipal and rest of the undivided DK. There is a lot of damage that has happened to these twin districts in terms of moral policing and things like that.
    It is high time that such anti social activities must be brought under control. If not, our privelege of hosting the best educational institutions will go to dogs.
    On the other hand we build such great insitutions and invite international students to study here, but fail to provide adquate security to them.
    Its time for the government, the police force and the public act!!!

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  • sunil, udupi

    Sun, Jun 23 2013

    @Edward maben..Our law is not stupid..when this law made that time situation completly diffrent as it now so we should change law and according time to time

    DisAgree [3] Agree [6] Reply Report Abuse

  • Charles D'Mello, Pangala

    Sun, Jun 23 2013

    Does this case will have a sudden twist now. How come she was ped back...!!!???? Usually rapists do not worry about ping the victim back...!!!???

    DisAgree [6] Agree [19] Reply Report Abuse

  • G Z T Kunte, Udupi

    Sun, Jun 23 2013

    Mr. Registrar please note that there are many Drug addict students in your own College including girls. First find them out and rusticate them.
    Those rapist were coming regularly to Manipal on Auto to supply drugs to such joints in Manipal. So while returning they mistook that the girl walking alone on the road in that late night must be drug addict, so they dared to do that heinous act. But that girls was really Clean.
    So, catching those monsters will also open the Pandora's box of Drug supply Source and such secret joints at Manipal frequented by your students and the Haftawala Police know very well about such joints.

    DisAgree [2] Agree [40] Reply Report Abuse


    Sun, Jun 23 2013

    Prevention is better than heartful sympathy with rape victim her family and students.We want more security for girl students.All citizens give support to police in their investigation.These incident should not happen again once again with sympathy with victim cony maria conrial tauro

    DisAgree [1] Agree [21] Reply Report Abuse


    Sun, Jun 23 2013

    Very sad that the rapits are not yet caught...and who knows if that would ever happen.

    DisAgree Agree [24] Reply Report Abuse


    Sun, Jun 23 2013

    % Juliet Mam You Are Right

    Manipal Auto Rickshaw Stand

    1) Tiger Circle
    2) KMC Hospital
    3) Hotel Green Park Rickshaw Stand
    4) MIT Rickshaw Stand
    5) U like Hair Cutting Opposite Rickshaw Stand
    6) Big Boss Rickshaw Stand
    7) Christ Church Rickshaw Stand

    Sort out how many of them recently brought the new TVS King.

    Expecting that 8 Police team would find easier to find out the culprit, if culprit from Local Auto Rickshaw Stand.

    DisAgree [2] Agree [37] Reply Report Abuse

  • juliet mascarenhas, bejai mangalore

    Sun, Jun 23 2013

    Is this such a difficult task for a small place like Manipal. The auto used was a new TVS King unregistered. Is this the way of celebration/inauguration of the new purchase.The dealers of the TVS king will be helpful in tracing out the culprits.This is a pre planned case performed by the habitual criminals.

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