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Bangalore: KPCC gets ready to choose candidates: 4 divisional panels formed

Bangalore: KPCC gets ready to choose candidates: 4 divisional panels formed
From Our Special Correspondent
Daijiworld Media Network - Bangalore

Bangalore, Mar 16: Though the Election Commission is yet to officially announce the time-table for the forthcoming assembly elections in Karnataka, the State Congress leaders have already started the exercise of shortlisting the names of the candidates from the party.

The Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee (KPPC), headed by its president Dr G Parameshwar, held a meeting at a private resort on the Bangalore International Airport Road near Devanahalli off Bangalore on Saturday.

AICC General Secretary Madhusudan Mistri, who is in charge of Karnataka, and senior Congress leaders attended the meeting at the Clark Exotica resort of NRI Entrepreneur Ronald Colaco.

The Congress meeting constituted four divisional-wise committees for finalising candidates for forthcoming elections to the State Legislative Assembly scheduled to be held in May.

As many as 2150 candidates, who included almost all the sitting MLAs and a substantial number of women, have already applied for party tickets to contest elections.

KPCC president Dr G Parameshwar, AICC General Secretary and party’s Karnataka in-charge Madhusudan Mistry, AICC Secretary Hanumantha Rao, Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Assembly Siddaramaiah and his counterpart in the Council S R Patil, Union Ministers Mallikarjun Kharge, M Veerappa Moily, K Rehman Khan, K H Muniyappa, senior leaders of the party Dharam Singh, Oscar Fernandes, B Janardhana Poojary, B K Hariprasad and others attended the meeting.

Four Committees:
Former Union Minister and former KPCC president B Janardhna Poojary is heading Bangalore division team while former Chief Minister N Dharam Singh, MP, is heading the Mysore division. B K Hariprasad, former MP, and Leader of the Opposition in the legislative Council S R Patil, are in charge of the Gulbarga and Belgaum divisions respectively.

Each of the four teams has 15 members.

Each panel would discuss pros and cons of aspirants and finalise a list candidates for all constituencies in the State, which would then be vetted by the Congress high command.

Sitting MLAs, former ministers, MPs, cine artists, writers, advocates are among those who have applied for party tickets.

Speaking to presspersons, party leader D K Shivakumar said the party would also discus a strategy to be adopted and finalise the tentative tour progrmames of various leaders.

To a question on admitting BJP, JD(S) and Independent legislators into the party, Shivakumar said AICC Vice-President Rahul Gandhi has invited Dr Parameshwar and Siddaramaiah for talks in Delhi on March 21 to discuss the issue.

''We will abide by the decision of the party high command,” he said.

Former Union Minister S M Krishna, who is apparently sulking on being given a respectable position in the party ahead of the assembly elections, was conspicuous by his absence even though he was very much present in Bangalore and kept himself busy meeting party leaders at his residence.

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  • Don Kamath, Banglore, India

    Sun, Mar 17 2013

    Congress should give tickets to good candidates who are hard working, sincere and non-corrupt. Surely Congress will win more than 115 seats and it will form the next Govt which will be more stable. However, they should not be like BJP which has ruined its chance due to corruption and infighting. Congress should make Karnatak a Model State. JAI HO CONGRESS. LIVE LIVE DEMOCRACY, SECULARISM AND COMMUNAL HARMONY.

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  • Amin Bhoja, Patte / Riyadh

    Sun, Mar 17 2013

    Whatever the arguments or counter arguments of all but it is bit sure congress is smelling something,i.e a victory in this election,Thanks to BJP for their infightings for the chair and KJP for its game of a spoiler boy!.

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  • sathurine Fernades, Udupi

    Sun, Mar 17 2013

    Whatever May be , Where ever may be-But Kaup constituency they have to consider other Leader than -Shri vasanth Salian.he may Give a trat that he would join JDS if Seat Not Given Do not worry.This time for Congress as the BJP sitting MLA did not do much for the Constituency.BJP also Need to Change the Candidate.Kuthyar Naveen Shetty will be Ideal.Jai Hoa!For Udupi Pramod is a ideal candidate and Sitting BJP MLA need to be changed, New Face must be introduced by BJP.

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  • Kiran Gowda, Kanakapura/Bangalore

    Sun, Mar 17 2013

    Congress will not get majority. Maximum they will get 100 seats. BJP will be around 80, JDS will be around 40.

    Congress have taken local election result as testimonial. But this has nothing to do with assembly election.

    Congress-JDS or BJP-JDS will coalition Govt is likely to happen.

    Congress should be ousted from Karnataka and India as well. They ruled 60 years, they could not build proper 60 KM road.

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  • Riyaz ahmed, Mangalore / Dubai

    Sun, Mar 17 2013

    Mangalore south to Mithun rai. Now we need enthusiastic and youth MLA in Managalore. Mithun rai future leader of congress.

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    Sun, Mar 17 2013


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  • Dr S kamath , Mumbai

    Sun, Mar 17 2013

    Dear Ismail I would say even if SM Krishna comes or goes JDS will get substantial Votes from Vokkaliga belt of Karnataka Like Mandya ,Hassan and KJP will get from Shimoga side .My View is Congress might get maximum 100 Seats ,BJP 70 JDS 38 KJP 7 Independents and others 10 Total 225 and Congress will Form Govt due to Operation HASTHA.Any way advance Congratulations to you .You have worked not less than those Congress Politicians in the last 3 years I havebeen seeing through this website

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  • Ronald D, Udupi

    Sat, Mar 16 2013

    Ignore and expell corrupt ticket aspirant MLA candidates who lost last election, those created rucuss recently! Congress is better off without kenchi meese corrupt candidates! Such candidate will not win any elections! Money made so far is theirs! Voters are not dumb anymore!

    DisAgree [2] Agree [7] Reply Report Abuse

  • C Sharath, Mangalore

    Sat, Mar 16 2013

    Ismail Bhai..I would like to bring to your kind notice that, when SMK resigned from the post of MEA, you gave the credit to SMK's integrity that he resigned beacuse Karnataka Lokayukta filed FIR against SMK & other to CM's follwoing him in the mining scam and the High court allowed for the probe based on the same charges. I told you he was was made to resign to take care of Kanrnatka Congress nothign to do with Lokayukta , as the mood had already favored for Congress to get back to power but its image was dented more than ever & taken a severe beating due to Anna affect & other corruption charges, were never ready to buy this argument. Today you are concerned about his absence in state issues???!!!wah

    Well whateva may be the resons of his absence weather its his health issue or Siddhu's dissapointment against the high command recentely which was reported in all leading Kannada news papers(which you dint want to highlight like other pro-congress news published in Daiji that too when your party was cought in their pants down position) For your kInd Info Siddu recently in the party meet warned the highcommand of getting SMK into main lead in Karnataka as his aspirations will be in threat !, am sure you know it but dont want to admit it.

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  • Dinesh Poojary, Kundapura/Bengaluru

    Sun, Mar 17 2013

    Sharath Anna,

    Gorkalla mele neere suridhare aa kallu neer kombuvude sarvajna???

    Whatever the true facts you and others bring here, that person will not get convinced. He is breathing congress...eating congress...thinking congress..dreaming congress.. 24x7

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  • C Sharath, Mangalore

    Sun, Mar 17 2013

    Dinesh Bhai
    Supporting any party is anybody's right boss, thats not the issue here congres of BJP or communists. Of course he has to support congress thats not the deal here, I was just reminding him about a small argument we had in this forum about SMK's resign issues coz sometimes our dear sir forgets by evening what he wrote int he mornning thats all. Nothign to do with the party he is supporting.

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    Sat, Mar 16 2013

    Dear N.M. Mangalore,

    You might be serious Congress well wisher and true secular in nature.One problem is that Congress has to accommodate all communities,and particularly lady candidates.M/S Krapa Alva from Surthkal would be double advantages 1)Lady another bunt community. Puttur- Shakku akka might be ideal as bunt allowance. Ullal- Khader Bhai,Moodbidri -Abhachandra,Belthangady-V.bangera or Harish Kumar....need one Christian candidate?Where to accommodate if taken your idea?Mr Vinay Kumar Sorake opted for MP if not, he could be ideal in Kapu.Promod M - Udupi,Karkala- Gopal Bhandari,Bydore-Gopal poojari BANTWALA-Babianna,SULLIA- RESERVED...Here one constituency not filled which is Christian Candidate and one more problem may arise as Congress Muslims leader may ask one more seat as strength of voters are more than Christians and even some other communities in Twin districts.It is indeed daunting task to get list cleared with out revolt.

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  • jatin, mlore

    Sun, Mar 17 2013

    Ullal- Khader Bhai . Ismail Bhai , Khader has now grown bigger then the party. Even if Khader plans to stand independent, he will win by a huge margin. Here party is Zero but Khader bhai as an individual has more weightage. In Ullal, Congress doesnot decide, Khader bhai decides and we all are with Khader Bhai . The only leader who has a mass following. Hope other useless congress leaders take note of his leadership.If you recollect,he was the only person who came in open and supported Krishna Palemar even when BJP distanced him during the investigations for watching Porn and Congress couldnot do anything and watched helplessly hands tighted.

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  • C Sharath, Mangalore

    Sun, Mar 17 2013

    Ismail...Suratkal if it gives to Kripa Alva, it will be easy give away to BJP as there are other 2 strong aspirants from there. One being Ex- MLA Vijay Kumar Shetty(who has strong chances of contestign form there) & other is our suitcase Moideen Bava. If congress had given ticket to Shetty last time, Palemar would not have won Surathkal for the second time, just because of getting some funds they gave ticket to Bava eventhough they knew its a though for him to win. I dont think Kripa has chances there, also Rakesh Malli is another aspirant for the same area if you dint know.

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    Sun, Mar 17 2013

    Surathkal will get new Congress Candidate for sure and Mr IVAN D.SOUZA also get ticket for do or die. Accommodating all communities is indeed difficult task but some are how due to CONGRESS HYPE through out Karnataka, the revolts and dissents could be rectified.

    DINESH...You did not mention me WRITING CONGRESS?Fine, I am attempting almost all exam papers but you coming in to picture where there are chance to degrade politicians,female politicians,individual,and the subject which suits you, your extreme political thinking and character assassination of public figures!!In the recent past, you either gone under ground or hide and kept low profile due to....Your one point agenda is bashing certain party and...So what can I expect from you?It is quite natural people like you(like minded)will crib in that way.

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  • N.M, Mangalore

    Sat, Mar 16 2013

    Having known the pulse and ground realities of Mangalore region for several decades now I strongly suggest that Cong should seriously consider giving tickets to 2 candidates from the "majority" community.

    If they want to consolidate their vote bank and attract swing Voters and various Hindu communities who form atleast 70 % of voters then they have some SERIOUS decisions to make. Mangalore North & South constituencies have been with the BJP for long,and how productive they have been is questionable. This time Congress HAS TO BE REALISTIC AND PRACTICAL, They will have to plan, analyse and strategize really hard.

    At the same time i DO NOT wish to offend my brothers from the minority community and would like to assure that that unlike the present ruling party and its radical supporters, we will take care of your interests and support peace in a secular, progressive and just society.

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  • Vinod, Mangalore

    Sat, Mar 16 2013

    Partially agree.
    Mangalore South to Ivan and Mangalore North to Ballal.

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  • RR, Mangalore

    Sun, Mar 17 2013

    I agree with your comment.Congress in Mangalore need to change their look towards majority community in the ensuing assy election and see the difference.Inspite of less number of minority candidates in Congress this time for MCC elections they won with comfortable margin speaks volumes about the pulse of Mangaloreans/DK people.Congress should learn from the past in ion of candidates if they realy want to demolish BJP in the dist.

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    Sat, Mar 16 2013

    SM KRISHNA,Ex FM is conspicuous in his absent that would be repercussion of Congress debacle in his home turf in last held ULB election and coupled with his age .health condition,isolation from the party leaders and more probably more young leaders are emerging to lead the party?.One or two stalwart's absent does not make any difference here COZ...people of Karnataka has all set to bring Congress in to power for various socio-political reasons.Our Sri Janardhana Poojari is all set to take CENTRE stage as he is heading one of the unit. The preparation for election is in advance and well in time as all other political parties are waiting to see ELECTION MODE declaration by EC!It is daunting task to get up to dated candidate list as the list may go miles due to a hype created in favor of CONGRESS.I tell you what,Congress can be defeated by Congressmen only and if leaders show case united front it will get 130 to 140 MLAs in forthcoming Assembly election of Karnataka.

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Title : Bangalore: KPCC gets ready to choose candidates: 4 divisional panels formed


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